Saturday, March 12, 2011

KY Lidi-man drawing@4yr 7mths old

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Quake in Japan

8.9 Quake in Japan

People in Philipines, Sabah, Taiwan are on Tsunami alert..

let's pray for the people!

Stay calm and pass the positive vibration around..

Repent for past upheaval of emotions made which might indirectly contributed to the we are all connected with each other..

Take care everyone...let's pray...

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Get freebies upon reloading on any DiGi Prepaid plan today! #DiGiSuperReload must say I do envy Digi users!

Look at this!

I can never say no to free stuffs. Especially when I get something better at each purchase. Get freebies upon reloading on any DiGi Prepaid plan today! #DiGiSuperReload

Cheers! time to change huh :P

Cambridge English For Life Storytelling Event, March 13

Hi folks!

Saw this event at Parenthots.

Organizer: Cambridge English For Life (CEFL
Event: Storytelling, colouring and crossword puzzle activities.
Date: Sunday, March 13 from 3-5pm
Age Group: Kids aged six to nine years old
Venue: Main concourse of Subang Parade (Lower Ground floor)
Contact: (03) 7883-0912 or go to

Now KY is still young to go for it... :) but time to inculcate some fun activities at home with her!


Hair trimming?

Hi folks!

Do you have the ritual of trimming your "hair" whether at the legs, armpit or etc?

DH been telling me about some laser permanent hair removal treatment...But I find it kind of "unnatural". Now what about Brazilian wax? Never heard of?

Neither do I ...let's check out from the promotion they having now:


Looking into Tertiary education after SPM?

Hi folks!

Guess now is the time for SPM school-leavers to check out which universities and colleges ; and of course which courses to take since results would be out soon!


Bloggers..wish to win some holiday trip?

Hi folks!

Do you want to learn how to win some holiday trip? Yes I do!

So, please check out this contest from MAS:

Good Luck to us!


It's Friday and it's school holiday soon!

Hi folks! is Friday and would be the last day of school for the kids....woohoo....which means a smoother traffic next week.

Any plans during the school holiday?

I just won some movie tickets and hopefully I can bring the kids and my parents to watch some nice movie :)

And hopefully our plans would not be "tampered"/"ruined" by any flu bugs....or virus around...

Stay healthy everyone!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sprained my neck

Not sure how it happened, I was busy doing deep research for a document to b submitted soon..then after making a simple turn, I felt d pain on my neck. had applied hot compress whole day.. it did not improved..

Had to see doc for painkiller today..sniff sniff.. engine getting old..

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Int'l Women's Day EVERYDAY! nice if it's Women's Day everyday and we all find a good reason to pamper ourselves....or do we even need a reason to reward ourselves..ladies? :P

Now, coming to this, are you earning for some spa session?

Int'l Women's Day EVERYDAY! Get your lady partner a relaxing spa session at #EDB . Would only cost you RM36 at #MilkADeal

Wow..too good to be true?

I actually saw many such promotion and one of them is from one of the well-known slimming fitness center which have famous lower price for their slimming programme..very tempting rite...but still trying hard to shed the extra kilos...before my kids thought I am pregnant again...Thank goodness!

Diligently doing my situps every night now...


Bonuslink collaborating with Digi?

Hi folks,

I am a long-time user of Bonus link card in Malaysia.

I have so far change for useful products with the points I have collected.

But ever since driving my hubby's car, I would use the other membership card more than Bonus link when I pump car petrol.

Now, Bonuslink is collaborating with Digi..and I am actually contemplating to switch to Digi for their better packages...

And now, Bonuslink has changed my life. Not only I can use it when I am pumping petrol, it serves me well when I am shopping too. And now it's collaborating with DiGi? Too cool to be true! #digibroadbandbonuslink

Need to check Digi out for my broadband packages ;)


Owning iPhone 4?

Hi folks!

