Thursday, December 22, 2016

Touring city on LRT

Hi folks!

After the new light railway train(LRT) route is ready, I have yet to try with my kids.

So I started exploring the New LRT route and train along with my new gadget(received as doorgift for my company dinner) mi band 2.

According to the recommendation of WHO,  we are supposed to achieve 8000 KM per daily. So out I went exploring the town without car for almost one day. The result- I achieved 7020 steps just within few hours taking LRT and exploring the city like a tourist. Not bad! So for those folks who are taking public transport, they certainly can achieve the healthy target everyday day without even hitting the gym!

Now I must say the last time I took a LRT/MRT was in Singapore when I went for my solo trip to attend my classmate's wedding and also in Bangkok during my family trip. The last time I took a LRT in my home country Malaysia must be years back!

True to behold, I am pretty impressed with the LRT train in Bangkok and Malaysia, friendliness of their website which inform passenger how long it takes from one station(Singapore MRT website) and the other and not to mention the LED light notification(both Bangkok and Singapore training have it) that inform us which station we are heading. And now I see it in the new trains as well! Kudos to the progress! For once I thought I am traveling in Singapore! Which I truly hope someday our LRT will be as convenient as our neighboring country and even Japan when we travel to the outskirts of Malaysia!

Cheers to my home country!

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan

Hi folks!

Today is my second day of being on leave. First day was spent with early spring cleaning Part 1. Second day was spent Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan.

Found a vegetarian stall that sells yummy vegetarian fish head vermicelli, nasi lemak, desserts. It opens at 7am-1.30pm and located in a coffee shop opposite of Puchong Batu 14 government clinic.

What a nice day spending on unhurried and warm meal like this! I can live like this everyday lolx...

Till my next blog post on my other adventure for day 2 of my break!

Cheers to a warm hearty meal and a lovely days ahead folks!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wanna win ticket to Little Kingdom?

Hi folks!

So fast Christmas is approaching. To all my friends who are celebrating far and near, an early Merry Christmas greetings to you and family!

Time flies, there are still some more places which is under the kids' wishlist this school break. And now that i finally able to start my leave(previously was busy with few products releases and unable to take off)....and now thinking which one to fulfill for them *ahem* like a Santa..hohoho...Merry Christmas! I love fulfilling the kids' dream as it makes them (and me) times it can be a small request like going to the playground for a bicycle ride, etc.

What about you? Any lovely places you have gone with your kids this school holiday? If you have not, do check out this new place i blog about the other day - Little Kingdom

And, recently while checking out IKEA website i found that they have this contest called Come Feed Sara’s Growing Tummy where you might just win free tickets to Little Kingdom and doing some good deeds for our Mother Earth too!

From IKEA smales page:

How to win?

This December, stand a chance to win free tickets to Little Kingdom, the First Personalized Learning Edutainment Park for every 5kg of newspapers that you recycle at the IKEA Bug House, Ground Floor.

There are 100 admission tickets to be given out. Winners will be announced on småles website ( and notified via mail after contest period ends.

Wow..that's nice!

I think my kids would love for another round!

Cheers to a happy and memorable weekend folks!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Company Dinner at Marini's on 57

Hi folks!

This is quite a backdated post. We had a great time at the co. dinner dining on level 57@Marini, a fancy, fine-dining restaurant where we all required to dress to kill and the theme is masquerade. Here I am with my the-other-Vege-partner-angel and our first dish is avocado salad(can't really see the tiny avocado btw) and we all got a fitband(mi brand) as doorgift..lovely wait till I review this new gadget 😊

Cheers to the start of my finally---long-awaited break!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Reference Guide on natural wellness

Hi folks!

When i first starting discovering the natural effectiveness with essential oils, i started investing in few books to help myself to learn more on how to make full use as well as incorporate this natural regime in my family.

Below are some of the books which I invested and learnt a lot from them too.

  • Essential Oils pocket reference

This is the first book i bought which in turned helps me (and few of my friends) a great deal, eczema, nose bleeding, fever, muscle pain, bruises, etc. It has helped me during emergencies and my trusty first aid guide.

  • Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide

This book has protocols which are tested and meant for more serious ailments.

  • Taming the Dragon Within

This is a great book for woman. I come to learn more about how hormone balance is so important to a women's day-to-day sanity and physical wellness.

I strongly recommend anyone of you who are interested to know more about essential oils to get hold of one of these books. 


Note: You can drop me a message too if you like to know more about the books and where to get them!