Saturday, May 16, 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway:

As mommies I bet we all loves buying or scouting toys for our kids…lately one of the blog owner – BabyIbu is having a giveaway for an online store- which sells quality toys.

One of the items I love from is
My Good Manners Cloth Book (see picture below) which I planned to get for KY.

This is a perfect book for teaching good manners to our kids…the content is interactive and cute! Besides cloth books mean it'll not get torned and is can be passed down from KY to her little sibling...a green way too right ;)

I have got (a similar version) is
Right At Home Cloth Book which KY reads it every night..putting each animals in its own home to sleep before she goes to sleep herself.

So check out the store if you are planning to get some safe and non-toxic toys for your precious ones....


Friday, May 15, 2009

How to get DH to work together with me to educate kids?

Recent morning..I was as usual in a hurry ..trying to get ready my stuff, DH stuff and my kids….then suddenly I heard my DH reprimanding or hmm..gently commenting KY for wetting bed consecutively for two days…

My DH has been asking her to wear diapers, while babysitter and myself been trying our best to toilet train her.

So far, she’s been’s been months since she last had such wetting incident..I guess probably cos lately we been sleeping in air-cond room plus the weather been cold lately after a series of hot, humid weather of course…..

It’s rather sad or disheartening that my DH actually asked her to wear diapers again instead of finding ways to help her to get adjusted…(seriously..I really feel sad and not angry..) I know what his concern is the mattress getting soiled and wet(that morning he has been spraying GENEROUS amount of frebreeze on the mattress)!

Did I blog about the last time KY wrote on the wall..DH was so mad that he beaten her….and reprimanded me for letting her write and getting her stationeries ( I have wanted to let her enjoy the world of scribbling and writing..but to my dismay she drew on the wall when I was away at work and our caregiver(my dad) went to toilet)

So he banned KY from using pen, pencils, crayons (I bought her non-toxic crayolas…sniff sniff..missing now..wonder has DH threw them away after that wall writing incident..sad…)

As I am writing this, pls. do not misunderstand folks..I am not saying DH is a mean guy BUT I know he is very concerned about tidiness, cleanliness and not to mention preservation of our home, appliances and furniture…it’s not the first time he got upset when such incidents or accidents..and as always I always the so-called culprit…haih…

Maybe guys or daddys out there can give me some clue….what I can do make my intention a safe method..what I am trying to do is only/merely to exposed KY to the activities that she should/ likes to pick up at different stages of her age….

This morning I am at fault also when KY happily greeted me, “Mommy, good morning!”, and my first reply to her is not good morning but “ KY, u wetted ur bed again today?”. I realized I was trying to teach her so that DH get less angry or at least I wanna fill up her what’s missing when DH trying to just make her wear diapers instead of coaching/toilet-training her.

Honestly, I should have give her a hug and morning kiss first before starting to coach her….but cheer up mommy Molly…this lesson is well-learnt! I will be strong and hold to the way I would coach my kids..with love and adventures…not rigid rules….

Anyhow, I never expect a tidy and glossy home when we have kids..I just hope for a clean and safe house to crawl and adventure about....which is why my home has less glasses and my sofa is washable(get what I mean..btw I have washed my sofa cover four times this year itself...why? Well..accidents happened...when u less/half-expected it ;)

Cheers for the day!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids Birthday..

My son birthday will be coming next month (June 20), yep very close with mine…and my daughter’s birthday would be in July…


This year I hoped to bake them a birthday myself....thus I bought these candles and balloons at Tesco. I am looking at the simplest cake recipes I can find and thought of asking ideas from my more baking-savvy moms…


This is Kay Yee’s picture during her birthday last year (when I am still under confinement).



This year I hope to do something special for her..and invite her cousin and friends along..maybe a theme party? Anyway it’ll be special for her even with simplest party..she is just so happy blowing candles and balloons that I just let her put up a candle on an ordinary cake lately to cheer her up after she got upset being scolded by her dad for being  mischievous…

My First Bento-like Sandwich for KY

Recently I bought two cookie cutter(see picture on the left) at Daiso ( a new Japanese RM5 value shop newly opened at IOI Mall - New Wing) as I thought of creating some more interesting meals for KY a.k.a Bento-like (inspired by some Bento moms like HealthFreak Mommies...and other nice looking packed meals ala Japanese Bento like recipes..). Check this article at Parenthots :)

And KY had fun helping me to create the bear-shaped sandwich for her packed meal(so-called..for her "school" though she has not started schooling..just pretend to go for school, or..actually the "babysitter's place").'s the results:

Not very impressive-looking but it's a good start (..hehe..encouraging myself)...stay tuned for more Bento-ing adventures...


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow..nice handbags and nice giveaway site

Recently I come across a great giveaway at J. leigh designz and their recent giveaway that caught my eyes is the nice handbags/purse by Charm Design. Very nice and practical zipped pouch and handbags caught my attention.

Their giveaway handbag is here(see pic on the left). Nice, practical(with zipped and detachable string).

Check the site out if you are interested in the giveaway (shipped worldwide...yeah... last!)

Reminiscing and Reflecting on Breastfeeding Journey

Recently a sudden thought came across me as I reflecting on my breastfeeding(BF) journey....

Throughout the journey I have many people to thanked for to make my breastfeeding journey bearable if not enjoyable (*winks*)
1. My DH, he's my first and strongest ally in terms of breastfeeding especially during my first born with an ignorant me(first-timer in BF) and lotsa bullets and M16 from all corners(sorry for saying this...but that is what I felt then (sniff* sniff*)

2. My BF buddies....whom i consulted via sms, e-mails, IM throughout my confinement, and throughout my about 6 mths battle (yep, after 6 mths, you can considered yourself semi-pro as BF mom and you can generally handle the M16 confidently and suprisingly, you might even win yourself a pat on the back and some praises or admiration(applause and flowers....hehe)

3. My supportive and understanding bosses, for allowing me to pump @ work(which is so crucial in maintaining the milk supply and maintain the BF journey on-going....

4.  All the BF consultants, allies, supporters and educators plus nursing attires, equipment, helpers designers/manufacturers who has made our journey so much more enjoyable and achievable!

As I am writing this, I have come across this article by Mommy Lyna, 

Mistakes and Misconception in Handling EBM (Expressed Breast Milk), head over to her blog to check out the informative and interesting articles yourself!

Cheers to all BF moms...and BF-friendly Dads....!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lil Caliph Great Giveaways...

Hi folks!

Good news for those who love to shop online for baby and mommy products! One of the great online store, Lil Caliph which sells many quality baby and mommy products is having giveaways for the month of May in conjunction of their 2nd anniversary!

So check out their site(which is listed on my favourite store list on the side panel) now and you might find some good offers and great giveaways!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

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I am browsing mine too :)

Happy learning..and blogging..