Thursday, December 31, 2009

SOHO Mama's 100th Entry Contest

Hi folks,

Now I like to share one SOHO MAMA which has an online biz, AZ Gift Baskets which has very nice gift basket that makes me green in envy and admire a lot for the very professional and elegant packaging!

Look at this one below named Wholesome Goodness! It's one of the many which caught my eyes...very English-like bread basket..yummy!

Now, in conjunction of SOHO Mama's 100th Blog Entry, she has organised a Contest!

Check out how you can participate in this contest here(or click on the image above):

I stumbled upon SOHO MAMA blog upon chance clicking at the blog button on one of my blogger buddy's page and I am stucked ever since. I simply love reading SOHO MAMA blog because perhaps of common interest on WAHM and like to learn from someone who had taken the plunge to WAHM-hood! Which I loved to but thus far unable to due to lotsa financial commitments...hopefully someday when my family is able to be financially-independant, I might able to take the plunge with less worries and fear!

Now folks, this contest will
starts on 28 Dec 2009 and will end 12noon, 15 Jan 2010. So check it out before it ends!

And check out their lovely prizes too!

Happy contesting!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is webhosting for me?

After dabbling into blogging scene for 2 years, it does crossed into my mind whether I should get a web hosting or even start an online biz.

To me, webhosting provides a more profesional image and if you are doing an online biz, it is even more important to get a webhosting service because of the convenience and more features you can do with webhosting. For one, you need not worry that you will bust out your image file space when you kept posting images on your site plus a lot more other features that you would like your customers to shop with ease!

Now, for readers from Singapore, you will be glad to know that:
"Exabytes is now in Singapore. See them at ""

Check out their promotion:

ends on 31 Dec 2009!

So hurry!

May you achieve your great dreams!


SAY NO TO (Foie Gras) Very Luxury France menu

Hi folks,

Today marks the vegetarian diet day for Buddhist who observe being a vegetarian on every 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar.

Now, I think this article proves to be something everyone should ponder upon if you love eating Foie Gras...coming to the's still a personal choice, and I am not trying to put down any cuisine or culture, just something we can make a choice as a human being living on this planet.

WARNING: The following images might be "gross", do not scroll futher if you are not prepared to see such views!



強迫灌食~實在是太慘忍了!! 提倡每日一素,每日三餐其中一餐吃素,對自己也健康。 若無法每日一餐為素,至少每月一素吧!! 也愛護這個地球,舉手之勞。 感恩!!

鵝肝醬 以下這則報導是有關於鵝肝醬是如何製作完成的。
Foie Gras:

Day to day we eat food that are tasty, delicious & did we ever stop to wonder where these food comes from & their origination? One fine example is the one below which I've received that I'm currently forwarding to gain awareness.

Thank you for sharing & your valuable time in analyzing.(Foie Gras)

แปลว่า fat liver นั่นเอง
Foie Gras means "Fat Liver" Foie Gras
的意思是肥的肝臟It's very very luxury menu that originates from France 這是一道起源於法國,非常豪華的菜
But this dish comes from FORCE FEEDING a goose to make them develope FATTY LIVER DISEASE.
Let's see the source of this "wonderful dish"


The geese are forced to eat.. even if it does not desire to

The metal pipe pass through the throat to stomach ...even if it does not want to eat anything To make the liver bigger and fatter the geese are kept in .....
這金屬的管子穿過喉嚨到胃 就算鵝已經不想吃任何東西了但是牠們仍然被強迫餵食

Cages that are very small and they are forced to stay in one position to avoid using energy, thus converting all food into fat.
籠子非常的小 為了避免鵝浪費力氣 牠們被強迫只能以同一種姿勢站著 這樣可以把所有食物轉換成脂肪

How sad their eyes show up.....

Their legs were bloated from long standing everyday. Not allowed to sleep because they will be held to eat again,他們的腳因每天長時間站立而浮腫 牠們不能睡覺 因為牠們要保持吃個不停的狀態

Although they try to defend themselves, but refusal is useless

How sad is this kind of life can be...

They are forced to eat until they are dead & their bodies can't stand it anymore...You can still see that the food is still in its' mouth
牠們被強迫餵食到死去,直到牠們的身體再也無法站立 你可以看見牠們的嘴巴還有食物

Those who survive have cramped to inflamed until their asses..bloodied as its' shit comes out with it. What other pains & sufferings can be more than such inflicted tortures.

