Saturday, August 22, 2009

Updates on Ointment Helper 1 - Daktarin Gel

Hi folks,

Remember sometime back, I have told someone that I would post en entry about some ointment helpers I've purchase. So now, I like to update some of my personal experience on using one of the product I've tried.

Let me start off with Daktarin Oral Gel. I stumbled upon(by the recommendation of the website, pharmacist and the ped, I apply that on myself and son when we both suffered from Thrush.

This is the first time I encountered such thing although I have been heard of Thrush since before Shone was born.

Anyhow, just to update that this gel really work! Within 2 weeks the whitish spots disappeared fromthe mouth and the pain on the nipple(breastfeeding makes Thrush easily pass back to and forth baby and mom) also reduced.

Before trying daktarin, I was given a prescription drug to try out but it didn't work that well and fast.

So mommies out there, if you ever suffered from Thrush, you may want to give daktarin gel a try!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Ten Tips to have an enjoyable Confinement

Can confinement be enjoyable? Yes! If you are ready to shift your paradigm and of course well-prepared!

Confinement for Chinese folks is a good time to rebuild our body, in fact those who are weaker before pregnancy might
want to take this opportunity to recover and boost up their body! ;)

Here are some of the steps I felt which can make confinement life more easier and enjoyable!
  1. Find a good confinement lady. Or if you mil/mother is taking charge of it...make sure you communicated your needs well before delivery(if you have such good terms with them)
  2. Lie down as MUCH as you can! You'll gain lotsa benefits by it. During my first one I was always walking about, breastfeeding, changing diapers etc, DIY most of the things except cooking and doing laundry as my mil is busy taking care of the other grandchild. I suffered from BACKACHE after and throughout my second pregnancy..Yep that is like for 2 years! For my second one, I learnt my lessons, I lie down as MUCH as I can(stop being stubborn and superwoman plus got myself a confinement lady).
  3. Enjoy your "FAST n HOT" shower(if you can) for hygiene and feel good factor especially in hot weather like in Malaysia. If the old folks still the Amway set..seems like they trust in this brand more :P
  4. Keep yourself warm and away from wind. Dry yourself up VERY QUICKLY after shower/touching water(like after washing hands etc). Wear caps and sweater if you are cold/ getting near cooling area in the house. Stay away from the fridge.
  5. Have a Trusted Cheerleading Buddy whom you can sms/talk to throughout the isolated confinement period. I need not elaborate on how some women actually suffered from post-natal depression due to lack of support etc? So buddy we need them especially for issues on breastfeeding. They are my best ally during the first 2 weeks of uncertainties and stressful time!
  6. Capture the moments. Snap pictures of yourself and your newborn! I snapped the most during that they are as still as it can be..perfect for snapshots unlike when they are older and started crawling, walking and running!
  7. Enjoy the yummy confinement food! After 28th day, you would never be able to withstand such heaty yet yummy dishes. If you can have some ideas what kind of food you like to take...I am lucky to have a great cook, she never repeat any of her dishes throughout the confinement days...amazing lady! :)
  8. Get your DH to be involved. Take time to let her DH take charge while you rest. They too need the bonding moments!
  9. Inform Friends/Visitors Frankly if you need your space and rest that visiting hours be short and sweet or even after confinement period is over. It's important for both you and the newborn to rest and not to be exposed with too much germs during this period of time. I told my friends who are so eager to come 2 weeks after delivery. If they are real friends, they would understand and respect that. If can't say it to relatives, your confinement lady might be your ally since she doesn't know those people personally, so no offence. My confinement lady made sure I and newborn rested while the guest who came(without advance notice) entertained themselves together with DH in the living room.
  10. Aware that the first 2 weeks might be a challenge especially in the case of breastfeeding...but persevere and have faith you will pass this test quickly..soon full moon would be in sight! Get whatever help/info required. Reach out whenever you need a listening ear! Enjoy the one month period! I can DO it! Lady are meek but once they become a Mother, they are as strong as they can be...Natural mother instinct to protect their offsprings!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please help these animals find a home....

Dear Folks,

I am posting this on behalf of a friend.Her friend is leaving Malaysia in one month's time and she needs to find a home for her pets. if you know anyone who is looking for adorable dogs or cats, please let me know asap. For more info about them, see the message below. Thanks!



