Thursday, December 31, 2015

Retrospective of 2015 and Resolution for 2016

Hi folks!

2015 is soon coming to an end, it's time again to retrospect on what gone on well and what's not going too well in 2015 and draft out my resolution for year 2016. This has been my yearly practice..

Positive Highlights:
  • Changed daycare which provide vegetarian meals and scripture study for children (which has been great for their soul and mine too! Spend less time preparing their lunch packs and more time ...doing..??)
  • Trying to be more organised, spontaneous and efficient than last year
  • I would say it would ends in high note if i spent my 3-week year end break in a fruitful way...with my main objectives to be - fulfilling dreams of my kids and mine (yippee..will blog about it in separate blogpost

Items to buck up (this list shall be my 2016 To Do List):
  • Though less hurried with no lunch packs to prepare, i still lacking in energy to go through my intended nightly one-to-one, heart-to-heart talk with my children and yet to implement my daily "scrum" a.k.a. agile parenting with my kids
    - Start daily yoga/exercise (target: fit enough to rejoin those 10km runs at least)
    - Weekly jogging, ice-skating, ball games, cycling or swimming with kids
    - Juicing and Detoxing
    - Discipline: Meditate every morning, Reflect every night and implement my daily scrum and heart-to-heart talk with kids
  • Use less of my credit cards
    - Implement envelope system
    - Cut or Keep one of the card at home and use debit card instead(during emergencies for unplanned expenses)
    - Stick to an agreed budget
  • Declutter my life
    - Declutter: Bookshelves, wardrobe, fridge, kitchen cabinets, e-mail list, FB friends.
    - Focus on important then do the others.
  • Sincere communication (with myself, family and others)
    - Heart-Mind-Action to tally (speak my mind..politely). Do not say what you don't truly mean.
  • Keep mind, house, finance, relationship (working and tidy)
    - Routine housekeeping, all things returned to where it belongs, open and Just DO IT!
    - Pick up and Restart my hobby : learn German, Guitar and read more!

2016 resolutions:
The above To Do Lists shall be my guidelines...improving family, health and relationship overall..will draft out any other items and add on accordingly.

What are your list? Could you share with me how do you create your lists?

Hope everyone will succeed in continuous growth in their spiritual and physical bodies.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What to do during a 3-week break with kids?

Hi folks!

Holiday doesn't comes too often for working parents. Our precious annual leaves are usually reserved for emergencies and school breaks.

This year, I had to stand in for a colleague who's away for 4 months (due to pregnancy-related complication, etc) thus I am left with quite a no. of leave which I am happy to use it with my kids during the year-end break. Very grateful that my boss approved my leave. It's been quite awhile since i had such long leave. Every switching of companies, I seems to be making the transition almost immediately, leaving no room for idle time or space to rest or rethink my priorities and simply breathe (haha)..

I haven't got much time to plan for my 2-week+ break with kids as I was trying to rush through all the work that I am supposed to finished within that 2-week+ and before. But I kept the important goal in mind- Fulfilling dreams of the kids and mine.

Thus, this is what we did:

  1. Visited my ailing grandparents at my hometown. Made a short trip home when we get a wedding invites to South. Took the chance to stop-by for a quick visit to my hometown and visited few familiar places with kids and parents, visited some long-time friend of my dad (thus fulfilling my dad's dream as well!)
  2. Kids attended two-day kids camp on the second weekend
  3. Kids replaced all their missing swimming lessons for the weekend getaway we made during the weekdays as mommy is staying at home with them.
  4. Finally, the kids attended their long-awaited Ice-Skating lessons at Sunway Pyramid Ice Academy.
  5. And the following are more like my wish list which I am hoping to get it done during my 2-week+ break:
  • Service the air-cond (before Chinese New Year rush)- checked
  • Declutter the wardrobe - on-going
  • Declutter the kitchen cabinets/pantry/wet kitchen - Not started
  • Try some new recipes - on-going
  • Complete few photobooks, posters, photo prints - Not started
  • Spring-clean the house - On-going
  • Refurbished/Tidy up the study area for a more conducive 2016 study place - On-going
  • Do mask, cut and dye my hair? Wardrobe reshuffle (guess what, my pre-pregnancy clothes are still nicely packed away!)- Not started
  • Redesign the layout, etc of my blog- Not started
  • Visit the libraries (e.g. the Shah Alam Public library that has 6D theatre with kids)- Not started
  • Giveaway un-needed stuff- Not started
  • Catch up with some old buddies- Not started
  • Go cycling with kids- Not started
  • Schedule dates with hubby? - Not started
Very ambitious wish lists of mine LOL...let's see how many i get to checked them off..wish me luck before i returned to work.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Company Dinner 2015

Hi folks!

