Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reminisce on 2013 and beyond

Hi folks!

Life has been pretty busy with 3 kids but I am grateful and feel blessed to be given another chance to experience all the moments with a young baby.

I must say the third time round is more enjoyable compared to the first two as I have the older two siblings to enjoy together. Lovely!

Though it also means that time is not on my side. I often need to get things done quickly and efficiently.

This year, we have accomplished a lot as a family. Here are some of the highlights:

Just for a note and then (in my next blog post) our dreams (or my dreams until it gets discussed with the other family members) for year 2014. Stay tuned!

Our travel to Down Under

End of 2012, after discovered that we are blessed with another child, I am glad we still went ahead with our pre-scheduled trip to Down Under(when I just reached the 4th month and still having morning sickness which amazing stopped during the entire travelling period over there. Must be the food, nature and joyful atmosphere with lotsa divine grace and warmth! Cos the momemt I touched down at the airport, my severe vomiting continues and got even worst. I vomited 14 times for the half day after reaching Malaysia land.

Third Time B-feeding Journey

With bb ZS, I strive to Bf as long as I could, as fully as I could. As of now ZS is fully-bf at 7mths and 3rd week. Another milestone for us. Thank God for the blessings.

KY joining daycare and starting primary at a Chinese school

It was a difficult time for KY at the beginning of 2013 as it's a total new experience, schedule, environment for her and us as well. We decided to send her to daycare as she'll be starting primary school and it's a Chinese school. As DH schedule is unpredictable whereas my Chinese literacy is almost close to zero, we felt it's good to let her have some tutoring session at the daycare whereby the teacher can guide her on her homework, especially Chinese subjects. And we all have to get up earlier than usual to get everyone ready and reach the daycare and babysitter's place on time. And I need to get up earlier than everyone else to prepare lunch pack for 3 of us as vegetarian option is not available (unlike in Singapore or other places where vegetarian meals are available at certain places). At first, she is full of anxiety after being "psycho" by many seemingly helpful but not-at-all aunty about how the teacher will cane the student for not finishing their homework etc. Luckily, KY's form teacher is a friend of ours and she is familiar with her. Thus, she is more comfortable at school after sometime and even able catch up with her Chinese.

SE joining drum class

We start SE on drum class after I read about how it can help some children to focus and also due to SE requesting for it. However, after 3 months, he requests to stop the class. Second –time mistake. The lesson timing is not suitable for a 5-year-old. It's his nap time. This mommy failed to pick up from the past mistake whereby KY also stopped her piano lessons due to the same error- clash with naptime. Now hopefully for ZS in the future, this blog post would remind me not to repeat the same mistake!


Thus these are some highlights and happening for our family in year 2013. Stay tuned for our plans for coming year!


Meanwhile Happy New Year to you & family and hope we all have a fruitful and joyful year!



Last day of 2013

Hi folks!

What are you doing on the last day of 2013? I am spending time at work....and tonight with loved ones..how about you? Hope you have a happy one! The radio deejay shared tis morning that if we spend the last day+first day of the year with someone, we will spend it with them for the rest of our lives..wow..so treasure this special day folks!

Wishing you all a very happy & fruitful New Year ..till we meet again next year!


Monday, December 30, 2013

PALMER'S Buy 1 Set Free 1 Offer Set Promotion

Hi folks!

Sharing the latest promotion from Palmers with you.

You may also login www.palmersonline.com.my to find out more.

Enjoy your shopping :)


KY and her stunt

kids at home pls don't follow ya...this jie2 has ballet training for 2 yrs :)


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Join Kleenex Share the Softness

Hi folks!

The past couple of days, or I should say weeks have been rather challenging for me both at work and at home.

I have been working for two weekends(during school holiday!) to finish up urgent projects documentation (I am a technical writer by profession) and my babysitter suddenly "applied" one week off from me at the same time. 

When times like this truly calls for patience, wisdom, softness and sense of humour.

Especially when you see the house turned into a "warehouse" condition like this:

Followed with a smiley face like this:

All annoyance evaporated into thin air. Hey, childhood is only once in a lifetime moment. Savour it!

The quick spin of thoughts is all thanks to the previous pledge I've made when I came to know about Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign. 

The Kleenex® Wall of Softness takes the Share the Softness campaign to a whole new level, making a bigger, bolder statement that we need to make acts of softness a priority by pledging to do something nice for our loved ones, and not just in words, but committing ourselves to fulfil those promises to the important people in our lives.
- Soo Woon Yee, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark. 

