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Using essential oils on elderly or more mature user

Hi folks!

From many of my blog posts, many of you would notice, i often posted a lot about using essential oils as it has becomes part of my lifestyle; and i have becoming officially an "oiler", the common term used for people who use essential oils (eo) in their daily life to support their wellness.

Ever since the first time, i applied the oils for my son after he was discharged from the hospital at five months old due to respiratory conditions, i have been very eager to learn more about how these natural therapeutic oils from plants created by the Creator from above could help in the wellness of my entire family. And i chose Young Living for their Seed to Seal process; as I only want the best and purest brand to be used for my family. I have bought other brands previously but truly gasp at the ingredients listed which has very little percentage of essential oils and majority contains of alcohol and even sugar cane!!

I bought books on eo, attended eo talks, learning from many hard-core oilers and even registered for intensive course organised by Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education. Yep, i love learning and sharing what i have learnt and implemented! 

During the last 2017 YL Summit, where there are 14 days and more than 6 free topics each day shared by very well-respected speakers in the world of essential oils.

I love learning and gaining new insights from all these experienced and awesome speakers and i try to make time for it despite my busy schedule. Albeit, i only managed to catch a few while i was driving, eating my meal, doing my housework. Learning enriches my life...and all these will come in handy when times need it.

Being a mom of 3 and a daughter as well...besides being very passionate on all things children, one topic which really stood out to me is topic on elderly as i see how my own mom has been aging a lot, so is my mother-in-law and in general many of the people who used to care for me. They are all progressing into the "senior" citizen" group and experiencing changes, both physically and mentally.

KY and her grandpa, picture taken in year 2008 by a very talented Photographer, Milin Kassim

Last weekend, i was performing raindrop massage for my close friend's father who is half-paralyzed on his left side from stroke. As i apply the oils for him (a shy yet independent uncle), it reminded me of my own grandfather who has passed away. I am glad to hear that his pain is gone after the raindrop session and he asked if i could massage his left hand too, and i gladly do it for him. I felt really glad and grateful to be able to provide some relief for this uncle.

So, here's a post both for my own reminder as well as to share with all of you out there who are keen to learn about the Dos and Don'ts when using essential oils on elderly folks (in general above age of 50). Bear in mind, everyone is different, some folks might be veteran oilers (like the uncle i mentioned above who is blessed with a very filial daughter who provided him with all the oils to support his health) which are pretty fine using it as per normal user.

Also, i managed to screen capture one of the crucial topics both to elderly men and women on hormonal support shared by by Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton who is a Chiropractor by trade.

Now, here are the six keypoints i managed to capture.
EO for Mature and Older User (>50) by Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton, a Chiropractor

  1. For older folks, their skin is thinner- dilute the eo and be caution in using hot oils (i felt we can apply the same principles we used for children when we are applying oils for very elderly folks)
  2. Support the gut as less enzyme are produced in their gut ( eo like Digize, Peppermint, Thieves, AromaEase came into my mind) Dr. Bob shared about using Peppermint, Digize and YL supplement like Life 9 for probiotics 
  3. Blood sugar support- Slique tea, ecotea are great choices for this
  4. Circulation - as older folks are not moving that well compared to their younger self; thus if we can make them able to move better, thus improve their blood circulation)
    Movement is key; movement is Life. Stay active by using the products like:
    Frankincense - circulation, skin
    OrthoSport - before activity; use on joints and muscles
    Ningxia Red- anti-oxidant; blood flows easily and thus the cells no need to work too hard
    Surfurzyme - great for liver support
  5. Hormonal balancing for older folks
    Valor- very helpful for men to help them staying grounded and balanced (i.e.,less grumpy)
    DHEA is very important to help other hormones work and being distributed properly

    Other oils that support hormonal health for both men and women:

  6. Bones, Muscles and Joint
    Frankincense, Deep Relief (support muscle), Copaiba(structure) , wintergreen (joint support)
Go slow, be consistent, use the oil daily. Incorporate as a healthy lifestyle. May this brings much agility, hope, health and fun for elderly folks. And all of us(with blessings from above) would be walking on this "senior citizen" path someday too!

Contact me or leave me a message if you like to learn more about Young Living essential oils. I am more than happy to share with you. You can also easily purchase the oils at wholesale price from here.

Thank you for reading and sharing my journey in using essential oils for wellness. May you received abundance blessings and good health daily too!


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