Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mommy's Doraemon Bag

Hi folks!

When you have active boys or curious girls around, Mommy's bag have to be what my kids named it as a "Doraemon's" 😉 bag.

When we went out for meal yesterday my son just dashed away, running and then tripped at the parking lot despite our warning not to run(as just seems to be programmed to run the moment they see a large space at every opportunity 🤷‍♀️)..

He kept quiet in the car after listening to short lecture from us..then my hubby noticed the cuts on his knee.

Immediately, my daughter called out to me, mommy did you bring any oils(a.k.a essential oils)? Let's apply some for him.

So I dished out my "doraemon" bag and found a plaster, a lavender essential oil(which I always carry around) and a thieves spray. Just what we needed to clean the wound(with thieves spray), stop and soothe the pain(with lavender essential oil) and protect the wound (with plaster) temporary from brushing against other surface.

What mommy's "gadget" do you keep in your bag? I still have some other handy ones that I bring in my doraemon's bag 😊...Thieves hand sanitiser, a small toy car 🚗 and my diffuser necklace with my fav pick-me-up essential oils(geranium, ylang ylang, Idaho black Spruce, Believe...rotated according to what I pick for the day) to cheer up my days ❤️

All these comes in handy when time calls for it 👍💪 when we are out and about 🚙

What do you bring along in your bag which you find useful? Do share with me ❤️

And if you are interested to find out more how about the Young Living Essential Oils I used to carry around with me, just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily check out here how you could get those handy oils at wholesale price. It's just so simple to use!

Cheers and have a fun-filled and safe weekend!

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