Saturday, March 27, 2010

Received and Dedicating Beautiful Blogger Award to....

Hi folks,

I just received the Beautiful Blogger Award from a blogger buddy, Kak Nura.
This is my second(or third considering the first award consist of two awards :P ) blogging award from a blogger friend :) Grateful...

According to her, in order to accept the award, there are 3 rules to be adhered:

  1. Thank and link the person that gave you the award.
   So, thanks Kak Nura for for award!
2. Pass this award to 15 other bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic:
   Okay, I want to pass this award to Merryn, MieVee, Sasha, Sandra, Chinnee, Sumijelly,Adline, Munirah, Zaid,Ai Lian, Suzette, Mama-Miya,Penny,Jojo, Daphne
    3. Contact them and tell them that they've won the award.

Yup, gotta do that tonite or tomorrow ;)

   4. State 7 things about yourself:
  • I love travelling, reading and blog-hopping
  • My fav. food is spaghetti and soup(all types)
  • My specialty dish for any parties, big bowl/plate of salad, fried spaghetti with black olives, tong sui(sweet desserts) and bruschetta (all vegetarian version)
  • Love jogging and used to represent school in 1500m event, ran in 5km event and hope to run in marathon someday!
  • Might be understood as being "snobbish" or "arrogant" since young too(like Kak Nura), 'cos I am so shy that sometimes I prefer to bury in books rather than mixing with the crowd :P
  • I am hitting 30 this year (o..o...disclosing my age :P)
  • I love languages,art and culture, have learnt German at Goethe institute and always dreaming to live in a foreign land to immersed in a new culture and way of life...(that's why I love reading bloggers staying at different parts of the world, jotting down their dailt life and the country they live it makes me feel that I am in that land :D)
 All right, that's all. Now I have to inform those who've been tagged here.
Thanks for dropping by a Beautiful Blogger site (haha...just kidding)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Storytelling session at MPH Subang Parade, March 27 is from 2-4pm

Hi folks,

This is our last chance to catch the MPH Bookstores' storytelling session which has been ongoing for the past two months at several of its Klang Valley stores.

The two-hour sessions will comprise of one hour of storytelling. Children will enjoy listening as the Usborne children's books come to life. The second hour will be devoted to getting tips on selecting the right books for your children.

There will also be some fun activities for children to participate in. There will also be a free gift for every participant, while stocks last.

The storytelling session on March 27 is from 2-4pm at the MPH in Subang Parade, Subang Jaya.

If you have free time and like to bring your kids to have some fun! Check them out!



Madison Browne - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for 4 days only

Hi folks,
Received this from a lovely boutique, Madison Browne, they have such lovely clothes for kids and now they are having free worldwide shipping(until 29 March 2010) if you are looking for some lovely attire why not hop over to their site ;) (this is not an advertorial ;) wink)


New styles from some of our designers, including Ralph Lauren and Tartine et Chocolat have just arrived and our full Spring/Summer Collection will be online soon. 
Visit to check out the latest styles. 



As a special promotion for 4 days only, we are offering you free shipping on ALL orders - UK, Europe and World Wide. 
To take advantage of this special offer, simply select the FREE PRE-EASTER DELIVERY option during the checkout process.  Your purchases will then sent to you free of charge to any address World Wide.
Please note that this offer is valid until Monday 29th March only.

Cheers and happy browsing /shopping!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grand Prix Sale (24 March - 11 April) @ FabulousMom

Hi folks,

Grand Prix fever is back and FabulousMom is having Grand Prix sale STOREWIDE.

Discount is up to 50% on new items, check out Amber printed range, it's at 50% discount.

Their next flea market is set on 17 April.  Interested (new and old) vendors, please email to obtain your application form.  :-)

Check out now!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mickey Mousekersize contest by ParenThots and Playhouse Disney

Hi folks!
The third season of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is here. It begins March 22 to 28, at 9.30am (with repeats shown at 5.30pm and 8.30pm) on Playhouse Disney (Astro Channel 613).

Supporting Playhouse Disney's ongoing commitment to helping kids and parents achieve healthier lifestyles, 10 new three-minute Mickey Mousekersize shorts will be aired alongside the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse season three episodes. They will focus on the fun of exercising and encourage kids at home to get up and move along with Mickey and his pals.

