Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is Your Partner Your Blogging Ally?

Hi folks!
As we tread on the road of blogging, we do face some challenges whether is internal or external.
Internally, it can be we run out of ideas of enthusiasm to blog.
Externally, we may have challenges like insufficient time to blog, network connection issue or even our family members or close friends who never stop criticizing our blog or do not give approval or much needed support in our blogging activities.
To progress to a pro-blogger or for some full-time blogger, we may need to attend some campaign activities etc. depending on the nature of our blog. For e.g., if we are a food blogger, perhaps we might need to travel around to capture and taste different types of food at different places in order to produce our blog post.
Now, here comes the question for parent bloggers who are fast making their presence felt here in cyber space, i.e., " Is your "partner" your Blogging ally?
Partner here can be your husband or wife, your business venture partner (such as those who are providing photography services, gift baskets, etc), or even your children (in this case, for parent bloggers in particular! ).
Now, there are famous bloggers like the Redmummy who always have the full support of her husband a.k.a. the Red Daddy. And Kak Ros from Mombloggersplanet whose daughter is her most famous model in her photography services blog as well as her own personal parenting journey blog.
So how about you? Does your partner support you on your blogging journey? Is their support important to you?
I personally feel that as a parent blogger, having the support of our partner (i.e. husband or wife) is extremely important.
Take for example, when we have the chance to be invited for any parent blogger or blogger event, we do need our partner's support to attend with us (sometimes) or even babysit the kids while we have the chance to attend those events which I find it so crucial for networking and socializing amongst bloggers.
So, how do you gather the support from your "partner" to be your ally?
For myself, I try to share what I learnt daily from blog sphere (yep, acting like a news reporter here) and what's going on for the blogging scene now and of course not to forget to share to his circle of friends on articles which they are interested to find out like parenting and childcare. That surely helps to arouse my partner (in this case my husband) to my blog and to my blogging "endeavor". So slowly, these effort helps to gather approval and support to go on my blogging-related trips and fun!
How about you folks? Care to share your tips?
Love to hear from you all!

Note: This article is published in as part of my monthly contribution at their column ;)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi folks,
Last Friday, my girl, KY brought me her nursery workbook and showed me what she has learnt and the stickers and stars (as reward for her good work) she earned. I just nod in approval while I was breastfeeding Shone on the sofa. Then KY continues to read me from her reading book and asked me now and then whether she has read correctly or whether the word is pronounced correctly. I was still busy with folding clothes at that time (as usual, normally after work I would be busy with kids and housework).
Honestly, I have not been paying as much attention as I should on KY since she started nursery this year. What have I been busy with? Kind of feeling guilt and regrets…
Then before she sleeps, she showed me the "Message Book" of her nursery which consist of notices that the nursery wanted to inform the parents like timetable, charity/ donation collection, and gasp…then only I saw this month, they have additional language and Maths classes for kids age 4-6 with additional payment ranging from RM65-120 (excluding transport fees of RM15-20) as it is held after class. Wow…can't imagine that, so young they are having something like "tuition" classes…
Then when I flip to the other page which KY told me that the Teacher said I must sign on the chop stating "Parents/Guardian signature here". What was that notice? KY will be having her exam in May 19. Wow…my gosh…exam for my 3 + yr old KY. Aiyoyo…should I be thankful that I missed the April additional classes notice so that spares KY from attending long hours of classes each day and of course burning a small hole in mommy's pocket for paying those classes?
Now, I strive to spend more time with her at nite and during weekend to go through briefly her work with her in a relaxing way, FOC and bonding time. Actually KY is the one who get me to go through with her every nite. So ashamed of myself..really been neglecting her progress. Now I know why sometimes there are remarks saying that parents push the responsibilities of educating their kids to teachers. 'Cos I noticed such thought in me(especially when I am so exhausted and plain lazy) that my girl went to nursery, so fine, she would have gain some "education" work done. So I did not take the extra effort to check her work or go through the reading with her besides asking her what she has learnt/eat/do in school today(standard daily question).
So, starting from Monday, I tried to get DH to go through with her(at her request) while I BF Shone. Once I am done with Shone, then I took over and go through the reading with her while DH try to put Shone to bed. And KY such a hardworker and would work through the nite…phew until this mommy battery flat..and had to asked her to stop but she resisted and want to do one more page…and I said it would be the LAST PAGE for tonight and we would continue tomorrow night. When she is done with the last page, she wants to do another page of the math workbook I got her from Tesco. And this mommy look at the clock, and it's already near 10pm and her normal bed time is 9.30pm, so I resist and insist she keep her book and go to bed. KY started throwing tantrums and cried. I just left her to cry as I do not want to create a scene, plus I am really tired for such a long day. Honestly, I feel bad for making her cried so long and for such reason that she wants to do her so-called "homework".

