Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quick way to clear the bread stock

Toast them ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Get your planners out & start yer planning because we're going on a holiday to Christchurch. Woohoo!! #AAXNZ

Get your planners out & start yer planning because we're going on a holiday to Christchurch. Woohoo!! #AAXNZ

Quick! Think of the craziest facial expression & help me win this holiday! Wanna come with me? Weee~ #AAXFacesGoPlaces

Quick! Think of the craziest facial expression & help me win this holiday! Wanna come with me? Weee~ #AAXFacesGoPlaces

Slurp! Mmmm.. Free dessert! A perfect way to de-stress my week. Redeem them today! #myhoneymoon

Slurp! Mmmm.. Free dessert! A perfect way to de-stress my week. Redeem them today! #myhoneymoon

PIKOM PC Fair 2011, 15th Apr until 17th Apr

Hi folks,

You must have heard the
PIKOM PC Fair 2011 is on today from 15th Apr until 17th Apr.

I heard from a friend that some of the computer parts will increased price in May due to the shortage of supply from Japan manufacturers. Not sure how true it is...

But, if you are hunting for some computer stuff, no harm getting it earlier before any price increase ...

Maybe can check out some good deals at the PIKOM PC Fair 2011!

[We, siblings planning to get something for our beloved dad...early birthday+Father's Day present..hehe]


Puduraya Terminal to begin operations tomorrow!

Hi folks,

U heard the news? U seen the pictures of our reformed and refurbished Puduraya Bus Terminal?

Puduraya Terminal to begin operations tomorrow! (refer TheStar Online here).

When I saw in the news yesterday, I told my children, see that's the new Bus station.

KY asked," Why they just opened? Why there's no one there? What is the place for?"

I said, " 'Cos the place has just been renovated."

KY asked again, " Why need to renovate?"

I said, " 'Cos last time the place used to be hot and crowded."

KY said, " and small is it mom?"

I said, " Yeeah....and now it looks clean and nice rite."

KY said, "Yes."

So are you as eager to visit the place as I do?

Although I rarely go to that area anymore and rarely sit on a bus nowadays, but that place reminded me of those good old times, when I had to take bus every weekdays to go to college...and thus I am quite familiar with the shops around there then...;)

What about you? What memories you've got for our Puduraya Terminal? Have you visited the newly-renovated building?


Owned a Tupperware?

Hi folks!

I believe many households own a Tupperware. When I was young, I remembered we have many Tupperware items at home, ranging from water bottles, containers, cups, etc.

As for me, I also invested in Tupperware's One Touch containers. It is so useful when I was breastfeeding and had bought a small tin of formula milk when my child is 6 months old and when my milk supply is dwindling after returning to work. The Tupperware’s One Touch container is a lifesaver. It helps to keep the formula milk fresh in the airtight form plus it is easier to open and close too.
Now, do you wish to own a Tupperware and keep your food stay crisp and fresh too; and last longer too?

Check out the Tupperware event below at KLCC Aquaria!

I have got mine...have you?

Hi folks! Finally got my goodies...modern cloth pad and cloth wipes for the kids at The anniversary sales ends today(15Apr)..hurry if you like to try or switch to a greener lifestyle! ;) Cheers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Traditional masseuse?

Hi folks,

Last weekend, I met up with some friends, and one of them are few years my senior. They are looking great as usual. And they are sharing with each other about traditional masseuse, comparing the skills, methods and of course prices charged.

Now, I have not personally gone through any traditional masseuse (yea, not even tukang urut during my confinement time as I was healing from c-section and are too afraid to take the pain :P), but I am quite convinced at the after-effect of a masseuse can do to us.

Now, if you are also looking into some kinda of traditional masseuse, maybe you like to check out offer below:
#JariSpa traditional Balinese masseuse will knead your stress away for RM55. Offered at #MilkADeal

Enjoy and soaking in throughout the masseuse session...ah...perfect for a tired body!


What you do to relax your mind?

Hi folks,

Lately, me and my teammates are feeling the "heat"....phew...we had meetings with client and internal meeting till 8pm...for few nights...

Now, I have planned to go back for my yoga before the "heat" reaches....and glad I still make the point to attend despite the hectic schedule...just to relax my mind.