Well said indeed Woo Yee! In moment of hectic lifestyle everyday, we tend to forget the original intention of our busy-ness. Wasn't it for our family and ourselves that we are striving hard for? Yet so easily we get caught up with the everyday busy-ness that we failed to act "soft" and "kind" to our loved ones and even ourselves!

So folks, let's step up and turn things around today by making a pledge on the Kleenex® Wall of Softness, making a bold new reminder to usher the New Year that even small gestures mean a great deal to the people in our life.
Joining Kleenex® to spread acts of softness are local celebrities the lovely Deborah Henry, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 and Miss Malaysia World 2007, a philanthropist and World Vision’s Child’s Rights advocate  as well as Sharifah Amani, the most admirable award-winning actress who won the Best Actress Award in 19th Malaysian Film Festival 2006.

The Kleenex® Softness Store will be moving around Klang Valley to reach out to the public, advocating the importance of showing love and care with just a simple act of softness. To encourage the act of softness, the first 500 participants who visits the Kleenex® Softness Store will be able to walk away with Kleenex® tissues by just pledging their act of softness on-the-spot.

(Photo just an illustration, check out the Kleenex® Softness Store yourself to find out about Kleenex®  products)

(You can check out the locations for the Kleenex® Softness Store, via Kleenex® Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia/events). Look them up or tag them via #kleenexsoftness in your instagram, facebook and twitter to be part of the Kleenex® Share the Softness movement today!)

The Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign will run from 20 November 2013 till 15 January 2014 and aims to achieve 5,000 pledges, upon which Kleenex® will spread the softness to the underprivileged children of the Fugee School with a cash donation of RM10,000. Isn't this a great and nice way to give our helping hands?

Through this campaign, we, Malaysians will not only be reminded to bring softness into each other’s lives, but we also able to bring softness to the lives of needy children in the Fugee School, a non-profit charity organisation that provides basic education to refugee children from Somalia.

Fugee School is a cause that is very dear to my heart,“I believe very strongly that we can all make a positive difference in the lives of others hence the Kleenex® Share the Softness campaign is a wonderful way to show our love for others.
Deborah Henry

So, what are you waiting for? Join Kleenex®, Deborah Henry and Sharifah Amani to pledge an act of softness today on www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia. 

All we have to do is make our pledge, and first 100 daily pledgers will get a free Kleenex® soft pack! Next, share a photo of you fulfilling your pledges and stand a chance to win a holiday worth RM3,000 plus RM2,000 of spending money!

I have made and fulfilled my pledge, have you made yours?

Do it now and share the softness with your loved ones and the lovely children of the Fugee School. 


Keep updated on the latest campaign details via Kleenex® Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia). For more information on Kleenex®, please call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day Retail Therapy

Hi folks!

These days work gets bit busy, thus have no time to do any shopping to prepare for Christmas or coming Chinese New Year. So happened there's sales nearby, I managed to complete my CNY shopping for kids, DH and myself..everyone gets a piece yey! All done within 20mins minus the traveling & waiting time(to pay). Another task checked! ;) smiled ..next top on the list- food, cookies, gift, and spring-cleaning..hohoho..one by one..no rush mommy..now I know why many people get all stressed-up as X'Mas approaching..ha so CNY preparation fever is on too for me..haha..


Boxing Day Activity

Hi folks!

KY is busy building her secret place on Boxing Day(Night). Let's see how it looks like tomorrow..time for mommy to catch her zzzz..Gd nite all!


My Dream Baby Gadget

Hi folks!

As i mentioned, I need to run errands with baby ZS soon...thus am discussing with DH to get this item- hip carrier..

Anyone of you uses this before? Is it good?

Am looking at another brand on sales too besides this..

Will love to hear anyone of you who have used it before.

Thanks and cheers!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reflection on Christmas Day

Hi folks!

The house is silent now with bb napping, older kids playing on their own in their room; after a loud thunder from this rather annoyed and maybe tired mom....

Feeling rather tired emotionally and physically after roaring loudly at SE for seemingly minor disobedience, I can't help but reflect why do we lost out temper so easily?

Lack of sleep? Unfulfilled? Doing what we dislike doing? Imbalance?

Thus makes me think of making a change ...making my New Year resolution which has been a ritual for me..but hasn't really got the time to do self-reflection lately...

In the coming year, I hope to be well..

- Well-adjusted; practicing my daily breathing and reconnection with my inner heart
- Well balanced diet; a hungry mom is a roaring mom. I hope to take better care of my diet and include those stress-reducing nutrient like potassium, selenium,etc
- Well-fulfilled; how many moments more to waste before I do what I really wanted to do?

