Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beraya Gaya Mamee

Good news specially for my Muslim friends in Malaysia!

Would you like to have an open house for this coming Hari Raya for all your relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and anyone who wishes to come? What's more, the Hari Raya Open House will be hosted by your favorite celebrities such as Mila (AF5 winner), Hafiz (AF7 winner), Aril (AF7 1st runner up) and Era radio Deejays! And a;; these for Hari Raya Open House at no cost?

Just few simple steps you have to do to be in the run to win your very own Hari Raya Open House;

  • Check out
  • Create an account and login to it.
  • Create and send the Hari Raya E-cards to your friends, relatives and etc

There are a few types of E-Cards you can send out to your friends be it the simple traditional card to the more advanced musical, fun and funky or animated cards.Check out more sample here at Nuffnang blog.

And for nuffnangers, if you wish to be in the running to win an extra RM300 cash prize while taking part in the Raya Gaya Mamee contest, kindly take note of the following steps:

1. Send out as many E-cards as you can at
2. Write a blog post titled 'Beraya Gaya Mamee'.
3. Send an email to with the permalink of your written post.
4. If your name is called up as a daily winner during 7 Sept till 18 Sept you'll win an additional RM300 cash prize credited right into your Nuffnang account!

So what are you waiting for? Let's quickly send e-cards to our relatives and friends to spread the Raya mood and at the same time win yourself a memorable Raya Open house!

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all my Muslim friends! And in Malaysia, all races celebrate together...


Friday, September 11, 2009

So how was your 09.09.09 day?

Hi folks,

I know I am a bit late in asking this.....(hehe,but I am gonna ask anyhow :P)..So how did your 09.09.09 day goes? For me it was full of good n not so good episodes...but generally, on average I would think it is ALLRIGHT!

What I did on 09.09.09? I had lunch(normally I will packed from home so I don't really get chance to eat with them) with my colleague 'cos I have eaten my lunch for my morning breakfast. It was a busy, rushy morning..with two kids suddenly throwing their tantrums...phew...Didn't even managed to make soup for DH. So all he had for lunch is Vege Ham rice and egg. time to even add his chilli sauce..haih...

So had to grab him something nice for dinner or snacks to compensate a bit! Feel so bad...

Anyhow..really feel sluggish..engine not working at superb condition, maybe 'cos my son still wakes up twice at night! Yes, he still does so now...and he refused any bottle for milk when I am around...only juice or plain water is fine for bottle. Otherwise he would want only me...for his milk milk time...hmm..and lack of sleep means my supply seems not sufficient satisfy my growing boy making him not sleeping well too I his tummy not filled up full tank... hohoho....

Anyhow...I hope you guys have a great 09.09.09 day and hopefully good days continues to come if not better days!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

One month after graduated from AW Basic Training

Dear folks,

Today is exactly one month after graduating from Asiawork Basic Training(AWBT) and I am reflecting on how the training has affected my life so far. Whether I have still putting into practice all the useful and mind-empowering training on self-awareness...

I realised that even though I still have that little resistance over many encounters in life just as before, however this time round, whenever I face or acted on being resistant of whatever that is happening to me whether on changes in life, unpleasant encounters etc, I feel uneasy.

I know I am doing what I should in order to fully experiencing and living an ALIVE life.

This morning when a phone call reached me and asking for some kinda of "giving" on my part(which internally I feel joyful for doing it but my
usual reaction would be to resist and push away), this time I took time to ponder, look deeply inside me , do not allow my words came out from my mouth without truely reflect what I am feeling and thinking and wanting inside(as I always did). It works! At least this time I successfully listen and react in align to what I truly feel, believe and wanted to do!

I hope this self-awareness and the power to act as what I truly AM and wanted to do in life continues!

How is life for you right now? Are you doing what you really want to do and life your life as in being "ALIVE" at all times?

Carpe Diem to all!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sharing my experience on Mom and Babies Online Shop- Mamaparadise

Dear Folks!

Ever since I became a mom, I started to scout for mommy and baby items which I can purchase online as it's pretty challenging to shop with a baby on tow.

