Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy, Yummy Meal

Made out of all my favorite yummy apricot, cranberries, ice-cream, avocado, wholemeal bread, tahini spread, margarine..

The Great Diaper Change 2011

Managed to meet up with Hanz and the celebrity guest, Dynas Mokhtar...& grab irresistible goodies for me & KY(cloth pad & ribbon clip..din get CD cos both kids of off diaper now..)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Senang to menang...

Hi folks!

Found an interesting contest slogan...very "Malaysian"...Senang to menang...

Wanna find out more? Check it out here:


Baking...bake bake

Hi folks!
One of my resolutions is to learn how to bake. I simply love the smell of freshly-baked bread, muffins, etc.
But, I am still far from reaching my goal.
The other day I heard from a friend saying that his wife attended formal baking class and now can bake like a pro.
How wonderful? Will you like to attend such classes too?
Then you might be interested in the news below:


Babyland 30th Anniversary Grand Celebration, 22-24 April 2011

Hi folks!

Are you looking for baby items?

Are you a mom-to-be?

Then you will want to check this out!

This is the outlet I used to check out when I had KY :)

Lotsa items at affordable prices!

Worth visiting folks!


Source: SnS website

22-24 April 2011

Babyland 30th Anniversary Grand Celebration


Every purchase of RM100 entitle to RM30 Voucher

(On white tag items only)


FREE One limited edition Babyland umbrella

for purchases of RM300 and above



35-39 Jalan SS 2/64

(10am to 930pm)

Tel 603 7875 6650


LG33 The Summit USJ

(10am to 10pm

Tel 603 8024 6868

Levi’s Warehouse Sale, 21-24 April 2011

Hi folks,

I have always wanted to get DH a pair of jeans...
Now his BD is coming...and I saw this sales...
Another shopping time!

Source: SnS website

21-24 April 2011

Levi's Warehouse Sale


Levi's Apparels


Time : 10am to 10pm


Location (Tel 016 524 9200 / 016 526 9200)

Function Room

Hotel Sri Petaling

Jalan Radin Anum

Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

Kuala Lumpur

Organized by GME Corp




Goods sold is strictly non exchangeable & refundable

No Bags Allowed

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How much is your Engagement Ring?

Hi folks!

As I was blog-hopping one day, I stumbled on Tim's blog(Nuffnang Co-founder) which i read regularly. His entry on "How much should an engagement ring cost?" which comes with a link to the Engagement Ring Calculator shared by another reknown blogger Shaolintiger (yep, that is the category I put under my Google Reader where all my frequent blog list has its own categories; reknown, parenting, overseas-parenting, vegetarian, homeschooling, blogging tips, contests, etc...)

I cannot stop my curiousity and did a calculation...jeng's how much my engagement ring should cost:


But, nope, I don't recall mine cost that much hehe but I think my engagement present (a mobile phone) cost more than the ring? hehe..cannot recall...

What about you? How much does your engagement ring cost?

Actually how much it cost, does it matters a lot to you? It doesn't to me as I am not one who wears ring daily. All the daily household chores I need to perform makes the "practical" me ...not wearing my ring most of the time....

To me, a ring is just a symbol of union and love.

I am sure you have seen those romantic scene in dramas where the guy gave such DIY rings made out of love...does the gal mind the DIY ring made from straws, paper, etc, ....nope, the guy won the girl with sincerity and genuine love ;)

Cheers to a lovey-dovey day!

(Note: Picture source:, a site which sells such special rings...stumbled on google while searching for a suitable ring image to illustrate my e.g. in this post; any copyright infringement is not intentional; pls. leave a comment should you mind you picture appearing here for non-commercial use. Thank you.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Attention to all cloth-diapering parents!!

Hi folks!

If you have not heard of this BIG won't miss it at TheStar online today.

In conjunction with Earth Day this Friday (22 Apr 2011), Cloth Diaper Malaysia and The Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents will be joining international cloth diapering communities around the world this Sunday (April 24) at midnight to set the world record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. 

This event will start of with fundraising and eco-lifestyle sale.

Venue: Scriptory Box, Level 1, Wisma Bling Lustre, Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong, Selangor, from 10am to 4pm.  

Admission is free.  

For more info, visit

Excited...jom let's go and support this event!


RM 15 for Hair & Scalp Analysis + Hair Cut + Wash + Blow

Hi folks,
Have you ever done hair analysis before? Yep, hair analysis…that’s right.

DH went for Hair & Scalp Analysis before and discovered he has some scalp problem.

Once you knew about the root cause, you can take the precautionary measure, e.g. what type of shampoo to use and what type of shampooing method.

Intested to get yours checked, analysed and treated too?

Check out the promotion below..looks very affordable to me…

How to stay beautiful & healthy during & after pregnancy

Hi folks,

Yesterday I saw in FB many of my secondary school classmates have embark in the motherhood journey or at least..soon a mom-to-be.

They were discussing about how to back to shape after delivery....while in pregnancy stage...and most agreed breastfeeding is one good and natural way! (including me :D)
Another way they were discussing is post-natal massage, western, name it :)

Now, today I saw a related event at Parenthots.

Event: Free public forum- "How to stay beautiful & healthy during and after pregnancy"
Organiser: Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Date:  April 30,2011
Time: 11.30-1.30pm
Venue: Dewan Pantai, Ground Floor - Block C, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, 8, Jalan Bukit Pantai, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

To register, call (03) 2296-0773 or 2296-0610.

Interested? Check it out ;)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Benefits gained from a Break-up

Hi folks,

This thought came to me after a series of events happening to friends around me; which also made me reflected on my first break-up. No matter how long the relationship is, there is bound to be difficult moments. Moments where we wish to spend in solidarity. Moments where we need a shoulder to cry on.

