Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Awesome 20% discounts on top of Wholesale Price

Hi folks!

Young Living is running a global promotion to thank their members. And here are the Special 3-day promotion for Malaysia members from October 24 - 26, 2017 where we get to purchase these four oils at 20% off on top of our wholesale price! Awesome discounts!

Grapefruit (RM79; after less =RM63.20)
Orange(RM52; after less=RM41.60)
Lavender (RM113; after less = RM90.40)
Lemongrass (RM54; after less = RM43.20)

Good time for me to stock up some lemongrass as weather is getting hot and mozzies breed real fast 💨 and also my all time favourite "first-aid" eo - Lavender 💕

Not to mention my grapefruit for massaging on my cellulite(ahem) area and my happy oil Orange to diffuse when the kids are doing their homework 🤗

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