As I browse thru the statuses, pictures of friends doing well and happy overseas with their children, celebrating Christmas, there is a sense of emptiness in me; the unfulfilled dream of mine to stay overseas for a period of time, in a different culture, different food and custom...a long time dream of mine since young...something I missed when I chose to study locally to save $$ and time and to come out to work quick so that I could help out my parents; then forgo my dream to further my master degree overseas so that I could pay off my tuition fees and my sibling's tuition fee by continuing working...and then again missed it when I married young, became a mom young at age 26 when all my other friends are having high-flying career and jet-setting around the world. No, I don't feel regret buy just felt unfulfilled and that my life has a missing puzzle to be found and place back to where it belongs..all due to my own internal fear, nothing to do with others.

First, chosen a subject that I could manage easily but not my interest. Next, chosen a privately sponsored college study instead of a far-away local Uni to pursue the subject of interest for fear the extra burden financially when I don't get another scholarship for the Uni.

Fear I am not able to find job while doing my master degree overseas that I couldn't pay off my loan with my aunt and also finance my sibling's study and my parents expenses. Fear I couldn't cope financially with a young child and uncertain job securities while overseas..

So much fear in me..I realized that has in a way protected me from the unknown yet has also stop me from achieving what I could have achieved ...I only I give it a try(as a brave friend of mine once said..jur give it a try)...

Yes! So in the coming year, I want to try:
- to cherish every moment with my children especially the much- neglected SE, being the second child. Look fwd to spend 1-2-1 time with him(with bb ZS along) as Bbsitter has requested no more Sat child-minding for her..I would need I take care of 3 kids on my own starting 2014. Still trying to see how I could make it easier to manage. But every event has its silver linings..I take it as a bomb which ultimately is a good training for me to learn how to manage 3 kids on my own..this skill will be helpful should I able to fulfill another dream of mine working from home...when and if opportunity comes along...my ultimate dream since young and unmarried ha..

- try to control and mellow myself, to tame my temper towards the kids(always look at their bb pictures is enough to set me back to the loving mom I used to be when they are just an adorable baby) and remind myself why God send them as a gift to me in the first place. I am merely assign to nurture them on behalf of God. Not to "pollute/hurt" them with harsh words!

- Try to make time for DH and have daily couple time/short chit chat and monthly couple moment(must schedule this else might never happens!)

- Try my best to do my household chores with a happy heart..ultimately I am here to serve happily. Despite no extra helping hands..the moment I can do this without imbalance or unhappy feelings, I believe I will pass this phase ..

- Try to pickup skills at work; skills no matter what field..it'll be a great help in times to come.

- Try to be patient, joyful, and positive

- Try to take good care of myself and self-grooming. Feel good when we treat ourselves well.

- Try to make time for families members and friends..

What else I missed?

Try to do more essential daily reading - that unavoidable spiritual food for the soul..

Reflection adjourned will be back again with more concrete plans ;)

Mind to share your New Year goals?


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Merry X'Mas and Blessed New Year

Hi folks!

Wishing you a happy X'Mas & Blessed New Year! Cheers...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice!

Hi folks!

Today is Winter solstice. A day said to be bigger than Chinese New Year for the Chinese and the day we are said to be grown up one year. A day to reunion with family and have sweet soup with balls made from glutinous rice flour and sweet soup(added with ginger). The stickiness as though resembles families stick together Thick and Thin(as far I could remember and think of its significance).

Happy Winter Solstice folks! I had mine at my mom's place together with my siblings..and we went to take family picture at a studio on this day!
What did you do on this special day? Hope it has been great for you too!

Cheers! :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shopping experience - Importance of Customer Service

Hi folks!

I've finally tick my task list to get a Carseat for Zen to replace the baby carrier which he has overgrown.

In our Carseat hunting, we experienced good customer service but undesirable product condition, great product but lousy customer service and alas one shop which has both good product & price as well as good customer service won us over. DH said yes to this and we ended our weeks of Carseat hunt.

Our first experience is with a distributor of a Carseat brand who's doing promotion. This sales exec is very helpful and responsive, however when I am almost parting with my budgeted amount to get the Carseat, he actually send me the wrong model that we rejected of course.

Second time we visited a rather big worldwide baby store. However we had a bit of unhappy experience with their sales personnel that we decided not to get from them no matter how attractive their price. DH got annoyed with the respond and attitudes of their sales personnel. I wrote a letter to their co. yet after close to 4weeks, not a single response from them.???";@;;:…

So alas we end buying from a nearby shop which has great customer service and product at the price within our budget!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FM Baby Travel Gears Fair, 7 Dec-5Jan 2014

Hi folks!

Finally got my gear at Fabulousmom during their recent Travel Gears Fair till 5 Jan 2014.