I've always love to attend my company dinner even though I missed some which happened late at night or...over the weekend with overnight stay (i.e. Team Day) when i had young baby at home waiting for me.

This year, we had our company dinner at a rather cosy and chill Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

And guess what, I met the young homeschooler whom I have been following their news after reading a book from their mom and from the stories from websites and newspaper. I am very much interested in homeschooling despite not having the capacity to have it for my kids (yet), thus have been following news and progress of this homeschooling family.

And, Amrita, that the emcee introduced her as the youtube sensation was invited to our company dinner to perform. Finally I get to hear her sing in person. I've followed her news whereby she compiled a CD to raise fund to go a music event in Nashville (pretty remarkable I would say). Her voice is really very soothing and nice. Feel proud for this lovely gal.

I've always have a secret wish to let my kids follow the unconventional and happier way of studying and seeing these homeschoolers blossoming well really excites and encouraged me.

Back to my company dinner..our theme for this year is's my costume which i recycled from my ex-company event which is "pirate" as well..

Even though I did not get any lucky draw gifts, but I did receive some cash reward for winning the Team activities happened recently whereby our group's superhero comic won the first prize(yey!!).

And here's my vegetarian dish at the Italian restaurant: entree (salad), risotta and mushroom soup(not in the picture). I must say it tasted good if not awesome. Am always grateful to have my special diet catered for in any events like this. More so, this round, around 7 other non-full time vegetarian colleagues opted for vegetarian option as well. I was told that it happened to be 15th of the lunar calendar whereby most Buddhist would observe vegetarian diet on the day and also partly perhaps some people just chose a safer option as they don't take beef. Whatever the reason, i am happy that more people are choosing vegetarian option in team activities like this. The more the merrier and the more they will not overlooked or forgot me (as it happened often!).

The picture do not make any justice(once more..i really need a good digital camera or smartphone with awesome camera feature!). But they tasted awesome! As usual, my non-vegetarian colleagues would always or often envy and wished they have chosen vegetarian option instead. I was served at my table instead of having to queue at the buffet table and i heard they non-vegetarian option taste just so-so. Anyhow am thankful that these places cater for vegetarian like me!

Hopefully next co. dinner, i get to be luckier each time..haha..till the next co. dinner...


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vegetarian option at Zest cafe, Bangsar South

Hi Folks!

I discovered a rather cosy cafe at Bangsar South called Zest cafe where they served some vegetarian dishes. Here I have their set meal which valued at MYR12.50 (if i am not wrong) complete with fruits, soup, main dish and drinks. Pretty good price for this area I would say whereby a normal vegetarian economy mixed rice would easily cost over MYR6.50.

Happy discovery and happy to share with anyone looking or hunting for affordable vegetarian meals out there!


Bring kids to work day

Hi folks!

I've never expect my company to organise such cool event- Bring kids to work day!

Since KY always asked me to bring her to My Office, i took the opportunity to take part in this cool event and showed KY around my favourite juice bar, the mall nearby my workplace where i used to get some groceries and my meeting room and my Office game room cum pantry and of course my seat.

They also entertained with movies, cup-cake decorating, arts and craft, clowns and magic show as well as ice-creams treat! How cool can that be? She actually felt mommy should be really happy working at this workplace(indeed i do erm minus the constant rush hour of software releases..)..

This somehow kickstart the soon-to-be our holiday adventures- namely our balik kampung trip, kids camp, holidaying at both side grandparents' House thus lotsa playtime with their cousins and not to forget ice-skating lesdons, movies, x'mas decor photo snapping at the malls, and Whole lots more...

Will blog more about it ..till then..

Stay cool and awesome folks!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Holiday trip

(This pic was taken at the small vegetable garden of an old Uncle who has been taking great care of my dad ever since my grandpa demise. Showing ZS the purple brinjal..ah cool..wished I could have a patch of vegetable garden at the balcony of my apartment!)

Hi folks!

This post I kinda overdue but I wish to share it anyway for a record of my 3-week break with kids.

First adventures was balik kampung trip with my family.

We went back to my childhood place - Batu Pahat on our way back from attending a wedding lunch at Pekan Nanas. It was a short but fun trip. But once small town is bustling with cars...and the traffic jam is comparable to Klang Valley!

We managed to visit old relatives, visited the park, food stalls and temple we used to visit when we were younger..

Hope to be back and also look forward to another family trip!

Stay tuned for our other holiday adventures!


Simple home-cooked X'Mas meal

Hi folks!

The pic did not do any justice to this simple yet yummy combination of pesto pasta with pancake+ice-cream with dragon fruit dinner.

Kids have been requesting for pancake breakfast for X'Mas but to some engagement mommy is only able to make it dinner...happy kids anyhow..