Yesterday, hubby suddenly asked if I have changed mine to a micro SIM card (iPhone 4 and IPad are using microSIM card btw..). I said nope.....I did make the changes...and Why? I said.

Hubby said, well then you would be able to use iPhone

So, does that means I am getting my iPhone 4 soon? :P

Or, is he contemplating on changing to iPhone 5 and i will inherit his phone just as what I did now..using his iPhone 3Gs.

Or,will I be able to shout:

From today onwards, my life is going to change. I no longer need to depend on SMS, let alone MMS. Why you ask? Because I can now be a proud owner of an iPhone4! Thank you, #DiGiiPhone4 dreaming...WAKE UP and back to work now!


Earn cash at Churp Churp

Hi folks,

I have heard people talking about Churp Churp in their blog for sometime and hearing how people earn some moolahs from there sharing advertising campaigns.

I am still a newbie, and still new in exploring it...

If you like to join Churp Churp, do check them out here!

If you a big user of social network like Facebook and Twitter, and love sharing interesting products/ promotion you have a good headstart here!


100 memorable Malaysian women

Hi Folks,

I have just finished reading "100 memorable Malaysian women" at TheStarOnline here.

I have so much "salutes", respect and admiration for these women. If you like to read it, here are the links:
(I must warned you, it is rather addictive, once you started with Part 1, you won't want to stop till Part 8 :P ..enjoy...)
100 memorable Malaysian women - Part 1
100 memorable Malaysia Women - Part 2
100 memorable Malaysian Women - Part 3
100 memorable Malaysian Women - Part 4
100 memorable Malaysian Women - Part 5
100 memorable Malaysian Women - Part 6
100 memorable Malaysian Women - Part 7
100 memorable Malaysian women - Part 8

May it brings inspiration and brings us to look at the world at a bigger perspective being a woman :)



Hi folks!

If you love bags and
you love GIN & JACQIE, then this is a great news for GIN & JACQIE is having free shipping from 9TH - 11TH MARCH love their bags...especially the pocketful compartments!

Here's what I saw in their newsletter!

Check it out yourself!


gin & jacqie - more than just a bag









Thank you,


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yummy Vegetarian Sushi @ Imperial Art Cottage

Finally tried the sushi@Imperial Art Cottage. Started from Mar 1,2011, they are having sushi on their daily menu! Yey! :)

About Homework, Housework and Office work

Hi folks!

One night KY was telling me her homework for the day. Then, when it comes to his dad going through the homework with her, I said, "Daddy is going back to office later.".

KY then asked, " Why? Daddy has not complete his work?" I said, "Yes."
KY asked again, " Has Daddy's boss completed his work? I paused....and said, "Well, when you are a boss, you perhaps just need to "delegate" or instruct others to do :P, so KY next time want to be a boss or not?".....My indirect message did not sent to her...she continued to ask," Then has daddy's colleagues finished their work? Is daddy working with his colleagues tonite?"

"No." I said. Daddy is working alone.

"So, daddy's colleagues have finished their work?", asked KY again.

"Yes." I said.

"Then why daddy has not finish his work like his colleague?", asked KY again.

I paused again(don't know how to answer or explain to her about overtime work I said, "Why not you go and ask your daddy :P ".

She is shy to asked and said, "Mommy you ask lar...."

I said, "No, you go and ask yourself."

And off she went to ask her dad ........

I didn't get to hear DH's replies as I am "rescued" from the querying session and straight away went to have my shower :P

And now...mommy has tonnes of housework to do after work each I gotta do things quickly on time...otherwise it'll piled up and ended up enormously huge and scary to tackle..Imagine few mountains of unfolded laundries, unwashed dishes, unwashed dirty clothes..these are the basic "housework" of mine every day.

I only do my mopping of floor once a week.. :P Do you all get to mop everyday?

Yes, there are people who do of them is my brother-in-law...totally salute him...he will do all the mopping and cooking after work...and once my sis reached nice and warm home-cooked dinner...

