Saturday, November 21, 2009

2012 Movie

Hi Folks, Have you watched this movie- 2012? Here's a little bit background on this movie:

2012 is an epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

Directed by: Roland Emmerich

Written by: Roland Emmerich & Harald Kloser

Cast: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, with Danny Glover,and Woody Harrelson

The Director, Roland Emmerich,previous films include the box-office hits Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow The Patriot. (This strikes me as a must-watch movie at first glance at the previous movie accolades before the movie 2012 hits the cinema)

And as the writer, Harald Kloser,quoted, "Every civilization on Earth has a flood myth.Things are going wrong, society isn't working anymore, and the planet starts over. Some people get a second chance to start a new culture, a new society, a new civilization."

And that's how this flood movie was born.

Few days back, as it was raining season right now in Malaysia, I overheard the radio DJ at 988 radio station was relating the current high flood season with the movie 2012.

Honestly, after the tsunami hits Malaysia few years ago, I started to be more alert about such news and take some precautionary measures like having a safety grab and go "disaster bag" as I called it. Filled with the essential documents, toiletries and dried food. Though I must say, after awhile i have to replace the stuff there as it might just go expired.

Now coming back to this movie, I feel everyone should really watch it!

It is something that everyone can relate to and whether everyone can survive to see the new world when such event happened.
It will really "shock" us up a bit and get us set our priorities right(at least for that moments onwards till I do not know when...somehow the 3mins heat gets melted for some people..but let's just pray that this heat will stay on and reminded us at all times to cherish the current moment and strive to do our best!)

For DH who have watched this movie, his first reaction was to smsed his long list of friends at 2am(yup, right after watching 2012 at the Premiere Screening, courtesy of Nuffnang.

The next morning his friends was like, what the ???, sms to watch this movie at 2am? Some sms/msn me to ask why or what makes DH so "erm..excited or attracted or touched" by this movie!

So enough said, let's see some of the pictures related to this movie to get you guys "excited" to watch it if you have not!
Cheers and enjoy the pictures now..and go watch it soonest possible and get "inspired" too!

Friday, November 20, 2009

10th European Film Festival 2009, 12 – 22 November

Hi folks,

School holiday is here so is many activities lined up. Saw this ad on the 10th European Film Festival 2009! Do check it out!~

10th European Film Festival 2009
In cooperation with Golden Screen Cinemas, 19 films from 15 different countries will be screened from 12 – 22 November.

Venue: various (see list below)
Time: various (see list below)
Cost: RM5 (Except for "In The Boundless City" - FREE)
Date Start: 12th November 2009
Date End: 22nd November 2009

This year's edition of the European Union Film Festival offer something to everyone. The programme consists of dramas, documentaries, thrillers and children's adventure, including Oscar nominees and award winning films. The films will take you from the Finish snowy Lapland to the South American tropical rain forest and bring you back to the beginning of the 20th century Sweden. Extraordinary tales of love, friendship and adventure are waiting to be told during the Film Festival. The films screened are all products of European creativity and diversity and the festival is an excellent opportunity for Malaysians to take part of European culture.

The films will be screened at GSC Mid-Valley Megamall, GSC 1 Utama and GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Film ticket price is RM 5 and include one free spin to win prizes at the European Union Film Festival Lucky Draw.

Terms & Conditions:
i Tickets will be sold at RM5, except for "In The Boundless City" which will be Free Of Charge.

ii Tickets for "In The Boundless City" can only be redeemed at the same day of the screening. Log on to for
redemption details.

iii All movie titles and showtimes are correct at time of printing and subject to changes.

iv Selected movies for the film festival will be subjected to manual censorship during the movie screenings.

v All movies will be screened in their original languages with English subtitles.

vi For the latest updates on movie showtimes, please visit and or refer to GSC cinema listings
in major newspapers or visit participating GSC cinemas. Sweden, as the current holder of the EU Presidency, is organising this event.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Do You Organize Your Bag?

Hi folks,

Do you have a lot of things in your bags? And how do you organized them?

I think having a bag organiser would be GREAT especially when we mommies needs to "Transform" and "Change" our bags so often.

From office bags to diaper bag and then during weekends, it'll be the travel bag.

