Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yummy Fried Bee Hoon with Sambal Petai

Deliciously cooked by Sis & Brother-in-law :)


Have a good book, and you'll never be bored. Have you read with your kids today?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Backpack-Free Friday

Hi folks!

When I was young(in primary school), I used to envy those secondary school seniors who can bring a very small slingbag to school daily unlike us the primary school going children who often lugs a big backpack and another bundle of books at our hand plus our water bottle sling on our poor shoulder.
Sounds familiar?
That's why when the ipad or ebook is out, I am hoping that these would actually replace the heavy textbooks we need to carry to school.
And today, I saw this initiative on Parenthots:
Back Pack Free Friday Campaign is coordinated by Parenting 2.0, an international consciousness movement that aims to effect positive change in every avenue of human interaction by advocating a more proactive educational process for foundational life skills. Parenting 2.0 on LinkedIn is the top ranked parenting group with nearly 2000 members in over forty countries.

Lifting the Burden off Children and Schools

WHO? Children, Schools and Families around the planet.

WHAT? Have children leave backpacks at home this day.

WHEN? Friday, May 4th. 2012

WHERE? Everywhere!

WHY? To literally lift the burden off children and schools.

Back Pack Free Friday draws awareness to the importance of children's foundational care – sleep, hydration, nutrition, and exercise – in their daily lives. Students do not work or socialize well with others when they are tired and hungry. Add to this a pack of heavy books on their back. This is the day we say children's health matters and we are taking action to support them.
Here are some of the things we could do:

Please join us in Being the Change

  1. Communicate you care by leaving your children's back packs at home on May 4th.
  2. Join our Back Pack Free Friday Page on Facebook and share pictures of your children and their backpacks.
  3. Share Press Release with school officials and local media.
  4. Tweet reminders once daily. "Take Burden off Children and Schools! Support Back Pack Free Friday May 4th." Include the hash tag #P20BPFF.
  5. Download the Life Skills Report Card.


Check out more information Parenting 2.0 website!
Cheers to a healthier and happier children and life!

Daily Big Biz and Cancer

Hi folks!
Have you done your "big biz" today?
Yesterday i read an article stating:
"Women eating plant-based diets may have lower breast cancer rates because they have larger bowel movements."
My chinese physician also advised us to drink at least 500ml of warm water upon waking up(yep, before brushing our teeth) to flush out all the toxins from our body daily.
And, our bowel movement should be as much as our meals, i.e. 3 meals equals to 3 bowel movement per day. That is what I unconsciously trying to achieve. When it is regular like that I feel so much lighter and more energetic!
So, taking a plant-based diet does have heaps of benefits? Are you ready to take more plant-based choices in your meal today?
Cheers and Happy Wesak Day to all tomorrow!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good News: Nayati found safe and safe, back with his family!

Hi folks!
This must be such a great news to Nayati's family and to people who cared, prayed and spread news around for him.
Now, he's back with his family!
Read more at TheStarOnline.
This is such a great relieve to his parents and to all parents alike..when such news occur, it really sank our hearts, don't we?
Thank God for his safe return!
And stay safe on the road folks...seems that this year, we are "blessed" with lots of RAINWATER!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tahini-Avocado Toast

Hi folks! Made simple toast bread with tahini-avocado-egg spread with added lemon and olive oil..yummy..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Activities to do on Labor Day

Playing traditional congkak with KY. SE is doing beading.

Labor Day Activity: Muffin Making

The World needs more Softness

Hi folks!

First of all, Happy Labour Day holiday to all (including stay-at-home-mom :D). Hope we all have a good and welcome break today.

While I was browsing through the Facebook, I still see lots of articles regarding the Bersih rally. Lots of "rough" acts been done.

Really, I feel this world needs more SOFTNESS!

Talking about this, what do you think of softness? Right in front of me, there is this box of Kleenex soft tissues. At my drawer at work, it feels great having a handy pack of Kleenex too. In the car, on my bedroom side table, at living room.  It works like magic, the soft tissues is the first one to sooth our tears, our flu and a quick wipe to save the the day!

