Thursday, December 28, 2017

Holiday trial class at Kidicode

Hi folks!

As kids these days hooked up a lot on playing games like Roblox or minecraft whether on the mobile phone, iPad or computer, when you asked them what's their ambition or what they wished to do when they grow up, I got many replies YouTubed or gamer.

In Malaysia, we do not have coding class in the local education syllabus unlike some other countries like Singapore, Estonia, etc.

During this school holiday I took the chance to send my older kids to a trial coding class at Kidicode.

It was an eye-opener for me truly. Besides the kids attending the practical coding introductory session, we parents get to sit down and go thru' the same practice as well so that we understand their method of teaching as well as what is being imparted during the session.

I like their style of adaptive learning whereby each kids would learn at their own pace and with its own level of difficulty in their challenges they faced.

And parents received a report on the process of their children. Also, the environment is made to be like how the current IT companies like google is like, with free flow of food and drinks and lotsa bean bags and sitting area where the parents and kids get to rest whenever they need to and enjoy the snacks.

Their founder used to work at Google, Microsoft as well as lecturing in our local public and private universities thus the learning experience and process here is very engaging I would say.

So do check out and sign up for their trial session if you have an aspiring gamer at home too. You might just transform and consumer to a creator of the game.

You can check out more about Kidicode here:


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Topical Application- Blending

Hi folks,

When applying essential oils, some people might use blending method.

What is Blending?
I am sure for many beginners, more often than not we would search on the internet to find out more on how to use anything including essential oils and we would find lotsa blends or recipes for all sorts of usage.

In the eo pocket reference book, it will also gives some tested and researched protocols or blends for specific usage.

I have personally tried to mix the blends from single oils (YL has its own blend like RC, Harmony, Citrus Fresh, etc that have already come with a specific tested protocol/ proportion that you wouldn’t want to change it) for my son(first aid spray) when his knee was bleeding from falling on the tar road.

And recently I also mix a roll-on (consist of Cool Azul and Idaho Balsam Fir with the carrier oil- Body Ease Massage oil from Young Living) for my dad when he complained of severe backache. He said it helped his back pain and he can resume his exercise and weekly walking and city touring trip with his friend.

I find that making a blend(in a specific quantity and following a specific protocol) is useful especially when you want it to make it easy and simple enough for someone to use it.
For example when I want to pass to my babysitter/nursery teacher to apply it for my youngest son(now he’s old enough to roll on himself), for my older ones when they have sniffles, or as insect repellent or simply for them to combat situation when they need to use what they called the “stinky” public toilets.

More so for my dad or for gentleman who would be more willing to use it when it’s made into a roll-on as it’s easier to apply on-the-go, fuss free and manly as they wouldn’t prefer carrying bottles of oils around with the carrier oil just to mix and apply ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what kind of blends have you tried and found useful? Or is there any specific protocol you like to find out? Drop your comments and sharing now and you might just win yourself something nice eo to try.

Are you also interested to find out more on the Young Living Essential Oils and the Young Living carrier oils that I am using for my family? Just drop me a message and I am happy to share more with you.

You can also easily get them online at wholesale price from here(or just quote my member ID: 2734250 under the enroller and sponsor to get started with your own membership).

Try to get the Premium Starter Kit(PSK) that comes with a free membership when you get your diffuser and oils, as you get to buy them at wholesale price(it's more worth it!) rather than paying at retail price or buying elsewhere. You gained more than just wholesale will also get some promo and free oils from their loyalty plan. So it's killing two birds with one stone!

Have a healthy start for the coming year folks!

Blessed 2018 to all!


Monday, December 25, 2017

Topical Application

Hi folks!

Besides diffusing the essential oils(eo) with a good quality diffuser, another way of using essential oil that we used a lot in our home is by topical application.

What are topical application?
It means applying the oils topically on our body usually through the biggest organs of our body, a.k.a. out skin.

