Thursday, November 10, 2016

[Self-care] Taking plant-based collagen nutritious mixed beverage

Hi folks!

As we aged, the more we have to take good care of our "engines" so that we can carry on our journey smoothly.
As I am on plant-based diet, i often search for plant-based alternatives for overall health and in everyday living.

So when i come across plant-based collagen which is suitable for vegetarian, i bought to try along with the Pink Lady beverage as well as the Omega 3-6-9 oil.

I make this for my nightly drink and also in the morning if i am not drinking my juice or need something more filling.

It is quite yummy.

Collagen is rather important and this mixture is said to be good for our skin and women's health.

Is there any drinks or natural food you are taking as your health regime and how does it help you?

Look forward to hear from you!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

[Self-care] My New Kitchen Toy..Making Healthy Beverage for Family

Hi folks!

I have been wanting to invest in a slow juicer for awhile now. My mil had one and whenever we went to visit her, kids would love making juice with the machine.

Finally got one slow juicer SKF brand at Taobao for less than MYR400(including shipping fee) with my sister.

I bought 10 green apples, 10 red apples 5 carrots, peppermint and 5 oranges. These can make 2-3 days worth of juice for my family of 5. Total cost per cup of juice is less than MYR3.50. Very worth it I would say considering such juice would cost MYR10++ if you drink it outside and you won't be certain that it's 100% pure juice without added sugar and water.

And the most wonderful thing is I found my second child, SE who is fond of drinking his father's 100 Plus every now and longer take it after drinking the juice. Half battle won! Yey!!

Now going to try out more juice recipes like pineapple, beet root etc. if you have any nice recipes to share, please kindly leave your comments.

Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

#self-care, #juicing

Monday, November 7, 2016

[Self-care] Choosing the healthier option

Hi folks!

Today back to office and need to sort out a few impromptu as well as pending work, thus came home but later than usual(way past dinner time). When I reached home, the rest of the family members have taken their instant noodles(guilt-stricken), and I chose to have a healthier option than opting for the easy way out to fill my tummy.

Made my shakes and mix some cereals, avocado, blueberries and dried apricots..voila..simple and healthier dinner is ready.

What would you make for dinner if you are coming back late from work, tired and hungry? We do have a choice and it doesn't take a lot of time to prepare a nourishing, filling and nutritious meal. Self-care begins from the first step at every given moment..


What is your color?

Hi folks!

Recently i attend a workshop that shared about this color type personalities.

Quite interesting to know.

Now, why not check it for yourself in the colors below, which is your color?

In summary,
Lions (Red)-  Driven; Get out of My Way!
Monkey (Blue)- Expressive; Fun, Fun, Fun!!
Owl (Green) - Analytical; Let's get the Facts and Figures!
Koala (Yellow)-  Amiable; We all Need to get along together, let's be FRIENDS!

So, folks what is your color? Mine is Yellow. And people with Yellow personality often cares a lot about others but lack of self-care. Thus they tend to neglect their own needs and find it hard to say "No".

After learning about my personality and also learning a couple of other useful and awesome(will share it in another post), I would like to post about my series of self-care actions and affirmations done with all of you and would love to hear your feedback and also the "self-care" action you folks have taken too! Let's understand ourselves better and work on strengthen our strong points to make up for our weaker point. For my case is- it's great that i love and like taking care of others (DH said this is why he has chosen me as his girlfriend and married me!), but  also need to love and care myself better in order to be able to care for others better.

So folks! Let's embark on this journey together. Getting to know ourselves better and set to fulfill our full potential in this life journey.


Vegetarian Happy Meal for Kids' Children's Day Party at School

Hi folks!

Last Friday was the day kids been looking forward to at school; no exams, no homework and they get to wear clothes and shoes they like wearing, plus no heavy school bags to carry...
It's their annual Children's Day celebration at school.

And, KY requested for this Happy Meal a.k.a vegetarian version. I made something simple by mix-and-match the stocks from the freezer- vegetarian sausage, vegetarian drumstick, vegetarian nuggets and vegetarian pepper mock chicken. I added their favorite green apple as I felt "Happy Meal" wouldn't complete without some natural food and all fried food is not to our likings and habits would find something missing like salad, and you yearn for something fresh and green..that's for me!

Hopefully they have enjoyed their food and celebration. I couldn't cook anything more elaborative for 50+ people times two(two kids with 50+ classmates in their classes) nowadays..phew..salute those mommies who managed to bake or cook something more decent :)