Friday, October 4, 2013

International Baby Wearing Week- 10% Off ALL Baby Carriers + WIN An ERGOBaby Carrier!

Hi S'pore folks!

The great news are for those living/travelling/working there..

Is there any great offers for baby-wearing folks at Malaysia shore during the International Baby Wearing Week? If you found any, please do share :)

Thanks and have a good weekend folks!


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekend Japanese Film Show: KOMANEKO – The Curious Cat

Hi folks! This looks like a nice show to watch :)

Take a look if you are interested.


Weekend Japanese Film Show: KOMANEKO – The Curious Cat



Screening Title:

KOMANEKO -The Curious Cat-

Komaneko's Christmas -A lost present-


Date: 12th October 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 3 pm

Location: Pawagam Mini, Tingkat 3, Fakulti Filem dan Video, ASWARA (Bangunan Baru)*

Enquiry: The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur Tel. 03 2284 6228


*Admission is free


For further information on the event please visit


Please Ask China Southern Airlines to Stop Cruelty to Monkeys

Hi Folks!

Below are from PETA, hope as a animal-loving people, you would also sign the petition to help these poor animals. Thank you! Cheers!

PETA Asia-Pacific's Action Alert - Fighting Animal Abuse Around the World

URGENT Please Ask China Southern Airlines to Stop Cruelty to Monkeys.jpg

Every year, more than 10,000 primates are imported into the U.S. to be experimented on in laboratories, and most of them originate from China. The traumatized monkeys are crammed into small crates and loaded into the dark, terrifying cargo holds of airplanes. Once they arrive, the monkeys are subjected to painful experiments and may be injected with or force-fed experimental chemicals or infected with diseases.

China Southern Airlines continues to ship monkeys to laboratories for use in experimentation, even though almost every other major airline—including all those in China—has already stopped this cruel practice. The airline had previously announced that it had ended the practice but has now resumed this bloody business, quietly bowing to pressure from laboratories desperate to continue profiting from abusing monkeys in barbaric experiments.

 We Need Your Help

Fortunately, air passengers concerned about the treatment of animals have other options. Almost all major passenger and cargo airlines in the world—including Air China, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, Philippine Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and Cathay Pacific—now refuse to ship primates to laboratories. Contact officials with China Southern Airlines and tell them that you will refuse to book flights with their airline until they stop shipping primates to their deaths in laboratories.

Please take a few minutes to do the following:

Thank you for taking action for animals!

The PETA Asia Team

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Am I a stone or rubber band..

Hi folks!

At times, when things are running on full steam, it can reach a state where "eruptions" can happen anytime.....

Especially for parents who are juggling few balls in the air.

These days I start to question myself whether am I a stone or rubber band?

A rubber band will snap once we pulled it strongly at both ends.

But a stone will turned into beautiful diamonds under pressure.

So, I am hoping I can motivate myself to be a stone rather than a rubber band.

Hope everyone is running on a good mode, still keeping sanity in check, after all what is the meaning of our busy-ness if not for our family, our self-growth.

So chill out and Carpe diem!


Shone at 5 year-old

Hi folks!

We have been delaying Shone's music lessons partly due to confinement period, Shone's choice(such a dear boy, knowing mommy won't have time to fetch him for classes) and also undecided on the instrument(piano or drum) to take on.

Shone has attended trial class six months before his 5-year-old birthday and the teacher said wait till he's 5. And when he reaches five lately(after my confinement), I booked another trial class for him. The teacher said he's ready, but too bad the teacher's available slot does not match with our time (operating on single car, usually mommy the one who fetches them for classes).

On the subsequent week, I brought him for drum classes(and I heard the are certain benefits from these drum classes for certain children) as he requested for it. After the trial class, I asked him to choose between piano and drum, and he said he like to take up drum first. So we signed up for him immediately after the trial as he likes it and the timing is manageable.