Simple-licious meal that reminds me of our yearly Christmas gathering at my ex-manager house...lousai..thx for sharing X'Mas joy with us 🎅

Cheers to a lovely New Year for all!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Redeem senheng with AirAsia Big card points

Hi folks!

Not sure if you are frequent traveller with Air Asia (the reknown budget airlines). I did travelled on it before I had ZS and accumulated some Air Asia Big points (their membership points when we fly with them) which I haven't got any chance to redeem for flights tickets.

Lately I got a notification that my points will be expiring last month, thus I have checked on their page and redeem for some Sen Heng vouchers. Check it here
:  if you are interested!

Since i doubt I will be having a travel plans best to invest in some household items :)

Cheers and have a fruitful hunt folks!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Power of Scent

Hi folks!

Our sensory organs are very uniquely designed. The mere sense of smell helps us to recall memories, to differentiate the freshness of things e.g., whether the food has turned stale or still fresh and to instantly lift our mood.

There is a substantial body of research that supports the link between fragrance and well-being, as the sense of smell is one of the most direct ways people interact with their surroundings. 
I had this experience when I was pregnant with my first child. As you know the sense of smell will heighten while you're pregnant. The little bit of aroma of fish frying at your next door neighbor would immediately puts you off if you are uncomfortable with the smell of fishes. That happened to me.

Same applies for those nice scent, like those aromatic and therapeutic smell from essential oil. I remembered when I had terrible headache and feeling lethargic while rushing for releases at work (I am a Technical Writer by the way), my mood immediately lifted up when I opened and smell the bottle of my peppermint essential oil on my desk. It just clears the airway and brings in more oxygen to our brain. Same goes for when my hubby comes out of the bathroom after taking a nice shower, you find it more welcoming to have a nice-smelling hubby or baby after they've taken a nice and warm bath.

It's no wonder the popular tissues producer, Kleenex is coming up with the new  Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues Rose and Cherry Blossom. What a great idea it is as we use tissues daily. In fact, by just placing the nice-smelling scented facial tissues on our table or car will just lift our mood. I am certainly going to place this on my work desk folks! Yey to feeling great at work and smelling awesomely nice too!


Now would you like to give it a try too? Good news! You may request a sample of the brand-new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Tissues at and share uplifting messages on social media with the hashtag #KleenexPowerofScent.

You can also look for the brand-new Kleenex® 3-Ply Scented Facial Tissues in a box packs (RM10.30 for four packs of 74 sheets and RM14.55 for four packs of 114 sheets) and soft packs (RM5.35 for for packs of 46 sheets).

Have a happy and cheerful day always.....


Attending Kids Graduation at Kompleks 3C

Hi Folks!

After changing my three kids at a new learning centre, this is my first time attending all 3 kids graduation at a new place- Kompleks 3C, PJ. Now I've certainly seen this venue many times (if I am not wrong for some kind of campaign or talks?), this is my first time visiting the place.

Wow, it was quite a uniquely-designed community place. I kinda like the way the playground is setup with a nice sand-play area.

And look at this lovely small performing area at the centre where they have colorful chairs and drum sets as well!

And it always house a hypermedia library. I've seen this quite a number of times and yet to visit it. Captured the opening hours, perhaps it can be one of our holiday trip..

Here are some of the other offices found at this Kompleks 3C:

They have this small little growing place where i saw some vegetables growing. This must be their "Kebun Mini 3C" and wow they even have a petting zoo? Didn't notice this as some area of the place seems to be closed for renovation. Perhaps we will need to come during weekdays to check out some of the places as even the Cafeteria was closed on a Saturday afternoon! I couldn't get myself any drinks when i got really thirsty watching the kids rehearsed for their graduation performance (which I truly enjoyed!).

The kids graduation was held at Dewan Tuah, quite nice place I would say to hold a kids graduation, at least it's at LG or not at a place where I had to chase and keep a watchful eye for my 2-year old who tend to run and roam about freely on his own these days. The fact that the door is not directly opened to a busy road makes my heart feel more at ease (chill.....motherhood...).

I would certainly visit this place with the kids again. Next stop would be the Selangor State Library which is located in Section 12 Shah Alam where it has an impressive 6-D theater. Would love to bring kids to visit this place.

Stay tuned for our next adventures for this school holidays. Is there any nice places you've visited with your kids during the school break? Do share with me ya folks!

Cheers and have a lovely and fruitful holiday with kids (despite not having a holiday for working parents like us)!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A trip to Putrajaya Wetland

Hi folks!

During last Deepavali holiday, my family actually went to Putrajaya Wetland with few other family friends.

It is my first time visiting the place.

The Putrajaya wetlands being also the first man-made wetland in Malaysia, The Wetland Park includes the Wetland Park (138 hectares) and the wetland areas (1977 hectares). 

