Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Favourite Quickie Yummy Dish

When I am with two kids at home and hubby is not around. The first
thing I do early in the morning is to make a pot of soup.

Then I have the choice of just make a pot of rice or noodles as the
lunch for me and kids.

Here is one of them. Soup base is from the soup I made earlier. And I
just add in some vegetables and etc.

This makes a wholesome and yummy dish for my family. All-time
favourite, soup with noodle or rice...

What is your quickie dish you love to make for your family?

Care to share?



Sherry said...

wah so healthy and good to eat :D

Anonymous said...

haaa..same like me & miya. sautee garlic, in goes water. wait to boil and add vege & noodles. salt pepper to taste...my hubby dont like this dish, no meat...he's a carnivore....hehehehe...

YenPing said...

instant noodle of course, hehe.