Friday, April 3, 2009

Diamonds are Women’s Best Friend? Or was it so for all women?

My DH did got me a diamond ring (simple and not elaborated stone) as our wedding ring, but we hardly wear it since his job and mine(housewife work dat is..not my daytime work..hehe) might ruin the stone.


Actually I am not a jewelry type of woman…i.e. I don’t wear much on myself (not even a watch!) both for security and convenient sake. Though I do fancy some simple and nice pearls for both necklace and earrings….for some special occasions.


Today I read about those craftsmen( read here at TheStar online) who polished those diamonds and stones…get lung cancer really stuck me!


Has our love for gemstones causes a rather negative side-effects on these people whose company did not take extra steps to protect their staff? Even though they are doing it for their livelihood…and when we purchase we are actually contributing to the economy and their livelihood..but should we boycott those companies who doesn’t care for their staff’s health?


Hmm..should think twice what kinda effect our action might caused to people or living things on the other side of the world…don’t we?


Cheers to all….contemplation for the day!



Fried Rice in 6mins?

This morning, my son woke up at 5am and refused to sleep until almost 7am. And when he finally sleep, I was thinking better get some sleep myself before waking up to prepare breakfast and lunch for myself and DH.

Ever since I had my tooth extraction on Tue, I counted my DH has been eating noodles for more than 4 meals (minus the supper…not sure how much noodles he made during one of his usual supper)…felt really bad….

So last night I have pre-cooked a pot of rice for either lunch for today or dinner tonight depends whether I managed to get up on time to prepare the lunch in the morning rush hour…..paiseh.. :P

So when my son finally woke up up at 7.30am..phew..i quickly carry him to his playpen…then cut some pear and put it into his feeder net (Munchkin - Fresh Food feeder) then off I went to chop some vege ham and mushroom. After these few acts..time shows 7.42am, eiks Do I still in time to prepare the fried rice? Argghh…don’t waste time pondering…let’s get into action…off I went to fried the rice I have pre-cooked while my DH helped to prepare our breakfast, bread with kaya spread while entertaining our screaming son who has finished his yummy pear.

Voila, guess how much time I have used to cook the fried rice? 6 minutes…wow..what  a record(for me that is..haha)! So I guess I can imagine if rice and side ingredients are prepare in advance we can always cook up a meal- fried rice in less than 10mins …not too bad right? I bet the hawker stall owner/chef in the restaurant can do much better job than me..but well to me is not too bad since my record time for a meal (dinner or lunch) is within 30mins (noodle soup would be within 20mins). So most of the time, what’s for dinner dear? The answer would generally depends on how much time we have versus how hungry is OUR stomach after coming back from work and fetching children which average about 7pm+.

So to my DH, sorry for those noodle meals…hope that my tooth and gum recover soon(still swelling now)…and I be up and running mom cum wife as usual again. When? How about tonight "toothy and gummy" plz.....ok?


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My DH made my day...

Guys..or more specific- Hubbies out often do you praise your wife for her cooking, laundry skills, ironing...or whatever minor small little thing she does for your with great love that makes your life more in order?

My DH just did over lunch today...and does makes my day! Even though is a simple.."the lunch(packed from home) is yummy today!" "blushed" "grinning gleefully myself" though I added, " What? Yummy the rice or the dishes?", "Both" said my DH..haha...

This makes me recalled one story shared by a old grandpa in his sixties to a about to wed young couple...

To cut the story short, it's about an old wife who cooks for her hubby daily without fail...every day...and no the hubby did not (like my DH) praise or say thanks to his wife over their entire 40plus years of  marriage life...then one day the old lady served him grass on the plate(yes the one cow eats daily but her hubby definitely). Puzzled, the hubby asked his wife, "Why are you serving grass to me today?", "Well,.." his wife answered, " So far you have not said grass is not delicious, neither have you said my cooking for the past few years is nice"..............

So guys, make sure you praise your wife/mom/girlfriend for the little things they do for you TODAY!(!) People seems to make an effort to play pranks on people on April's Fool...but why don't we make an effort to make someone day better everyday? (like what my DH did to mine?)

Gung-Ho...let's do it today! or Now... ;)

Salute to the Dentist n ppl who prayed for me..

My wisdom extraction is fast, fuss-free and bearable (not to mentioned cost me only RM1 instead of RM500 at the private clinic) Thank you for those who prayed /wished me Good Luck….

I did indeed had some good luck yesterday, met another dentist (different from the one I met in my previous wisdom tooth extraction) . This lady is more patient, with sense of humor (the last one I had seems to be overworked and less patient) and experienced. Initially I was scheduled for an X-ray appointment but instead this dentist actually suggested trying the normal procedure first, then if not able to extract then only we opt for the X-ray since taking X-ray would mean another RM50 charged! many dentists at private clinic would advise you that?

At this moment (lunch break) my bleeding has stopped (compared to the previous ones whereby the bleeding didn’t stop after 24 hrs), and I guess I can resume to normal meal tonight (not soft one I had now ..not-so-tasty instant porridge)…yippee…guess the only fun thing I had after extracting my tooth is the generous amount of ice-cream I treated myself after the dental surgery (as I was told jelly and ice-cream is good for healing) haha….walloped more than 3 big cups yesterday!

So perhaps later today need to replenish my stock for ice-cream in case my DH and dotter scouting the freezer for their desserts and found it empty ..haha..

Gambatei to the govt. clinic dentist…arigato, terima kasih banyak-banyak for reducing my pain on my gum and wallet (hehe)…

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dental X-Ray tomorrow..and perhaps another dental surgery to remove wisdom tooth

Hi folks..i be going to another dental appointment tomorrow at the govt. dental clinic (yes!...they actually met me last month for wisdom tooth extraction!) for X-ray ....but not sure whether after X-ray they will straight away send me for wisdom tooth extraction for my bottom right tooth!

Pray that it will be a smooth, bearable one this time with fast recovery!



Sunday, March 29, 2009

What did you do on Earth Day?

Yesterday at 8.30pm all over the world, people are shutting off their lights...

In Malaysia, we are encourage to do so as well...This is an initiative started from Sydney, Australia and spread to places around the world.

So, last night we shut off the lights, light up the candle...and celebrated my brother-in-law 21st Birthday! After that the whole family of 8(including my in-laws, kids) watch a nice DVD together(with lights off , of course) @ home like a movie theatre with ice creams, cakes and potato chips...haha..

How about you? What have you do on Earth day? Care to share?