Saturday, June 1, 2013

Questions from my kids during my confinement

Hi folks!

It so happened that my confinement period is during school holiday which is good in a way. Less preparatory work for me compared to schooling days,
Less stress (homework, iron school uniform, packing meals, etc) and more bonding time for the kids and their new baby brother.

SE been asking to take over some caring task like burping for the brother..but I said wait till the baby more can't sit straight..just yet.

Then KY asked me why I haven't been cooking at all these days(all meals prepare by confinement Aunty). She wished to have some cooking time with me.

SE have also been asking me to drive him out which I couldn't. They are quite puzzled to find their mom not to be as active and mobile and available as before.

I told them I had a wound to heal, thus they don't see me working too. I need time to heal and be active again...

Glad that they are at an age whereby we could explain things with them and they are considerate enough to "entertain" themselves. Doing their own workbook, handcraft, pretend play, etc.

Glad that SE is happy to be holidaying at grandparents' place during the tough first 2 weeks where the pain and the BF routine is still in-progress...

It's good to have some help during the first 2 weeks..grateful..


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Confinement Practices I followed thru for the third time..

Hi folks!

For the Chinese confinement practice, we do have quite a couple of things to follow..depends on individual.

As for me few things I still follow are:
1. Taking only red dates drink as my plain water. It is said that we can't drink any plain water during confinement to avoid water retention. Well this one I can follow through easily cos red dates drink taste great and boost up energy, milk supply and replenish blood cells ;)

2. Cannot wash hair at least for the first 2 weeks post-delivery. Hmm..ok I had to confess..I did followed through during my first and second confinement. However, I overlooked, forgotten(is after one or two weeks)...and just washed mine after a week much at the shocked face of my confinement lady! I came to learn the reason behind after one of my friend told me that the practice is because it interfere with uterus contraction. It is best to wash our hair only after the "red" discharge is gone.
So obediently I am still waiting and counting the days to come to enjoy my next hair wash. Now which is why I love to have my short haircut before delivery! (note: I do have my daily shower with special herbs ;) for hygiene sake!)

3. Lie down as much as you can during the first two weeks.
Well the nurse who came to check on me asked me to walk as much as I can which will prevent blood clot. However, due to my c-section wound, I was still in pain, thus each time after shower, after a meal(gulp! Yea that's what I was rest and lie down after the meal of ginger wine etc which is usually used in confinement cooking..for blood circulation) and during BF.
I didn't lie down much during my first confinement. Has terrible backache lasting till the next delivery. I lie down as much as I could during the second confinement. Thus, I must say I am following this practice diligently again now as I hope to be backache-free after this. It means a lot for a mom who needs to juggle few balls in the air...

Friday, May 31, 2013

On Confinement

Hi folks!

Today marks the 16th day of confinement, or rather post-delivery for me.

For the Chinese, we believed that confinement is the time we must really take good care to nourish our body. I feel it's a gift from God to women. For if we really take good care, we could be stronger/healthier than before, vice versa.

Guess which is why, Chinese would either engage a confinement lady,CL(way before delivery as they are pretty hard to book especially the good ones! I booked mine when I was 4mths pregnant!), check in to a confinement centre(especially a trend in places like China, Taiwan and S'pore where the confinement centre are superb like hotel!) or simply cared for by mother-in-law or own mom.

My first confinement was done by my
Mother-in-law who basically helped me with the bathing of the baby, cooking confinement meals(will blog about this later), washing clothes and preparing confinement bath water for me..basically anything which involve touching water and carrying heavy stuff. Other than that, caring for baby, changing diapers etc were done by me as she is quite busy caring forum nephew and other household chores then. As a result, I bend quite a lot then when changing diapers etc, and being new mom, didn't rest much then..the backache lasted till I was pregnant with my second child. It was quite bad that I couldn't even kneel down for prayers.

During my second confinement, I engaged a confinement lady(the fees was between RM2500-2800) 5-6 years ago for one month care. They will cook, do basic housework, care for the baby-even night time as most will stay at our home during the entire one month. As I was breastfeeding and didn't really needed night time care and the CL stays nearby and glad to work only daytime(till around 4-5pm after she cooked dinner), I had a discounted rate then on mutual agreement. I managed to rest more, lie down a lot; she took care of all the diaper changing(yes! This part here can really strained your back so invest in a good changing station/pad!).