Not only their mouth & throat hurts, all the time, their stomach ache from the food , Fats bloated teir legs , with no sleep , no excercises. But also no free will for life to see the sky or river

The result to get a "beautiful" and white liver that becomes unusually big like thisAs Liver-canned from aboard

Stop being so selfish to make predation from now on please, every single life also has their mind & value. Please forgive my poor English as I tried my best to revise this message. Kindly help to forward it out as these poor geese in other parts of the world does not deserved to be in such deplorable state of life.STOP THE DAILY TORTURES AND CRUELTY TO THE ANIMALS..STOP TAKING THIS DISH OR PRODUCT FROM NOW.STOP THE DEMAND AND THE SUPPLY WILL END.

Cheers to a more loving and healthy humankind!

What I learnt from SOHO Forum 2009?

Hi folks! In this entry, I like to share what I have gained/learnt from SOHO Forum 2009 held by eHomemakers.

eHomemakers is a site I have been following since my college times when I stumbled upon the Working @ Home book from my aunt(published by eHomemakers, written by their founder, Ms. Chong Sheau Ching) and have been subscribing to their newsletter ever since then!

eHomemakers is South East Asia's only community network that promotes working from home, teleworking and the running of SOHO businesses through the use of information and communications technology. Our e-community promotes self-help, business partnerships and entrepreneurship development for those who want to balance work and home life. Our social profit is derived from a pro-poor project focusing on eco-baskets production and service provision to empower women to embark on social-economic self-reliance. (quoted from their site here)

I have always wanted to gain more insights into the actual or real world of teleworking, working from home and SOHO.

So when I found out about their forum, I immediately signed up for it!

Note: I was still breastfeeding Shone then and had to lunge along my breastfeeding gear to the full day forum!

Nevertheless, it was a real eye-opening workshop for me, being one who is not exactly fully aware what to be expected being a WAHM then. So it really helps to hear testimonial and tips from those who have taken the plunge, so to speak!

To summarize, here is what I learnt from SOHO 2009:

  1. Work@ Home requires Aspiration, Bravery, Commitment, Discipline and Enthusiasm!
  2. You should analyse how much is your minimum take home income per month and start saving up this "cushion income"(at least to survive for 3 months) before you take the plunge.
  3. Work@ Home is never a bed of roses, but you must set your priorities and know the reason why you took the plunge.
  4. Work@ Home will be most successful if you gather your support team/ally(namely husband/wife, maid, nanny, parents and YOURSELF!)
  5. Start by knowing your strength and what you can do for working from home; whether is setting up an online business, selling cookies or provides consultancy services.

One thing to note, the age of your children, the nature of your Work at Home business and whether you have a supporting team(be it maid, nanny, parents, etc) whenever you need to be out delivering your products or meetings with clients does matters a lot!

So folks, if you are an inspiring WAHM like me, do your thorough research and homework and not to mention gather up enough COURAGE and SUPPORT team to get you through the earlier months being a WAHM/D!


This post is also published in as part of my monthly contribution to their column :)

Do pay them a visit folks, if you are a passionate mommy blogger/reader too!

Happy reading and sharing!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KY and her artwork

Here is KY with her artwork at 3 year and 6 months' old.

Picture inspired by the song "Incy Wincy Spider" and the movie, "Finding Nemo".
Drawing contains spider, fishes and other sea creatures. Let's name it

Spider and Sea Creatures ;) in her own description to mummy!

It is published at

Conteng-Conteng is a fun platform for children from across the world to showcase their work. It can consists of paintings, pottery, sculpture, patchwork or anything in-the-name-of art, with EXCEPTION of nudity.

Quoted from

Check it out folks if you are interested to showcase your kids' talent on the web!


Monday, December 28, 2009


Malaysian Online Baby Shops a.k.a. MOBS most awaited contest is HERE!!

The theme is "BEST FAMILY PHOTO" contest.

Wow FAMILY PHOTO? This is a tough one as we hardly take one as 4 of us in a family photo one of us(Dh & I) would be taking turn as the cameraman hehe..

But I personally love this shot taken by a photographer mommy, Milin Kassim at the opening of a baby store(Momslittleone) before my son is born. It was taken while I was still in 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy! Look at my bulging tummy hidden behind the handbag haha...don't look like I am pregnant rite :P

My dad is in the picture too as he came over to help me with KY(about 18 months then) when I am about to deliver Shone.

So bloggers friends out there, do you have your BEST family picture to "show off"?

Check out the steps here to enter MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST!