The Wetland has an 18 metre lookout tower, plant nursery, nature trails, flamingo pond, picnic areas as well as cycling area. It also has another area for water sports activites.

We actually went there for cycling with the kids. Although they do not have many bicycles as compared to the Taman Botanic Putrajaya which we visited last round, the bicycles are pretty new.

I went along a tram ride with the tour guide and dropby the flamingo pond with ZS. I found out from the guide that there used to be 28 flamingo there, however only left around 10(if i recalled correctly) due to their inability to cope with the environment and their feathers are white instead of pinkish due to their diet adaptation (they are being fed with pellets instead).

I actually feel kinda upset when i was told they actually cut parts of the feathers (one of the parts) to prevent them from flying away from the place.

I felt this must have been how it is like to be "grounded" at such places for "people" to watch and visit. Pretty sad i felt.

Now i am pondering if i should ever bring my kids to Zoo...i hope there are some places whereby these animals are better treated. I rather watch these animals on the TV/documentaries from now on honestly than visiting these places that "caged"/mistreat the animals just for us(human)'s sake.

Sorry to be so and school holiday coming! Is there anything on plan for the holidays?

I've registered my kids for some ice-skating lessons..woohoo! Looking forward to it!

Stay tuned for more updates on our school holiday adventures!


Monday, November 9, 2015

My Three Breastfeeding Journey

Hi folks!

Time really flies, as I recount, this has been my third breastfeeding journey and it has been an amazing 6 years (and still ongoing) of bonding time with my three lovely children. Yes! To think my first child is now nine and she is my first teacher who taught me I could do it! It is a mother’s instinct. It is also the very task, which I persevered really long, and hard which has given me the oomph, the belief and faith to continue what I believe to be good for both mom and child. Not to mention a great thanks to my DH, without him, I would not be able to carry on thus far.

I remembered when I was pregnant with KY, I read up a lot about breastfeeding. There are a lot of information right now everywhere which you can refer from internet, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines and even Facebook support group or forums.

In summary, Breastmilk is good for both mom and baby because:
For baby:
1. Builds natural antibodies for the child
2. Reduces risks of baby getting diarrhoea, respiratory infections, allergy and a lot more
3. Encourages brain development

For mommies:
1. Reduces chances of getting breast cancer
2. Burns calories (up to 600 calories per day) – I was able to wear my jeans 3 months after delivering my child naturally.

To sum it all up, I would like to share what I called my Breastfeeding CV below both for my record as well as for all mothers out there as a reference and fun guide.

Child No.
From books and mommies who have breastfed
From Websites, e.g.,

From FB Chatgroup and forums
Experience /Challanges
1.      Being first-time mom and surrounded by people who did not breastfeed their child or do not understand that this can be done even after we returned to work makes it tough to “fight” the battle.
2.      After stopping breastfeeding for 6 days due to taking antibiotic for wisdom tooth removal surgery at 3rd month after delivery made my breastmilk, supply reduced from 7-8 oz per expression to 1.5 oz per session.

However, with perseverance and seeking advice from other more experienced breastfeeding moms, I managed to regained the supply with plenty of nutritional soup and drinks.
1.       Being born as big baby (at 4.2kg), SE was placed under observation in NICU for the first 2 days after delivery. I was only able to latch on the third day. That does not deter me from breastfeeding my child.
2.       SE had mild lactose intolerance at the beginning and breastmilk always contains lactose, as does infant formula made from cow's milk.

Managed to continue breastfeeding him when stopping briefly for 1-2 days to let his very bad diaper rash recover.
1.     Being third-time mom, I should have the faith, belief and enough willpower to continue to breastfeed my child. No major challenges.
2.     I invested in a good double-pump so that I could store up enough breastmilk supply even after I returned to work. It really pays well. I even have extras to donate to others.

Fully-breastfed till 6 months old and continue to breastfeed till 1 year old(on top of solid food and soymilk)

Fully-breastfed till 6 months old and continue to breastfeed till 3 year old(on top of solid food and soymilk)
Fully-breastfed till 2 years and 3 months old and continue to breastfeed till now (on top of solid food and oatmilk)
Lessons Learnt/Benefits gained
The first two-week (at least) is not easy), persevere.

Breastfeeding helps me to regain my pre-pregnancy weight in a natural and healthy manner. I was able to fit in my jeans 3 months after I’ve delivered KY.
Believe in yourself (as a mom), continue to research and learn.

Having followed a healthy and balance diet throughout the previous breastfeeding journey makes the next pregnancy journey so much better and also a healthier baby no. 2 too.

Breastmilk is so precious, do not waste any single drop, and share it with others who need it.

Taken in year 2009 (with KY and SE) and my CNY nursing shirt

Check out more of our stories and adventures with baby no. 3 and what this 3rd baby teaches me.