The items below are some of the MUST HAVE items in all the bags that I bring along for any trips:
  1. Purse (with Identity Card, Medical Cards of me and kids, Driving License, ATM card, Credit Card, Discount Cards)
  2. Pocket Tissue
  3. Handphone
  4. Lip Balm
  5. Hand Sanitiser
  6. Face Mask
  7. Ointment/Cream for minor bites or headache
  8. Pen
  9. Keys (House key, Office Key, Car key)
  10. Access Card for home
  11. Pen Drive (Yup, being in IT industry, I carry this with me everywhere)
  12. Handy Hand moisturizer/repair lotion (travel size)
  13. Hair Clip(to tidy up a bad hair day or a quick tie up for any function/active event with kids)
  14. Water Bottle (Yup I carry this everywhere..being a BF mom it is even more important to stay hydrated)
  15. Medela Breast Pump- Mini Electric (I carry this with me together with a cooler bag if it is a whole day event like meetings, seminars, etc unless my son is with me)
  16. Sunglasses
  17. Facial blotters(I have a oily and pimple-proned skin, this helps me to absorb the excess oil away)
  18. Lipsticks (I only apply when going for functions or meeting, otherwise, lip balm alone does the job!)

You can see some of this items in the pictures above. Some are not in the pictures(missing in action)..why? Because I often changed bags (depends where I am heading or what event I am attending), and I left out the items in another bag. This is something DH often used to "reminds" me...hoho...not again?

So, I surely appreciate a bag organiser like what Gin&Jacqie having here:


Aren't they lovely with so many handy compartments in striking red and romantic purple color, then I will never have to left out anything behind and would be superb fast and organised whenever I am on the lotsa time and hassle with item like this, don't you agree? Not to mentioned looking good with such nice bag..hehe..

Now, I would love to win one of this bag from the How Do You Organize Your Bag Contest by MomBloggersPlanet and Gin&Jacqie.

Do you like to win one too? Check out
MomBloggersPlanet now for more information! Contest starts from 17th November to 17th December 2009!


Win yourself discount coupon from

Hi folks,

Wanna win yourself discount coupon from

Join their survey now! (Limited time only! Hurry!)

I just got their 30% coupon...yeah!!!

Happy Shopping!


When Insomnia hits me and dotter

Hi folks

What would u b doing when u n 1 of the kids can't sleep in the middle
of the night?

Can't make noise being in d same room as the other kid n DH, me n KY
went to snuggle at the other room, on our favourite classical music
compilation of my dearest buddy, Charlotte....

While enjoying the music n waiting the zzzzzz mode to strike both of
us........guess what these mommy n dotter doing rite now?

KY requested daddy's Iphone to play games, and mommy follow suit....
Blog this on my iphone.....while waiting zzzzzzz to slumber me....

Normally a person who can sleep anywhere, anytime, any position.... I
starts to have infrequent insomnia attacks after being pregnant n
being a mom...
Pray dat my pimples don strike me as it often does after each late
nite feedings n stuff....

Okey. Hope u won't b bored by this entry... Me feeling zzzzzz striking
slowly.... C u all again next day... Hohoho..... Goodnite every1!


Mysunshine giveaway & Cloth Diaper fund for RTAR

Hi folks,

Aren't these bento sets lovely?

Now if you can win this Bento starter pack for FREE and do charity at the same time, would you like to know how to do it?

All you need to do is to check out Mysunshine Giveaway & Cloth Diaper Fund for RTAR. 3 bento box to be WON. Help them to buy Cloth Diaper or donate Cloth Diaper for Rumah Titian Asraful Rohaniah and you might get your self a bento Starter Pack! Isnt that great?

To help RTAR cut cost from buying disposable diapers, Mysunshine Gift shop is doing a Cloth Diaper Fund. Target of 30 pcs Coolababy cloth diapers. They need around RM800.

For more information about this giveaway and the charity drive click here.

Happy Checking and Contributing!


School Holidays Activities - Touch of Clay Workshops

Hi folks,

Are you looking for some meaningful activities to let your child involved in this school holidays?

Check out the Touch of Clay Workshops, Wednesdays and Saturdays, November - December 2009 below:

Explore your creative side and potential by joining these workshops organised by Touch of Clay. The workshops are open to all ages and children are encouraged to attend. Lessons cover hand-building and throwing on wheel.

"It's this flexibility and exciting potential of pottery that can get students hooked with their first touch of clay" Cheah Yeow Seng, workshop instructor

Scheduled workshops

Date: 18 & 25 November, 2 & 9 December
Time: 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Date: 21 November, 5 & 12 December
Time: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Cost: RM 50 per person per session
Note: Clay will be provided but firing will cost RM10 / kg (inclusive of glazes).
Please bring your own apron.

