Saturday, December 19, 2009

The life of a WAHM's child

Hi folks,

I like to share about the life being a child of a Work at Home Mom(or Dad) a.k.a WAHM. This is based on my own personal experience being brought up by a WAHM and WAHD(dad) as well as from my observation from the people around me.

When I was very young(before I started nursery at the age of 5), I used to be cared by my grandparents. Then from the moment I am five, my mom started to work from home doing tailoring/sewing to cared for the four of us.

In my memories, my childhood is filled with playtime with my neighbours(i.e. the kids around my age) and my siblings.

Mealtime is always a lovely time and the one that holds the strongest spot in my memory. I simply love the smell of home-cooked meals and love the process of helping my mom out in the kitchen.

And now, when I think of it, it is a pure luxury for kids with working parents who hardly cook during the weekdays I guess(I am currently a Full-Time Working Parents,(FTWP) myself). Being a FTWP myself, I would take every opportunity to prepare meals for my family but I also had to admit that I yearned for the convenience of packed meal when time is running late.

Somehow, I cannot help but wonder what would be the memories of today's children would reminisce when they grow up? Will it filled with the Kakak(a.k.a maid's) lovely dishes or the varies computer games they played daily?

Now, that is one of the strongest point which makes me wanted to be a WAHM all along. Creating a happy and healthy childhood or create a good start for my kids.

It is not all a bed of roses too being a WAHM and WAHM's children.

Stay tuned for my next post about the challenges being a WAHM's child.


Note: This post is also published in as part of my monthly column as MBP Contributor ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Free Entry To Nite Park, Sunway Lagoon, 18 December 2009 to 3 January 2010

NP logo (1)

Hi folks, I just came to know from Voize that there's free entry to Nite Park Sunway Lagoon, from 18 December 2009 to 3 January 2010, entrance will be absolutely FREE!

Here's the excerpts of the article which you can find in Voize:

At Sunway Lagoon, the fun continues on long after sunset with bright carnival lights and joyous festivities! The fun and joy rolls on into the night with the all-new 'Nite Park @ Sunway Lagoon', lending a new lease of life to the Amusement Park with a rockin' Country & Western theme. What's more, from 18 December 2009 to 3 January 2010, entrance will be absolutely FREE!

Taking center stage will be the Amusement Park's Wild Wild West and World of Adventure as the two themed lands transform from daylight fun into a spectacular night carnival with brave fire-eaters and stilt walkers, dancing saloon girls and of course, ol' town shoot em' Cowboys!


Having won the award for Asia's Best Attraction by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) for three consecutive years, Sunway Lagoon is expanding with greater and more exciting attractions. Taking the lead in the arena in under 4 years, Sunway Lagoon has grown from a 2-parks attraction to a multi-park destination ...

So check it out if you are looking for some nice places to go at night with your families and friends! Cheers!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

Hi folks,

I just got the invites to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out!!! Yey!!

Wonder how many of my blogger friends are invited to this event? Let me know in this comment box ok, so that I can keep a lookout for you all!

I have joined their event last year and guess what, this event been always a great memory to my 2 year old daughter, KY and mine as well. Obviously she had a great fun there and the term "Friso" has always been in her mind and mouth from then on. You knew it when she kept saying, " Mommy, you know the "Friso" there, they have this small little toilet bowl for kids....etc" lol. You can hear this term "Friso" repeating every now and then! From last year till now..haha..

For me, I am very glad to meet my blogger buddy, Ai Lian there as well as some renown Malaysian bloggers like Redmummy and The Obnoxious 5xmom!

So, when I got the phone call from Nuffnang to confirmed about the invitation, KY is as excited as I am when she gets to know that she is able to go to the "Friso" event(as she puts it) again this year! Just keep my finger crossed and we shall able to attend this great event safe and sound! Immune system please keep the kids and mommy and daddy in good hands! As the theme for this event is Curious kids needs to be tough inside(check out my entry here), so to let them have a good time there, we all must play our part and keep our immune system at tip top condition at all time(after this HFM really blows me off!!! See my entry here, here and here on their HFM ordeal!)

Hey, if you have not heard of this event or have not do anything to get the invites, why not do it NOW!

As long as you are a blogger and Nuffnanger, you are qualified to enter.

I will not post too much here. The best is to read about the steps and requirement to earn your invitation to this event held at Kidsport Gym on 02 Jan 2010, 1-Utama Old Wing, 10am- 2pm, it's on Saturday!

Interested? Check out the Nuffnang site now!

Hope to see you all and kids there!


Bon Jovi's latest album, The Circle

Hi folks are you a fan of Bon Jovi?

They have recently released their eleventh studio album The Circle, yup that is the name of Bon Jovi's latest album! See picture below:

I have been hearing Bon Jovi since I was in my teen.Bon Jovi is an American rock band from Sayreville, New Jersey. I believe they have huge fan base here especially the Malays because when you googled Bon Jovi, you can actually find the Bahasa Melayu version of Bon Jovi on Wikipedia here.

And good news for their fans, Bon Jovi is celebrating their 25th Year Anniversary. Now when you purchase the Malaysian Edition Album of Bon Jovi The Circle, you'll get a Free Limited Edition Wall Poster While Stocks Last.

