Saturday, October 10, 2009

Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 Update - Part 2

Hi folks,

Here's my continuation of my sharing of my encounters and experience in the Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009. I have shared about the emcee of the event in Part 1.

Coming to Part 2,I like to share with you the agenda we have for the conference.

Bear with's kinda long BUT INTERESTING sessions we had!


Day 1 Session
08:15 - 09:00 Event Registration
09:00 - 09:15

Welcome Keynote
Roslan Bakri Zakaria, Director, Technopreneur & Enterprise Development,
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)

Alecia Heng, President, Gorgeous Geeks

09:15 - 09:30VIP Keynote
09:30 - 10:15

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make The Competition Irrelevant

By Dr. Dominic Lau, Head of Applied Research Centre, UCSI - Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre

10:15 - 10:45Morning Break
10:45 - 12:15

[CEO Forum] Risks & Rewards - The Journey to Entrepreneurship


Dolly Kee, Director, Image Power

Laletha Nithiyanandan, VP (APAC), Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting

Datin Rose Ismail, Managing Director, Salt Media Consultacy

Dato' Susie Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Uptrend Network


Shafizan Johari, Anchor/Business Reporter, Astro Awani

12:15 - 13:00

Leverage on Social Web Media for Business

By Oon Yeoh, New Media Practitioner

13:00 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 15:30

[Forum] Redefine Working Culture in The Digital Age


Alecia Heng, President, Gorgeous Geeks

Hoe Kian Choon, Sales General Manager, Coway

Nadiah Tan Abdullah, HR Director, Microsoft Malaysia

Thomas Low, eHomemakers


Charlotte Robert, Assistant Editor, MALAYSIA SME

15:30 - 16:00Afternoon Break
16:00 - 17:30

[Forum] Journey for Financial Support & Grant for Business Part 1


Amiruddin Azahar, Malaysia Venture Capital Management (MAVCAP)

Norhazamimah Hashim, Senior Executive, Technopreneur & Enterprise Development, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)


Moderator: Michael Reyes, Chief Executive Officer, MoneyTree Asia Pacific


Day 2 Session
Business Boot Camp
09.00 - 10:30[CEO Forum] Marketing through Social Web Media


Chris Tan, Managing Partner, Chur Associates

Kid Chan, Founder & Celebrity Photographer, KIDCHANSTUDIO

Timothy Tiah, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Nuffnang

Tan Yet Mee, Founder & Editor,


Eliza Noordin, Vice President, Teak Capital

10:15 - 10:45Morning Break
10:45 - 11:45

Product & Market Positioning - Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy

By Sharon Ang, Centre Manager, Laurent Bleu Skin Science Centre

Technology Boot Camp

The Online Opportunity - Why We Should Be Selling on eBay

By Carol Fung, eBay Education Specialist, Chiica Consultations

Financial Boot Camp
13:30 - 15:30

[Forum] Journey for Financial Support & Grant for Business Part 2


Christy Lee, Investment Manager, Malaysia Venture Capital Management (MAVCAP)

Eliza Noordin, Vice President, Teak Capital

Koh Lee Ching, CEO, Calms Technologies

Siti Mariam, Managing Director, Clear Insight Technology


Serina Joon, Producer & Presenter, BFM 89.9

15:30-16:00Afternoon Break
Technology Boot Camp

E-Payment for E-Commerce: All about E-Payment and How to prevent Online Fraud

By Terry Yee, Head of Business Development, ipay88

16:45 - 17:30

Letting Customers Find YOU – and YOUR PRODUCTS, On the Internet

By Hanson Toh, Malaysia Country Consultant, Google, Inc.

17:30Ends from here, allow me to share with you not all but part of the pictures and points I learnt from some of the sessions.

Need to dig out from my audio recordings and notebook for this stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I like to dedicate this post to thank my sponsor, for making it possible for me to attend the event.

(I have been following their site and news since my college time as it has always been my dream to work from home and finally be with my kids when I finally becomes a mom..yep...that dream started even while I am still single and in college ;)..pray that I'll be able to fulfill my dream with a sustainable income soon!)

They have also set up the booth for Salaam Wanita Basket(check picture below) during the event.

