Saturday, May 1, 2010

Janda Baik Trip...

Some picture taken, sand playing, picnic & close with nature.... Had
good time;)

Fast and Fuss-free Cooking Tips

Hi folks!


I believe no matter we have maids, or whether we are working full time outside or working from home, we do cook sometimes or most of the time.


I am always on hunt for fast cooking ingredients and recipes to assist me to cook more often for my family. When the ingredients are close at hand and not to mentioned the basic cooking utensils are ever-ready(cleaned and easily accessible, not stored at top or high cabinet), we are more encouraged to cook. Agree?


Now, I am often cooking and packing lunch from home for hubby and myself in the morning. Thus, things I cook need to be real fast and fuss-free (within 15 minutes). Now, how do I accomplished that?


Here are some tips and methods which I am sure many moms/dads/singles out there are already practising it. Let's share:

Basic Utensils:

1. Cooking pan

2. Cooking Pot

3. Ladle

4. Spatula

5. Chopping board

6. Knife

7. Serving bowl

8. Fork and Spoon


That's the very basic tools we should have even for singles who are staying outside and like to cook for themselves.


Next, we go to some useful ingredients we can get as standby so that anytime we are in mood for cooking, we can waive the magic "spatula" anytime.


Dry food:

1. Dried chinese mushroom

2. Canned tomatoes

3. Ramen/noodles

4. Spaghetti/Macaroni

5. Dried kelps

6. Seaweed

7. Italian herbs (rosemary, thyme, basils, parsley, etc)

8. Olive oil

9. Canned Olives



Store in Fridge/Freezer food:

1. Miso - fridge

2. Mixed vegetables (consist of green peas, corn and carrots)- freezer

3. Organic seasonings/mushroom/bean paste

4. Tofu in cube


Now, what kind fuss-free dishes can I come out with these ingredients?


1.      Stir-fry Macaroni


a.       Macaroni

b.      Mushroom

c.       Mixed vegetables (if you happened to have broccoli, bell peppers, it would be awesome!)

d.      Olives (minced)

e.       Olive oil


First, boil hot water. Once boiling put in the macaroni and add salt, it'll make the macaroni soften faster!

While waiting the macaroni to cook, cut b & d. Fry d,b,c (in that sequence), once macaroni is cooked, transfer it to a pot of icy cold water(if you like a crunchier texture).Scoop it up and sizzle drops of olive oil and lightly stir fry together with other ingredients.


Approximate cooking time: 15 minutes


This is one of my all-time favourite especially I find macaroni cooks faster than spaghetti and easier to feed the children too.


Now, the same goes for ramen, you only need 15 minutes cooking time to magically make a nice and warm miso ramen soup for you and family.


2.      Miso Ramen Soup


a.       Ramen

b.      Miso

c.       Mushroom

d.      Kelps

e.       Tofu (can buy those wrapped in cubes which can store in fridge for few weeks)

f.       Mixed vege (again if you happened to have other fresh leafy vege, use them!)


Cook c first, and then all the rest of the ingredients in. Miso, kelps and tofu should be added last. Simmer for 10 minutes and enjoy your yummy soup!


Approximate cooking time: 15 minutes


Easy right? If you get those shitake mushroom, you might just skipped the soaking and cutting required for the dry Chinese mushroom!


Hope more folks would start cooking for themselves and their families/friends! Not only does it healthier for our body, same goes for our wallet. Plus the bonding time cooking together with your family and friends is invaluable!


Let's stock up these fuss-free ingredients and welcome our cooking mood arrives anytime!