There are few ways of applying topically:
☝Neat vs Dilute
For beginners, it is always good to dilute your essential oils with a plant-based carrier oils before applying to your skin. Diluting will not make the eo less effective. It simply slows down the speed the eo enters to our body. This is useful for people who might have sensitive skin or have very thin layer of skin like the children and elderly.

Some of the types of carrier oils:
๐Ÿฅƒ Virgin coconut oils(VCO)
๐Ÿฅƒ Sweet almond oil
๐Ÿฅƒ Olive oils 
๐Ÿฅƒ V6 oil from Young Living 
๐Ÿฅƒ Cel-lite Massage oil from Young Living
๐Ÿฅƒ OrthoEase Massage oil from Young Living
๐Ÿฅƒ OrthoSport Massage oil from Young Living
๐Ÿฅƒ Sensation oil from Young Living

I personally love V6 oil as it’s less greasy(I can even apply on my face) compared to the VCO that I used to apply. Also, some people do not tolerate the smell of VCO very well.

And, I would use OrthoEase Massage during the Raindrop massage.

Cel-lite Massage oil will come into picture when I mix my citrus fresh+cypress blend to combat cellulite issues as cypress eo is great for blood circulation and citrus fresh works well at the fatty spot.

And these bottles last me quite sometime!  Very cost-effective I would say!

Now, when will I use neat application? More for adults, for me, I would dab Melaleuca (tea tree oil) neat on my acne as it works better for me this way.

Also, when I do Raindrop massage, the essential oils are applied neat in layers(we will talk about layering and also blending in another post).



Are you also interested to find out more on the Young Living Essential Oils and the Young Living carrier oils that I am using for my family? Just drop me a message and I am happy to share more with you.

You can also easily get them online at wholesale price from here(or just quote my member ID: 2734250 under the enroller and sponsor to get started with your own membership).

Try to get the Premium Starter Kit(PSK) that comes with a free membership when you get your diffuser and oils, as you get to buy them at wholesale price(it's more worth it!) rather than paying at retail price or buying elsewhere. You gained more than just wholesale will also get some promo and free oils from their loyalty plan. So it's killing two birds with one stone!

Have a healthy start for the coming year folks!

Blessed 2018 to all!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

X'Mas in the air

Hi folks!

Last week, we brought kids to get some stationery items and books at IOI Mall and there are some X'Mas activities going on there.

We met the time where there are artificial snows falling from the rooftop and there were free cotton candy for visitors.

The kids had fun even though it's not REAL snow!

Hopefully someday soon, we will visit to a real snowy place to spend our Christmas day (my kids' wish and mine too)!

Have a lovely Christmas gathering moments with your family and friends folks!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Hi folks!

We started our journey of using Young Living essential oils more than three years ago and when my friends asked me what is the easiest way to start incorporating essential oils(eo) as part of their health regime, I would recommend diffusing with a good quality diffuser and of course good quality essential oils.

Why diffuser is a great way to start using the essential oils?

There are some common ways to start using the essential oils:

๐Ÿ‘‹Topical Application

Today I like to touch on diffusing.

For beginners, diffusing is the easiest way to start. And for me, it worked great for my family of 5.

Being a mom of 3, I often try to find the most cost-effective measures. I find that diffusing oils in the room with 3 or all 5 of us in there is like hitting 5 birds with one stone! All 5 of us get the benefits from that 2-3 drops of essential oil added to diffuser. How awesome is that!

Also, if at the beginning, you have a gentleman at home who simply refuse to sleep early or take any measures to improve his health condition, diffusing is a great way to benefit him in a more gentle and indirect way. I would diffuse lavender for a good night rest for my husband and I. And when he have stuffy nose, I would diffuse Peppermint or Eucalyptus oil.

As for children, they are really smart, they know what is good for them and they are a big fan of eo and diffusers. After I got my first diffuser, I used to diffuse it once in each room(moving it manually from room to room). Later on, I find it easier to just have a diffuser in each room. So now my kids have their own diffuser and a set of their favourite oils to diffuse and they would ON the diffuser themselves at night before they go to bed.