Please call the Secretariat or e-mail admin[at] to register as each session is limited to 10 participants only.
Details about the workshop can be found in their website,


Badan Warisan Malaysia
(Heritage of Malaysia Trust)
2 Jalan Stonor
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: (03) 2144 9273
Facsimile: (03) 2145 7884

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Kiko Warehouse Sale-19 to 22 November 2009

Hi folks,

Baby Kiko is having warehouse clearance this Thursday to Sunday.

Baby Kiko Warehouse Sale

19 to 22 November 2009

From RM2

Brands Offered:

Baby Kiko


Terms: All transaction in cash terms only

Time: 10am – 5pm


1 Jalan Industri PBP 13,

Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong,

47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Tel: 603-8068-8888

Check out the following map:

I have been to this warehouse sales once, for new parents, you can find some good bargain there as they got these small newborn clohtes, bibs and even wet tissues.

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smart Tunnel closed Wednesday and Thursday, Nov 18 and 19, 2009

Hi folks,

If you frequently use Smart Tunnel, here's a news you must be alert upon:

Source: TheStar Online

Smart Tunnel closed Wednesday and Thursday

KUALA LUMPUR: The Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel (SMART) here will be closed to traffic between 11pm and 6am on Wednesday and Thursday for maintenance work.

According to a statement from Syarikat Mengurus Air Banjir dan Terowong Sdn Bhd all enquiries could be addressed to the SMART helpline at 1300887188. - Bernama


Do take note!

Have a safe journey during this rainy season. On your lights and drive steadily!


Madison Browne Review & GIVEAWAY!

Hi Folks,

Are you a shopoholic parents like me? hehe..

I love shopping for clothes for my girl ....since she is our first child I think I spent quite a bit on getting clothes for her.
And I also received a lot of hands-me-down too from friends and relatives.

And I simply love those very English-like dresses like the ones below:

Pale Grey Dress with White CollarPale Grey Dress with White Collar

Don't they lovely..these type of dresses would be great for attending special occasions like wedding and etc.

Now, Madison Browne, a sophisticated and stylish Fahsion House for children is having a giveaway at Tales from a Shopaholic Mommy here.

If you loved to check out their lovely dresses from Madison Browne and at the same time enter their giveaway, just check them out!

Have a lovely time browsing their lovely dresses for both boys and girls...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Another favourite quick dish- Yee Mee

Hi folks,
I made this using just 10minutes....
First stir-fry vege ham, tofu, mixed vege, mushroom in olive oil then
add seasoning and some water.
Then add in the yee mee(a type of pre-fried noodles) . Simmer awhile
(1-2 mins, depends how u prefer the texture of the noodles, for softer
bite, simmer for 5mins) and serve hot. two kids loves
this, so do DH & I ;)


Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Giveaway - The Perfect Gift [sticky mode] - 15 Oct- 15 November 2009, 11:59pm-M'sia Time

Over...stay tuned the results! thx for participating! cheer![16/11/2009]

Hi folks[11/11/09],

Thanks for your feedback. Please see the comment box for my reply. Thanks for your support in joining this contest..I shall update the list of participants and their latestpoints soon. Stay tuned!
(Note: There are some of you who might have
followed this blog without notifying in the comment box(pls. do) and some of you commented you have e-mailed about this giveaway however did not include in your cc list, commented in FB but has not added me in your FB list to check it, thus we are unable to track your points correctly. So please revert by leaving your comments here if the points is incorrect for your entry. Our sincere apology. )

And yes, I shall announced the prize for The most ENTRIES POINTS soon. So far the one leading at this moment are asmieyra and Yen Ping(both leading with 5 points each)! Bravo to them!

Now folks, you still have 5 days to give your best shot! Spread the words around or join the contest if you have not! Let's keep sharing about the Perfect Gift!


Hi folks,

Good news!!!
Secondtime Parenthood is organising her First Giveaway - Title: The Perfect Gift.
As Christmas is coming, I like to get some ideas on the perfect gift ideas...