To get children to join Mickey and the gang in the Mickey Mousekersize shorts, ParenThots and Playhouse Disney are organising a contest.

Just answer one question and submit a photo of your child doing the Mickey Mousekersize dance and you could win a prize.

Six lucky participants with the most creative photo and correct entry will be rewarded with fantastic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse goodies worth a total of RM1,200, as well as exclusive certificates of participation! WOW!!!

Closing date: April 9

For more details on Rules & Regulations, check it out here at Parenthots!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Apply online for Year One (for Selangor only)

Hi folks,
Have you read the news about Online application for Year One students for Selangor starting from this year onward?
You can find the link here:
Excerpts from TheStarOnline today 

Apply online for Year One


Registration open from March 1 till April 30, says Selangor official

PETALING JAYA: Parents in Selan-gor who want to register their children for Year One must do so online from this year.

They have to register their children between March 1 and April 30 and log onto to do so.

A Selangor Education Department official said applications for Year One entry could be done from any computer with Internet access.

"Parents who do not have Internet access can go to the school they want to enrol their children in and ask the teachers there to help them key in the information," said the official yesterday.

This, he added, was the first time the department was registering Year One pupils online.

"The online system will enable the registration process to be more efficient.

"Previously parents had to queue at the school they wanted to register their children in," he said.

Once the children were registered, he said the district education office could place them in schools.

For full article, refer to the online article here.

Now I wonder at what age can we start applying for our kids? Previously the manual one is starting from age 5 onwards I about online version I wonder?

What say you? Anyone tried applying before?

Hope you can share more about it!

Thanks and  Cheers!

Lucky Draw @ NST, Mar 20-Apr 3, 2010

Hi folks!

Are you a Bento enthusiast too?
Now check out the lucky draw organised by NST in conjunction with their 2nd anniversary!

Lucky Draw 抽奖活动

The picture above is the prize that the lucky winner will get for this lucky draw. 

Big Prize: Princess Stainless Steel Food tray set + Heart & Star Boiled Egg Mould Set  (worth total RM101)
Consolation Prize:
Heart & Star Boiled Egg Mould Set + Snow white Bio Face Mask (worth total RM35.50)


There are 2 ways to participate in this lucky drwa:

1. Purchase from their website between Mar 19 to Apr 3 and you will stand a chance for the lucky draw

2. Blog about this lucky draw between Mar 20-Apr 3. 

If you purchase online and also blog about this lucky draw, that’s mean you get 2 chances to win the lucky draw!!

Do check out their neat stuff at their website : , and some interesting sharing at their blog: ,

What I like about their blog is that the things are neatly arranged and there are both English and Chinese medium used, at least I can understand more about the products they offer!

I hope to see more greener household products in the future from their website, perhaps some DIY-made gift Bento Giftset and more step-by-steps Bento making lunch-boxes for both kids and adult with themed like Anniversary, Birthday, cartoon character etc. It'll be so fun and informative!

So folks, if you like to know more about this lucky draw, go to and find out yourself!


Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi folks,

This entry is written (voluntary tagged with a blogger friend's entry here)..haha…saje nak jot down and reflect against some interesting moments in life..haha…
1.       Where and when did you first meet your hubby?

At a youth camp when I was 16. He was my youth group facilitator/leader. Nope, we did not get started then….only after I started working 7 years later did we start :)

2. Love at first sight?

Not exactly as coming from an All-Girls' school, I am tad bit shy with guys to be honest.

3. Who is he when the first time you met him?

He is a passionate and young youth group facilitator at a summer camp I attended.


4. How long did he take to ask you out?

Hmm, 7 years later when I am 23? 

5. First place dating?

If I can recall, we often meet with a bunch of friends to discuss about youth camp preparation (later on when i joined them as facilitators). Hardly call a date then since it is full of more than 10 other people.
A proper first place of dating would be at movie cinema(to call it a proper date, since DH is a cinema and movie fan!

6. How did he proposed?

No formal proposal but we just sort of decided that "it's time". That is why my friends(cum bride maids/ladies in honor) made him kneel down to "sort of" properly proposed to me on our wedding day.