Let's see how much his interest in this instrument would far, he's been eager to attend his drum class every Sat. I hope he'll build up his interest and confidence by exploring something he's fond of :) 

Being a second child, I do find he's lacking the spontaneous and confidence unlike the first child. But he is good at other stuff, more hands-on and less performance/dramatic side...And he's very meticulous when coming to mopping floor, this I truly amazed and especially thankful as he's ever-ready to help mommy in household chores, definitely a good-hubby-to-be in the making ;)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reverie Giveaway (ends 2 October 2013)

20130928 Reverie Giveaway

28 September – 2 October 2013

Reverie Giveaway


Giveaway ends at 10am Wednesday 2 October 2013

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FIFFY Opening Sale, 1-31 October 2013

1-31 October 2013

FIFFY Opening Sale

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40160 Shah Alam, Selangor

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Monday, September 30, 2013

New development inside and out

Hi folks!

Lately, after returning to work from my maternity break, I noticed some changes and good development happening to people around me, at work and off work.

I see my colleagues adopting a healthier eating habits, healthier living lifestyles, etc which I am truly happy for them.

I love to see some new development for myself and family too. You see this positive vibes of good development happening to people around us can actually inspired us to have some positive changes in us too! And this comes in circles....and cycles...which should be continue....

One of the new development we are planning in our family is to get a second car(yes, we have been surviving and managing with one car all these while, despite the rush-ness, inconvenient(at times), etc) it is the best arrangement we could afford to and live by.

Of course having a second car would be ideal so that our time won't be so rush and our schedule don't have to depended on one another. 

But, well, it does make us travel as one in a family....with the second car, it might be a different story...

But with a second car, I do have many positives changes I like to start..and with a second car it's making these hopes..closer to reality..hopefully..

Till my next update when the hope became a reality..

What are the positive development you are making this year?

Care to share? May all of us find the joy in making positive changes in our life every day!


Voluntary Ownership Transfer System

Hi folks,

Have you heard of Voluntary Ownership Transfer System or in Malay, "Sistem Tukar Milik Sukarela"?

I needed to perform the transfer of ownership of my little Kancil(my first car bought when I started working and earning an income), that was like almost 11 years ago?

Then, I found out that we can actually do it online, with several conditions:
  • The owner (seller) and buyer has to register with 1MID access
  • At the moment, the service is limited to Individual Private Cars only
  • The vehicle owner and the vehicle itself does not have any summonses or blacklisted summonses
  • Bank's hire purchase is cleared
  • Puspakom's records has been updated

Anyone of you tried this service? 

You can check out more details on the website above if you need do it the transaction online(without heading to JPJ offices ;))

This system is under Road Transport Department of Malaysia with MYEG.
The initial reason is to facilitate protect the interest of seller and second-hand car dealer.

Check out more details if you interested :)


Updates on ZS at 4 months 3rd week

Hi folks!

Life been pretty busy on & off work.

I kinda felt I will lost touch with the kids' development when I don't take time to document it down or even take not of it...

So, today just something on ZS in bit-pieces.

  • started flipping over at 3rd month (mastered only flipping to his right)
  • started flipping back and over yesterday!! When I laid him on his back on his playpen and went along busied with my housework, when I came back he has turned to the other side of the playpen in crawling position(with his I actually don't quite remember now when the older two kids started crawling lolx
  • loves to sing, coo, chit chat. Would make louder noise when he wants to sleep or complaining his bottom is "dirty"
  • started teething(Shone has his first tooth at 4th month too!), very irritated by his gum apparently....we gave him a teether, yet DH said ZS merely licked on it, do not know how to bite yet..I guess it's kinda too "thick" for him to bite on...will need to find the tiny and thin ones that Shone used to bite on last time...(I forgot if I have kept/pass it on :P)
Just a quick update and write up before i forgot all about it he's reaching 5th going on 6th month soon, i guess it's the right time I start flipping through the baby food recipes once more...another research and experiment time for me!