Third time round, I got the same CL to help(as she really helped me a lot and I managed to recover from my back pain which haunts me for 2-3 yrs after my first delivery). She requested to stay overnite and of course a the full rate. After the dragon year hike in prices(reaching min RM3800 last year) when many Chinese rush to get a dragon baby thus CLs were in High demand(and highly paid) then, and the price doesn't go down this year I saved by delivering at govt. hospital, I channel the fund to get a good CL care.

Wish to know what is the different in having a CL around during night time as well and what are the things a CL could do to ease my confinement period? Will share in next few posts ya..till then(typing via phone lying down in bed :D)

Cheers and have a good weekend folks!

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Questions from a secondtime Sister

Hi folks!

When KY became a sister 5 years ago, she was only a-barely-2-yrs-old girl with much confusion and bit of imbalance heart; for she was stopped by well-intentioned granddad who was afraid she might unintendedly hurt the baby brother with her ever-enthusiastic heart to share her toys with her barely few days old brother then.

Fast forward to present time when she became a sister(again) when she is 7 years old, she is still full of love and pride and not to mentione questions being a more mature and curious 7 year old she is!

Here are some of her questions:
1. Mommy, how did you bring out the baby from your tummy?

2. Mommy, so your tummy now no more baby? (Perhaps she wondered why my tummy still quite "swollen" ahem..same for DH, who can't understand why after delivered the baby bumps is still there..oh well it took us 9 mths to grow it "up" thus give us sometime to "flatten it" right mommies!)

3. Why baby always seen to be either drinking milk or sleeping? He doesn't need to eat anything? Why he hasn't wake up much to play?

4. Why baby poo so many times a day?

5. Why baby poo looks like that? Why not firm and solid like mine? Why is it in that color?( usually the poo for breastfed baby looks like scrambled eggs, in yellow and sweet-smelling..right bf moms?)

6. Upon seeing that I was pumping one engorged side and seeing baby nursing, she is marveled and wonder where does the milk came from?

7. When I asked her to finish her milk fast(challenge her to compete with the baby, rather than stopping halfway, now and then wih her strings of questions), she said not fair! 'Cos baby drinks faster and the milk never ever finished! :P

8. KY loves watching, singing, talking and soothing her baby brother! Once I was in the toilet and baby cried. She tried to sooth the baby with her songs and chats and baby finally did calm down and stopped crying when I ce out of the toilet. KY proudly exclaimed," See, baby stopped crying! I did it!- victory smile"

9. Her first task after waking up is to check on her baby brother...she is so marveled at how tiny and cute her baby brother is! Everything is so small she said, his toes, his fingers...ah....

10. And last but not least, mommy is it pain giving birth? I don't want to give birth next time. I asked are you sure? Then she said hmm..ok maybe just one baby will do. Then I asked wouldn't the baby be lonely with no one to play with? Then KY replied, hmm..maybe just 3 babies..yea 3 will do- like mommy huh? :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A feeling of Dejavu

Hi folks!

Yesterday while I was busied in the bathroom, bb no.3(we'll call him ZS from now on), was crying. KY called out to me. While I was still in there, I could hear KY doing her best(singing, comforting) ZS, trying to calm him or his crying. When I came out she said proudly that bb no longer crying...I did it!

Oh..such proud moment for the big sister! She said that she will be helping me with the bb and housework from now on during her school holiday and was busied tidying up the bb's room yesterday.

Suddenly thought of myself when I was her age, singing to my baby brother and alerting my mom whenever my baby brother poo...

Such tender loving care feeling that my kids will also carry on in their life as they grow..Thankful to God for all the blessings...

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Global Tea Etiquette

Hi folks! How many can you identify/personally practice?

Interesting to know...the different practice and tea culture for different countries.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to pack a suitcase

Hi folks!

Interesting tips..unknowingly came across am I dreaming for a holiday soon? Lol..hidden wish perhaps..Cheers!