Note: Ingredients are mostly plant-based as the author is a vegetarian, plus, fuss-free cooking is anytime, for anyone and even for those without fridge can cook something simple at home!
This article is published in as part of my monthly contribution in their column. Check out if you are avid blogger and mom too! Cheers!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Love World Love sloggi

Hi folks,
Ever since I started my breastfeeding journey with my first child in 2006 and subsequently with my second child in 2008, here is what you can see in my wardrobe (can you make out the word S-L-O-G-G-I there :P)
So unappetizing nursing bras :P
When I saw Sloggi's bras called "Love World Love sloggi", a brand new eco-friendly range where lingerie is made out of recycled material, I am immediately smittened!
I would love to get some of these nice-looking bra to replace the ones I am having for close to 4 years now.
But give a pat on myself, breastfeeding mommies, we Love our Kids, Love this world, that is why we chose breastfeeding, irregardless whether it is cool, pretty or unexciting attire we gotta wear :)
So cheers to sloggi for coming up with such eco-friendly brand!
To get to know more about sloggi new range, go to their site here! Labor Day Special

hi folks,
Looking for baby products? Check out the sales at for some good bargain!
Happy shopping & Happy Labor Day to all working folks! Cheers!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Win a FREE lunch for mum!

Saw this yummy prizes at Parenthots...unfortunately I already got engagement on the day...can't bring my mom over to have lunch there..
Now, if you interested to win a free lunch for your mom, check out the details below(from Parenthots)!
Good Luck and Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy bloggers and readers friends out there!
Cheers & hugs!
Want to win a free lunch for your mum at Dish Deli, Mont Kiara, on Mother's Day (May 9)?

You could be one of the lucky 10 winners. All you have to do is click the "Like" button on the Best Events Facebook page.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Golf clinic for juniors

Hi folks!

Saw this article in Parenthots..if you stay around Putrajaya/Cyberjaya area and your child is between four and 16 might be interested to check this out!
Cheers to another golf protege and of course..have fun!
Golf clinic for juniors

If your child is between four and 16 years and is keen to learn more about golf, then you'll want to register him/her for the Cyberjaya Junior Golf Clinic.

The clinic, hosted by Cyberview, is open to students and residents of the Cyberjaya-Putrajaya area. A registration fee of RM40 covers breakfast, lunch, goodies and a certificate of completion.

The golf clinic will be held at the Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cyberjaya driving range on Saturday, May 1st from 9.30am-3pm.

The clinic will feature professional golfers and coaches from the Airil Rizman Golf Academy. The clinic will end with an exciting competition where participants will be able to put their newfound golf skills to the test.

To register, call Ku Sairy of K Golf Event and Management at (016) 335-6544 or go to Places are limited to the first 100 participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Women-only coaches at KTM starts today

Hi folks,

Saw this article in TheStarOnline today..interesting...I heard about women coaches/train in India and now Malaysia is implementing it as well..
Here's the excerpts:

KTM to introduce women-only coaches from today

PETALING JAYA: KTM Bhd will introduce its first women-only coach for the commuter train service operating from Sentul to Port Klang today.

The railway said in a statement that the move would be implemented as statistics showed that 60% of KTM Komuter passengers were women.

It said the special coach would provide more comfort and security to women and protect them from "sexual harassment and jostling with male passengers."

KTM said boys under the age of 12 were permitted to ride in the "women-only" coach with their female companions or relatives.

The railway said it was not mandatory for women passengers to use the coach but they were encouraged to use it.

Named "Ladies Only At All Times", the coach is located in the middle among the three coaches of every commuter train. The coaches at the front and back are for all sexes.

(for full article, refer to TheStarOnline here)


Cheers to Women!


Hi folks,

Mother's Day is approaching...have you started planning anything for your mom? I have been discussing with my siblings since a month back as 3 of us have got married, so we have both side "mothers" to celebrate with. So normally we would plan early so that we get to celebrate with our mom together.

With the radio station keeps repeating the ad for Mother's Day, I can't help reminisching that very FIRST CRY of my first child.

For those of you who have experience childbirth or witness one (being the hubby), do you still remember THE FIRST CRY of your first born/child?

I remembered when I was pregnant with my first child, I was not very sure what to expect. Even though I have asked and gone through every child birth article I managed to read, but still feeling nervous when the time comes nearer each day.

Even when the contraction happened, I wasn't sure whether it is a "false alarm" or for real! I called my mom to seek her advice, and finally talked to the baby, "Please, if you are ready to arrive, give mommy a clearer sign". And soon enough, I see blood spots and quickly took my shower and washed my hair as advised by my mommy friends because for Chinese, we have taboo for washing hair during confinement. So  I had better get myself cleaned thoroughly before the delivery!

