Friday, June 1, 2018

What do you take before your morning run?

Hi folks!

One of my goal is to sweat(and detox) daily. Being a full time working mom of 3, life can be really hectic and filled with rushing from one place to another ...

I love to start my day with a morning run whenever i could and before that I will take a big glass of my daily dose of antioxidants drink called Ningxia Red. It has all the power packed goodness of wolfberries (do you know this tiny red wolfberry has packed with protein as well?!) and berries goodness with awesome pure essential oils added..

Very often, when I am at work, I would only feel the need to have a cuppa around 11 a.m., yes.. this drink is able to sustain me that long as it has vanilla in it. Awesome stuff folks!

So do get yourself some Ningxia Red here (or leave me a comment if you wish to find out more about this healthy drink) to take if you like an extra boost of energy without caffeine and in a healthier way.

Love you all!


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