Friday, June 2, 2017

Days with DIY Laundry

Hi Folks!

How much I missed washing and hanging out laundry out under the sun ..and not having to search for coins to pay for my DIY Laundry.

Lately my wet kitchen where my washing machine is located is having drainage issue, thus each time I washed my plates or laundry, the entire floor get flooded.

Now I had to wait for people to fix it before I can start doing any proper cooking or even wash my laundry at home.

Even though I often lamented on the amount of laundry I need to wash being mom of 3, now I cherish the fact that I am able to do it at home without needing to pay MYR30 each trip of DIY Laundry. It cost me around RM20++ to wash + RM8 to dry my 3 days worth of laundry..phew..that could come up to quite a bit of money!

Wished my plumbing man come by and save me from this trip soon!

So folks, enjoy your wishy washy days!


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