Thursday, December 28, 2017

Holiday trial class at Kidicode

Hi folks!

As kids these days hooked up a lot on playing games like Roblox or minecraft whether on the mobile phone, iPad or computer, when you asked them what's their ambition or what they wished to do when they grow up, I got many replies YouTubed or gamer.

In Malaysia, we do not have coding class in the local education syllabus unlike some other countries like Singapore, Estonia, etc.

During this school holiday I took the chance to send my older kids to a trial coding class at Kidicode.

It was an eye-opener for me truly. Besides the kids attending the practical coding introductory session, we parents get to sit down and go thru' the same practice as well so that we understand their method of teaching as well as what is being imparted during the session.

I like their style of adaptive learning whereby each kids would learn at their own pace and with its own level of difficulty in their challenges they faced.

And parents received a report on the process of their children. Also, the environment is made to be like how the current IT companies like google is like, with free flow of food and drinks and lotsa bean bags and sitting area where the parents and kids get to rest whenever they need to and enjoy the snacks.

Their founder used to work at Google, Microsoft as well as lecturing in our local public and private universities thus the learning experience and process here is very engaging I would say.

So do check out and sign up for their trial session if you have an aspiring gamer at home too. You might just transform and consumer to a creator of the game.

You can check out more about Kidicode here:


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