Second day, I improved my technique. At 9pm, I set my alarm clock together with KY, saying that we shall stop the last work when the alarm clock rings at 9.15pm and we shall go and brush our teeth and read our bedtime story together at bed. To which she agreed without much fuss (now I remembered reading this technique in one of the mommy blog or parenting it does works!). So when the clock rings, as usual she wanted to do just one more page, instead of struggling with her and make a scene, I just patiently go through with her and that's it. Just extra 1minute and I can get a happy girl and get my happy sleep. Phew…
By the way, second nite is so much easier as Shone(the workbook snatcher is away at sleep), TV is off, housework is on hold), KY just love having my full attention. While she worked on the colouring, I briefly walk away to do my laundry :P Had to steal some time yeah…else I would have loads of un-washed clothes…and DH would came and asked me, "Where's my pants dear?"….such is the day of a Full Time Working Mother…

Hope it doesn't bored you with this entry!
Have a lovely time with your "Hardworker"! I hope mine will continue such diligence when she goes to primary-secondary and university next time..but sure love her to enjoy her playtime too!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Pledge

Hi folks!

Today April 22, is Earth Day.

I have been hearing lotsa announcement, events, articles commemorating this special day such as the Earth Day Carnival, Ikano Center, 15-25 April 2010.

Looking back, with the help of the media (newspaper, radio, television) and lotsa green mommy bloggers I've got to know as well as the online shops selling greener methods like Mamapatch, Tiny Tapir, etc, I have been gradually adopting a greener lifestyle besides continuing my vegetarian diet and lifestyle for more than 17 years now.

Some of the things I have adopted:

1)      Supporting Bring Your Own Bag(BYOB) campaign

2)      Using Cloth Diaper

3)      Using Cloth Pad

4)      Reduce Carbon Footprint by consciously buying local vegetables and fruits (as much as possible organic ones, free from pesticides), buying local-made products, eat at home more frequently, reducing the needs to go out for food

5)      Bring my own lunchboxes to work or to pack my food

6)      (RECYCLE) Separate my garbage: plastic, glasses, paper, waste material

7)      (REUSE)Donate unwanted stuff to charity

8)      (REDUCE) Buy refill pack, buy with a list, do not spend unnecessarily (cut two of my credit cards, reduce my grocery purchase to 2-3 times a month instead of weekly), clear current stock before buying.


Things I still got to improve or start doing:

1)      Start learning how to make compost to clear the #1 challenge of not using any plastic bags for garbage.

2)      Learn how to make and utilize garbage enzyme despite my wariness of using it ( this ignorance..but I still find it rather unhygiene to use cups washed with it..or let baby crawl on floors mopped with it.. shy…I really need to get to know more of the details or science and beauty behind this marvelous green method and start using it ;)

3)      Use my compost to grow some eatable vegetables like chilli, mint, basil (I have tried growing pumpkin with the compost I made before..looks mini but yummy!!)

So yep, not making big pledge here, but at least I am striving to look into the most crucial item- the garbage. And I think it is quite workable 'cos:

1)      By reducing my purchase and buy more refills and products with less packaging, I have already reduce lotsa unnecessary garbage

2)      Ever since switching to reading newspaper online, that minus off another pile of papers stacking away

3)      By dividing the garbage to:

a.       Paper

b.      Plastic

c.       Glass

d.      Vegetables/Fruit peels (for making compost)

And by using cloth diapers, cloth pad, reusable bags, I think pretty much sorted out the garbage I need to discard properly. What other rubbish that I might need other ways to manage/dispose about dust..can be throw into compost bin?


