Saturday, April 10, 2010

First and Last Cuppa for the year!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Life Graph

How is your life now?

A-     Uneventful

B-      Full of high and low, laughters and tears?


If it is B, congrats! Cos it would mean that you are living and experiencing your life fully.

If it is A, dread not, you are just experiencing a "static" progress in life now..comfort zone so to speak.

I remember the time when I attended the Asiawork Basic Training and the trainer used to show us a similar graph I drew here, which I call it "life graph".

A is a static line. In medical term, this person is "dead".

B is a ups & down curve. In medical term, this person is "alive".

This is just an example to used as an analogy to us to reflect upon our life.

So often than not, when our life is full of ups and down, we feel so drained and overwhelmed by it.

But when our life is so "usual", "nothing much happening", we feel bored…and start to look for some excitement…does this rings true for you?


I have my share moment of being in the Zone A before, after being in Zone B for so long and wanted some time to "stay away" and being in "solitude" and "take a break" so to speak.

It is good, helps me to keep me back on track which is something I am unable to do during the hustle-bustle hectic schedule in Zone B. However, Zone A serve as to refuel and should not be too long, else we would lost that kinda of zest in life. Our "muscles" or enthusiasm in life will slowly diminish and we would kinda love or grew so used to being in our "comfort zone" that we do not want to leave it for fear of the unknown or fear of being "tumbled" in the ups and down wave again…but after sometime, I feel that is the way life should be life and experienced to make it a life worth living.

Instead of living yet dying away, not accomplishing anything in life or not having challenge our potential to the fullest!

Just sharing my thought for the day with you folks!

And I still remember the promise I made to myself after attending the workshop, that is to make monthly monitoring on my "life" mode..and readjust back if lying too static for too long which is unhealthy!

So I am again..chatter-ry me…beware!

Hahaha..Just kidding!


Have a great and fulfilling life folks! Life is just so short to spent "hiding away", tucking away in safe zone!




Thursday, April 8, 2010

A mother first by Ruth Liew

Hi folks,

Saw another good article by Ruth Liew at TheStar here and how true it reflected upon many of us who are torn between our work and our kids and of course our dream to be a work-at-home parents...
Here's a good reminder and consolation for us!
Enjoy...the excerpts:


A mother first


Mothers may choose different paths for themselves but their roles and responsibilities remain the same.

I HAVE often been asked: "Who is better – the working mother or stay-at-home mother?" Mothers who want to quit working, want to know whether they are making the right choice. While mothers who are full-time home-makers want to know how it will affect their children when they join the workforce.

Whether working or stay-at-home, all mothers share the same fears and concerns. They wonder whether they are feeding their children right or spending enough time teaching them the right values.

You should always feel that you are doing your best for the children. Whether you work or stay at home, you are a full-time mother. There is no place for guilt. If you look after your children with knowledge, skill, love and patience, you are the kind of mother that deserves the highest recognition.

For full article pls..refer to TheStar Online here!

Lastly the article ended with:

Be confident and trust that what you have chosen for yourself is also the best for your child.

A good thing to point out indeed!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shone @ 22 Months

Hi folks!

It's been quite some time since I last update about Shone's milestone :)

In another 2 months, my little boy would be 2! Yippee!! Time flies really fast ya! Especially when you busy with two young kids.

I have wanted to start Shone on toilet training since early of the year when I found that he is quite ready in the sense that:

1.       He's been talking quite clearly and able to indicate his needs as well as understand our instruction.

2.       Know and enjoy putting on his pants.

3.       Curious watching the sister using the toilet bowl.

But due to the hectic time since before CNY until now (we have back-to-back CNY visitings, gathering and then my sister's wedding, friends' wedding, full moon…non-stop every weekend..even this Sat!) Wow..lotsa good news ya!), I have yet to able to start Shone on toilet training until recently, Shone indicated that he wants to go toilet to poo poo just like his sister, KY. Yup, he is the one who initiated the toilet training, so hopefully this would be a more successful and easier mission for me (keep finger crossed!).

Anyway, at this point of time Shone has:

1.       Started running, loves to jump. (I used to sing a walking, jumping and running song with him..perhaps I shall share with you  in another post)

2.       Loves to asking question and replying to our question too.

3.       Picking up all the good and bad from his sister pretty fast.

a.       Good – Kissing, Hugging, saying sorry

b.      Bad – Boxing(yep! He can box hard!), hitting, climbing the balcony/window/door grill whenever we are not looking

4.       Loves eating fruits.

5.       Eat more rice or food than his sister each meal. Can easily eat 1 ½ bowl of rice or noodles.

6.       Loves drinking soup.

7.       No liking for sweet stuff like cakes or sweets/chocolate unlike her sister.

8.       Weigh at 13kg at last visit middle of Mar 2010.

9.       Drinking 7oz of milk, about 4 times a day plus 2-3 feeds of breastfeed(direct feed during nite and early morning, at times, middle of the night)

10.   Loves to sing and is a happy child and dotes his daddy! (Yep, my second child is daddy's pet whereas the first one (KY) sticks to me like super-glue since young… least each of us can manage one at a time)

That's all for now….am starting to plan for his birthday which is 5 days after mine in June!


And to all my blogger buddies' babies whose birthday falls on June as well (yep, lotsa June babies here on cyberspace like Hanz, Chinnee and many others!), how do you all planning to celeb your child's birthday? Can share with me? Any group celeb again this year..haha..




Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Successful Case for Cloth-diapering

Hi folks,

As I embark on my journey to find out more about cloth-diapering and practicing it, I shared it with my close buddies especially those who are first-time mothers or having newborn 'cos frankly speaking I feel a bit regretted that I started rather late in Cloth Diapering.  In fact, I bought my first cloth diaper during KY was barely 1 year old but abandoned it due to lack of knowledge and passion on it. Not knowing the goodness of cloth-diapering as well as different types of cloth diapers available and its suitability, I stopped at my second attempt on KY to try on the cloth diaper. (What a shame! Otherwise it would have save me a lot of $$ too if I were to start from KY onwards and then pass on to Shone rite! Haha..dollar sense again..!)

Now after sharing with a few friends of mine on the cost and facts of cloth diapering as well as the impact it has on our environment, two friends of mine have bought their sets of cloth diapers and one has been implementing it for few months and planning to replenish and get more stocks to go fully CD-ing whereas another one just gave birth (yeah, she invested in 6 sets even before she delivered! Green+ smart mommy!).

Another testimony I witness myself is how my son who has been mix having both cloth-diapering and disposables fares much better in toilet training. He initiated his toilet training phase before reaching 2 years old compared to my daughter who only started at age 2 and a half.

So way to go…cloth-diapering!

Though I am a late bloomer in cloth-diapering but I am glad I did it anyhow. Better be late than never! Moreoever, having tried it myself, I can now share it with other mommies too!





Monday, April 5, 2010

Being Right over Being Kind

Hi folks,

Something I have been thinking aloud to myself. As we are living in a society that preaches human rights, consumer rights and all types of rights that slowly we started to live in a better world? Or don't we?

Something has been "circling" in my mind when something is obviously your rights to do so, yet another side of you is telling you that it's not right. So now, it became not so clear whether you should choose to "Be right over being kind", in this perspective.

For example, perhaps after lending someone money to get over his or her difficult situation and then as when the situation of this person improves, it is only right and it is our right to get back the money we lent out. However, why there is such guilt exist when we collect back the money? Is it because we felt it should be given away as "charity" and not something we should ask to be returned.

There are still many issues that brought up this issues of "Being Right over Kind" or vice versa for me.

Like for e.g. , when I stubbornly refused to pass my not- even-one-month old baby around during the Full Moon Party although the elder one has such custom; for fear the of infection to the baby. I may appear "rude" or "unkind" for rejecting whatever kind intention the elder had in mind, for the sake of my baby, I chose to be "Right" over being "Kind". I refused to let them carry the baby around, passing from one adult to another during the full moon, yup, they did it during KY's time and I fiercely insist to DH that no passing around during Shone's time, else I said I prefer no Full Moon Party at all, preferring to give Full Moon gift pack instead.  Very bad huh? Bet DH had a difficult time then, sandwiched between two stubborn women.

But,  motherly instinct and common sense told me not to follow their custom. I don't think anyone would disagree with me on the risk of adult passing "germs" to the baby is so high…anyway, at that time, I need no one to agree with my point. Better to be safe than to be sorry.

However, I still really need to learn to discern which situation I should be Kind rather than Right. Or at least handle being Right with a touch of kindness…wow..sounds like a big task.

Just my thought…

From a "Fiercefully stubborn" mommy…


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Successful Case for Breastfeeding

Hi folks!

I have a good news to share! An ex-colleague of mine has successfully delivered and breastfeed her baby.

Despite the fact that she had c-section and that her baby was admitted to NICU due to the "water" entered to the lung (sorry not sure the medical term for this condition) for one week, she managed to pump her milk and deliver diligently to her baby daily.

With no direct feeding since birth on the first week, you may asked, " How did she managed to do it?"

Now, this is from my own observation, and find that it really helps in real-life!

1.       Equipped herself (and her hubby) with knowledge & goodness of breastfeeding. Find answers to her doubts early (while still pregnant).

Being a late-bloomer (not sure if this is a suitable term to use) who chose to married later and eventually give birth later too, this friend of mine is ever-zealous to research, read and ask for everything about child birth and child care. She has been asking for about breastfeeding from time to time and even saw and inspected my breast pump equipment and tools which I used to bring along to work, namely:

·         rechargeable batteries- so that I can pump anywhere even at client office when I go out for meeting

·         medela mini electric

·          ice-pack

·         milk storage bottles

·         cottons for cleaning the nipples before pumping

·         special carry bag(insulated bag for transporting milk back home)

·         washing liquid and small brush (to clean the breast pump parts immediately after each use so that it won't form stubborn/yellowish stains)


2.       Invest  the right equipment/tools

She asked, searched around for different types of breastpump and eventually got a Medela during sales (I think is a single cum double pump which I strongly encouraged especially for working pumping mothers, save you lotsa time and help building sufficient supply!)

Whether or not, working mothers will enjoy the breastfeeding journey and can sustain a reliable amount of EBM supply for her baby greatly depends on the type of pump you use besides of course the next one which I will be writing about, i.e. determination.


3.       Firm and Determined

I feel this a crucial part in surviving the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding as well as sustaining it throughout the desired or healthy period recommended by the professionals. Whether you break it or build it, whether you can survive the external challenges like the unwanted criticism &  advice of non-breastfeeding-friendly people, places, the physical tiredness at initial stage (why I said initial stage is 'cos after you got used to the routine of pumping or if you are lucky not to back to workforce so soon or at all, direct feeding, it is an activity to look forward and enjoy instead of a chore. Trust me!) and of course the emotional part whether you have the might to carry on your "mission" (Hubby helps a lot in this case! So guys out there…YOU PLAYED A VERY IMPORTANT role here and in return you have a happy and healthy Child + Wife cos breastmilk builds good immunity for child and wife would have lower breast cancer risk!)


So much that I blah about, 'cos I am simply overwhelmed with joy and proud that my dear friend made it! Yey!


May she enjoy this path just like I and many other wonderful mommies did!