And when I was wheeled to a room in the hospital at 9pm, the pain starts slow but steadily. The nurse told my hubby to go back and wait for phone call. I did not expect that, I thought he is going to stay with me till the baby arrive. And from experience, the nurse said, it won't be so soon. True enough, I only dilated to 9cm 12 hours later. Still, I have not have the chance to hear the first cry of my child in the labor room as I was pushed into operation theatre for emergency c-section.

So, the first cry experience for me would be when I regained consciousness (i was on full body anesthetics) and when the nurse finally placed my baby on top of me the next day. There wasn't much crying even then as my first child sleeps soundly and was just cooing softly. The loudest first cry I heard would be when I wheeled myself (with wheelchair) to the nursery room to nurse her..loud and thunderous roar of hunger I guess. Since then, starts the fun-filled and exciting motherhood journey for me. One which filled with much tears and joys. It makes me realised how much my parents have done for me. We are their first priority even since the very FIRST CRY!

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  • and Alice reserves the right to cancel the contest at any stage, if deemed necessary in our opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of our control.

So folks, let's share our first baby birth experience and win ourselves or for our mom a gorgeous bag!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aussino Warehouse SALE, 29 Apr-2 May 2010!

Check this out if you are looking to buy some bedlinen and stuff from Aussino :)

Life-long learning

Wilkommen, Welcome folks!

I am one who really fascinates about languages. Before I got married, I have wanted to further my Master in Germany. Thus I have taken up German language course. Oh how I enjoyed my lessons there!

The courses are rather intense, 3 hours session, fully-packed and not a minute wasted. True to German style, no-nonsense, practical and punctual!

I have gained a lot from the language course at Goethe Institut Malaysia not just on picking up Deautshe, but also the way to approach language tutoring with my students (I was doing English and Computer tutoring for a few years before I have children). Effective methods like role-playing, games are such great ways to make the language lessons more lively and effective!

Now, I sure do miss having such brain exercise of attending courses (don't mention about those technical IT ones :P which is more work-related for my case). Hope I would have such time and budget to pursue such course which not only widen up my horizon and my soul too…lifelong learning and networking, meeting up with interesting people and event!


Cheers to life-long learning!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ailments and Antidote

Hi folks,
Very much often I receive such loving emails with pictures and nice quotes, but how many times I have promptly glance thru without noticing the simple yet strong antidote for our daily ailment which I often asked myself,"What's the cure/solution to solve it?"
So in these pictures, the following caught my attention:

Pain = Peace & Mercy

Self-Doubting = Renewed Confidence In Our Ability To Work Thru It

Tiredness = understanding, patience and renew strength

Fear = Love & Courage

Now, it looks like the right antidote…but where and how to get them? Hehe..another question…

For e.g, I am quite agreed with the antidotes of tiredness and fear as the ailment I experienced most often…and often asked when and how I can regain my "energy" or even "escape" from being so exhausted (mostly physically)?

And fear, have so much fear instilled since young by adults, don't go out, else the bad guys will catch you!

No, don't climb up high else you may fell and hurt yourself..

Don't trust strangers as they may trick you…

BUT why? Why hasn't anyone informed or guide us how to live a fearless yet rewarding life?

How to be safe and yet not fearful?

I am consciously reminding my kids thru the positive alert," Hold tightly when you climb so that you can do it safely!" Instead of "Stop, don't climb else you will fall!" 'cos it is often fallen to deaf ears and they will still be curious to climb or worse they may be scarred for life and being fearful at every other things which I am sure it's not good for their development!'s my thinking aloud day..what other messages have you gained throughout your parenting journey! Please do share your VOICEs aloud by leaving your comments to this post!

Your love in doing so is much appreciated!

Cheers and May your love be reciprocated and blessed!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Have u tried Manuka Honey on skin?

Hi folks,
Mistook the jar of manuka honey I filled up in a recycled organic
apple& banana jar(cos they ar same color) as my travel pack, I washed
it away. Not wanting to waste it I applied on my skin immediately...
Wow smooth&silky effect..costly luxury skincare :P