How about you? What do you do to relax your mind?

Do you participate in any Kickboxing or yoga session? Interested to join?

Check out the deal below:
Kickbox to feel alive or yoga to relax ur mind at #KOneKickboxing . More details at #MilkADeal


Where to go for affordable trip?

Hi folks,

I used to make it a point to travel at least once a year to a new country when I started working.

I would accumulate my savings and my annual leave for a learning trip + adventure.

But after having kids, I rarely have the time and luxury to go.....but like more affordable.

Look at this affordable trip to GoldCoast ('s Gold Coast Australia ...not Gold Coast Morib :P ..

Time for a get away and this time, I'm going to GoldCoast. Too affordable to be true. #AAXGoldCoast

What a dream comes true!


Prioritise our life

Hi folks!

Time is precious. Every parent would know that. In fact everyone should know this fact. It is whether or not we acknowledge this fact and take action to priorities our life or we simply ignore it.

I wonder if anyone of you experience this. You received an invitation to a gathering with your friends whom you have not met for sometime.  You very much wanted to make this event happened and made all the necessary arrangement, i.e. babysitting arrangement, seeking "approval" from dearest partner, pre-cooked meals in the fridge/thermal pot, etc. And then, prior to the big day, you received another more important event invitation that is "family-related" event.

Now, how to you make your choice and prioritise your time? Both are something you need to attend. One pre-arranged and another one is family event that it seems that you had to attend. Do you stick to your earlier agreed event or attend the more important ones?

I must admit, I usually don't like to reply immediately whether I could attend an event or visit someone until the very last minute as I have had the phobia of rejecting others after agreeing in the first place. I really had too much of such instances that makes it hard for me to say Yes at the very first invitation notice, normally would RVSP at the last given date.

Same goes for blogger events, it usually takes so much effort and persistence to make our attendance happened. These are really what experienced by most parents' folks I believe. Now, how do you again prioritise in this case?

I would love to hear from everyone and also I am sharing the guideline I used for my decision-making.

Heard of the story below?


"Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls. The balls are called work, family, health, friends, and integrity.  And you're keeping all of them in the air. But one day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls—family, health, friends, integrity—are made of glass. If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered. And once you understand the lesson of the five balls, you will have the beginnings of balance in your life".

Thus, for parents folks like me, eventually the welfare of my kids and family comes first. As good friends would understand and would stick with us no matter the distance and time constraint. You can choose to differ in this case.

So, what do you have to say on this- topic of prioritizing our life? Please do share!



This post is also published in as part of my monthly contribution to their column :)

Do pay them a visit folks, if you are a passionate parenting blogger/reader too!

Happy reading and sharing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How’s your child feeling today?

Hi folks,
Being a working mom, sometimes I would think of how my child feels today at school and at the babysitter’s place. Are they feeling happy? Are they having a good time? Did they spend a fruitful day?
Or, are they having a bad mood day?
Care to know how your child feels today?
Check out here:


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Musical Treasure Chest from Aunt C & Baby S

Hi folks!
When I visited my good buddy Charl, I am so fascinated by her chest of musical intruments for her child and express my interest to get one for KY & Shone.
Then here are what she had sent to us...such nice pressie for the wait till we start a little concert@home..hehe..Thx Charl & Baby S!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jogging with Kids

Hi folks,
One of our favorite moment is our weekly jogging and playground sweating session. It feels so great being close to the nature & sweating it out with the kids :) how bout u? What is your favorite moment or ritual with your kids?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lovely Vegetarian Meal at Moon Garden

Hi folks!
DH & I love this restaurant as it has all types of yummy dishes like pizza, spaghetti, Japanese-style Donburi rice, even Vege prawn noodles & yam cake. I love the way their menu indicating whether the dish contained egg. This would helped the vegan to choose the right dishes!

Belated Birthday Meal

Hi folks,
Yesterday we visited Moon Garden Vegetarian restaurant at USJ Taipan with my bro-in-law. DH gave him a set of special toothbrush set as a gift..very good to use..will write more in next entry..meanwhile here are some of the food ordered..yummy all-time favourite!