Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lovely thing that soothe a crying baby on board

Hi folks!

During my last flight back from London(more than 13-hour flight), there was this cool mommy whose baby was crying non-stop for quite sometime while many of us are trying to catch our forty winks.

Somehow it works like yawning, another baby started crying too and it's not helping that the plane which was delayed and we were kept in the plane for more than 2 hours due to some medical emergency(one of the passenger was fainted) without proper meals and feeling really tired.

Suddenly my friend nudge me and ask, "Do you have anything for the passenger?". I suddenly recalled how I usually calm my baby in the middle of the night when he has crying fits, Peace and Calming Young Living essential blend. And I recalled I had brought along two sachet for this trip as I was on a cruise and thought it would be helpful to have it on board.

Long story cut short, I turned to the passenger next to me to asked to be excused (I am sitting right in the middle in a row of 3-seats) so that I could walk over to the mommy to offer the Peace and Calming essential oil blend. I offered to her and telling her how to use it and went back to my seat. Now, not knowing if she would even try it, I just prayed inside my heart and if she did give it a try, hopefully it would help to calm her baby. Then minutes later, the baby did stopped crying. I didn't know until the passenger next to me asked me,"What have you offered to the mom? She gave a two-thumbs-up!"

Feeling all relieved and grateful, I then shared with the passenger sitting next to me from Denmark about the essential oil and how much it has helped my family. She in turned told me that she's using essential oil too to help her to sleep better. So I searched in my bag and found a sachet of lavender essential oil and gave it to her and at the end of the flight she thanked me for a good nap with the Young Living lavender essential oil.

Very glad to the oils, I made some new friends and also grateful we got a restful nap throughout the flight!

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