Dear Friends,

It looks like we are leaving Malaysia after almost ten wonderful years here.
We are sad to be leaving behind many fabulous people who we have met throughout the years, but we have also been forced to leave behind our kids - our three dogs and two cats. As you can imagine, this is heatbreaking for Ben and I.

Fortunately, we have found a home for one of the cats, but the rest still remain homeless. As you can see from the pictures on facebook, they are adorable and just the best companions! The black dog, Meekan and the short haired white one, Flikka are sisters with very unique personalities- and Jenga joined us a little later to add her own flavour to the family!

We also have Mystic the cat who spends most of her time hiding from the dogs and I'm sure would blossom in a good home without all the barking!

All of these animals were rescued off the street during different times of our stay here when they were tiny and although they have been fortunate enough to have a wonderful life thus far, there is still alot of life left in them. They are all amazing, well trained animals and a joy to have around.

So please, I beg you, if you, or if you know anyone who is looking for an adorable pet, please let me know. Pass the word around to everyone you know and have them pass the word around again. The more people that know about our kids, the bigger chance they'll have of being rescued again.

I know some of you have left KL already, but I was hoping if you still had the contact details of friends still here, you could pass them this email.

I know you'll all do our best to help us find a home for them and we pray that the luck they've had so far will stay with them after we've gone.

Many Thanks

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordless(Almost) Wednesday: Recent Purchases

Call me kiasu...I admit it..I am not taking any risk over this!

Purchase these: Vitamin C, mask, hand sanitizer(not in the picture), soon as I heard stock is running out...H1N1 pls. leave us soon...Pray...Everyone in good health!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transciption Job Offer for SAHM

Dear Mommies,

If you or if you know anyone(SAHM= Stay At Home Mom) who are interested to do Transcription Job from home.

  • Know BM /English well.
  • Preferably College/University graduate.
  • Has fast internet connection and Skype at home.
  • Can Type Fast
Interested, please email your CV to Yvonne at (cc.

[Posting on behalf of a friend ;)]

We are always on the lookout for homebased Transcribers.

To be considered, we would like to see:

  • A typing speed of 75 wpm
  • Excellent grammar and language skills (English and or Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Experience in transcription and word processing with 98+% accuracy (training will be provided for those without experience)
  • A home computer with broadband such as Streamyx and speakers or earphones,Microsoft Word, Windows XP, a valid email address and skype id
  • A working knowledge of your computer system
  • Education: College/University (if possible)
  • Prefer those who intend to or are already working @ home
  • Superb attention to detail
  • Deadline oriented
  • Ability to work without supervision
  • Professional Attitude.
Interested candidates should submit your resume to


Things to Buy for Confinement Period

Hi All,

As you all who have read my blog lately, I am sort of like posting a series of confinement sharing which is basically recollecting some of the practices, information I can recall from my past two confinement experiences.

This is inspired by few friends of mine who have asked me about it(confinement practices) every now and then.
So I thought why not I blog about it and just refer them here instead of cracking my head ..haha since you know lar..this mommy(me) is getting old and memory seems to be seriously deteriorating ...soon these would be buried in memories and it would be hard to dig out those facts n figures wahaha LOL.

So guys, for those who have missed the last two entries related to confinement, you can check it here and here. Do check out some lovely comments/sharing by some lovely bloggger friends/reader as well...Now I learnt that for Malays they actually use quite a bit of black pepper in their confinement food DH would love to eat such food..since he is a big fan of black pepper..haha...and btw..he put on a bit of weight during my confinement period as my confinement lady is such a lovely and considerate plus great cook who also cook for my family since mommy(me) is Off duty as chef then..haha...

It is interdependent as how I would prefer it to be...(cheh..sounds like book chapters now...LOL) Okat Okay better be serious! Haha anyhow confinement is really a time for us to repair, rebuild and reenergise isn't it women?

And for guys...don't just envy us for having two months maternity leave(well..that is applicable here in Malaysia..I heard in Sweden they have MUCH LONGER leave for ready to migrate to Sweden?)....we do have a lot to deal with during that two busy months...right gals :P

By the way, [off-tracked] do you guys heard that Japan has a better paternity leave than us here in Malaysia too...oh.. =<

