Friday, February 22, 2013

Free admission for first 100 kids at KidZania

Hi folks!

Wow! Have you read the news -Free admission for first 100 kids(aged 4-17 years) at KidZania on Feb 27, 2013 to mark their 1 year anniversary!!

all other visitors will enjoy a 50% discount off all ticket tiers and even purchase their selected merchandise and photo souvenirs at half price.

There will be free popcorn and balloons as well.

Time: 10am-5pm at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, Curve NX, Mutiara Damansara, Selangor.

For more information, go to

Too bad, it's a schooling's a place i hope to bring SE and KY ;)..

If you are able to make it do check it out! :)


A party?

Hi folks!

Do you agree with this? I must admit when I have my first born, and finally went for a movie alone together(leaving bottles of expressed milk with my in-laws) after confinement, my heart still with the baby....and I don't really feel it's a "party" instead I can't wait to be back with my baby. After two children....I learn to treasure my occasional ME time..a happy and well-rested mom is a great mom to be with than a tired and grumpy mom. Over the years..I learn to let go as long as the kids are in good hands...most recent case, DH & I went Down Under without the kids...and they are having their holidays with my parents..full of stories to tell me though I truly misses them lotss while we were day I hope to bring them travel and "party" with me too ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2-ingredient Lunch Pack on a less energetic morning

Hi folks!

This morning I woke up feeling rather......lethargic..perhaps 'cos of coughing (with yellowish, greenish phlegm) thus did not sleep well.

Here's a simple, fast-to-cook, good-to-eat lunchpack prepared this morning.

Pumpkin Steam rice
Seasonings (italian herbs, sea salt, bit of soy sauce, butter)

I just put everything in a pot and steam it.

While steaming, I could do other stuff or zz...a perfect meal preparation choice during not-so-energetic day. And taste great too! Thanks to the fact that I have pre-cut all the pumpkin during the weekend and freeze it.

What do you cook when you are feeling unwell/less energetic?

Please do share :)


My Little Conversationalist and Discoverer

Hi folks!

Kids at age 4 can be such a conversationalist!

Well, they might not be as direct and will go into details of things....but it's rather interesting listening to them! :)

I noticed the difference when I was playing games with both SE and KY.

The responds they gave me to the quiz I gave is so different. KY just gave straight direct answer, whereas SE would give a long details step-by-step answer which DH would say go to straight to the point! But after reading an article, they are exactly at this age where they are exploring into details.

One night, when he has a Science homework where he needs to stick the respective pictures (jelly, packaged sweets, biscuits, etc) on the right part of the picture of cup filled with water on the workbook. They are to figure out which items will submerge and which will sink down to the bottom of the cup.

As he is unsure of some answers, he asked both me and DH. Folks, you may think it's such simple activity...let me try and ask you...

Items like sweets (like in the picture), do you think will submerge or sink? Both me & DH said it will sink.

However, not convinced SE requested a cup of water and a sweet to test it out. (I am impressed actually of his quest to discover the answer himself!).

So I went to prepare him a cup with a packaged sweet. Voila! The sweet in the packaging submerged! Only when we removed the packaging did the sweet sunk right to the bottom of the cup.

So which answer do you think is correct. Regardless of which answer the teacher considered correct, in this process of figuring out the answer himself, he would know the actual answer and able to even share with his teacher should his answer is marked as "wrong". 'Cos he chose to leave it as "submerged" since the picture is showing packaged sweets even though the text appear as "sweet".

Next, he went on to test on biscuits, as I truly not very sure of it will sink or submerge :P's kinda fun really!

You might want to encourage and support your child curiosity and discovery spirit to assist them in experimenting! I felt this is a good spirit indeed! Instead of spoon-feeding them with our adult answer which at times we aren't so sure ourselves!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Simple, Yummy, and filling Breakfast pack

Hi folks!

These days, not only i will pack lunch pack but due to extreme hunger strikes, I will also pack for breakfast.

Here's my breakfast for today...stir-fry angel hair spaghetti (made extra for lunchpack), sweetcorn and sweet potatoes..all the sweet sweet yummy filling stuff :)

And this is the way we like to eat our sweetcorn...poke it and hold with a chopstick.. ;)

What do you have for breakfast daily?

Breakfast is very important to me since young...a hearty breakfast kickstart my day :)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lunch pack for the day: Pumpkin Fried Rice

Hi folks!

School has started, time for me to crack my head and think of what to cook and pack for 3 of us.

