Saturday, March 3, 2012

15 mins Lunch Pack: Combi-Omelette Sandwich

Hi folks! Have u heard of the recent champion of world intensional sandwich competition actually won by a Malaysian despite sandwich not totally a staple for Malaysian but this person won it all rite! The special ingredient he added was "kunyit" or turmeric...feeling inspired, I made some sandwiches for lunch too. Here's yummy omelette sandwich made from mushroom, cherry tomatoes, basil, eggs, parsley flakes and bread with added wheatgerm..just two slices of this makes me full and happy! Happy cooking & Cheers!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Free baking course for single mothers, starts Mar 18

Hi folks!

Something good to share...something i read from TheStar Kuali,


Offered by: Chef Nermala's Baking Academy

Duration: Three-month baking program starting March 18

Audience: Single mothers.

Objective: To help and encourage single mothers start their own business from home,

Classes: Hands-on classes will cover pastries, breads, cakes and cake decorating.

When: Every Sundays for three hours.

The course includes ingredients, utensils and apron. Each class will have 10 – 12 participants. For more info call, 013-284 4336.

This is really a good one for single moms!

Spread the news to people whom you think may benefited from it!


Imagine Play

Hi folks! Sometimes it's fun just let the kids to imagine and think of their own games and play...right here KY & SE is doing a puppet-like show using a torch light and their shadow. Fun!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

15mins Lunch Pack: Asian Staples-Rice

Hi folks! My western friends finds fried rice's two of the fried rice I've made for lunch, one using five grain rice(quinoa, millet, brown rice,etc) with pumpkin+organic tofu cubes, another one using basmati rice cooked ahead of time with mixed Vege and non-GMO soy-based sausage. Stir-frying is about 10mins, cutting/preparing the ingredients is 5 mins...yummy meal is ready to pack ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wahaha..laughter is the best antidote ;)

How true this is for u folks?

New Words learned today

Hi folks!

It's been sometime since I last wrote about the new words I learnt.

Today I like to share a word I learned which makes me perform some reflection/contemplation:


Meaning: To make something quickly and without a lot of care, using whatever is available

I am pondering did i do that sometimes or many times....
when i cook, when i talk to kids...
when I am in a rush...

I sure gotta be mindful about this and not to be cobble :)

How about you? Do you often cobbled as a parents? Let's stop to think and readjust when "cobbling" is action put in more heart and effort in what we are doing daily...with essence of LOVE! That would certainly make the time with kids, and the meals much more delightful!


Monday, February 27, 2012

15 min. Lunch pack: Omelette with Noodles

Hi folks! What comes into my mind when comes to preparing meals are wholesome(think vitamin, protein, minerals, carbo), colours(I tried to have 5 colors per meal both for variety of nutrients as well as presentation), time of preparation and what's available in fridge/pantry.
Here's a wholesome omelet with eggs, vegetarian non-GMO sausage(reddish), seaweed(black), cabbage(yellow), tomato(orange),mushroom(brown), sprinkle of mozzarella cheese..and a bit of organic brown sugar and salt/soysauce for taste..on top of a Kon Lou noodle(Vits noodle cooking on hot boiling water while omelet is being cooked), once done scoop up the omelet, off the fire and mix the gravy(sesame oil, brown sugar, olive oil, dark soysauce/ blackstrap molasses) with the water-drained Vits noodle. I love mixing the noodle in the big much easier, faster to get it evenly omelet on to of noodle packed away in thermos/heat retained lunch time I would try to substitute black olives in place of seaweed should taste awesome ..hmm think pizza noodles haha..

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini hill climbing with friends..26.2.2012

First attempt for KY and SE, KY managed to climb up all the way to the top without much assistance, leading all the way. However the blisters make her needing piggyback on daddy all the way down the hill.
As for SE, halfway up the hill, he requested to be carried. Daddy obliged up to a point on a steep slope heading towards the stop when mommy put a stop. I managed to find him a walking stick to "bribe" him to walk down himself with me beside him while DH continued to the top to join KY.
Bravo SE, u managed to walk down the hill on your own!!! Yippee! What a good workout we had today not to mentioned such friendly groups of people young and old who greeted us up and down the hill... A good place to meet some healthy friends ;)

Far-Infrared Stimulation Reflexology Plus Patch

Hi folks! I been wanting to try out these types of products for sometime. So after dengue, when I am having backache, my friend suggested I use this. I did for 3 nights straight...all turned out fully-black. After that couple with taking traditional Chinese medication, my back pain issue solved.
Now 3 myths after dengue, I bought a box again to use. Here's the results I got..yep according to the chart, no more issue on back, digestive system but still has significant issues with heart, liver and the top part of the organs..and true enough, I would have heart pain when I raise my voice or got angry these days u know..quite unusual compared to my non-dengue days..phew no wonder ppl said after dengue the whole immune and body system deteriorates....