How to enter?
1. Answer the questions below as truthfully/creatively as you can.
a. What is the Best gift you have received/given and what makes the gift a perfect gift?
b. What is the perfect gift you have in mind for just anybody?
c. Have you done any online shopping? Either yes/no, share why and what would make you do online shopping for gift.
d. Share at least one online shopping site/shop you like most. (you can share as many as you like but it must be a valid site together with a valid/your reason for choosing it).
For e.g., I like to shop at XXX shop(with the web address/url) because .......

Simple rules:
1. You may submit your answers via the comment box below this post. Remember to leave your e-mail address.
2. You can submit more than one entry, however redundant answer will not be counted.
3. Open to ALL, but free postage only to Peninsular Malaysia. For other places, winners shall bear the postage fee.

For extra entries/points(optional),
1. Be my follower (click on the Follow Button on the right of this blog),leave your comment and e-mail you used to Follow me- 1 entry
2. Spread the contest news to others via:
- Blog (send me your permalink here in the comment box). Include link back to the giveaway here and MUST include the keyword-"The Perfect Gift"- 2 entries
- E-mail to friends (to valid e-mail address-random check will be conducted); Include link back to the giveaway here and MUST include the keyword-"The Perfect Gift"-1 entry per e-mail address(cc to - 1 entry each
- Facebook/Twitter (leave a comment and means to track)- 1 entry each
3. ***Updated*** Subscribe to my RSS via reader or e-mail.-1 entry

Now comes the prizes[UPDATED as of 20 Oct 2009]!!!
The Perfect Prizes would be given in the following award format:
1. The most CREATIVE answers(a to d)

A Creatively-designed G-Force Paper Frame (worth RM40)

(shall be reveal SOON!!! Stay Tuned)

3. The most PERFECT GIFT answers(a to d)

A perfect gift sponsored by a Perfect Gift For ALL Shop - Santa Gift Shop(will update more about this special shop).

One winner would win one of this hot bun from Santa Gift Shop.
Note: These small little hot bun not only look cute like real bun BUT SMELLS like one too! Lovely gift for anyone! Thanks Santa Gift Shop for sponsoring this cute pressie for the giveaway!!!

If there are more prizes rolling in, there might be surprise award winners to be announced.

This contest starts on 15 October 2009(yup tomorrow,so you can start cracking now) and ends on 15 November 2009.

CHeers and Enjoy the Fun!
Looking forward to get the Perfect Gift Ideas from ALL of U!

Cutest Baby in NATURE- Shone

Hi folks,

This entry is for Shone to enter the yet another another exciting Cutest Baby Photo Contes by MomBloggersPlanet!! Their monthly prizes courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

1x First Prize

  • One Medium Landscape Hardcover or Medium Portrait Hardcover Photobooks by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM144)
  • One bag of his/her choice from AliceWonders (worth from RM50-RM200)

1x Second Prize

  • One Medium Portrait Softcover or Medium Portrait Classic Softcover by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM80)

1x Third Prize

  • One Large Landscape Poster by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM68)

3x Consolation Prize

  • One PurseHook from AliceWonders (worth RM20)

The First and Second Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest (will be held on January 2010 with more great prizes).

It's easy to enter.

Every month, they will have a different exciting theme for this contest. We just need to dig into your baby's photo collection and find a photo that best suit the theme.

November 09 theme is "Cutest Baby in NATURE".

Here is Shone(DOB: 20 June 2008) at the playground, garden and park. This is a fresh picture(fresh from taken especially for this contest as I found out that ever since I have two kids, I rarely bring them out alone(when hubby is not around) this morning when everyone else is still sleeping, me and Shone went out to have some twosome time at the park and playground and take the chance to snap some pictures of Shone out at the nature.

In the garden/park

Admiring the little white flower

At the park

Finally, Shone get to run about in the nature, which is very good for kids and adults too for the fresh air and of course the physical activities.

Kids have this natural ability and desire to be out and about, and the nature has all the things for them to explore for free. This would be much better choice than the RM1 dollar coin or even RM2 dollar coin toy car at the malls...not only because it is FOC but also filled with a lot of adventures. Shone is so happy to see some fishes at the pond, cat roaming about and birds flying on top of the sky. From here, Nature is a natural teacher.

So, thanks for Mombloggersplanet for organising this contest, this shall start off another weekly outdoor trip to nature for me and Shone!


Got my First Cloth Pad!

Hi folks!
So what's next after CD?
Hehe....Recently got my first Cloth pad(pantyliner type) to try out!
Excited :)....if it is just as amazing as the CD
Then i found another *new love*..stay tuned for my updates on it! ;)