Saturday, February 6, 2010

ParenThots - MPH contest

Hi folks,
All Book-lovers and Book-lover's parents out there!
I am excited to view this contest and I bet you are too!
Check out this ParenThots - MPH contest with a chance to win some exciting children's books and voucher prizes.
All we have to do is answer 3 objective questions and submit a photo of your whole family reading.
Easy, right?
Winners will be chosen based on correct answers and best photo.
Closing date: Feb 14, 2010

For more details, refer to ParenThots - MPH contest.

Happy Reading and Contesting!

Friday, February 5, 2010

CHINESE NEW YEAR SPECIAL from GIN & JACQIE online (Until 6 Feb 2010 ONLY!!)

Hi folks,
If you are a bag-lover like me, this promotion from
gin & jacqie - more than just a bag 
might just interest you!
Check them out!



  1. Offer valid in GIN & JACQIE online only.
  2. Offer is not valid at GIN & JACQIE stores. Offer does not apply to previous purchases.
  3. Offer valid through 2 FEBRUARY TO 6 FEBRUARY, 2010, 11:59pm EST.
  4. Cannot be combined with any other promotion. While stocks last!
 Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

iPad vs. Kindle

Hi folks!
An avid reader since young whereby I used to go to bookshops every end/early of the month after I got my salary and spending a lot on getting books.
However, this began to changed when I was introduced to ebooks.
Now, with the launching of the Apple latest gadgets, reminds me of the Kindle ebook reader by Amazon which I came across from reading Timothy(Nuffnang co-founder)'s blog.
Picture from Google Image
Anyone out there have tried iPad? How do you find it?
Picture from Google Image
I wonder if our future generation will no longer need to lunge their heavy textbooks around to school in future. Perhaps they will just carry one of these cool ebook reader to nice! Best way to stop making our school-children bringing heavier than their size school bags!
I personally feel that this is a good tool to invest especially for those who love to read and always on the go.
Anyone of you who have tried the products, please do share with me about your experience!
For those who like to check out more about iPad, you may like to read this article in TheStar Online here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Must-Have Criteria for a WAHM

Having a brief stint working from home, I realised that a WAHM must possess criterias below in order to stay creditable, discipline and able to stay productive both for work and family:

Must-Have Criteria

We have to be discipline if we want to be trusted by our bosses/client and our family too. When we are working from home, we have to be able to deliver our work on time as how we would be expected to be doing when we are working from office. We should stick to our deadlines and time-table as much as possible. At the same time, we should also try not to be overworked and neglect our family time.

We have to be committed to our deliverables just as we stay committed as a wife and mom. We cannot expect others to pardon our late delivery or any poor quality work in order to succeed in our WAHM career.

Time Management
We have to learn to juggle our balls(work, family, personal) well to succeed. Being WAHM, some people might think we have all the time in the world and start asking us to run errands for them, etc. We have to learn to say No, if our time does not allow that. Otherwise, it might turned out to be a snowball effect and such requests will be never-ending! We have to let others know that we are also working just like them, the only difference is that we work from home but we too, have our deliverables to meet as well!

Integrity and Accountability
We have to be accountable for our work. Same applies for our family household chores like cooking, preparing the kids for school etc. Sometimes we might need to get some external sources for help like a temporary sit-in babysitter or even packed meal in order to meet our target or deadline. But make this as fun and as less frequent if possible! I am sure not only you benefited from this arrangement, your family might actually love having this special occasion of packed meal once in a while. Make it like a picnic or restaurant-like meal with a movie at home, a picnic mat, etc. My DH simply love the once-in-a-while pizza delivery when I am too tired to cook :) So no guilt or whatsoever!

We have to make known our accessible time or hour so that people know when they can discuss things over with us. For example, make it known to others(colleagues, team member, clients) what time you'll be online for online support or online meetings. And make it known to your kids(if they are old enough to understand) that from this time to this time, mommy would be working so if there is no urgent matters, they should learn not to disturb your working hour. And an answering machine would certainly be a helpful tool if you really need to be away for errands yet phone calls need to be attended! Technology does makes our life easier! So make full use of it!

