Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good news….love hearing good news..

Recently, I just got to know another buddy of mine got pregnant with her second child….oh…good news allrite!  We have shared the same period of pregnant-hood(if there’s such a word) during our first child. And when I suddenly (not within my schedule…i.e. at least 6 months earlier than expected…I conceived my second one) had my second one, she happened to shared with me that she’s also trying or getting ready to conceived again….


The companion of another pregnant mom throughout your pregnancy can be such a source of happiness and great support! And how we often shared tips, joys, sorrow and ups & down before, during and after we have our babies….


And now finally her wish has comes true and the second child is on the way…and I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER!


What a good news to me amidst all the bad news that is happening all around us…daily…check or listen to the news daily…and you would get what I meant.


I think TV and radio programme should have a session which concentrate reporting on just good news or funny anecdotes…life is just so short to focus most of our time on reporting, hearing bad news..isn’t it?


Good news…good news… more to come …I love good news! So folks….ny





Friday, May 1, 2009

Making good use extra or leftover apples…

Sometimes or Often when I forgot to search the fridge for fruits to cut and serve, I will end up with many leftover fruits to clear before expired or rotten.


One weekend, I remembered the desserts my ex-colleague (Bee) used to make for us (in my old office we have the tradition of taking turns to prepare desserts for our department).


This simple yet yummy desserts is what we call it Apple desserts or apple “tang sui”-literally translated as “sweet-water”.


Although it is sweet but we can make it without any sugar. Just add more sweet honey dates(mi zao) for extra sweetness.




Apples – 3-4 pcs, cored and cubed

Honey Dates – 4-5pcs rinsed

Rock sugar – (optional) 2-3pcs

Chinese almond – (optional) 2tsp

Water – 2.5 litres


This is good for 2-3 pax.( The quantity can be adjusted according to the amount you made)


Cook and simmer over low fire for about 1 ½ hours – 2 hours.


If you more apples to can make extra and store it in the fridge(just the water alone) and it’ll be turned into nice n cooling apple juice :) good for older kids too…natural juices haha…


Enjoy experimenting…



Thursday, April 30, 2009

My girl is growing up fast………

.......or am I slow to catch up with her growth and development? Lately KY is fond of letting her babysitter or the auntie’s dotter to tie up her hair nicely…but she refused to let me do it for her..guess cos I always do it freestyle (that is without a comb :P ) as I my intention to tie for her is the weather is hot and her hair is kinda long…..not to make her look “PRETTY” , well at least it’s not my main focus then :P…


So tad ah..the picture below is one of her good hair days…when she’s back from babysitter’s place with nicely tied hair…I am feeling rather ashamed of myself that I have not been spending time to make her look good and tie her hair nicely(am always doing things in a rush manner..not to mention multi-tasking style of mine…)


I think I have a lot to catch up with in terms of spending quality time with KY ever since my second one arrives…my time is even more packed with rush hour back from work> babysitter’s place> housework etc etc…I think most working and SAHM would agree we normally would do more than one things at one go….like how I go for shower (together with KY sometimes) and picked up the dirty clothes along the way, off I threw them into washing machine and let it washed while I do other cleaning and cooking. SO by the time I finished with the latter chores…the clothes are washed and off I am again…hanging clothes (with Shone on one of my arm or singing aloud to him in playpen).


This is how motherhood can be? Or it can be better….trying trying ..experimenting and learning from many wonderful moms all ever the globe and around me…


And soon…Mother’s Days is coming….Happy Early Mother’s Day to all! I am celebrating with my mom earlier this year as I be away during the actual day and as always..after we got married we have two moms to celeb with…


CHeerS to all Moms and folks!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Filing with a helper

Before I have kids, I used to do my filing every month if not every bi-weekly. But after that it’s like every two or three months only I can find time to do it.


Now I think I can start doing my filing regularly again with the engagement of a new helper..KY (see picture below). Last few weeks I have been trying to find time to do my filing as preparation to do my income tax efiling soon.


One night, after I put Shone to bed, I tried to coax KY to bed as well so that I can start doing the filling….but to my dismay she refused to sleep even though it’s nearly midnight(she normally an early sleeper, by 10 pm she would sleep soundly).


I do feel that regular filing and checking of our bills is very important so that we keep our budget in control as well as knowing where our $$ goes and comes from. This is true for stock-keeping of foodstuff as well so that we don’t waste any items or over-purchase anything and able to enjoy basic necessities at its freshest condition.


So now I can get KY to help me to punch the papers and bills while I check the accounts and receipts… am relieved and happy to find that KY is slowly able to chip in and help..


Cheerful Thoughts for the day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Need Help? Steps to Creating an Ebook

Hi folks, I know some of you are interested or going into selling ebooks, you may wonder what steps are involved.

Here’s a quicky and handy checklist that will take you through what you need to do to create, publish and sell your ebook.

Go to here and download yours!

Cheers to freebies guide for the day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Alarming parents..

This morning news on TheStar Online, "Sex affair just to spite parents", really makes my heart shudder and tremble!
As a parent, it really sends trembles in my heart...and it makes me ponder again on the issue of being a full-time mother and sending my kids away to other caretaker.
 Lately, I have been talking about this with my sister and another friend who has primary school kids...It's rather sad case nowadays that having two income in a family is no longer a choice but a need. Thus many kids are left in the care of maid or some other relatives.
It has becomes a norm at least in Malaysia that kids are being sent to those care centre after primary school no one else at home to take care of them after they finished school. 
I do hope a better solution can be taken to ensure our kids grow up in a more healthy condition.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stumbling upon blogs...parenting blogs....

These days my daily reading at Google Reader brings me to get to know more mommy bloggers....each with their own stories and niche. And recently I stumbled upon one particular mommy blogger residing in Down Under...

Reading her stories makes me amazement ....and also cannot help feeling the same kinda emotions...she is having juggling with multiple kids..haha....and she just added another one..which makes it 3! Bravo!

As usual...many would start asking after having my second child, will I ever try for another one? And if yes, when would that be? Guess what was my standard reply ? "I am satisfied with what I have now....not another least not in another 2 years' time since I had c-section."

As what one of the mommy blogger wrote here, on "Having Multiples Without Breaking the Bank" in her blog, "Passionate Homemaking", which closely reflects what I am thinking about. Of course children are gift from God, and he'll provide what you need for your enough said...

I am still am "SATISFIED" & "THANKFUL" with what I have now..hehe..and still find it rather amazing for moms who are able to handle more than 3 kids!(That includes the babysitter of my kids)

Salute to them...and more to learn from other mommy bloggers!