Friday, April 10, 2009

My Son @ 9mth 3 weeks

This morning, my son suddenly let go of his grip and try to take his baby steps. Wow..he is not even 10 month and so eager to walk already…haha…Am I not happy (of course I am!) but just can’t help feeling amazed at how some kids grow faster that we can ever noticed/expected …


This post is also something to highlight some of my son development thus far which I jot down whenever I can remember to do so…talking about being forgetful…o…motherhood.. :P


  • 1st mth – Drink 5 ½-6oz breastmilk every 2 ½-3hrs
  • 2nd mth – Able to hold his head up
  • 3rd mth - First tooth came out
  • 4th mth - By 8mth, 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom) came out
  • 5th mth - Started to sit steadily
  • 6th mth – started solid food - organic sweet potatoes (stopped after constipated)
  • 7th mth – participate in CNY balik kampung trip (4-5hrs trip with brief stops in between)
  • 8th mth – Active crawler
  • 9th mth – wave bye-bye
  • 10th mth – to be continued


Maybe next time when he asked me when he started walking or etc…at least I am able to refer back to this post(hopefully www and my blog still exist then!) and answer him!



Thursday, April 9, 2009

My son's turn...fever, flu and cough..oh..dear...

After my daughter caught the throat infection from the babysitter's son(or maybe it is not..I am not too sure) is my son's turn.

It is sad seeing baby falling sick...and again i would prefer Shone being actively crawling or actively seeking our pampering and to carry him than being sick...

I am sure breastfeeding does helps to make them recover faster....even though it won't prevent them from falling sick if the bacteria or virus is too strong..

I wonder mothers out there, do you have any ideas, tips or tricks on:
1. How to boost immune system for babies and toddlers
2. How to make them "healthy" enough not to catch the fever, flu or cough from others
3. And lastly how to make them feeling better and recover faster from the three common illness?

I tried giving my toddler, KY, manuka honey active 15% and it does help in curing her throat infection..faster and avoid having to take antibiotic...any other methods i wonder?

Hope to get some ideas and tips from all :)


Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marketing to Digital Moms: How To Reach Out To Today's Tech-Savvy Moms

Gone are the days when the word "Mom" conjures images of a female who cannot operate the video recorder or navigate her way through the latest videogame, and only switches on the computer to send an email to Grandma.

According to a study published in 2009 by Razorfish and Cafemom, up to 27 million (84%) of Moms online are tech savvy. They use Web 2.0 platforms and shop online. In fact, they use communication technology and social media to connect with others, find advice and information, express themselves, do research on products they're interested in, and simplify their multi-tasking lives.

"Digital Moms" have become so dominant on the Internet that the researchers concluded they are not a niche, but are rather the mainstream.

If you aren't reaching out to digital Moms online yet, you might just be missing out on a significant market. Consider these numbers from the United States Census Bureau:

- Women control 80% of household spending. Even if they earn only a part or none of the total household income, women determine how much of the household income will be spent.

- Women do 60% of online shopping. Women do a lot of research online before making a purchase and actually make up more than half of online shoppers.

- Women buy 81% of all products and services. Women shop not only for themselves, but also for the home, family members, gifts for friends, teachers and associates.

The problem is, many online businesses just don’t seem to know what to do when it comes to marketing to digital Moms.
They make the mistake of treating all Moms online as if they all had the same needs and reasons for using the Internet. Not true, according to the Razorfish/Cafemom report. For example, younger Moms tend to be more comfortable with social networking and mobile surfing. On the other hand, Moms 45 years old and above gravitate more towards online news, product reviews and podcasting.

What is the best way to reach out to today's digital Moms?
Here are three tips:

- Provide relevant content. Some of the online Mom's interests depend on what life stage she is in. For instance, digital Moms with young children naturally look online for information about parenting and child health. But there are topics that most digital Moms are interested in, no matter
how old their children are. These include fashion and cooking.

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- Be present in the channels digital Moms are using. Again according to the Razorfish/Cafemom study, more than half of digital Moms use email, search engines, social networks, gaming and online news. Emerging channels used by about one-third of digital Moms include online videos, consumer reviews and blogs.

