Friday, April 1, 2011

Formula One World Championship,April 8, 2011 to April 10, 2011.

Hi folks!

Are you a Formula One fan?

Then this must be a good news for you as Formula One World Championship happening in the Malaysia GP this April 8, 2011 to April 10, 2011.

I have an uncle who is a die-hard fans of F1 race and would travel around the world to watch it!

Now, if you are a F1 fan and a Korean star(Rain) fan as well, then you gotta check out the link below and try win yourself these exclusive passes to the race day grandstand tickets, the pitwalk and party with Rain!


It's Friday, Let's enjoy a free dessert today!

Hi Folks!'s Friday...

Don't you just feel like unwind and enjoy a relaxing weekend ahead?

How about a free dessert?

Check out more details here:


Mamapatch Anniversary Sales, 1st-15th April (or while stock last)

Hi folks,

So happy to hear from Chinnee, Mamapatch owner that she will be having 2nd Anniversary Sales starting today till 15th April.

Good time to stock up more cloth pad, cloth pantyliner, wet wipes etc.

If you are looking to get a sling, you can check out at Mamapatch too. (refer picture above, source from Mamapatch).

I have sent my order :P hehe...with this order , I can go fully on it :) ...I simply love the wet wipes too as it can reduce my monthly purchase of wet tissues..

Another go green effort....


Nalanda Book Cafe

Hi folks,

I discovered another Organic Vegetarian outlet at Sri Petaling..quite nice..serene and I love the Japanese style tatami seat ;) good place to chat over with friends!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegetables? Tofu? Wholemeal bread? What are your dietary habits like?

Hi folks,

Are you taking every measure to include healthier option in your diet? Is it sufficient?

Being a vegetarian, all the more important for me to study and ensure my family receive a balance diet. But thus far, what we are adopting, is it sufficient?

How about taking a profile test to see what else we could improve?

Interested? Check out the link below:

Cheers to a healthier you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Umami Cooking Class, 2 April 2011

Umami Cooking Class
Last day to register today! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What you did on Earth Hour?

Hi folks!

My family and I had very unpredictable schedule during weekend. During Earth Hour, we did switched off all the lights as we were taking our naps way pass dinner time; from 5pm to 9.30pm :P
How did you spent your Earth Hour this year?

What are the changes/actions you like to take to contribute to a better earth?

For me, I like to:
  1. Start making my compost
  2. Learn to make garbage enzymes
  3. Educate my family & myself to start separating our rubbish efficiently (and earn from the recyclable items at the same time..things like old newspaper, glass bottles etc)
  4. I like to switch from a vegetarian to a vegan diet (as much as possible) as I felt I am still taking eggs right now (more about animal protection and rights here than being environmental-friendly unless you are taking about meatless diet ;) to reduce carbon emission and wastage of grains feeding to cow and ended up few grams on human's plate)
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and..have you heard of the new "R"....Reject....yeah...reject the inner desires to own yet another pair of shoes when there are dozens hiding in the shoe cabinets....reject anything that are more of "wants" rather than "needs"...Be wise...

Cheers to a better earth and better human being!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting a Bigger car?

Hi folks!

KY has been asking her dad to get a bigger car so that she can fetch the whole kampung...haha ok exaggerating..her whole family including gong gong (grandpa), po po (grandma), jiu jiu (uncle), ayi(aunty), cousins etc etc etc.....

So we have been more observant of such big cars like MPV....checking out those more affordable brands like Lavina, Alza..and I have personally "seat drive" it...checking whether the back air-cond is cool enough hehe...the other brand that I wanna try is looks huge enough and comfy too....not sure how is the engine and etc.

Now, if you are interested in trying out Exora, you might to check out the url below:
Big cars doesn't necessarily mean a mini-van! With #allaboutexoraa, you can sit for 6 people & be comfy too! Get your test drive session today!

Big cars....when can you be MINE..haha...then I can bring my whole "Kampung" out in one car...carpool green!


How much do you spent on facial?

Hi folks!

Every women would want porcelain doll of the way (beside having good genes of course!) is to practice good skincare regime and if possible have weekly facial. But isn't that gonna cost a bomb?

