Thursday, March 26, 2009

Support a good cause by

Recently I came across a website called Elevyn (, a site works closely with NGOs and field partners on training, consultancy and advisory . also sells handmade jewellery by indigenous and marginalizes communities. . Their idea is to encourage rural artisans to improve their livelihoods by providing them access to internet with these online stores being set up and managed by the communities themselves, and a portion of sales (5 - 10%) made thru the online store will fund specific causes that support the local communities - for example, they have "Raise $100 to buy books for the school".

Recently they have organized a contest with Tongue in Chic(


So if anyone who would like to support their artisans who make beautiful handmade items can either do some write up on their site or check out their site and cause yourself at!

How to prevent baby falling from the bed?

For the past few nights, I have been teaching my 9mth old son how to climb down from the bed. As he's been very active lately and able to climb over the boundaries I set (using bolster, pillows and big blanket) surrounding him while he sleep (er..don't ask me why I didn't put him in baby cot...somehow both my kids prefer sleeping on a queen size bed! :P).

I remembered people describing how their baby fell from the bed ever since I had my first child. However, that did not prevent my daughter from felling down as I have not foreseen her growth to be that fast able to climb over since very young age. 

So this time I start to teach my son that he knew the proper and safe way to descend down from the bed!

Somehow this little boy prefer to fly down head first and use his hand to slowly climb down..but that is only working when the bed is lower and would not be useful for higher bed or sofa....

So  I have been teaching him few nights until i think this morning he can understand and uses the right way to climb down...feet first...hehe...

Prevention is better than cure/cries(in my case) right? :)



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good stuff to share - Multi-purpose Deodorizer

Sometime back, I have been introduced a new product to try out by someone I got to know from a SOHO seminar. This multi-purpose cleaning and deodorizing product really appeal to me due to the fact that it was:

Non-toxic (most important for moms like me, avoiding toxic stuff on kids), edible

  1. Multi-purpose ( can used for so many different stuff..which I am still experimenting…stay tuned for more updates on its usage!)
  2. It has been tested clinically and with lab reports
  3. It is for a good cause helping out single  mothers, and disabled folks to earn a living
  4. It is a product from a social network- or organization I am following and supporting ever since in my college times..(which is like 10 odd years back!)

So this amazing item (which has not been launched officially cost around than RM6 or RM6+) but can be used for:

  1. Cleaning oily table tops
  2. Wash oily pots and plates
  3. Cleaning stubborn stains (this one I tested..really works!)
  4. Socking up damp shoes and odor (gonna try this on my kids and DH)
  5. Adding into stored water can avoid mozzy breeding on it ( I was told..but unsure how much I need to add per waiting for their official product description)
  6. Many more…..


So anyone interested on it? Feel free to contact me if you are interested to get this amazing product and try it out yourself!



Have a Break, Have a Kit a movie!

Do you or your kids (or other family members) like Kit Kat? Well, so far I have yet to come across folks who doesn’t like chocolate and kit kats (hehe…including myself).

For instance, Kit Kat has been my dotter and my niece’s favourite! My niece who is only 1 year plus would go down to the shop at the Petrol station, pick up her favourite Kit Kat and pass it to the counter (yes, by herself) for her mom to pay money! So is my’s like her daily snacks (one of the only snacks which can make her sit still throughout the journey in the car. 

So is my Kit Kat is like my whole family favourite breaktime yummy!

Why do I talk so much about Kit Kat today…oh yes because I saw a redemption for movie ticket when you buy Kit Kat(check out their website: ( for more details on the redemption terms and condition, dates as well as venue.

So it’s like killing two birds with one stone! As going for movies is my DH’s favourite and Kit Kat is the whole family why not combined the two and redeem some free movie tickets for the whole family..haha…so I might just run over to the nearby redemption hypermarket this weekend and grab some Kit Kat..(ha..ha)

So folks, Have a Break..have a movie….Buy some Kit Kats~!



Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby steps in menu planning

I have been coming across ideas of menu planning for sometime now….whether for whole family, for parties, for babies, for toddlers…and lately this is what I have been experimenting for the first time…menu planning of sort.

So this week, I am planning my dinner as such using what I already have in fridge (plus a bit of what I am getting in the market):

Mon – miso noodle soup

Tue – white raddish soup, rice, hash brown, veg

Wed – Japanese cucumber soup with miso, potato and kelps coupled with rice/noodle

Thu black bean soup

Fri- Eat out

Sat – Porridge for all (yet to think what to add on – will check fresh stuff @ market)

Sun - ABC spaghetti for kids, normal spaghetti for mom n dad, with tomato paste and veg

Hmm…seems yummy enough?

Wait till I get my oven up and running ;)



Enthusiastic Mommy…

Making the most of what we have- including foodstuff and household items!

Yesterday I was replying my DH’s comment to get some disposable chopstick to place in the car (it happened when I was so hungry and wanted to eat the packed meal in the car but realized that no spoon nor chopstick was given), “Then I said…no need! We have some in the drawers dear!”

Actually this comes to my mind…something I have been wanting to do for sometime….to stock-check stuff in my house…from kitchen items, foodstuff in the fridge etc, stationeries, clothing etc…

It really pays to be organized and tidy! If only all items are noted and place properly we won’t be spending unnecessary on items we already have and forced to throw away the expired item later on or spent extra on things we already bought sometime back.

Guess this applies for relationship being well-organized (in this case “well-maintained”) would be a better term for it. If we take the time to take note of the little well-meaning thoughts and action, take heart to spare some time and thoughts for someone we care or close to us….it would really makes a difference in preventing any misunderstanding and etc.

And making the most of what we have is what I strive to do! Waste not…be creative and stay organized! So the next organizing duty would be to clear and tidy up my storeroom while pasting the list of foodstuff plus its expiry date so that we would remember to consume those bought items before heading to hypermarkets for more stuff!


Carpe Diem!