Saturday, June 27, 2009

Breast is Best for

I came across an article lately saying that, Breast is Best for

Another reason to continue my BF journey.....hoping to conduct my own small experiment, what the difference of BF for a year and for 2 years be? What would be the benefits (for child and mom) to Go for the Gold (which is 2 years breastfeeding).

Keep my finger crossed but I would do my best to continue BF as long as I could and as long as Shone wants it. Pray for me :)


Friday, June 26, 2009

What to buy for second or next baby..

As I was compiling this list for a friend who asked me on what I bought for my second child, I thought why not I put it up on my blog to share with other mommies friends..

Hope you find this list useful:
  1. New nursing bras
  2. New nursing wear (for festive and special occasion use) - old ones bit worn out
  3. New EBM storage bottles - I bought momslittleones
  4. New BPA free milk bottles( I bought MAM bottles) - big and small- double set for babysitter's site
  5. Backup bottles teats - buy later stage type cos my first baby prefer fast flow I guess due to letdown reflex they kinda used to fast flow
  6. A tent(for KY to spend her time when mommy is busy)
  7. A new shoes for KY (being a big sister's present)
  8. Pureen Cleaning Liquid for milk bottles and baby food
  9. NappiKleen - got few bottles during sales at around RM17 per bottle @ Tesco
  10. Hankerchief - soft type for babies
  11. Disposable Newborn diapers (just hospital time use...just small pack cos baby outgrown it very fast plus you don't need a lot if you are cloth-diapering)
  12. Bought a few new rompers for baby(just so that he got something new to wear instead of all pass-me-down, just to make me feel better haha)
  13. New bolster set for baby as KY is still clinging strongly to hers
  14. Nappy rash cream - I switched to using Bepanthen for my second one..seems better
  15. Spare Isomil(milk powder) small can just in case(my breastmilk supply often arrives late...even if second baby doesn't need it later can give KY)
  16. New towels
  17. New baby bath - for first one or two week the confinement bath baby with herbs then later on with Buds Baby
I think that is about all...the rest mostly can recycle what the first child used ;)

How about you folks? What item you found you need to get for your second, third or fourth babies?


Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Dear Warehouse sales is back

For those of you who are looking to purchase big baby items like carseat, strollers, or even tricycle for toddler, this My Dear warehouse sales (from 25 June to 5 July 2009) is one which you would find some good bargains!

Do check out more details at their website here.

I bought a pink tricycle and a toddler carseat(strapped on type for RM46) for KY during their warehouse sales ;)

Happy Shopping...


Long or short?

Lately I am contemplating of cutting KY and my own hair. KY refused to cut her hair short as she starting to like to doll herself up or be princess-like.

For me, I am VERY much happy to cut my hair short (yet DH would say as somehow DH always prefer me in my long hair).

There are many good reasons for me to keep my hair short.
1. I am always running out of time to wash and not to mentioned dry my hair.
2. Keeping a short hair is hassle free, low-maintenance, less time-consuming to maintain(lazy ppl like me :P)
3. Isn't it more environmental-friendly, use less water and less shampoo (hehe).
4. Head feel lighter(not helmet-like)
5. Feel cooler (especially when weather is so hot now)

I guess the list can go on...and on..just simply because I guess I just prefer to be in short hair for less maintenance and less time-comsumption....simply put I am lazy to maintain a long hair.

Haih...I am lazier than KY then? :P

Perhaps this time I ought to keep a long hair after all..for a change(3 yrs having short hair now..ever since with kids I noticed)..and check if it's really true what DH said I loooked better with long hair (haha)..

So see how long I can stand leaving my hair uncut for now...keep my finger crossed.

Cheers folks! Thanks for reading my rather trivial post on what the Chinese said..san qien fan nao shi...(hair is being referred as three thousand worries..erm thoughts? alamak..sorry my Chinese vocab really limited...)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One year old jab

This morning I had a rather frustrated waiting period...where did I went? Government clinic for Shone's one year old jab..

I shouldn't have been feeling annoyed and frustrated....after all it is sort of like EXPECTED? Long wait...long queue etc? That is what I have been experiencing every visit after all? Haih...pathetic...why must we tolerate such poor service? I am sure other country's government offices/services fare much better? Or at least that is what we all expected.

Can you imagine, for each injection trip, it'll take me at least 2 hrs 30 mins?
1 hr merely to wait to get our waiting no!!! Yes 1 hr!
Then, another 1 hr 30 mins to go from weighing and checking height counter -> interviewing counter of sort...for their recording purposes whether our child met the right weight and milestones plus setting the next date of appointment and getting our medication slip(if required like fever medication etc) -> FINALLY injection place.