Understanding and Respect
To be a successful WAHM, it is BEST if we can have the blessings and support of our life partner(a.k.a. husband/wife). Even though we might not get the support from our parents or parents-in-law as for them, they might think that it is simply a waste time and money spent on higher education which we have gone thru' or maybe they felt that you are just wasting your time and talent being "at home", but at least you have one and most important ally that is your "LIFE PARTNER"!!! That matters a lot!

And respect counts a lot too! First respect yourself, of your choice to be a WAHM. Respect your Work from Home Biz/task. Perform it with your BEST effort!

Working condition and environment
If possible, set a corner or room dedicated for your WAHM task. If you bake cookies as your biz, then kitchen would be your "working" space. If you are doing online support, then make the workstation corner/study room as your workplace. Place a "Do not Disturb" sign or make it known to your family members that once mommy is in there, mommy is on "working" mode. So anything that does not require urgent attention, no one should disturb mommy at that specified time. Make it a comfy and special place for you! So once you are in there, you are on your "productive" mode!

Clear Priorities
At times, a WAHM starters might be overwhelmed by the load of work-from-home job and work as mom and housewife 24/7 with a long list of never-ending tasks. As more often than not, both work and family commitment might clashed and it might made us lost our priorities. And if the reason we set out to be a WAHM is to create a work-life-balance, yet we neglected our family and worked even harder, spent even more time "at work" and less time with our family, then we should really looked back, rearrange our work and reschedule our priorities!

These are some of the must-have criterias I felt a WAHM/D should possess or nurture? Do you have any to add on my list? Please feel free!

Let us share our tips, experience, secrets on how to become a better and more successful WAHM!


This post is also published in as part of my monthly contribution to their column :)

Do pay them a visit folks, if you are a passionate mommy blogger/reader too!
Happy reading and sharing!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shone @ 19 months

Learning how to wear his own pants!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What are the things that will make you go just one more shot?

 Hi folks,
I believe each of us have our share of ups and downs....and how do you guys managed to pull yourself up and continue to strive on your life and goals?
For me, these are the following people, events, ways which have managed to cheers me on:
  1. My personal mentors, whether they are my buddies, families, historical figures or even brief encounters of a stranger or even my own kids.
  2. A words of encouragement, a quote or even a simple yet touching story.
  3. A past events which I faced difficulties and triumphed.
  4. A regretable action/event which makes me said "No, I will not repeat the same mistakes again ever!"
  5. The pure determination build up over tiny struggles and effort made along the life journey which enable me to carry on. So every little effort counts! Without the first bun, you won't feel full after the 10th bun!

What about you?

What are the things, people or events which has enable you to have that strength and courage to carry on your quest?

Please do SHARE! I shall share about each of these "batteries" I listed above in another post after hearing from all of you too!

Let us all BE INSPIRED and be as REMARKABLE as you!

Cheers to All!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year Spring Cleaning(of thoughts and goals)

Hi folks!

I have the habit to do self-reflection before the New Year approach(in my case is before lunar New Year a.k.a. Chinese New Year approach this time 'cos a bit too late to reflect in time for 2010, Jan 1..haha...talking about procrastination?? Actually it is due to a series of uncertainties in my life then...with career change, nursery-hunting for KY and lotss more!!)

Anyway, when I was out of clue on where to start, I look back at my post on 29 Things I hope to do @ Age 29, and thought why not start from there....

So here it is the list I've got during my birthday month. Let's see how much is "completed" thus far!

