Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sogo Warehouse Clearance,7 to 10 January 2010

Hi folks!

Chinese New Year is approaching...for some families, they will start purchasing new cutleries, new bedsheets!

So, if you are a member, you might want to check out the sales at Sogo this weekend!


Discount up to 70%

Exclusive Clearance Sale for "S" Card Members

For Admission please present your valid S Card. You are welcome to bring along 2 guests to the event.

During the 4 days event, you will enjoy fabulous discounts of up to 70% on

Famous Brands of Fashion Wear

Leather Goods


Home Furnishing Items

and many more

See more Products & Brands at KL SogoWebsite

Time : 10am to 930pm


Multi Purpose Hall,

Foyer, Walkway & Waterfall Void Area

7th Floor


Malaysia Chocolate Fair, Jan 8-Jan 10, 2010

Hi folks,

Any chocolate lovers like me?

You might like to check out the Malaysia Chocolate Fair 2010!

Get free entry by pre-registering online at

Venue: Hall 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Mid Valley Megamall, KL
Entry Fees: Free
Advance Booking:Yes

Malaysia's first dedicated chocolate fair. The Malaysia Chocolate Fair 2010 event will feature top Malaysian chocolatiers, chocolate makers, distributors, agents and manufacturers, all under one roof. Chocolate lovers will be in for a treat at the event. There'll be local and imported chocolates, all there for you to sample, or for the weight conscious, salivate on.

There'll be fountains of chocolate, literally, chocolate-making demos, a chocolate-making competition, contests, quizzes and more.

Have a good time!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Poney Renew Clearance Fair, 7 – 10 January 2010

Hi folks,

It's shopping news again! Saw this Poney Renew Clearance Fair!

From RM9

[Check out the previous clearance fair in December 2009/January 2010 in ShoppingNsales site here]

Time: 10am – 10pm

Location (Tel: 603 8943 8380)

Lower GF Concourse Area

(In front of Parkson Supermarket)

Selayang Mall Shopping Centre

Jalan SU9

Taman Selayang Utama

68100 Batu Caves

Selangor Darul Ehsan


Happy Shopping!




Another Cutest SMILE baby contest is here!!! This time by:

So here's my entry for KY, 3 years old(DOB: 25 July, 2006, Female)

Here's the PRIZES ...
1st prize: RM80 Voucher
2nd prize: RM50 Voucher
3rd prize: RM20 Voucher
Consolation prize: RM10 Voucher x 2
Special prize: organic cotton soft toy - fred petite monkey by miYim

So How to win?
1. Be MOBS follower (Twitter, Facebook and/or Google)
2. Blog about this contest with title "MOBS & Lollietots CUTEST SMILE BABY CONTEST"
3. Choose your baby's CUTEST SMILE photo and share it with us on your blog entry. Pls include baby's name and age (0-3yrs only at time of contest) and gender.
4. Add contest banner on your sidebar with link back to this contest
5. Leave a comment (at their link above) with your blog entry + email address.

For those who DO NOT have a blog... you can also join :)
Just email your baby's cutest smile photo to... and
Pls include your name, your baby's name, baby's age, gender and your email address with the title "MOBS & Lollietots Cutest Smile Baby Contest"

Simple isn't it?
So start sending your entries today !!!

Deadline : 15th January 2010


Thursday, January 7, 2010

ELC playtime at Mothercare Bangsar Shopping Centre

Hi folks,

Saw this ad, thought of sharing it with you. If you are interested, do register by 8 Jan 2010 :)

Visit UK's No 1 toy brand at Mothercare Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Mid Valley Megamall, Subang Parade & Plaza Gurney

Bangsar Shopping Centre
Lot S2, 2nd Floor 03 2287 7563
Mid Valley Megamall
F027, First Floor 603-2287 6569
Subang Parade
G26H, Ground Floor 603-5637 9678
Plaza Gurney
170-03-06/06A, Third Floor 604-2292 969

All products are subject to availability and change. For the latest availability & prices please visit our website. We hope you enjoy our emails, but if you no longer wish to receive them, click here to unsubscribe from mothercare malaysia emails. Register nowif you want to be treated with exclusivity but not our member yet.

