Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snacking- a food full of memories

Hi folks!

It is cherry season when I went to Oz. I have th chance to taste real sweet and lovely cherry. People eat it just like that without washing...

I saw cherry locally selling for MYR19.90 per box. I bought it for approx. AUD4-5for the same qty. Can't bear to buy it..then yesterday I saw it selling at Tesco@MYR9.90 per bought a taste ok..but not as sweet as the one I tasted in Oz but enough to satisfy my quest for Oz fruits..yummy...

Lego Fun

Hi folks!

Have you seen the Lego toy sold at Shell for RM12.90 for each RM40 petrol pump there using Bonuslink card? I thought would like it thus took the chance to get one for him.
It I stated 6+, gee I thought I had to give to his sister instead...but he's the big fan of this morning tried to piece the Lego truck together with him..not easy for me either took us sometime to piece the masterpiece together but it was fun!

Try get one yourself too if you are pumping petrol@Shell & is Bonuslink card user. They have 6 models..

I heart cookies

Hi folks!
Christmas always bring me images of cookies, champagne, etc.

During my last trip to Oz, I ate so much cookies as our host is an excellent baker!

Yesterday was walking and pondering which packet to get and alas settled for this one ...affordable and taste ok too, enough to satisfy my cookies indulgence ... Yummy.. Gulp down with a glass of warm soy milk! That's how I soothed my hunger daily in Oz.

Now this really brings back good memories.. Will work on my Photobook and share some pictures later if I don't feel like zzz

Have a grateful day! Yes the world hasn't end, and these are due to many prayers, effort and good act of many kind souls... Let's give our thanks rather than discounting and disbelief... Continue to cherish, live life with a grateful heart.. Do good & be good as we originally are!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hakka Lui Cha

Hi folks!

Hands-up if you are a big fan of this special dish called Hakka luicha :)

I loved this dish and wil always ordered one at the restaurant whenever I see them on the menu. However, not all taste as good..some have rather charcoal black toasts groundnuts but some fares really well! The best loicha I ever ate stil belongs to a Pandan Jaya Vegetarian Restaurant called Xu Lai Xiang made by an elderly auntie whom I fondly known as Cai's been a long time since I had it. Having witness the effort and the tedious process of making this yummy dish, which really makes your mouth muscle works really hard, I only have salutes and no complaints whenever I ordered one..

Even though my mil is Hakka though, she is not particularly fond or know how to make this dish despite she is a great cook allrite! I do wish to learn how to make this yummy and healthy dish wih lotsa mints, basil, and greens..yummy...

Snacking again

Hi folks! Lately I am famished every 1 hr+ so had to bring along wih me plenty of DIFFERENT snacks (albeit one got rejected a.k.a. Vomitted out, I still have the other to replace.

Here's one recent yogurt I bought from Tesco@$6.49 for 4 tubs which I think is quite reasonable as the other local are selling@$1.69 per tub and these are from Germany and taste really yummy too(just to try a different I am fond of Germany btw if you heard of my story intention or favoritism over local products which is good as well)! Will watch out for tis brand during my restock next round ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

15 minutes Stir-fry Noodles

Hi folks! When I am running short of time, this is an all-time favourite that I'll cook for our lunch pack. I love adding lotsa vegetables in it. My boy asked for the noodles again the next day.

Very simple ingredients and steps.
Here I used Vits dried noodles.
While the noodles is being boiled in hot water, I chopped all the vegetables(you may add carrot, spinach, mushroom,etc to make up the 5-colors combination). Next, stir-fry all the ingredients and seasoning before adding the lightly cooked noodles and mixed well.
All done within 15 mins, hot n piping yummy noodles for one hungry family..yummy..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Successful ipad intervention

Hi folks!

Just thought of sharing this. One of the reason I loved to get books, especially activities and interesting pictorial books for my children is to get their eyes off electronic gadgets (e.g., ipad, iphone, etc). 

As parents, I believe, we all do realise the pros and cons of exposing kids to all these electronic gadgets. Thus we tried to limit the usage or at least guide them to use it properly or for some, not to expose their kids to it at all.

Inevitably, having a gadget-DH means I do not have the option of not exposing the kids to these gadgets at young age.

However, what I do is, I would limit their usage per day. I go to the extend to set an alarm clock. Once the alarm rings(usually 20-30mins), lights off and they have to put away the i-gadgets.

Last night, after unpacking all the goodies (i.e. books) we got from the Big Bad Wolf Sales, for once, their night is filled with me reading and playing with them a games using the pictorial encyclopedia. So yey! For at least one night we managed to have a SUCCESSFUL ipad intervention! And they are looking forward to continue with page 2 tonight!

So yes, thank God it worked!

I shall keep trying to include all these little steps to avoid their eyes being glued to the electronic gadgets too frequently!

Care to share what are the measure you used to intervene the overuse of electronic gadgets by your children?


Monday, December 17, 2012

Busy Unpacking Goods from BBW

Hi folks!

The kids and DH are busy unwrapping the books we bought at BBW yesterday! Excitement, fun and laughter filled the air..will unveil the books we got once they let me get take over their goodies ;)

A Fabulous and Productive Weekend

Hi folks!

How was your weekend!

I have had a rather fabulous and productive one J Thank God for that.

What makes the weekend very happy….and grateful for me:

1.       Meeting up with like-minded people who are working on something which they are passionate about.

2.       Knowing I am not alone and there are always people out there who are willing to lend a hand.

3.       Knowing that I am not made of steel and that I too needed to learn to listen to my body and accept or ask for help whenever I need one.

4.       DH willingly brought me to the BBW (yey!!!) which really makes my days…

5.       Discovering something about DH which I never knew (he stayed longer at the BBW than I did and chose more great books for the kids that I do!). Why I said so, 'cos honestly I have not learnt this bookish part of DH besides as I always felt he's only fascinated and well-verse with gadgets stuff. Gungho for that!

6.       Knowing I just have to learn to ask for something which I need. And leave the rest to God/others. (Yea, I am one who are shy to ask for help or bother others)

7.       Gathering and sitting down listening to others which makes me know more about others. Previously I find I am always too busy to sit down and listen.

8.       Made the trip I have wanted/planned to/for.

9.       Bought KY to choose some small birthday gift to thank the babysitter and her daughter for their care and love for my children.

10.   Splurge on something for KY and then realize it doesn't worth that much. Learn from it together with KY and had learnt our lesson on budgeting.

What are the events happening over your weekend which you are grateful for?


Care to share?


Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hi folks!

During my recent trip, I didn't bought much except for their healthy snacks. Here's one of the flavor, after converted I think this pkt cost MYR0.50. Yumm..