Note: Salaam Wanita believes that empowering women with micro-business skills can go a long way to transform any woman into a confident and economically empowered innovator. Check out more about their Eco basket at their site here. are South East Asia's only community network that promotes working from home, teleworking and the running of SOHO businesses through the use of information and communications technology. Their e-community promotes self-help, business partnerships and entrepreneurship development for those who want to balance work and home life. Their social profit is derived from a pro-poor project focusing on eco-baskets production and service provision to empower women to embark on social-economic self-reliance.

Quoted from homepage.

Do check out their site and perhaps you can do your bit to support this good cause whether by donating your unwanted magazines or order their Eco-basket!


Friday, October 9, 2009

MOBS & Fashionista Mom Giveaway Contest

Hi Folks!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

2012- what You would like to keep in a TIME CAPSULE

In conjunction with the release of 2012 the movie, Sony Pictures is having an online contest for the public to share what we would like to keep in a TIME CAPSULE to survive 2012's disaster at . The contest is open for the public to participate and all we have to do is to upload an image of the item we want to keep in our TIME CAPSULE. We are also required to include a slogan in less than 25 words on why we want to keep the particular item in our TIME CAPSULE.


Prizes are:


I am always fascinated,inspired and find it kinda mind-provoking watching movies like this as if warning us about the impending danger ahead and look at our current priorities.

And I find this contest rather interesting, to look at what are the items are really precious and memorable,worth keeping for us.

For me, my first thought is to keep an old-fashion album filled with photos of my family tree, from my ancestors, grandparents,my parents, my growing up pictures and my kids. As I felt after that we wouldn't know who would survive and not even which technology would survive as well. So the best thing is to keep an old-fashion album which holds and capture the important moments in our life and retell it if chance are there. It is by far the item I wanted to keep most in my time capsule.

What about you? What item appears in your mind now?

If you have something to share, you might be happy to know the good news that Sony Pictures is giving Nuffnangers a chance to catch 2012 2 days before its release date on an exclusive Premiere Screening. There's more icing on the cake as ONE (1) lucky Nuffnanger will walk home from the screening with a Sony Playstation 3!


To take part in this exclusive contest just by Nuffnangers to win invites to the Premiere Screening of 2012 and a Sony Playstation 3, it is as simple as doing the following;

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3. Send an email to with the permalink of your blog post along with your full name.

50 best written blog posts will win the bloggers exclusive invites to catch 2012 before anyone else does in Malaysia. One of them will walk home from the screening with a brand new Sony Playstation 3. Could it be me?

In addition, the following premiums are also up for grabs during the screening;

5 x Limited Edition 2012 Jacket worth RM 250 each
5 x Limited Edition 2012 Watch worth RM 180 each
5 x Limited Edition 2012 Lenticular Notebook worth RM 100 each
5 x Limited Edition 2012 Compass Keychain worth RM 50 each


I just made my entry..what about you?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month & MINUTES FOR A LIFETIME Campaign

I remember blogging about Breast Cancer Awareness Month last year here which focus on Breastfeeding Cuts Breast Cancer Risk.

This year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month carries a heavier note for me as one of my friend's wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer early of the year 2009 have just passed away last month.

This is how human tend to be rite....only have a bigger IMPACT/KNOCK when it happened to someone close to us?

Last week when I brought my son for checkup at the government clinic, the nurse asked if I had done paps smear test which I told her I did. And she asked, "Where? " And I replied,"At Private"....then she told me that government has paps smear test FOC why go private..." .

So, now if cost is a concern for us to do paps smear and mammogram, you might like to be informed that NOW WE CAN TAKE THE TEST FOC at government clinic(for paps smear) for Clinical Breast Examination or Mammography, I am not sure where there's such free test(let me know if you know where and how :D ) but then we can still perform our regular self-checking like the picture below:

This is a image from the Wikimedia Commons.
An pictorial example of breast self-examination in six steps.
Steps 1-3 involve inspection of the breast with the arms hanging next to the body, behind the head and in the side.
Step 4 is palpation of the breast.
Step 5 is palpation of the nipple.
Step 6 is palpation of the breast while lying down.

