Sunday, April 9, 2017

Travelling trip for newbies Part I- Luggage

Hi folks!

I have heard and read a great deal (only after my trip!) and I wished to put it down here as my own reminder as well as to share with all my readers/ friends.

After our flight from London-Kuala Lumpur was delayed by 3 hrs due to some medical emergencies (our first time being in such long haul flight- more than 24hours from US-London-Kuala Lumpur) on board due to a rather elderly passenger who said to have fainted on board. (Note: More tips about this later on what to do if stucked on a delayed or in-between connecting flight.), upset upon reaching home after about 2+9+16hours(instead of 13hr) flight, we spent another 1 1/2hour trying to wait and locate our luggage.

To our dismay, our luggage has decided to extend its holiday@London. So off we go to report for our delayed(praying that it's only delayed and not Lost!) luggage with Malaysian Airlines and was told that the luggage will be delivered to us the next day(without mentioning when).

After checking online about delayed and lost luggage (this topic seems to be tied together), we found out the following tips which is helpful for people travelling especially with few connecting flight!
1. Always keep the receipt of the luggage you have bought and brought along to the trip in your handbag or with your important documents
Otherwise if your luggage is damaged, they will only pay you half of less if the price you've paid for you luggage!

2. Always keep receipts of the items/contents (souvenirs, clothes,etc) in your luggage. They need these items when you need to claim for lost luggage(pray not!) along with your important documents like boarding pass and passport. I have placed mine in the souvenir bags in the luggage *facepalm*

3. Keep your boarding passes and stick the luggage sticker on your boarding passes as these are needed when you are making report for lost/delayed luggage to the airline and to your travel insurance

4. Know your travel insurance and also your rights as a passenger to the airline you've bought your flight ticket.
I found out that for delayed luggage that hasn't arrived more than 24 hours after we reached our destination, the airline needs to compensate a certain amount based on your ticket type (namely: economy, business or first class; refer example in the picture enclosed)

5. Snap a picture of the contents of your luggage before you begin your flight/locked your luggage. This serves as proof and reminders of what consist in your luggage.

Now, seasoned you anything to add-on/share? Would love to hear from you!


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