7. Special dates with your hubby?

I think we both love "servicing/entertaining/travelling", DH love entertaining guest and I used to be the "interpreter"(English translation) amongst my group. Thus, those trips bringing overseas friends around Singapore, Cameron, food hunting around Klang Valley are some good happy memories for us! 
So are those trips we made while scouting places for organising youth camps and those late night supper we used to had as DH often works quite late that we got no time to date during the week days. So very often it's a late night snack at his favourite mamak stall(vegetarian one of course!)


8. Changes that he asked you to do?

i. More "taste-ty" dishes as my cooking can be quite "blanch/tasteless" to him who are used to "outside" food whereas I prefer organic and "plain/natural taste" food with less seasonings especially when I cook for the kids as well.
(In progress and in experiment using more natural seasonings like herbs etc)
ii. Improve my verbal and written communication skills in transmitting messages/communication as DH felt at times, my messages was not "complete" and often leaves people "wondering" or get wrong impression or wrong assumption :P
Especially when to be honest, being an English-ed, when I convey in Chinese, my brain often translate the term from Eng-Chinese, thus at times, the words are not used in proper way as it should be...or slow in reaction..this I am slowly's been working that way for years...I wonder is that how it work for others? I.e. message gotta be translated from the Stronger language to the Spoken ones as required by the listener.
(Note: Sorry guys if I also made you feel the same while reading my blog entries...all I can say...I am improving it...slowly being a natural daydreamer I am.. :P this part takes a little bit more effort!)
iii. Leave my hair grow long as DH said it suits my face better
(DONE..after 4 years of refusal when busy with young babies and my own preference for easy-to-manage short hair)...finally I am now with longer than shoulder-length hair.

 9. What's about him that you love so much?

 His generosity and big-hearted and his openness and global-mindedness to accept and embrace new and effective ideas!
In short, not "kolot" or narrow-minded(guys out there, these are some vital plus points that all women looking for I believe....correct ladies! :D)

 10. What's abt him you wish he would change?

i. Take care of his health more by adopting healthier(less seasoning) diet as well as take time to exercise and rest.
ii. Have patience to listen to others while still maintaining his usual confidence and "leadership" way.
This can be rather contradicting, even though I hated it when DH simply shoo my ideas/message off. But most of the time, his decision/ideas are often the more practical and right way :P but we women loves to be heard and respected, aren't we :P

11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he....

 Got angry/impatient.
It can be scary! Vocano eruption!


12. You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he.....

 Send any lovey-dovey sms or buy me a surprise gift for birthday, Valentine's day or remembering our important dates.
Why? As he hardly recall those dates(without me the wife cum secretary reminds him in a direct or indirect(add in his iphone calendar with alert beep) and he is not a romantic type would be "touchy" or "lovey" to send lovey sms or the "softie" who would say sorry first or at least saying sorry to make the wife feels better(no matter who is at wrong) being the macho guy he is...
So when he does makes me smile and "touch" easy to "tam"/win your wife back!

 13. Complete the sentence below.

 My love towards my hubby is as big as the love I have for my kids and my life. They are my priorities as every small and big decision I make in life ever since they stepped into my life.

 -The END for now...let's see what other extension we can have from this tag-
If anyone of you out there who are interested to share and do this tag(on voluntary basis), please do leave your comment here and if possible to link back to the original blog whom you find inspiration to do as to let the reader has a better idea and linkages ;)

Thanks for reading and I enjoy sharing this too..thanks to temphouse_wife who share this tag!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why you should not cook when you are not feeling well

Hi folks!

Last week, after recovering from Gingivitis, I was trying to prepare breakfast and lunch (packed lunch from home for DH and me), but the lunch and breakfast turned out "yucky". The lunch meal was too salty and the breakfast is tasteless…why? Because I think my taste buds and brain are still being "drugged", thus I am not able to make proper decision on how much salt I need to add….DISASTROUS meals…huhu


So next time when I am recovering from any sickness, better stick to cuppa noodles or outside takeaway meals..for safety measures.


Plus, if you are recovering from any diarrhea or vomiting spells, I feel it is even more important not to cook but to stick to take- away or if you are lucky get someone else to take over the "chef" task for the day. This is to avoid spreading the germs to your family…


Hope I stay well and sober throughout the days in 2010!