Recently, I receive this lovely pack from Kleenex for the recent campaign on Share the Softness. Now, I like to share the goodness and softness with you folks!

I even got this jar of candy to share with the people I care about (am going to pass it to one of my lovely colleague who has brighten up my days at work and who will be leaving for a greener pasture)

Now, Kleenex® gives us an awesome
way to Share the Softness ONLINE!

Check out Kleenex Share the Softness Campaign on their Facebook now:

 Fill up the form and send a free tissue sample to your loved ones. I have shared mine :)

What are you waiting for? Good things are meant to be shared! Don't say I didn't share with you all...hahaha......Share and spread the softness won't know how much you can do by little sharing and a little more softness in life daily! 


Monday, April 30, 2012

Mozzies net for King, Queen and Single size bed

Hi folks!
Saw a deal at mydeal today:
Seems like the answer to my dengue worries especially for my kids and myself who so very prone to getting mozzies bites!
Check it out if you have such needs!

A minor car accident and fixing car plate

Hi folks!

Last Sat, I had a minor car accident involving a Blue Kelisa. At the turning, the blue kelisa who has turned left at the junction suddenly stop and not being careful to check once more before i make my turn, i bumped into that car. To cut the story short, I had to pay for the "specially-import-from-Japan" bumper.

Even though, i feel the driver in front is also at fault for stopping abruptly, but being the one who didn't check once more before turning, what's more I am bumping the car from behind, so obviously, i had to pay for the damages. DH said, "Just pay them, treat it as a lessons!". Yeah other party has hubby to sort out for them, but my DH simply wants me to settle myself..and learn the lessons...very good hubby i have here...basically teaching me a lesson...

Anyhow, I am grateful enough that my daughter, myself and the other driver is safe and sound and no major mishaps except my car plate is damaged and the other party the sturdy Made-in-Japan Gino bumper is "slightly" damaged( I guess the material must be strong enough to withstand my "bump"
from the back. The other party's husband said he spent more than 1 K for that set of bumper- front and back).

So back to my story, i had to obviously get the car plate fixed as soon as possible but i had to run to fetch my son, my hubby then rushed for another class, all within 30mins..(life is always such a rush for me, and I had to do it fast and steady). So, I can only settle the car plate after the class.

Alas, the trusty and prompt (takes less than 10mins to fix it the last time i went) car plate shop which is closed. I had to go to one of the car accessory shop to fix it(start with "B") and i truly dismayed at the slowness of their service. I am being informed that I had to wait for 30mins. after I made my payment; and told to go shop around upstairs(nothing much to see and I came down less than 10mins). Waited and waited till 30mins up, no shadow appears). No one is fixing my car plate at all despite having so many manpowers minding(or rather sitting around) in the shop. Do they rely only on one single worker to fix it? Phew, if not fearing DH having see the car plate would "storm" into "dark clouds" and that Sunday will be closed for most shops...I would be losing my mind waiting for more than 40mins at the shop to get it fixed!

So, another lessons learnt here..beside being more careful on the road is...NEVER EVER fix car plate at car accessory shop; especially not that branch and that shop as to them it is a  LOW PRIORITY and DOESN'T earn much shop. FULL STOP.

Phew...just made the transfer of $ to reimburse the driver for the gone can be earned back. Hopefully i will be more careful from now on and luckier from now on. Time to scout for some "moonlighting" work to do to earn back the "losses". If you all got any recommendation, kindly introduce....thanks!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

free antenatal class,May 19, 2012,

Hi folks!
Saw this event and like to share with you all (especially for new moms-to-be or dads-to-be):
Organiser: Pantai Hospital Ampang
Event:Free antenatal class
Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Content: Class will feature talks by the hospital's obstetrician and gynaecologist as well as paediatrician. It will cover topics such as:
  •  baby massage
  •  baby bathing
  •  breastfeeding
  •  diet and nutrition
  •  normal and abnormal birth
  •  common newborn problems
Note: Class is only open to pre-registered pregnant couples.
To register, call Racheal at (03) 4289-2877.