Not complaining least DH is ok to eat takeway when his wife a.k.a me is lazy to cook :P


Cheers to all the "Workssss" we are still able to perform! It shows we are "able" and healthy!

Happy International "Ladies" Day

Hi folks!

Today is March 8, signifies 3 8 Ladies Day(heehee..purposely refuse to use women many website administrator will block the word "woman" for some reason..sigh...)

Today commemorates a special day for ladies...

So let's rejoice, remind and rejuvenate on this day!

Cheers to ALL ladies! May you have a great day today & every tomorrow is a better day!

Monday, March 7, 2011

How to update or amend application form for Standard 1(Selangor)

Hi folks!

In my haste, I actually choose the wrong fields and entered some wrong data and clicked Submit for the application for Primary 1.

If you faced the same issue, you will find you can't re-enter/reapply after submitting and there's no back button for the form too.
I was told I could update/"Kemaskini" my details but I forgot to ask how and where. Alas, I managed to find the way and sharing with you all now..if you do choose the wrong school, etc, you can amend from the steps below. However, from the Rules and Regulations, it is stated that "pindaan hanya boleh dibuat sebanyak 3 kali" , so seems that we can only do the amendments max. 3 times!!! So do read carefully before click SUBMIT!

Learn my lessons :P
Now, in order to update your details/data entered, all you need to do is to click on, select Semakan Keputusan Penempatan Pelajar Tahun 1 Negeri Selangor 2011   (the button is on the right of the website) and choose KEMASKINI.

(Note: This will also be the site we could check the status I suppose :) 'cos when I enter, I saw that if we have got the school to certified("pengesahan"), we will be able to see the status there, but i guess it depends how fast the school update into the system. Anyhow, I am keeping this link in mind!)

Cheers and hope you have successfully completed your application.

I just got mine certified by the school immediately after I made the amendments and saw I was no. 139 in their list..phew...

Cheers..and cheers...cheers to all...take deep breath and you can make it!

(Btw, even though I saw it written that if your house got no internet access or you faced difficulties doing it online, you could refer to the school/do it at the school, but somehow when I visited the school seems that some parents are asked to find their ways to fill up the online guess not all schools have the service or facilities to assist u to apply online/get them to help to fill up online for you.)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Application sent *Update Notification*

Hi folks!

Finally managed to access the Selangor government education website and completed the registration for KY(primary 1). Hopefully our application is successful.


Looks like my anxiety can reduce a bit..wait till i send in the form to be acknowledge by the school concerned and we need to wait till Aug 3011 before we know whether our application is successful..

another anxious wait..phew..

** Latest UPDATE**

Based on the notification e-mail we received after submitting our application:

Selamat Datang ke Sistem Pengurusan Murid (eSPM Sel) Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Selangor

Terima Kasih kerana menggunakan Sistem Ini. Maklumat Pendaftaran bagi : XXX XXX XXX telah dimasukkan ke dalam pangkalan data SPPM
Berikut adalah Kata Nama dan No Pin Untuk tujuan semakan dan pengemaskinian

* Sila buat perakuan disekolah dimana anak jagaan didaftarkan dalam tempoh 14 hari selepas membuat pendaftaran
(We have 14 days to get the acknowledgement/chop from the selected school after submission of application online)
* Keputusan penempatan akan di keluarkan pada 1 Jun 2013
* Rayuan secara online akan dibuka pada 1 Jun 2013 hingga 1 Jun 2013
* Keputusan Rayuan secara online akan diketahui pada 15 Julai 2013
* Pengesahan Pendaftaran Murid perlu dilakukan pada 1 Ogos 2013 hingga 30 Ogos 2013 
 (But the dates there an error somewhere? If i check it in year 2013, that would be the year KY supposed to be in standard 1? Or have I made any wrong selection in my application? Gosh..anyone of you receive the same notice..did you noticed anything strange about the year?)

Anyhow, I will check on those dates this year to make sure...