The fact that the place is hot and crowded makes each visit barely tolerable, cannot imagine how the low-heat-tolerance babies and pregnant women can stand this kinda environment. In fact, the uniform the nurses wear I bet it's quite thick and hot too...pity them too..

Actually recently the govt. clinic I been visiting has been renovated a bit..furnished with air-cond, big TV to entertain patient on waiting and also computers(supposingly to speed up their service??)....

However today(after 6 months) when i went, the air-cond and TV seems like white elephant, either spoilt or not being ON and the computers are being removed from their counter???!! To think I my last visit to see such improvement...haih...heading backward again...

Sorry to be seemingly so impatient and ungrateful...for having such affordable checkup and immunization program by the government, guess we all like to have better service no matter by private or government offices rite.

Anyway, here's for record purpose:

Shone weighted at 11kg at 1 year 4 days which the nurse says is a good progress (nope not overweight as Shone is a big baby from birth at 4.24kg). He took 3 in1 jab at government clinic which the nurse told me such jab would cause fever only a week later(if any) so fever medication is to be given only when fever(touch wood) occurs. By the way, one old folks way to avoid getting fever after injection is to feed the child barley water before the jab ..I done it..hope it works ;)

Cheers for the day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father’s Day(Belated) to DH

Another Father's Day posting..this time to the Father of my kids.

This cake was bought during my family side(sponsored by my younger sis, Eu and erm..dunno who else ler..paiseh) during our 5 in 1 celebration for June- my birthday, Father's day(for 3 dads in our house, my dad, DH and my bil), my son's birthday, my father's birthday and my brother homecoming of sort (away from industrial training but being the youngest in our means a lot to us that our little brother has moved away from us a bit further and being grown up hehe..)

Yesterday I got KY to wish DH – Happy Father's Day to DH and give him a big hug. I was wondering at 2 yrs plus, does she even knows what is Father's Day and whether she would do as what I taught her to do..yep she did…perfectly…even though it's the first time this term "Happy Father's Day" comes to her..Thank God…:P else it'll be so funny rite…(cos silly me I didn't teach her earlier but right on the spot in front of my DH..and if she doesn't get it..wouldn't it be so erm…un-romantic? :P hehe)

Anyhow, Thank God KY picks it up fast and spontaneously! Haha…save my day and blunder..

To my DH, thanks for being a great hubby and father to our kids…please take good care of your health while working hard to provide warm, shelter and love to us…we LOVE u lots…Big Big HUGSSS from three of us..mmuuahhh..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day cum Dad's Birthday update

How was your Father's Day yesterday? I celebrated with my dad much earlier(together with my brother who's back from Penang). And yesterday my dad went back to hometown to celebrate with his father-in-law for Father's Day. My dad lost his dad(my grandpa passed away rather early) in his early teens. So he treasured and respected his fil a lot. 

I remembered how he mentioned a no. of times to plan our trip back to visit our grandparents (with kids on tow...which takes a bit of planning and grit determination to drive 4-5 hours back to Johor)..why takes so long? Cos half way have to stop to visit numerous relatives..(We FINALLY made the trip during 2009 CNY-see picture above, the one in army green pants sitting down is my dad and beside him in blue shirt is my grandpa).

Anyway, coming back to Father's Day and my my memory my dad is sort of a WAHF(Work at home father)  even when we were young. Being an electrician..he manage to work around his working time to fit in his schedule to drive us to school, sports activities and etc. I still remembered my dad used to pack very yummy lunch for me and sister when we had to stay back for sports practice.

Even though like all kids, I dislikes my dad to nag at me...but somehow I think it's his nagging that I will be missing most in future or even now when I am married and no longer seeing him on daily basis.

So, I like to take this opportuniy to wish my dad- Happy Father's Day & Happy Birthday. Thank you for all your sacrifices for us!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pick me up food

What is your pick-me-up food when you are feeling off-peak? For me, it's fruits..lotsa of it..minimum three types in combination of some olive oils, herbs, some nuts(cashew, pistachios, walnuts, almond etc) and a pinch of salt would make me having the feel-good factor once more!

Yummy,'s such colorful combination that will sometimes manage to tempt my picky eater, Ms. KY to take more fruits(hehe).

So what food picks u up? Wanna share?

Other food(for me) includes:

1) Ice-cream(yum, yum)

2) dark bitter chocolate

3) Cold Lychee, nata-d-coco and pineapple cocktail(yummy..had lotsa this during my last trimester, cos it's really hot then)

What about you?