Have a lovely time with your child!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Updates on Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out, 2 Jan 2010

Hi folks!

Time really flies....After two busy days sending KY to nursery, finally I am up to it and eager to post up some pictures and write-ups on Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out which we attended on 2 Jan 2010 held at Kizsports & Gym, 1-Utama Old Wing.

Look at the long queue and crowd...we arrived at 10am but there are already a long queue there...good response yeah from all parents!

Picture courtesy of Nuffnang Official Photographer of the event, nicknamed Shaolintiger. More pictures of the event can be viewed from his gallery here

This year, I am so lucky that Nuffnang had called me to inform that since I am one of the early-bird entry, I am given another family invitation, which means I get to invite another 2 adults and 2 children along and have fun with us! How nice right, but at that point of time, suddenly I am not sure who to invite(at such short notice when everyone could be everywhere else having their holiday break).

First, I contacted my sister(she happened to have arranged for outstation trip that weekend), some blogger friends, alas in the end, I thought hey, why didn't I think of my babysitter!!(As decribed in my previous post entry here)

So, I quickly gave her a ring and asked if she would like to join us for some great fun at the event with her kids and hubby before the school reopen! And YES, why not, she said!!! So here's a picture we took that day! Say Hi to my ever-trusted babysitter and her family!

Picture courtesy of Nuffnang Official Photographer of the event, nicknamed Shaolintiger(see his picture below taken by DH!). More pictures of the event can be viewed from his gallery here

Thanks to this gentleman(nicknamed shaolintiger), who is the Official Photographer for the event(why I must say official, 'cos with the numerous bloggers bringing along their profesional camera, SLR, you would be confused who is the "official" one...haha...)who helped us to take the group photo!

This year, my baby Shone enjoyed himself a great deal(last year when he attended the event, he was merely 5 months old), this year he went pa-pa 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 [means: climb-climb,1-2, 1-2, 1-2] with me following behind closely or rather chasing behind him...

Shone went through the slides(high and low ones) countless times...phew..thoroughly enjoyed every slides ride...:)

Shone immersed in a pool of colourful balls

Shone enjoyed being a footballer...I simply love this big open space for kids to play balls safely and have fun!

As for KY, I noticed that she enjoyed the magician show as well as the gym class the most!! Compared to last year whereby she practically do her own stuff when the gym teacher was doing the singing and dancing, etc, this year she followed the Hokey-Pokey dance and obstacle course pretty well.
KY doing her Hokey-Pokey dance

Obstacle Course

Guess this is the difference which comes with age! She also enjoyed the magician show and kept repeating to me some of the things she saw the magician did during the event!

Some kids cried upon looking at the magician in a red robe and played tricks with FIRE!! don't try this at home ok!!!

And KY also tried her first SandArt with the picture of Dora. She was so happy mixing the numerous colors and she even chose the eye color as green and pink, and I just let her be since that's the only time when they are free to choose their imaginative colors and hey we do have green color contact lenses nowadays

KY, after got her little pressie after a short dancing stint with this bubbly emcee(who also the emcee last year) ! He really has a way to make the kids dance with the music!

My babysitter's kids enjoying the "Balloon-bursting" game

And here is their lunch room for kids.

We met Redmummy at lunch room with Red Daddy and manage to catch a snapshot of this two lovely red couple!

Nicholas from Nuffnang presenting Toy R Us voucher to one of the winner from who is also the Grand Prize(which is 1x 3D 2N Trip for 2 Adults and 2 Children to Hong Kong Disneyland!! ) winner of last year Friso Nuffnang event!

One of the notable sight of an event, nicely-parked strollers of all sorts of brands(you name it!) and neatly-arranged shoes of all sizes!

And from the lunch room window, I managed to snap a picture of my blogger friend, Chinnee, the owner of Mamapatch with her daughter, Qiqi and her twins who is same age as Shone!