Do check it out if you are hunting for travel gear too!

(They have good customer service there! They certainly won me over! Will blog more of my experience shopping here and the other shop during my gear hunting moments!)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Tesco Santa arrived at doorstep

Hi folks!

A busy weekend for me this week thus no time to do marketing. Glad that I foun Tesco does delivers to my area and I've made my order online include groceries and fresh produce...I must say I give two thumbs-up to them! Will share more about how to make best deal of it..shopping with Tesco Online(when I complete my weekend job for the year!)...


TW Work

Hi folks!

Again ignore this post...just want to rant out my feelings..

Am I in the wrong industry? Haih why do I keep having discontentment at work? Simply it's part and parcel of working life ...

Often faced situation of uncertain, blank info and needed to chase here n there for answers in order to complete my task..yet I do not have the time to chase for answer and produce my work at the same time...sigh..the difference between a good PM planning and team work and a lousy one..where TW is often not included in the project timeline. Yet documentation is always highly regarded by the client and is a must for payment milestone yet is the most neglected task list in a project planning that no time or man days allocation is being alloted. Thus ended up the Techical Writer had to always rush and produce inferior output that comes with comments/ reviews and more amendments in rush hour sigh....

The end..back to my doc world working on a weekend during school holiday,.either i accept and do it gladly or find greener pastures or even be my own boss haha..DH when you want to hire me?

Dream for 2014...cheers!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

My F1 Crawler- nothing can stop him now..

Not even the 3 times fallen off bed

My iherb purchase finally arrived!

Review on my experience soon :) yippee!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learning to sit, crawl, pray n play..bz bz

Hi folks!

Here's a picture update on ZS milestone at 6 months 3 weeks..


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Home Alone with 3

Hi folks!

Today is Selangor Sultan birthday, which means it's a holiday for DH but not me!

And our dear babysitter has arranged her own date without asking if we are on leave...as expected....she expect my hubby can handle on his own....while the mom is NOT ON LEAVE!

Sigh..the irony of it...what to do...I wished I can off too...anyway...I couldn't as work is very busy at this moment....and my Babysitter is asking for one week off next week..sigh...I have no more leave or reason to ask to take off...

DH has offered to look after the 3 kids on his own(what to do? Babysitter already arranged her own activity for the day...so she gets to off on both KL and Selangor holiday..how nice!). Ya..sorry I know i ought to be thankful for having a babysitter....who's by the way vegetarian as we are vegetarian too....and well...as employee myself I would love to take leave now and then to accompany my family too...

Anyway...from my phone call just now, I found out that at 2pm, DH and the older two kids are still not taken their breakfast and lunch...gosh! Despite i made them egg mayo in fridge, bought whole comb of bananas n bought a loaf of bread, just that I am running late and unable to make them a pot of fried bee hoon as I always do when i need to be away and leave the kids with DH.

Anyway,..I know it's a learning lessons for us all..for DH and for myself too...and also remind me to alert the babysitter in future of the holidays meant to be...and NOT to be...

K..back to work now...as I don't wanna stay back late at office..and made the whole family on hunger..

Wish me well..

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Exploring the world with deep sense of enthusiasm and curiosity

Hi folks!

The title describes it all what I've observed and learn in young babies. ZS is at a stage he is curious, full of smiles and zest to everyone. Always exploring, practicing persistently(flipping over in less than a second he's put on the bed on lying position) and now exploring how to prop himself up in sitting position.

I am finding it hard to keep up with his growth with many agendas and responsibilities of daily life..but am learning, am making effort to slow down and focus on the important ...and to be marvel at the human abilities and capabilities at their fullest potential.

Have a good weekend folks! And never lose that persistent curiosity and wonders in life!


Monday, December 2, 2013

It's school holiday but...

Hi folks!

How has the school holiday been for you and kids?

It's school holiday but many of us are still working...no holiday per say and last weekend I even had to slogged through the nights to complete the draft document to be submitted on Monday. 

Certainly not the way how I would wish to spend my weekend, not to mention weekend during kids school break.

Anyway, on my way to send KY to her ballet class, i managed to bring them to take a look(10mins,) at the local library..so finally alas...albeit it's a enter and exit kind of visit as we don't have much time to spend there.

So, hopefully when these busy schedule is over in time..we have more time to soak ourselves there at the local library and many more other places/activities we have been wanting to explore together, swimming, playground, skating, etc...

How has your school holiday been?


Thursday, November 28, 2013

December 2013 giveaway

Hi folks!

