Sunday, October 18, 2009

My first experience BF a toddler

Dear folks,

Remember my posting here about trying to BF as long as Shone wants it probably till he is 2 years old.

Now, this is my first time BF-ing a toddler as KY weaned at 12 months old.

Now I must say it is yet another new experience for me being a BF mom.

There are a lot of mommies out there who BF beyond 1 year old and it's an inspiration to me really!

Now,coming to BF beyond 1 year old experience,I have the following items to note(don't we love point form to speed up reading and remembering :) )
  • I am surprised to find Shone's reaction when I BF him at night. As we are still co-sleeping, he would search and cry for nen-nen(a.k.a milk) with his eyes close and then he would either smile or keep his eyes shut while he starts filling up his midnite hunger strike or comfort strike
  • After BF session, this toddler boy can go showing "good"sign,then clap his hand and say hurray!! (don't that encourages and marvels you further to continue BF :P..well I doubt he does that after she drank his milk using milk bottle- oh yes, I currently mixed BF as my supply is insufficient to fulfill his need as I am not pumping as often as I should)
  • He recovers within 2-3 days from diarrhea and vomit recently without needing to take any antibiotics(I THank God for this!)
And I shall update more about my experience about BF a toddler as I continue on this superb journey! God willings, Shone persevere and mommy shall continue to enjoy this bonding and special with my boy who shall soon be a grown up boy like his jiejie KY ;) and I bet I will miss these moments in future...holding my little baby close to me....oh... :D



Anonymous said...

u forgot to post about the stunts pulled by the todds during BF. so many BF position. i dunno about ur todd but my lil one can BF while sitting up, while clapping their hand, while eating fries in 1 hand and having nen-nen...and many more.

mumsgather said...

My boy took 2 whole months to latch on! But after we got our bf dance right, we went on for 3 years and we share a very special bond right to this day. :)