  1. Restart my jogging or exercise regime together with DH and kids and even with like-minded friends. [In progress, doing light stretching exercise indoor]
  2. Learn and start to bake…[Need more help, Oven not working!! :( ]
  3. Pick up 29 new skills…woot…what are they..decide as and when they are required…but below are some of them:[Side-tracked, am picking up more on communication skills rather due to recent job-hunting and nursery-hunting plus communication exercise with DH]
    1. Baking (as in so this skill has more emphasis in my plans haha)
    2. Route learning (am rather weak in reading map or lack sense of direction :P)
    3. Work related – to be prioritized (at this moment..quite long list :P )
    4. ………more to come…
  4. Call/Check in with my mom once a week if cannot visit her weekly. (dad and siblings included)[In progress, sometimes with the help/reminder from kids]
  5. Resumed my yearly travelling or visiting some special places.[In progress, to near and short trip first]
  6. Continue my German language learning (self-study this time, had 3 months basic German language lesson after I graduated).[In progress, been practicising with my ex-boss who knew German]
  7. Schedule ME time to do:
    1. Reading[In progress, reading blog online counts too rite :P ]
    2. Catching up with girls-friend/old buddies[YES!! Had several ones! Keep it UP, Molly!! Way to Go!]
    3. Facial(twice a month-minimum)[erm, only managed some DIY black-head remover now]
    4. Self-study/take up a course[Have not started/decide which course to take]
    5. Window shopping[Yup, love shopping@boutique with girlfrens and trying out shoes and clothes :P ..well...being women! ]
  8. Clear my “storeroom” and turned it into mini study-room cum guest room[In progress, cleared some baby stuff already, passes to sil and sister, more to go..]
  9. Celebrate each day with someone, something.[Yep, with ice-cream, DH and sisters/girlfren]
  10. Hugs my loved ones daily, with morning greetings and kisses at night.[sometimes forgot!]
  11. Experiment with new recipes every week if not everyday.[Slacking]
  12. Make soup daily.[Not even weekly..sigh..gettting lazy!]
  13. Eat 3 types of fruits and 5 types of vegetables/ color food daily.[Not very successful]
  14. Visit someone weekly be it friends, neighbours, new-found friends, girlfriend or even family.[Need to be more consistent!]
  15. Remember birthdays…of anyone and wish them :)[Need to improve on]
  16. Read 5 articles daily on health, parenting, spiritual, work-related and general.[Erm, am reading every day, every night but not in "enough" genres, to be improved!]
  17. Have house improvement monthly be it in d├ęcor, spring-cleaning or decluttering.[In progress...spring-cleaning my kitchen cabinet now!]
  18. Role improvement:[In progress..all the due date..]
    1. Mom
    2. Wife
    3. Employer
    4. Earth citizen
    5. Daughter/Daughter-in-law/granddaughter
  19. Look good and presentable for myself and DH plus kids (setting good example).[This feels good! To look good and feel good, very IMPORTANT!!]
  20. Learn to be good host, organize party games/food/organizing.[so far, only food & games, others have not tried]
  21. Start some homeschooling with kids even if I am not yet able to be a WAHM/SAHM.[Need more consistency and ENERGY!!!]
  22. Set up my bookshelves plus kids one.[Bookshelves done, need to be more organized!]
  23. Fully-utilise current resources/God-given items to optimum:[20% Done]
    1. Mobile phone – To Do List, Reminders, Birthdays Alert, maps, networking etc
    2. Condo facilites – gymn, swimming pool, condo friends and committee
    3. Living healthy parents and siblings – more gathering, visiting and caring, pooling resources/helping each other
  24. Jot down memorable events in journal/blog/etc [Yeah!! This one almost 88%?? LOL]
  25. Put up family pictures in my home, in-law and parent’s place.Yeah!! I did! With the help from EOE Online! Check out my blog entry here]
  26. Stay in touch with old buddies.[Thanks to IM and Facebook! Yep but space to improve!]
  27. Relearn swimming (yup I am not very good at swimming..really afraid of water type, need DH help on this.)[Not yet]
  28. Practice good PR, budgeting and organizing skills in all aspects.[Way to go!!!]
  29. Clear all short-term debts (house and car loan not yet included), be debt free and start to plan for some cushion saving by hook or by crook.[In progress, cut off one credit card thanks to the newly-implemented govt. RM50 service charge!! ]
Phew...not even 50% done and my target of FINAL REVIEW is on my 30th Birthday!

Way to go!!! Gambatei Molly! You can do it!

Will work on more on the list and my new year aspirations!

Stay tuned!