Monday, April 17, 2017

What "essentials" would you packed while travelling?

Hi folks!

For me, my essentials would be my oils!! I would not go without my essential oils during my travel.

So if you have the following questions:
1. Can I bring my essential oils when I am travelling?
2. What is the must-have oils while travelling?
3. How many oils I could bring along on my hand-carry? Will they be confiscated if I bring too many?

I would like to share my experience on my recent long haul flight whereby I bring along my essential must-have oils and no medicine at all(as I didn't have time prior to the trip to get any seasick or other medication and don't have any in my shelf either).

The following is what I managed to grab and go at my first thought(was packing them 30minutes before leaving for my trip 😅) and I used them all!! Very helpful aid. So if you do use any oils regularly, you would want to bring those you often use along.

If you have joined their free membership and got the free basic starter kit(out of your 100PV purchase), you will have these 10 packets of handy sample sachet (0.25ml each), yes check them in that lovely box! Bring along these sachet if weight is a concern for you while travelling.

The following are what I brought along and I don't faced any issues at the strict US and London airport:
1. Deep Relief- useful aid for any sprains, headache, tummy discomfort as it contains peppermint, helichrysum and wintergreen oils blend. It helped my aching back from the heavy carrying of backpack and also from the exercise I did while travelling 👍

2. Lavender- a must-have first aid kit for good sleep, cuts, burns, etc. I used it on my husband who had a bad sunburn during our travelling trip. It helped to calm the burning sensation and have a good sleep during the travels.

3. Ginger - this really serves well if you are going for a cruise trip and afraid might have seasick issues and also if you are having some gassy stomach due to eating some unfamiliar food or too much good food 😂

4. Citronella- my natural insect repellent

5. StressAway roll-on- This comes free in our free membership and basic starter kit and has a roll-on cap that make it easier to apply before you board the plane and have a better rest and thus avoid being attacked by jetlag. It works really well for me! I am back to normal upon reaching my destination after 24hr flight.

6. AromaEase- a very good oil to combat jetlag. I applied behind my ears before each connecting flight. Bravo 👏 the best oil to have on a flight!

7. Lemon - after eating too much pizza and heaty chips, my throat felt dry and coarse. I quickly open my sample sachet and share it(yes cos one sachet contains about 8-10drops or 0.25ml) with my friend who requested it too as she was having flu and afraid fever will attack soon before boarding. I asked for a cup of warm water at the cafe near the airport and simply add it to my drink. I felt so much better after that. And my friend too. Very handy oil to have. One mommy uses it to remove the crayon stains on his son who scribbled with the crayons as part of his on-board entertainment 😁

8. Peace and Calming- I did not use this myself but managed to share them with a mommy on-board(thus you don't see them in picture as they were given away; I took this picture after returning from my trip) whose baby was in crying fits. It managed to calm the baby and the mom have two thumbs-up 🙌. So I offered her my remaining packet so that this European lady can make use of it during her connecting flight. Am very glad the oil helped the baby, the mommy and all of us who were trying to have a good sleep on the 13hr++ flight.

So these are my 8 handy oils(8 寶) while travelling. And as these bottles are well below the 100ml limit, and as long as we put them together in a clear ziplock bag(at London airport they provide these bags for free which was very thoughtful and nice 👍) and we make sure all caps are closed tightly, i have no issues having them in my carry-on 💕 and very glad to have brought them along rather than checking them in!

What oils will you bring along while travelling? Do you hand-carry them and do you face any issues hand-carrying them and which country and places have you visited with the oils? Which has helped you during your trip?

Would love to hear from everyone!

Cheers and have a lovely day!
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