This year, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Wijaya International Medical centre introduces the “Minutes for A Lifetime” Breast Cancer Awareness Program.

Minutes for a lifetime

Their theme this year is dedicated towards spending a few minutes each year for that necessary Clinical Breast Examination or Mammography to make a difference in our life and those that are touched by the disease.

Here are some events lined up throughout the Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

3rd October
Self Awareness by Wong Keng Ling
Financial Issues by Carol Yip Kai Rong
10th October
Breast Cancer Screening: How does it save your life and what does it entail? by Dr NurHafidzah
24th October
Healthy Cooking with Mohana Gil and PRIDE.

For more details on their events and campaign, you can check at their site here.

They also organised some meaningful competition like MINUTES FOR A LIFETIME AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION which I personally find it rather meaningful as it served to collect images which capture that Life Changing Moment and selected images will be printed into a booklet distributed to Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors.

Check out more details about the competition here.

May more survivors and less women(or even men!!!) suffer from Breast Cancer! Let's do the test diligently! It only takes us a minute of our lifetime!

(Note: Notice that I have updated a blog banner to commemorate this special month...and I'll be painting my blog pink for this whole month to show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness...would you like to join me? ;) )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 Update- Part 1

Hi folks, I have been wanting to blog about the Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 which I have attended sometime back.

It was such an event that opened up my eyes to a bigger world of women who have been such great inspiration and CAN-DO attitude!

First, I would like to start of with the event organiser, Gorgeous Geeks which is a Special Interest Group under the Association of Software Architect ( . The aim of the group is to provide network and support for women in the information, communication and technology industry as well as to inspire other women to join the profession. The group also encourage all women to use technology as part of their lifestyles.

Check out more about this special group formed by these passionate women here.

Now, the event theme was " Putting lipstick on technology" which is a rather catchy and apt theme to suits the event and the group's focus.

The event's emcee herself was a rather remarkable woman(which I recently found out from reading an article about her in Malaysian Women Weekly's magazine...hopefully I did not spot the wrong person...please gorgeous geek out there, if you happened to drop by my blog and found that I spot the wrong person, pls. correct me!!)

I recalled the emcee introducing herself as Chew as in chew-ing our food...which makes me remember her ...and the other day when I was visiting my girlfriend at Pantai Bangsar and I saw this article about Chew(being a hearing impaired gal who is very passionate about organ donation and had donated her organ recently,see pic below) and cannot help to take a picture of that article published in what should be the Sep/Oct 2009 publication of Malaysian Women Weekly(one of my fav. mag).
Stay tuned for more updates about this conference as I find it too much and too "emotional-overwhelming" to put it in a single blog :P

CHeers! Stay Gorgeous and Geeky!

Now,that really opens up my eyes to what other remarkable women and even guys I have met during the conference....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Updates

Honestly speaking, this is my first time that I really take some time to do something special on our wedding anniversary. This year is our 4th anniversary...makes me looked back and wonder what did we do for the last 3 anniversaries? Not much...why?

1st anniversary, we were busy with our newborn, and I am still barely after confinement then.
2nd anniversary, I was busy having morning sickness for our second child
3rd anniversary, again we were busy juggling two kids and I am just back to work after confinement what did we do on our 4th anniversary..well..not much but at least something memorable for KY...we brought her to sit on a speedboat, passenger boat and wooden boat Pulau Ketam.

Coincidently, a good friend of ours is having their wedding at Pulau Ketam on the same day as our wedding anniversary(lunar/chinese calendar,i.e. on Mid-Autumn Festival), thus we took the chance to celebrate this special day with this young couple friend. DH is engaged as the "heng tai" or the group of best men for the groom and KY& I just roped in as well...just to join in the fun.

This is the first time KY sat on a boat. Here's a picture taken with our buddy's daughter,En Qi who is the same age as KY so she had great company that day...someone her age.

Remember the free card shipping from Cardstore for their SendHope campaign? I have ordered a special customised picture card for DH and it arrives just before the big day!
Now it sits on DH's table ;)

Nothing extravaganza...but something happy to cherish....

Thanks DH for the love, support and companionship!