Break-up is like a thunderstorm, followed with a great downpour and then drizzling rain…and lastly followed with a sunny day after the sad moments have moved on.

It works like the rain too, it cleanses the spirit, awaken our inner emotions and set a clearer picture on how and what type of relationship are we truly seeking. We would definitely want something worth working on, someone worth spending with and a relationship worth pouring our love and time into. It redefines how we look at relationship as a whole.

Recently, I met with a young couple who broke up after brief courtship; and another married couple who had divorced after years of marriage with three lovely children, the eldest being 18 years old. To me the first is a pity yet being still young, I feel this young love can still heal and move on and probably can find someone better. What about the latter, I can only imagine the pain the married couple and the kids would feel.

It brings back to the thoughts of divorce. Now, if we do not want to reach this point, we should certainly make conscious effort to keep the marriage alive, keep the love flame burning and keep the communication channel active.

I pray that anyone who has gone through break-up would gain much lessons and gain more strength and wisdom from it. Make the Best of the life lessons.

Live and love always….

[This post is dedicated to all my friends who are facing a momentary difficult phase now and pray that they will regain joy and zest in life back very soon!]

Calling to all Vegan...

Hi folks!

Below is a message from one of the best selling vegan author, Patti Breitman:

Carol Adams and I are looking for
vegans who are willing to tell others
what they eat on a typical day, as
well as some of their favorite foods,
healthy or otherwise.

Your answers may be included in
our new book that is intended to help
"not yet vegans" discover the ease, joy,
variety and abundance of a vegan diet.

If you are interested in participating, click
the link below for more info:

Do take the survey above and contribute to the growing of a bigger community of vegans on earth!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Malaysia, Facebook Capital?

Hi folks,

Are you aware that Malaysia has quita a high number of loyal Facebook users?

On average, most of us have like over 200 friends in our list. And we, young and old, as a nation, spend a lot of our TIME(wee hours, morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening, night, you name it...everywhere we go) on Facebook.

And now there is a challenge to get all Malaysia Facebook reader to do a super duper huge petition to get Facebook to acknowledge Malaysia the Facebook capital of the world?

Challenge accepted!! Nothing is impossible. Malaysia BOLEH?
Check out more details here:
I want a LIVE Facebook PARTY!!! #DiGiforall


Reward yourself after hard work of workout!

Hi folks!

It's been part of my resolution to stay fit and not only fit but fit enough to resume some light competitive running events. I used to participate in those running events back in schooling time.

By having such target, it is hoped that I will be disciplined enough to keep to my exercise regime. Now, seeing another friend talking about Standard Chartered KL Marathon, makes me thinking whether I should go for it :)

Have you been training for a cross-country run or been through grueling sessions for a badminton match, hiking, etc? Heard of a full body sports massage? This is the first time I heard of it at least I would have thought the national sports athletes would most probably entitled for such treatment...But even normal people like us get to reward ourselves, and hopefully win that medal or matches!

Interested? Check out links before to find out more!
Reward yourself after hard work of training! Get a full body sport massage at #EqualFitness . Check #MilkADeal

Tempting...nah...unless I sign up for that run :D Gamed?


What is a home without proper Internet connection?

Hi folks!

I heard over the radio few days back that Malaysian homes are well-equipped with Internet access, it was a 25% increase!

And that is not surprising at all.

I can see my neighbour is having video conference with his 2 year old daughter who is cared by her grandma in their hometown.

And as we often back to my in-law's place, DH also got another wifi modem so that we get to surf and online on our mobile or notebook when we are back home....talking about constant connectivity. P14G is going to hook us up with Home Broadband and On-The-Go Broadband. Check out more details and shop around for good deals here:
What is a home without proper Internet connection? Let's make ourselves at home with #P14G broadband this instant!


Fruit meals?

Hi folks!

Today I overheard on the radio that the school will be asked to reduce selling high sugar products at the canteen.

All listeners of the radio station I listened to were asked to give their input on what healthier options the school canteen can introduce in their menu.

One of the menu that came into my mine is a bowl of fruits...which is awfully delicious and healthy too (even for adults!)

Now, check out these fruit meals promotion!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Eat it as a dessert at #Fruitland at RM6.90. #MilkADeal

Stay lovely and healthy folks!


Vocab 5: What new words I learn from the "status" msg today?

Hi folks!

The new word I picked up today (few days back actually, considering this is a back-dated post :D)?

I think many of us are used to seeing friends and families putting status on their FB, IM etc.

And some would put quotation, breaking news of the day or for me for instance, I might put some status to indicate the state of my mind at that particular moment or words of encouragement for others or for myself.

This word "mire" which I came across from the IM status of my previous superior, who I think is striving to manage his PHD…I wish him ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!

mire  (mr)
1. An area of wet, soggy, muddy ground; a bog.
2. Deep slimy soil or mud.
3. A disadvantageous or difficult condition or situation: the mire of poverty.

If anyone of you felt yourself in "mire" state now, I pray you will get through the phase soon and be stronger from it!

I like to quota from my friend's post:

"If I fail, I try again, and again, and again..."
If YOU fail, are YOU going to try again?
It matters how you're going to FINISH...
Are you going to finish STRONG?
We are put in situations to build our character... not destroy us.
The tensions in our life are there to strengthen our convictions... not to run over us.

By Nick Vujicic

Very true indeed!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Morning Trail Discovery

Shone saw the neat spider web, stairs to the "pondok", a pack of cigarette packet littered at the playground.