Meals which are still palatable when not hot. Food that taste good for my two very "particular"/"high-taste"/"critical"/gourmet tasters :P
Where DH said all for my own that I can be a better cook...yeah...hope so..

Here's one i won't missed...fried rice, stir-fry noodles..sushi..

So today I made this pumpkin rice. As I prepare the ingredients, I think of 5-colour-rule.

Yellow: Sweetcorn
Orange: Pumpkin
Black: Mushroom stalks
White: Rice
Green: green peas
**Pink: Vegetarian Sausage (KY's favourite!)

Rice: Normal white rice mixed with multigrain (millet, brown rice, quinoa, etc)...


A hearty meal..wait till i checked if KY managed to finished them all which would means = THUMBS-UP! for this meal.

I personally love the sweetness of pumpkin in this dish ;)

How about you? What type of ingredients you love adding to fried rice?

Please share with me some lovely dish which are kid-proof..hehe..


Flash Flood in front of IOI Mall

Hi folks!

As I drove home last evening, I receive SMS from my sister saying that the road in front of IOI mall was flooded. The water was up till the wheel..wou...

No wonder I was experiencing terrible jam yesterday even from Bkt. Jalil area heading towards Kinrara, LDP-Puchong.

My took me more than 2 hours to reach home..

How was your journey home last night?

Stay safe and take precaution..I hope they will find out what's wrong and what causes the flash flood..

Have a smooth one today for us folks! Pray..


Monday, February 18, 2013

First day of work for many and an article published!

Hi folks!

Today is the first day of work after a week break from the Chinese New Year holiday for many. However, there are still some away at their home town for the prayer on the 9th day of Chinese New Year, usually on the eve of it. Thus, I find the road is still pretty clear this morning. 

Hope everyone have a great start of the year and not too much disturbed by the Monday Blues.. (I am trying hard to pick myself up too with lotsa fresh fruits..)

Oh, ya...just saw my article being published at Parenthots, The Star here. Grateful and happy to found the good news on this Blue-ish monday...this would definitely gave me a boost to achieve the strings of things I wish to accomplish or experiment this year!

Cheers and have a good week folks!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

House Improvement - 2nd Edition

Hi folks!

The past 2-3 years I have been done some house improvement, i.e. clear the storeroom and turn it into the kids room and another room into their play cum study room.

The storeroom is one which i truly amazed of myself..cos I have been wanting to do it for sometime but putting it off 'cos DH is not around to help out. One day, when mood arrives, eyes and hand getting unbearable, i took the things all to myself and start throwing, reorganising,...alas the room is ready for the kids to help to decorate it.

I must say the change and the effort has brought much fun and improvement to our lives, in terms of having space to do our reading, our exploration, etc.

Now, moving forward, we are going to have another house improvement again....this time is at the kitchen area as well as the existing study room and kids room. Previously, only the master bedroom has an air-cond. Thus, kids have been taking over the Master bedroom most of the time when they felt hot. Especially in their room where it's facing the wall and not much air-circulation...despite fengshui saying it's good for kids and their study. So, we have been saving and planning and budgeting...alas we are going to install an air-cond for them, and might as well do it at the study room too. With this hopefully they will move over to sleep in their own room in time before baby arrives.

Another place we have been wanting to "upgrade" is the kitchen. As we moved in with the kitchen all done up, the material(wood surface) has not been very friendly to use and maintain. Thus the surface is cracked and it has been an eyesore for us for sometime now. Hopefully with the kitchen makeover, our stuff can be more organised and I could have more "fun" time in the kitchen with the kids!

These all will be done before baby arrives...changing for the better...with all the investment put in..hopefully we will have a new change of lifestyle..for once..
  1. The kids learning to be independent and sleep on their own, change their own clothes, make their own bed. 
  2. Mommy will have more and enjoyable kitchen time with the kids on the new tops which is more durable and kids-friendly
  3. Daddy will enjoy more dish-washing time(ahem) with the new deep-double sink
  4. We will all eat at a clutter-free dining table (all these while, there aren't enough place after we placed the steamer, steriliser etc on dining table as we simply do not have proper space for them, with the kitchen makeover..hopefully things will improve!)
  5. Step-by-step....I hope and I certainly am sure i need to be super organised with no.3 coming..hopefully the change will make it easier for us all!
What are the little changes in life which you are making to make your family life better, easier and more manageable?

Please do share!