Need to do more research and experiment on this..anyhow..finally I realized, there is really such a solution of not having too much rubbish and not having enough plastic bag to store and discard it.

Wish me luck to a greener life…that's what little things I can do for you, dear Earth!

Hope you grow healthily and my kids are able to enjoy your company!






The first thing......tag...




Hi folks,
Here's another entry/tag(voluntary again :P) about The first my blogger pal A Temporary Housewife ..hehe..seronok(fun) when I tried so hard to recall all these First time we did as a newly-wed..honestly many are nearest I did not managed to recall or even record any :P so here it is..

1. The first thing we used after we got married.../Barang kahwin pertama yg dipakai
I must say it's the thick and fluffy new couple towel we used right after coming back from our wedding luncheon to get a nice and warm shower before zzzzz....

2. The first electrical appliance that you bought together/Barang elektrik pertama yg beli bersama pasangan slps sah bernikah dan dok sebumbung
Hair Dryer(as we were staying with my in-law after marriage, so no much things to buy, but hair dryer is one thing hubby got for it's simply not convenient to share with my bil or mil :P)

3. The first personal thing you bought using the dowry/Barang pertama milik peribadi yang dibeli guna duit hantaran
Dowry is from women side right contrast to bride that case..I don't have any in cash for dowry..only a bath robe,a brooch, a handbag, two pairs of shoes from my mom which I still use/have it today. If there's any "cash" for dowry would be the red packet I got from my mom during the chinese tea ceremony which is used to pay off the whatever expenses occured during the wedding. Nothing left..yet blessed at least not in debt after personal things bought at all..

4. The first personal thing that you bought after you got married/Barang peribadi pertama yg dibeli slps bergelar isteri
My rather costly skincare products to keep my skin in proper condition :P yes, after married also must look good rite ladies! ;)

5. The first expensive thing that you bought with your hubby /Barang mahal pertama yg dibeli sbg suami isteri (beli dgn capai keputusan bersama)
Our furnitures and electrical appliances for our new home. Long list...sofa, bedroom set, fridge, washing machine...all the big items that cost more than RM1K each.

Okay now…I will follow Kak Nura to tag another 5 bloggers to answer those questions.
So, please help yourself and let me know(in comment box) if you have decided to go down the memory lane like me too ;) 
Enjoy the trip...cheers! 


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grey(or White) Matters

Hi folks,

A rather "informal" entry. Lately, I just cut my hair after noticing the amount of hair fallen lately after I tried to grow my hair longer again. Wow..lotsss…

This time, KY followed me to the hair saloon. Being such a young lady (3+ yrs old), she has been asking me to bring her to hair saloon to cut her hair rather than DIY by her mom at home twice a month. So I brought her along to experience it. She grew so bored flipping those magazines at the saloon and started climbing up and down chairs. Then she pulled a chair behind me and exclaimed she saw white hair on my head! So she helped me to pluck it..and said she discovered many more. I just brush her off when the hair stylist is here to cut my hair.

Then, when I got time to check on the mirror, wow, amazing, my hair seems to have lotsa white hair overnight..or was it because I am so busy to even see the mirror for the past X years :P except when I attend dinner/function ..haha

Now, come to think of it, all my sisters have white or grey hair issues since teens. So far only my brother and I are not affected by it..but now I think it's hitting me..Luckily it's growing all underneath my black no dying or plucking required yet..hoho..

Wonder does motherhood fasten the grey matters process or simply it's in my genes..anyway, I would prefer silver ones..natural color dye..haha….

Now, folks, how many of you have 40% white/grey hair before hitting 30s (or ok..early thirties)? What can be the reason for the sudden "mushroom-ing"?Just hope no other "issues" cause it..gotta ask Mr. Google. Wait for my report on it :P




Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Portrait Sketching by Hanz

Hi folks!


One of the thing I love doing being a great supporter and researcher on WAHM issues, I love showcasing or buying products from these lovely and wonderful WAHM/SAHM folks or WAHM-aspiring folks!