Here's one good deal I saw...RM38 hmmm quite affordable right? Check out the deal yourself to find out:
Want porcelain doll skin like Emily Browning frm Sucker Punch? #ElyseeBeauty is offering facial - RM38. #MilkADeal

Cheers to a healthy-looking skin!

Reminisce on past traveling trips

Hi folks!

Recently, DH and I were talking about traveling trips.

My next traveling destination that I hope to make is to visit my aunts at Down Under, whereas DH wanted to visit Taiwan.

It reminds me of the time, during my final year study break; I took a trip to Taiwan for a month during the winter time. It was recorded as the coldest winter at the time.

I am lucky as being a student then I couldn't afford to get a pricey thermal clothing, some travel-savvy friends loan me a pair of long john and a ladies underwear.

With a thermal wear, you can avoid layering yourself too much during the cold weather and end up looking like a huge ballooned or stuffed snowman :P

When I wear those thermal wear , I can easily wear another pair of jeans and turtle-neck sweater on top of it when I go sight-seeing. During the night, I can choose to cover myself with thick blanket wearing just the ladies underwear :P my travel-savvy friends said, "Don't over-cover yourself too much when you sleep, else when you woke up; removing the warm blanket, you'll be freezing..."

Really miss traveling to those different or four season climate country. I feel the people staying in those country really know how to take care of themselves.

Everyone in Germany, even males can be seen sipping their hot herbal tea in their hot flask or thermos. Isn't that nice? My friend told me that some people in Taiwan even have the habit of sipping hot miso soup on the go...that's a brilliant way to stay warm and healthy at the same time.

Besides, staying on these cold climate country, you also need to put on protective measure like lip balm, lotion and even sun care lotion. I inherited the good habits from my trips to these countries....diligently applying lip balm and lotion ;) even now back in Malaysia.

How about you? Did you pick up something useful from your traveling trips? Do share with me....


Part 1: What is your childhood food memories?

Hi folks,

What are your childhood food memories? For me, one of them is:

1. *Roti Canai with "telur"/egg
Roti canai (pronounced "chanai," not "kanai") is a type of flatbread found in Malaysia, often sold in Mamak stalls. It is known as roti prata in Southern Malaysia and Singapore, and is similar to the Indian Kerala porotta.
(from Wikipedia)

I remember when we were young, I used to visit the Roti Canai mamak opposite the old bus station in my hometown in BP to get 5-6 pcs of piping hot roti canai. Mom will also asked me to bring along our own eggs and the roti Canai man would charge us the price of roti kosong..having a big family(4 hungry kids to feed)..that helped to save a bit :) smart & savvy mom plus of course, very willing+kind roti Canai uncle..try getting your roti Canai man to do the same in KL, and see what kind of weird expressions you might get! 

Now, to be fair, I have not tried...and am too shy to do it here in big city unlike a close-knitted community in the olden days whereby everyone seems to know everyone's kids by heart..and can keep an eye for each other...Of course this would also means we kids don't dare to do anything "stupid" that will bring shame to our parents! :)

As the ancient scripture- Di Zi Gui (Standards for Being a Good Student & Child) says:
If your virtues* are compromised,
Your parents will feel ashamed.

* Virtues are standards and principles of one's conduct. In China, a man's conduct is ruled by "Wu Chang" (Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom, Faith) and "Ba De" (filial piety, Respect for elders, loyalty, credibility, proper etiquette, personal loyalty, a sense of honor, and a sense of shame.

So now what are your food memories?

And what are the food memories of our children?
Is it KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald?
Let's try to build a better and healthier food memories in their childhood. Hopefully this will bring them a good start and a good nutrition habits since young.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home-cooked takeaway

Hi folks, this dish is inspired by a meal@Marmalade. Did not have fresh shitake mushroom, replace with canned mushroom. Stir-fry & saute with a tiny bit of salt and herbs(thyme,rosemary,basil,mint,parsley)...yum..(btw, in case u ar wondering, tat is organic GMO free soy-based sausage ;) meatless)