Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Are you drinking enough water?

Hello folks!

I find that I get more thirsty as I diffuse/apply essential oils as part of my daily routine. It's a natural way our body is trying to tell us to drink more water.

As we all might aware, essential oils can help us to detox, thus in order to flush out the toxins from our body, we need to drink more water.

So, I have the habit of placing a thermos of warm water beside our bed when we are diffusing eo while we sleep. My son would carry his bottle to his room and drink water as we go through our bed time story routine and diffuse essential oils like Orange, lavender, cedarwood, lemon (he would tell me what eo he likes to diffuse for the night), etc in the room.

When we do raindrop technique, both the recipient and the person who perform the raindrop for others need to drink warm water after the session as it is also form of detox with 9 incredible essential oils that helped our body to detox and align. And we have to stay off from caffeine and soda water for a week for best results.

So if you are also using the essential oils or consider using Young Living essential oils, don't forget to load up your water intake ya!


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