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- Know the particular needs, interests and online habits of your Mom audience. Digital Moms have varying needs and surfing behaviors, depending on their age and theirchildren's ages. The best way to accurately understand your particular Mom audience is to listen to them. Ask your list
subscribers what their concerns are. Conduct your own surveys. Hang out in Mommy forums. Pay attention.

The majority of mothers online are digital Moms. They are tech savvy, smart consumers who make informed decisions when shopping online. They're also online for social networking and even gaming. But they have varying needs depending on their life stage and their children's ages. To market effectively to digital Moms, you need to give them what they're looking for online, be where they are, and pay attention to their needs. Take care of digital Moms and you'll have a profitable online business.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Discovery

Recently, after my dental surgery, during a conversion with my DH and my mother-in-law over a teabreak, I made a new discovery! Over the past few years of friendship, courtship and marriage, I have never realized that my DH actually has a false tooth. I don’t mean having a false tooth is a crime BUT well not around my circle of friends at least which I have come across generation our age getting false tooth done at such a young age. My DH had it done quite in his early twenties…and in fact my sister-in-law too….some people have it done after accident which causes tooth damage etc.


Actually, this new discovery makes me wondering, what other things I have yet to discover in my DH. Out of curiosity and mischief, I asked, “ So what other things I do not know about you dear?”….[silence…no reply from DH]….and I continued, “{grinning mischievously} So what other parts are “FAKE”?”. To which my DH answered quite quickly…”ALL!”.


“Huh????” Some people might asked…but I got what my DH meant. Actually to many of us, we felt that our body are something impermanent compared to our spiritual self or some people called it as our soul. It is merely a vehicle that helps me to learn and discover our real self in this journey called “life”….


So thus far, how much have I learnt and discovered in this journey? Not a lot especially if we just let days passed as it is without much contemplation or pondering about what is life all about and whether what we are doing daily align to our true vision/mission and aims in life…Talking the “Purpose in life…”


Well…let us embark in this journey of discovery together and may we make this life a meaningful and fruitful one!



Monday, April 6, 2009

Positive Thoughts and Mindset

Yesterday evening my dotter’s fever shot up to 38.9 Celsius, to which we gave her the fever medication. Then I felt giddy, and flu attacking me….I told my DH, “ Dear I feel like I am falling sick as well!”. To which my DH replied…”Think positive and vision yourself that you are going to feel well very soon.”


And he did the same psycho on my dotter who are having throat infection whereby her fever just came and go. Then late that night around 11pm, after finished her milk, she smiled and told me that, “Mom. Daddy said I am ok already” [to which I tough her forehead to check], and really her fever has come down.


I believe many of use have heard how positive thoughts and mindset influence our life…and the book like The Secret which we can certainly apply in a simple manner in our daily life.


So I told my DH , I hope to practice this positive thoughts and mindset in my daily life, especially when we speak with KY since she is at a age whereby like a sponge , she will absorb everything with no reservation.


So guys, any good practice to share?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dotter down with vomits and fever

Yesterday, my dotter suddenly turned clingy...then we realised she had cold sweat and feverish. After giving her fever medication, she vomited her lunch and's been a long time since the last food poisoning(sipping her dad's ice herbal tea at the hawker stall which caused both my DH and her vomitting few times throughout the was real scary experience!) that she vomits again this time....

At the same time yesterday we supposed to have a family dinner to celebration my sis's good news...(being promoted!! hehe)...As I was thinking whether had to missed the celebration...she seems ok after the vomit n rest...and gave us a smile...

Then last night after the dinner gathering we went to Jusco Maluri for window shop, little KY kept running around energically...seems like her fever and vomitting is fine oredi....however later this morning around 4am , she began clingy again and asked me to hug her...then i realised her forehead is hot again..(oh no!)...after feeding her fever medicine I celsius!

Now she is sleeping after the medication....if still not getting better...had to send her to see doctor...

hmm...shouldn't we be glad when our kids are running around happily? I bet we would prefer them actively "mischievous" than getting sick...

Guess i better get some nap now before the two kids wake up...