Here's the SIMPLE steps...
1. Find your BEST FAMILY photo (must include at least one parent and one child, extended families welcome too)
2. Blog about it with the title "MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST" (other title will be disqualified)
3. Mention about the contest in your blog with links back to this contest page.
4. Add our contest banner on your blog's sidebar/top page
5. Be MOBS follower on blogspot, tweeter and/or Facebook (either one or all)
6. Leave a comment HERE with blog link + email address (no email will be disqualified)

Contest link :

That's it !!! Simple enough?

So hurry .. get that BEST PHOTO out !!

Check out their exciting prizes yourself! Be quick as today is the last day to enter! Sorry to say...because I seems to miss their exciting contest notice...or just too busy with HFM last few weeks and some other things...hope I am still in time!

Wish me luck!


Babies “cry in their mother tongue”

Hi folks,

Just came across this article in Baiboo, a portal which has a lot of interesting articles for parents!

Interesting, so I think studying foreign language or using more than one language might gives a good start in our child's language development? What say you? Let's check out what the research shows.


German researchers say babies begin to pick up the nuances of their parents' accents while still in the womb.

The researchers studied the cries of 60 healthy babies born to families speaking French and German.

The French newborns cried with a rising "accent" while the German babies' cries had a falling inflection.

Writing in the journal Current Biology, they say the babies are probably trying to form a bond with their mothers by imitating them.

The findings suggest that unborn babies are influenced by the sound of the first language that penetrates the womb.

Cry melodies

It was already known that foetuses could memorise sounds from the outside world in the last three months of pregnancy and were particularly sensitive to the contour of the melody in both music and human voices.

More detail article reading, please go to Baiboo site here.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

KY with trolley and recycle bag

Going Grocery Shopping with Mommy! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 is coming to an end....

(Picture taken with my Iphone with an enhanced 5Megapixel camera....
sorry for the left dark un-cropped wall :P in a hurry to snap the lovely sunset at my balcony!)

And 2010 is fast approaching...

What have I achieved for 2009?
What is the highlights for 2009 in my life?
What are the regrets(if any) or setbacks I faced which can be a life lessons to me?


What is my dream and aspiration for 2010?
These are the questions I have been having in my mind whenever I am wide-awake during the wee hours in the early morning....

What is your dream and aspirations for the coming year?
Would you like to share?

I will share it in another post once it is concrete and ready :P

Meanwhile, thanks for being "there" for all my offline buddies and cyber buddies..

You have left a mark in my life in 2009! Thanks!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X'Mas to ALL my Friends!

To ALL my Blogger Buddies/ Friends/Reader and Supporters!

Merry Christmas to you & family!
May the coming year marks a better year for everyone!

Cheers to all!

From Alohamolly and family!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Year End Sale at EO Organic Mart 友机益友 年终促销, 2nd December to 31st December 2009

Hi folks,

Are you frequent organic food shopper like me? If yes, hope this Promotion announcement is useful for you!

For me, I probably be stocking up some items as Chinese New Year(CNY) gift to my parents, in-laws, siblings, friends and babysitter.

I think giving them healthy, organic and non-toxic products is a much better choice than the conventional sweet and sugary cookies, chocolates, CNY hampers(filled with junk food).

Some of the items which I used to get every year as part of my CNY gift are:
1) Jumbo Seedless Raisins
2) Pumpkin Floss
3) Non-fried, no colouring rice crackers
4) Multi-grain munchies
5) Propolis Honey Lollies

Happy Organic Shopping folks!



Dear Valued Customer,
EO Organic Mart located at Bandar Puteri Puchong is having a Year End Sale. You are welcomed to visit us at your convenient time. Our business hour for this month is from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Monday to Sunday but we will be closed on Public Holidays on 11th 18th and 25th Dec. 09.
Terms and conditions applied for this sale are as follows:
  1. This promotional period is from 2nd December to 31st December 2009 or while stock last.

  2. All goods are on 10% sale except fresh vegetable and fruit of which is on 5% sale.

  3. All Buds products are on 20% sale.

  4. All Alive products are on 15% sale while stock last.

  5. All goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable.

  6. If total purchase amount in a single receipt is more than RM 30, customers are entitled to a 25% discount all EO Organic Bread.

  7. If total purchase amount in a single receipt is more than RM 60, each customer is entitled to a 25% discount on one of the following items:

  • 1 package (1kg) of Cambodian Organic Brown Rice (Promotion price is RM12.00 and normal price is RM16.00); or

  • 1 box of Australian Organic Heavenly Blend Tea (Promotion price is RM12.00 and normal price is RM15.90).

