Saturday, October 17, 2009

KY milestone at 3 years 2 months old

Hi folks,

It's been quite a LONNGGG time since I update milestone for KY. Cannot image my little baby has grown up so much!! Soon I guess we can share same clothing haha just like how I used to share my mom's shirts..haha..

My little girl has been such a great helper and sister to her bro,Shone.

But mommy been neglecting and scolding her too much. Felt really bad.

She's been this sweet, curious and rebel at this age. This makes her dad
real angry at her sometimes. Though it is widely known that somehow dad
adores their daughter as some people believe daughter is the father's girlfriend in their past life. haha...

Though she's over the terrible two stage, but she can be quite a challenge and hard to handle sometimes especially when it comes to giving in to his bro sometimes.

I must say at this age, she is full of "whys" which is good. She is very curious and would open up(dismantle) toys, gadgets, whatever that falls into her hand.

Thus, I always warned DH not to let her got hold of any of hi expensive gadgets. Am trying to reduce the times she gets punished and reprimanded(unnecessarily). Actually sometimes I felt it is adults who is at fault for leaving things at their reach and not informing them enough what items shouldn't be taken or dismantle and why.

Ok now comes to KY's milestone:
1. Instead of fav. food i think it is fav titbits(KY is such a titbit junkie like DH!)
  • Chocolates- Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno
  • 100 plus, yakult, vitagen, milo, isomil(her official milk powder after she weaned)
  • Sweets, much to my dismay,I have NEVER offer her any until one day she was being given one by an older child and she WAS HOOKED from then on...which kids won't get hooked? Me(I am the odd one..I DON'T like sweets but I can't refuse ice-cream and chocolates), ranges from Hacks, Chup Chup to any kinds in fact!!
  • Ice-cream- her frequent sharing moment with DH
2. Loves to sing and dance

3. Favourite movies/TV program - Hi 5, Barney, The Legend of Bruce Lee, Korean movie showing surgeons and doctors, Hong Kong movie showing rescue officers with helicopters(sorry cannot recall the drama title), Nemo, Madagascar, The Simpsons, Our Wedding VCD(haha, her all time fav. and always asked where is she or why she's not in there, and why her bro. is not there too)

4. Loves to help me with cooking, doing laundry.

5. Clumsy when it comes to self-feeding, she often spilt her drinks 9 out of 10 times(much to her dad's dismay and reprimand)

Honestly, I seems to have neglected her other language development as I am often busy BF the younger bro. and drop-dead tired at night after work. Talking about this...when will I reach my WAHM dream?

Anyway , Life gotta Carpe Diem! From now on, I will arrange some activities to share with her every night so that her golden learning years does not go to waste!

Do you have a toddler around the same age as KY? I love to hear what precious moments/ activities you do with your kids.

Do share with me!


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adorable with that many many milestone.