Saturday, July 7, 2012

A typical breakfast@work

Hi folks! What do you usually have for breakfast during working days? Or do you take any breakfast at all? Break-fast..we are breaking fast after a long night of fasting. Breakfast is a must for matter how simple it is. My typical breakfast would be a cup of oats, a bottle of Vit C(dissolved) and fruits. Do you believe that after having these for 5 days, I don't fancy fried kuee teow/noodles with curry sauce like I used to for weekend body just prefer something light and less oily automatically. Oats are good for those with high cholesterol problem, and with fruits you get all the fibre you need. With such diet, constipation will be a history ;)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Nourishing Drink after each cycle

Hi folks! Since young, my mom taught me to boil some nourishing drink after each menses end. Here is one recipe I picked up from my mil. Double-boil red dates, black dates, tong kuai & wolfberries with either eggs(for me I added shiitake mushroom cubes). This amazing drink helps replenish Qi and blood. The after effect is as if I drank coffee.. Why? Cos feeling rejuvenated after drinking it...Awesome.. The good thing of having such drink is I feel better when the next cycle comes, less tired and more energetic :) What are the special things you would make after each cycle ends or any special things you do during the cycle to make it more bearable ? Do share with me! Cheers!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brain Rules seminar, July 14, 2012,

Hi folks!

This seems like a lovely seminar to attend for parenting folks!

Speaker: Dr John Medina, author of Brain Rules
Date:July 14, 2012
Venue: Brickfields Asia College, 68-2 Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur:

1) Brain Rules for Parents and Educators, from 9am-1pm
2) Brain Rules for Real Learning, from 2-6pm

The Brain Rules for Parents and Educators seminar aims to help parents
or parents-to-be and educators practise the right principles of child
development for children aged five and below. This seminar is an
updated version of last year's seminar. Dr Medina will share recent
studies and newer examples in his interactive seminar.

Brain Rules for Real Learning will focus on students aged 13 and
above. Dr Medina will talk about the relationship between the
teenager, brain development, academic performance, and the right study
strategy. This will be the first time he is conducting a seminar for
Malaysian teenagers.

Fee is RM399 per person for each seminar.
(If you are Capital FM radio station listener, you get discount code
and so for ParenThots readers, you et the special eVouchers - until
July 13 only! Do check it out!)

For more information and to register, call (03) 2092-9256 or go to


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

KY first Choreography notes

Hi folks! KY loves to dance. Yesterday, she asked me to check on the dancing steps she designed for her and SE with the choreograph steps she has designed on a paper. Wow..this girl really has talents, where does she learnt this skills? Mommy never show her any of these as mommy never good at dancing haha..
She reminds me of my sister who used to choreograph for us when we were younger. KY principal and teacher has been noticing her talent in dancing as well and has been asking me to send her for some modern dance..any good dancing school around?
I think my only challenge is finding time to drive her there.. Time to recheck and rearrange my schedule :) how far would you go to nurture your kids talents? This is the question I am asking myself? Are u able to make time for it? Food for thought..and time to take some action FAST! :) cheers!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This is how I eat my corn

Hi folks! I steamed some sweet corn and potatoes last weekend. Made them into stick-like snack for the kids using the chopsticks. Finger-licking good...

Monday, July 2, 2012

SE at 4yrs old

Hi folks! It's been a long time since I last update on SE. He just reached his 4 year-old birthday in June. At 4 yr old, he has been attending nursery for 6 months. 
His Chinese teacher said he is a good boy, more obedient and good than his sister whereas his English teacher finds him not as sociable compared to his elder sis, KY. Well truly KY is one social butterfly that makes friends easily but SE is a more shy and quiet type. But he is a lovable boy that you would feel bad just for reprimand or punish him. He is very generous with a helping hand, hugs and kisses and very caring to his sis as well. 

There was once his sister hurt her head after not heeding my advice not to play with certain object. Thus, being too mad over her mischief, I did not immediately sooth her but gave her stern warning and reprimand. But SE without me telling him, rushed to the fridge to get the aloe Vera gel and apply on the bump of her sis and even reprimand me for not being caring when his sister already hurt herself. I not amazed by his conscientious at a young age.

At this age, he is very fun and interesting person to talk to. His answers and chat never fails to amazed me. Even his dad said his "reasoning" is very reasonable not out of nowhere or nonsense... 

And he has very good handwriting.
For him, he would rub off any untidy handwriting himself without being unlike her sis..well we aren't comparing just can't help learning and referencing the two very different traits of this two siblings. 

Truly, this young man has a character of his own and from him I learnt a great deal. He is my constant reminder and great conpanion! 

SE, Love it when you yearned for my hugss before bedtime and your generous kisses and goodbye when I  goin out. Wonder if you will be continue doing this with mom..hugs and kisses always...

Love u...

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fruits Platter

Hi folks! Me and SE are early bird. During weekends, we would enjoy these fruits platter together..yea we could finish them all just the two of us. Sometimes if KY woke up early she would join us. I think having these fruits ready anytime of the day is handy as it helps to avoid kids snacking on chocolates, crackers etc..what's your favorite snacks at home?

Washing Vegetables

Hi folks! Now each time after my marketing, I would wash the vegetables with Biosafe as it makes the vegetables last longer and saves my cooking time. Of course there are some leafy vegetable which should only wash just before you cook. But others I tried like potatoes, sweet corn, cucumber, broccoli, asparagus can be per-wash and keep fresh for several days. It helps me a lot when I do my cooking during weekdays when I am working :)

Washing grapes

Hi folks! SE loves eating grapes. However, he finds the skin of the grapes bitter(I used to soak it in vegewash and salt before this). Thus, each time he eats it, he will either peel the skin himself before eating or ask us to do it for him. Now with Biosafe, I will wash the grapes with it and tadaa SE will happily eats his grapes without peeling. And the grapes are so sweet! Look at this before and after picture..the water is so murky that I have to throw the water away even though it is said the water can be reused 20 times (wash).