(Please be noted that each customer is entitled to one item only per transaction per day)

  1. If total purchase amount in a single receipt is more than RM 90, each customer is entitled to a 20% discount on this item:

  • 1 bottle of Radian Raw Active 18% Manuka Honey (Promotion price is RM70.50 and normal price is RM88.00).

(Please be noted that each customer is entitled to one item only per transaction per day)

  1. EO Organic Mart Management reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Thank you for your support.

EO Organic Mart Management.

12th December 2009.

位于蒲种公主城的有机益友 (EO Organic Mart, Bandar Puteri Puchong) 正举行年终促销活动. 我们诚邀您来访, 本月的营业时间是从早上10点到晚上8点30分星期一至星期日,公共假期休业 (12月11日,18日及25日)。促销活动条件如下:
  1. 促销活动限于2009122日至1231日或存货售完为止

  2. 所有商品享有10% 折扣,除了新鲜蔬果享有5% 折扣。

  3. 所有Buds 商品享有20% 折扣。

  4. 所有Alive 商品享有15% 折扣(至存货完为止)。

  5. 所有售出商品不得退回或更换.

  6. 一收据购买总数额超过RM 30, 顾客将享有25% 折扣购买EO有机面包.

  7. 一收据购买总数额超过RM 60, 顾客将享有25% 折扣购买以下一种商品 (请注意, 每位顾客每天限制一商品):

  • 1(1公斤装)柬埔寨有机糙米 (优惠价格是RM12.00, 原价是RM16.00);

  • 1 澳洲有机草本综合茶(不含咖啡因)(优惠价格是RM12.00, 原价是RM15.90).

  1. 如单一收据购买总数额超过RM 90, 顾客将享有20% 折扣购买以下商品 (请注意, 每位顾客每天限制一件商品):

  • 1 Radian 天然马奴卡野蜂蜜(Active 18% ) (优惠价格是RM70.50, 原价是RM88.00).

  1. 有机益友管理层有权任何时候更改以上任何条件.




EO Organic Mart Sdn. Bhd. (855701-A)
35, Jalan Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,

Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009

KY, DOB: 25 July 2006
Hi folks!

MomBloggersPlanet is having a nomination for the Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009!

I bet all parents would feel that their baby is the cutest on this planet!

So why not nominate our child just to join in the fun?

Here I am nominating my girl, KY for the Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 so can you!

Check out their exciting prizes for Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 contest:
Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 Prizes

1 x Grand Prize – Total Prizes worth RM2,180

  • The Photolicious Outdoor Photography Package (Klang Valley)
  • Lil Kai Store Hamper

1 x 1st Prize – Total Prizes worth RM680

  • LittleStori Outdoor Photography Package (Klang Valley)
  • Gymboree Outfit from Cupcake Chic Children’s Boutique

1 x 2nd Prize – Total Prizes worth RM580

  • LittleBigShots Family Photography Session (Klang Valley/Putrajaya)
  • Gymboree Outfit from Cupcake Chic Children’s Boutique

1 x 3rd Prize – Total Prizes worth RM355

  • LensaMama Outdoor Photography Session (KL/Putrajaya)
  • Book hamper from Little Red Reading Nook

1 x 4th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM239

  • LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM100
  • Jet Crystal and Pearl Pendant Jewelry Set from Sabah Accessories
  • One Drop Perfume Celebrity Women from Adrini’s

1 x 5th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM200

  • LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM100
  • Nursing Dress from Adrini’s

1 x 6th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM180

  • LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM100
  • Book hamper from Little Red Reading Nook

1 x 7th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM130

  • LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM50
  • V-Pattern Jet and Light Sapphire Crystal from Sabah Accessories
  • Shopping Voucher from Adrini’s worth RM50

1 x 8th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM130

  • LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM50
  • Shopping Voucher from EverythingForYouFromMe worth RM50
  • Shopping Voucher from Adrini’s worth RM30

1 x 9th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM80

  • LensaMama Photography Session Voucher RM50
  • Shopping Voucher for Avent ISIS Manual Breastpumps from Nabila House worth RM20
  • Shopping Vouchers for Perfume Essence Perfume For All from Nabila House worth RM10

1 x 10th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM70

  • LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM50
  • Shopping Voucher for Avent ISIS Manual Breastpumps from Nabila House worth RM20

9 x Consolation

  • Shopping Vouchers for Perfume Essence Perfume For All from Nabila House worth RM10 each

Wow!! Total prizes are 20!! This means all participants of the Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009 will get a prize!! This is something worth trying!!

Interested? Check out more details here!