Monday, April 10, 2017

What to do during long haul flight?

Hi folks!

What do you do during your long haul flights besides sleeping/taking long naps? For me, I made full use of the on-board entertainment by watching movies as well as chat with the passenger that was sitting beside me!

I rarely have chance to sit down for hours watching movies or television 📺. However, during this trip (more than 9 hrs each flight), I managed to watched a couple of movies. One of them is this movie called Dolphin Tale.

It's really a very nice movie. Suitable for kids and parents alike! I learnt how as a parent we should listen, observe and learn to be out-of-the-norm parents who only cares about homework, exams, etc for our kids. We should also see what catches their interest and what makes them ticked!

In this story, the little boy was well into a life changing experience of his life only when his mom supported him rather than stopping him! And such supportive mom she is!

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