OK..for this entry, I would like to share about the list of item(extracted from my actual Things to Buy for Confinement Period):
  1. Herbs for Bath- For my first, I got the Amway Confinement Herb Bath, for my second one I just get it from the Chinese Medicine Shop as I found that I don't actually use ALL the items in the Amway set so a bit wasting...if I recalled it cost more than MYR300 for that set..but I love their baby oil! ;)
  2. Disposable Panties - sorry I may" sound very "un-green" BUT I wouldn't want someone else to wash my BLOOD-STAINTED underwear and since we are not encouraged to touch water(except hot) yes this is a must have item for me
  3. Herbs for Drinking - Red Dates, Dong Quai(Angelica sinensis), Black Dates, Tong sum (Dang Shen in Mandarin), Black Bean(this is not herb but is added along with those herbs for my daily drinking)
  4. Food - Stock up some of these dried noodles, vermicelli, dried mushroom, some vegetables for the family/kids, dried black fungus, 10kg of Bentong ginger, frozen beancurd patties(got it from local vegetarian and organic food supplier), dried kelps (this food is good for recovery from blood lost , very high in calcium), sesame oil(Chinese uses lotsa of this for confinement food), rice wine, all other seasonings like vinegar for the special dish called "chu kiok chou" (mine is vegetarian version hehe), salt, sugar etc you name I wouldn't want to trouble DH to get all these small items during the STOCK up i do..
Note: I would love to hear people who has experience in preparing and eating those frozen food recipes meant for confinement(or post-natal) as I have read a lot of it (especially for western ladies) but I have no idea how it can be practice over here...hmm..any concern, health-wise...and does it taste as good...any precaution to take? What are the BEST food items which can be prepared earlier way before delivery...This would be helpful for one of my Caucasian friend who will be delivering here in Malaysia(it's her fisrt pregnancy and she is a vegetarian too)

Love to hear from you all from all corners of life and world!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Confinement Practices which works for me

Dear Folks,

As what I have shared here, I would like to share and get feedback as well from all of you on confinement practices.

The first part of this would focus on Confinement Practices which works for me.

After giving birth to two kids, I have went thru' two very different confinement experience.

And, in fact before I delivered my first child, I did a lot of research on my own, online as well as by asking friends, old ones as well as around my age.

So here's a list of practices which works for me which I find it useful to share with my friends here.

  1. Take non-cooling vegetables like long beans, spinach(good for calcium), choy sum etc. It really feels good to take vege and keep the bowel moving. (Try to avoid taking cauliflower and cabbage which can be rather gassy)
  2. Three fruits that we can take during confinement includes durian, longan and grapes.
  3. People under confinement should try to take 6 meals a day which include the normal 3 meals plus snacks in between.
  4. Breakfast for people under recovery like us should starts at around 6.30-7.30am; best time for nutrients absorption.
  5. Eat as much as your appetite allows you as during this time(confinement), if we manage to eat well , we would make our body stronger/healthier than before. This is not a time to start dieting. We need replenish the calcium etc that we lost.
  6. Drink red dates water as your plain water. Do not take plain water as much as possible as we were told that we might have water retention (truly, this is debatable as not very sure the scientific evidence part of it BUT anyway...I love drinking the nice and aromatic red dates drink so no complaints here...PLUS it really BOOST up my milk supply then! )


  1. While there are taboo of washing hair during confinement, my mil and confinement lady is ok with it. I am allowed to wash my hair a week after delivery with herbs and hot water. Just make sure that I did it during the hottest time of the day which is noon time. And to dry it really fast with hair dryer.
  2. Dry shampoo did not work for me during the first week of not washing hair. It makes my scalp itch.
  3. No fan directly blowing on me but I on the air-cond though :P at 25-26 degree.

For the benefits of those who read chinese, you can get more information here at SHL Confinement cares. It has articles in English too..but lesser.. ;)

I think there are more to share on this topic...but I would need to continue in another entry!

Stay tuned!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

How long can my house stay clean?

Less than 3 hrs after the kids are back in "ACTION", after I painstakingly clean it for 3 hrs...I normally do my sweeping, mopping, dusting once a week....

3 hrs, that is how long my house can stay clean and tidy...when you have active kids in the house..haha..

Well, I am not a tidy+clean-freak even though I must say MOST people would prefer a clean and tidy sight...

But when you have kids in the house(minus maid), don't expect the place to be clean and tidy at all times...

I used to admire and love the cosy-ness and comfortable place my aunt had...not super-tidy but it is clean and cosy and
kids are free to play and be comfortable with the place they call HOME!

So how long does your house stay clean?

I bet for those with maid would have cleaner homes and ironed shirts(or even undergarment? :P) as what one of my friend who forgo her maid said...the only thing she misses is nicely ironed shirts hehe..