Happy Album Shopping folks!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Hi folks,

With the ever-emerging smart phones so does the creation of ever so alluring mobile applications for the new generation of savvy mobile users.

Imagine the sudden urge to watch a movie with your friends, and how easy it is by just going online on your mobile phone and book your movie tickets!

And I just got to know recently during my trip to Sunway Lagoon that we can actually pre-booked our
Sunway Lagoon tickets online too!

I feel these features really benefited the users a lot especially for those with young children 'cos as a mom, I find it easier to book tickets online so as to sped up the waiting time queuing up as normally they would have a faster lane(with lesser crowd) for those ticket-buyers who pre-booked their tickets online!

Now, as travelling becomes more common and accessible pastimes now, I found this newly-launched mobile site by Malaysian Airlines System(MAS) called a cool one! It is as Easy as 1,2,3, really!
Picture source: MHmobile site

Here's my DH trying out, where we can book our flights and check all necessary details from our mobile phone! Now Malaysians can book flights with MAS anywhere they want from their phones! How cool! And note that it is available both in English and Malay(language selection is available at the bottom of the page!)

Both DH and I tried the Book Flight feature in and I personally find it hassle-free(as Easy as 1,2,3) and it also loads quite fast!

Step 1: Select the destination and other details like date of departure and Return and Class.

Step 2: Check the Book Flight Details.

Step 3: Confirm the Booking by clicking Purchase or click Hold.

I think having the ease to check, book our air travel online really helps! It reminds me of an article I saw from Tim's(Nuffnang co-founder) blog when he got stucked at a delay at one of the budget airline for few hours, I think it would be such a time-saver to just quickly browse through and book an alternative ticket to reach his destination without further delay!

Another feature I like is the Deals and Offers amongst the various useful features like Check In, Flight Status, etc offered on the third picture above on the features offered)! Now, this is another good way to check out some good deals for online travelling offered by MAS! Another haven for shopoholic like me..but this time this would be travel shopping lol!

Interested? Why not try it yourself! Just access with your mobile phone and you’ll be able to navigate your way through it easily as the site is built for mobile access!

Travelling can't be any easier than this!

So check out yourself and experience the convenience and luxury of booking your tickets via your mobile phones! For more info about MHmobile, check out their site here.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

January Cooking Class with AMY BEH

Now folks, if you love cooking and is a member of Umami Zone member(You can sign up for free here), you might want to take a look at this event(see leaflet shown in the picture).

A cooking demonstration by reknown cook, AMY BEH ;)



Monday, December 14, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby SMILING Contest

Hi folks, it's time for another exciting Cutest Baby Photo Contest by MomBloggersPlanet!!

Their monthly prizes courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

1x First Prize

  • One Medium Landscape Hardcover or Medium Portrait Hardcover Photobooks by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM144)
  • One bag of his/her choice from AliceWonders (worth from RM50-RM200)

1x Second Prize

  • One Medium Portrait Softcover or Medium Portrait Classic Softcover by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM80)

1x Third Prize

  • One Large Landscape Poster by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM68)

3x Consolation Prize

  • One PurseHook from AliceWonders (worth RM20)

The First and Second Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest (will be held on January 2010 with more great prizes).

It's easy to enter.

Every month, they will have a different exciting theme for this contest. We just need to dig into your baby's photo collection and find a photo that best suit the theme.

December 09 theme is "Cutest Baby SMILING".

Here is KY(DOB: 25 July 2006) smiling(with her signature peace sign each time she smile and pose for the camera).

Here is Shone(DOB: 20 June 2008) smiling(my personal favourite, toothy grin smiles).

I am sure all parents or should I say everyone loves seeing a baby smiles. Smile is the strongest indicator that they are feeling happy, satisfied and having fun. For me, whenever I see my babies smiling, it takes away all my tiredness, impatience, frustration and stress of everyday life.

How about you? How does a smiling baby affected your moments in life?

Care to share?


Appointed as Contributor

Now folks, during this time of Hand Foot Mouth (HFM) crazy rushing and nurturing hours, i receive a good news that I have been chosen as MombloggersPlanet(MBP) Contributor, which means I get to post at MBP's column. Yey!!! Felt blessed and honoured!

Now, check out other contributors selected here:
Note: If you have not heard about, this is a fabulous
networking platform created especially for Malaysian moms. And, it’s also open for anyone who understand English and Malay language.

So, if you’re from Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand or any tiny corner of the world, you’re most welcome too at!

I am so glad to receive the good news but I can only do more serious writing this week as the kids are finally recovering from HFM even though I have received the good news last week.

So stay tuned folks as I work towards achieving my childhood dream, i.e. working towards my personal interest, namely writing :) I will have at least two posting each month at What a good way to polish my writing skills!

(Blogging from my Iphone while staying awake awhile to check on the two kids)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Scream Park, Sunway Lagoon

Me and DH went to visit Sunway Lagoon Scream Park.

This picture was taken by DH. I was supposed to pose with the Scream Park in the background for memory.

Cos I am damn timid and fearful.

Somehow the staff there signal the Park Chief/Manager(not too sure) to pose along with me...(with DH's

Stay tuned for more updates on this twosome trip!

Note: This is a pre-scheduled post.