You must be wondering why most of my pictures are taken at lunch room? Because when the kids are busy eating, that's the ONLY time I have to take pictures lol!! Other time are spent enjoying all different games, places, talk by Ruth Liew hehe..too engrossed!

Ruth Liew, giving talk and answering some common questions by parents.
Picture courtesy of Nuffnang Official Photographer of the event, nicknamed Shaolintiger. More pictures of the event can be viewed from his gallery here

One thing I especially took note of when Ruth answered one of the commonly-asked questions from many parents, which is on how to curb or manage kids who picked up foul languages once they started school.

According to Ruth, we have to asked ourselves where does the other kids picked up those foul language from if not from the adults? So the crucial part here is parents gotta be a good role model themselves and not speaking those "languages ourselves! And some things are mere learning phase and the kids will get over it soon.

And this year, I managed to meet some of the mommy bloggers as well as their lovely kids!

The first one I spotted is Izzah, the princess of Kak Ros, from Mombloggersplanet (they won the Most Creative Blog Post and the prize is- 1x 3D 2N Trip for 2 Adults and 2 Children to Hong Kong Disneyland!! Congrats Kak Ros!

I think Izzah is getting tired and bit teary here cos as usual the prize giving ceremony is at the end of the event and obviously all kids are worn out but very happy!

Shone with Izzah

Me with MommyLyna and Fahry

Look at the big crowd filled with family bloggers! Hope to get to know more of you in coming events to come for bloggers like us!

Look at this group photo of the happy winners of 1x 3D 2N Trip for 2 Adults and 2 Children to Hong Kong Disneyland and 10xRM100 Toys "R" Us!!

Picture courtesy of Nuffnang Official Photographer of the event, nicknamed Shaolintiger(see his picture below taken by DH!). More pictures of the event can be viewed from his gallery here

And lastly, look at this tired but happy Shone, lying on his babysitter's comfy shoulder.

That's all on the updates on Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out, 2 Jan 2010!!

Let's hope there will be Season 3 next year!

Thanks Friso, Nuffnang and many other sponsors and bloggers who made this event a spectacular one!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park

Thanks to Nuffnang and Sunway Lagoon that I have some lovely trip to Sunway Lagoon with my kids, DH and father end of last year after winning the second prize in Week Six for Project Alpha

Here's one shot taken at their wildlife park!

Wait till I upload the video taken on the two sleepy tiger who would wake up only during feeding time :P


Monday, January 4, 2010

My Cool Girl KY

Don't KY looked mature in this picture?

She's taking over the driver's seat while her dad went packing dinner.

Now my little KY is going to school today! Had to wake up very early...well at least considered earlier than usual for her as she would normally sleep past 8am, but now she had to wake up earlier to get prepared to start her nursery at 8am!!

Hope she will enjoy herself at the nursery!

Love you, my dear baby girl!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

KY going to nursery?!

Yes, I have enrolled KY to a nursery!!!

And these are some items I bought from Tesco Back-to-School promotion. Actually it was an impromptu purchase as it did not crossed into my mind that I should be getting these for her as she'll be starting her nursery soon!! And actually I quite like that lady-like looking white Pallas school shoes, it's very comfy and lady-like unlike those we wore last time, rite mommies :P. And it only cost RM18.90, which I think cheaper than the sport shoes I bought for KY last Chinese New Year??!!

Wow..I feel like I am stepping into another mommy zone....which consist of schooling children, homeworks, exams, imagine that! From baby-hood, toddlerhood and now it's a new adventure for me, catching up with current education and other extra-curricular activities(range from UCMAS, Kumon, etc, etc, pray that I don't go into the extreme and neglect the most important fact that KY should have interest in those before committing to send her to one!!!!)

As much as I love to homeschool her but as I am still a FTWM(Full-time Working Mom), I cannot find sufficient time to coach her properly.

So best to enrol her to a nursery and she's been asking me to send her to school ever since last year!! Hopefully her desires to go to school persevere! :)

Cheers everyone!

Happy New Year and have a Great Year!