One of the few online shops which I first came across and actually made some purchase is Mamaparadise (as you can see it's been listed as part of the online shops on my blog). Being a first-time mom and a novice in online shopping then, getting to know the online shop owner is quite ensuring for me to do my purchase online. The owner of Mamaparadise really has a personal touch to it. She not only gave me advice on cloth diapers , the dos and don'ts, and even gave me some suggestions and very good bargains. As she has children of similar age to mine and she is also breastfeeding, we sort of clicked to each other.

I remember I needed to get something urgently(I forgot what item it was..I think is Buds Shower Gel or something as KY's skin was rather sensitive and have slight eczema), so I called Mamaparadise owner, Clarissa and asked if she opened that day, so nice that she actually stayed near her warehouse and agreed to meet me at her shop. And THAT IS THE PERSONAL TOUCH that strikes me!

Thus, slowly I began to be more daring in my online purchases..haha and now I am an advocate of sorts for online shopping. I used to share with my mommy friends about online shopping and those few shops are the one I recommended. Each shops has its unique feature. As for Mamaparadise, to me it's unique in its products. You can find a wide range of products at her stores like flash cards, cloth diapers, breastfeeding attires, breastpump etc. And Mamaparadise often have sales and promotion as well which is the attractive features for tight-budgeted mommies like us right!

Another plus point is the owner regularly update us via her newsletter on new arrivals, promotion and news about her shop and kids in her blog. So, this shop gave me a very good impression that I made friends with the lady boss. A remarkable woman with three lovely kids.

So how was your experience while doing online shopping in particularly for mommies and babies products? Care to share your views?


Today is 09.09.09

Hi everyone!

Today is a very auspicious day for Chinese, 09.09.09 which signifies long-lasting or everlasting, thus today many couples will be getting married...

What does today means for you?

Hope everyone have a long-lasting lucky day [including myself..hehe]! Let's share at the end of the day how our 09.09.09 day goes ok!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Free card (shipped for free)-last day!!!!

Hi folks,

I saw this news about Free card (shipped for free) via Money Saving Mom by Crystal Paine on 9/1/09..

Through September 8, 2009, you can create and send a card to someone completely free--compliments of

To get your free card just or go here use coupon code SENDHOPE when you checkout and you'll get it completely free. More details on this promotion are here.

The fine print: This free card offer is valid for one card per customer. SENDHOPE coupon code is valid till 9/8/09(extended).

Today is their last day for this special Free Card Sending(worldwide) offer….so for those of you who read my post in time…perhaps you like to send some cards to your loved ones as well ;)
I just sent mine ;)

Thanks for sharing, Money Saving Mom!


Monday, September 7, 2009

SpellQuizzer Review and Giveaway at Family Book Store

A long-time(or at least it seems long for me hehe) blogger friend of mine, Ai Lian is having a review and giveaway for an effective spelling software for parents who want to improve their children's spelling called SPELLQUIZZER!

She is giving 1 free license(valued at USD29.95) away . To know more about this software and see how it works, the interface etc hop over to her review here .

For those who like to try out this downloadable kids spelling software, there's even a trial link to the software to try out!

Check out her site now!

Now, seeing how she tried on her son..I really interested to try the trial software and of course win a free license in her giveaway too!

So Good Luck to ALL of us!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Confinement Food Recipe Sharing - Part 1

Dear Friends,

I think the Best/Special Part of Confinement is the special confinement food we take during the confinement period. Honestly I would love to learn some of those yummy black pepper recipes taken by most Malays during their DH would sure love these food..cooked with black pepper ..haha..

I would like to share some simple recipes I had here with my friends....there'll be Part 2,3..etc..shall I get to learn/know more other lovely recipes!

Ginger Egg Fried Rice

Cooked Rice
Sliced Ginger
1-2 eggs
sesame oil
soya sauce(optional)
(whichever as allowed in your confinement practice, for me it can be french beans, long beans, spinach or even asparagus - diced)

First fry the sliced ginger. Once turned golden, break two eggs and lightly scramble it on the pan/wok. Next add in the vegetables and lightly stir-fry. Add in the seasonings, salt and light soya sauce(optional). Lastly add the cooked rice and add generous drops of *sesame oil and fry lightly before served and eat it while warm.

* sesame oil can also be added in as oil to fry the ginger. But this type of frying only suits post-natal lady and not anyone else in the family as it is TOO HEATY for normal diet..haha...
This is my favourite dish made by my mil during my first confinement.

Stay tuned for pls. do share yours too...