Note: WAHM = Work at Home Mom, SAHM = Stay At Home Mom


Now, one of my WAHM-aspiring buddy( just like me) has taken a leap and launch her Potrait Sketching service!




Here's what describe by my blogger buddy, Hanz ( Charm Chameleon Chatterbox) about her service:

Good for own memorial collection, gift, home decor or whatever you like. Sketching quality as on image sample.

Your portrait will be drawn up to your selection either on full A4 size drawing paper or on full size A3 drawing paper. Medium is only available in black and white. Finish drawing will also be laminated.

Service charge is as follows :

A3 Size : RM 40
(maximum number of face is 2.
Additional face will be charge RM 3/per face.)

A4 Size : RM 30
(maximum number of face is 2.
Additional face will be charge RM 3/per face.)

Upon order you need to send to me your own photo by email. You'll be given a copy of portrait by email attachment to finalise. I only allow one time editing and editing more than once will be chargeable accordingly. Final sketch item will be sent by post. Please allow 3 weeks for sketching and delivery (bear with me since I am full-time-working mother).

You can make the payment via bank transfer and delivery can be arrange by post or by hand (subject to location mentioned at the sidebar) Customer has to bare the Postage charge and the cost will be inform later depending on recipient address. If interested please visit my blogshop.

WARNING : Obscene or image that is controversial
will automatically not be entertained.

Portrait Sketching, Translation, Storytelling,
Arty-Crafty, Reading Tutorial & Preloved Items
are available at TheHoneybunch Marketplace


I kinda interested to have my family potrait sketched too especially when I saw her sketches, it reminded me how I used to watch those artist sketching such lovely pictures at the Central Market during my college time.(I used to go there to buy handcraft materials for children's workshop in my voluntary years..which greatly reduced... yet currently resurfaced at my kids playgroup..shall post up some of the new discovery or nice activities I discovered and experimented with you all :D)
Do check out Hanz's blog and drop her a note if you are interested ;)
Cheers to Gutsy WAHM-aspiring parents!
P.s: Admire their guts and hope to get brush on such creative and courageous "powder" on me :D too! ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fascination about Tiger...

Hi folks,

Have you seen a tiger in real-life? What is your first thought when you see one?
For me I feel tiger looks majestic yet at the same time helpless when being caged without freedom.

My kids and I seen a real-life tiger at one tourist place, and they asked me,” Mommy, why is the tiger pacing up and down and the other one just seems to sleep whole day long.
To us, Tiger supposed to look fierce and bold and should roar with such sounds that makes you wanna run away. But these tigers look so helplessly caged and fed at specific hours that they do not require to move their butt or search for food at all. And soon, like the movie Madagascar, you will find these tigers losing their survival skills in the jungle.

And today tiger is fast moving into extinction.

This year is Tiger year according lunar/Chinese calendar year. Amongst the 12 animals sign in Chinese calendar, will Tiger be the next legendary animal just like “Dragon” or even dinasours? Willl we use their closest descendant a.k.a cat as an example to explain how the Tiger looks like to our future generation simply because this poor tiger population is being wiped out due to human’s act and greed?
 Let us all do our part to spread the words to protect our heritage, our tigers. Isn’t our national coat of arm symbolized by tiger as well?

The tiger is our national animal. Our heritage. But today only less than 500 of them remain in the wild. As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage. Speak to your children. Speak to your leaders. Everyone of us can make a difference.

For further information, please visit MYCAT (, WWF Malaysia

( and Department of Wildlife & National Parks (
Love our world, love our country and love the tiger too!


This article is written as part of my support for The Tiger Blogfest 2010 week from 19 – 23 April 2010 (coincides with the Earth Day on 22 April) where bloggers blog about the need to protect our tigers. It is an avenue for the blogging community to contribute towards protecting our national heritage. This is purely voluntary. There are no prizes as we, bloggers are simply expressing our concern for our tigers aimed at raising awareness about the need to protect our remaining tigers.

Check out for more information on Tiger Blogfest here.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Posing for mommy

Hi folks,

Here ar Shone&KY peace sign. Trying to let them get some fresh air
outside while recovering from flu& cough..