Do you love giveaway? Check out this December 2013 giveaway by namesherry
One lucky winners get the pressie
  • Pink Pouch can be use as dinner bag
  • Hello Kitty play cards
  • A set of fish cell phone charms

How to take part this giveaway?
Check out namesherry blog to find out more!
Giveaway ends on 26 December 2013, at midnight Malaysia time.
Winner will be chosen using random.org


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burning Candle at Both Ends

Hi folks!

This is exactly what I am feeling now....

Sad that it's school holiday and I don't have much leave to take to spend time with kids...now need to work through weekend too...

What's more to come? Happened to have assignment to rush though the weekend too...where do I find the extra time to juggle all the balls thrown to me?

Pray I keep my sanity...

(ignore this post ..just need an avenue to destress.....)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Touch ‘n Go Mobile Sales – 50% off New Card Purchases (ends 24th November 2013)

Hi Folks!

If you are heading these location or planning to get a new TnGo card, do check out the Touch 'n Go Mobile Sales – 50% off New Card Purchases (ends 24th November 2013) below:

Promotion: Get a 50% discount when you purchase a new Touch 'n Go card from Touch 'n Go mobile sales booths.
Promotion Period: Until 24th November 2013.
Mobile Sales Time: 12pm to 3pm; 5pm to 8pm.
Mobile Sales Locations:

1. Stesen KTM Sungai Buloh
2. Stesen KTM Kajang
3. Stesen KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan
4. Stesen KTM Bank Negara
5. Stesen KTM Midvalley



MATERNITY & CHILDREN EXPO at Midvalley, 22 Nov- 24 Nov 2013

Hi folks!

Anyone heading/been to the MATERNITY & CHILDREN EXPO at Midvalley today?

Am keeping finger crossed and see if i could make a dash to check out the carseats..

Thus far, I haven't been that lucky to really check out the baby fair happenings in Klang Valley...imagine the crowd is enough to put me off...not to mentioned the need to have 3 kids tagging along...

I've only been to one just before I deliver ZS...for some last minute items..

If you really have something to buy, then making the trip worth! It sure has lotsa products and at reasonable good price too!

Are anyone making a trip there this weekend? May you find what you want at good price!

Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beautiful lessons

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Popular Warehouse Sale, till 24 Nov 2013

Hi folks!
Another book-lover haven...during this school holiday!

School holiday is here!

Hi folks!
Here's another one..stay overnight at Genting Highland for MYR 10..check out the Terms and Condition though!

School holiday places to check out

Hi folks!
Too bad, when the kids are having holiday, we, parents are still working as usual..
My friends and I are talking about where and what to do with kids.
Here are some of the places which might be of interest to you :)
Sunway Lagoon is having a musical on Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.
And they are having family packages during this school holiday break.
Check it out if you are interested too!

Baby KIKO Warehouse Clearance, 20-23 Nov 2013

Hi folks!
Sharing this in case you're looking for some baby products ;)

Monday, November 18, 2013

MasterChef Australia Season 5

Hi folks!

Are you a fan of cooking show? If you do, you would have heard about MasterChef Australia!

The show is now running on the Season 5.

Now, do you know we can view this show on Astro Ch709on Weekdays at 7pm and 11pm only on Lifetime™ .

MasterChefAustralia Season 5 promises a delicious new chapter in the life of the world’s most loved cooking show.

For the first time in MasterChef Australia history, the competition jumps straight into the Top 22 stage, with some of the best amateur cooks from across the country mixing it up in a high-pressure test of know-how and nerve in Melbourne, the city of culinary capital of Australia.

A girls versus boys challenge at the iconic MCG kicks off a thrilling new year of challenges, with a Barossa valley boot camp and Italian week among the themed events on the table.

This year’s weekly MasterClass is filmed before a live audience, giving the public a first-hand insight into the culinary handiwork of returning judges Gary, George and Matt.

What I like about the reality show is the contestants are made up of ordinary food loving people like anyone of us. There's an Arabic-Australian housewife, Samira El Khafir; 35-year-old former town planner and even professional cyclist Emma Dean from Victoria!

So, now, don't underestimate the great cook/chef in you. Do you have any cooking tips or habits you practice? That might well be a great tips to share with everyone!

I inherited this cooking tip from my mother-in-law who won praises from her picky eaters hubby and son of her most delicious fried rice. Simple dish yet what's the secret behind. I learnt that by stirring salt on the dry wok heat the wok to the right temperature so that the rice will be well-cooked.

Now, do you have any cooking tips to share? Then share your very own special cooking tip  on the Lifetime Malaysia Facebook page (each tip shared on the Lifetime Malaysia Facebook will have to be tagged #MCATipOff).

What are you waiting for? Go over and share your tips now!