(Let me share more about the oils my kids would diffuse and apply as part of their daily aroma routine in a separate post)

We have a Aria Diffuser at our Master bedroom(and everyone just love to crowd and sleepover at mom and dad's room!), Dewdrop diffuser, Desert Mist diffusers and AromaLux Diffuser in other rooms; and we also have a USB/ORB diffuser in our car ๐Ÿš— during our travel. It is an awesome way to have a therapeutic 30mins+ ride diffusing oils like lemon, peppermint, grapefruit,etc eo ❤️. By the time you've reached office or your destination, you are fully all relaxed and calm and ready to go full force ๐Ÿ’ช

Are you also interested to find out more on the Young Living Essential Oils and the diffusers that I am using for my family? Just drop me a message and I am happy to share more with you.

You can also easily get them online at wholesale price from here(or just quote my member ID: 2734250 under the enroller and sponsor to get started with your own membership)

Try to get the Premium Starter Kit(PSK) that comes with a free membership when you get your diffuser and oils, as you get to buy them at wholesale price(it's more worth it!) rather than paying at retail price or buying elsewhere. You gained more than just wholesale will also get some promo and free oils from their loyalty plan. So it's killing two birds with one stone!

Have a healthy start for the coming year folks!

Blessed X’Mas to all!


Friday, December 22, 2017

Happy Winter Solstice and my wishes for coming year

Hi folks!

Today is Winter Solstice...The origins of this festival can be traced back to the yin and yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. After this celebration(which is equivalent to New Year day for Chinese), there will be days with longer daylight hours and therefore an increase in positive energy flowing in.

On this day I like to wish all my family, friends and readers a blessed year ahead!

My wishes is to be MORE of the following for the coming year!
Agile - In facing challenges and opportunities 
Brave- In doing and being in the unknown
Creative- On creating and doing something new and never done before
Diligent- In creating and manifesting goodness and wellness
Enthusiastic- In sharing, caring and learning 
Fastidious- Grasp and fully-utilise each given moment and opportunity 
Grateful- Too all the blessings from above
Humble- to be a learner from all things, events and people around me
Intelligent - ๐Ÿค“ when making choices
Joyful- when being alone and with others 
Kind- when facing mean or simply insecure people 
Loving- Too all people and things around me
Magnanimous- to have a big heart 
Open- to new ideas, new ways and new adventures
Prepared- to all things and blessings that comes to me
Quick-witted or seng mok in Cantonese- to be fast at catching or sensing things 
Red- haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ yeah this is something very lacking in me ..Red for auspicious and Can-Do attitude 
Sensible - to do and say the right thing at the right time 
Thoughtful- to take one step further and add In magical touch and care
Unapologetic- to not say sorry all the time ..thus not to do things which is not aligned with your true heart
Vocal- to share and communicate more
Wise- in choosing, saying, doing and Living
Xtraordinary- dare to be different for the better
Youthful - and energetic 
Zest- full of zest and spirit

What's your take or aspirations for the coming year? Your turn to share ...❤️


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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Be Empowered and Stay Informed

Hi folks!

I learnt a lot from listening to Tedtalk and guess what I heard from the Tedtalk today?

Do you all know that many of the medicines we take today; i.e. common drugs like Ambien and everyday aspirin -- were only ever tested on men. No? Neither do I...

And the unknown side effects for women can be dangerous, even deadly. Alyson McGregor who is a Emergency Physician studies the differences between male and female patients; in this fascinating talk she explains how the male model became our framework for medical research ... and what women and men need to ask their doctors to get the right care for their bodies.

Ask..question..check and get to know what we are putting in to our body. And go for natural option whenever possible ❤️ which is what brings me to using essential oils!

Here's the Tedtalk if you wish to listen to it:

Have a healthy year ahead folks! Make the wise choice and informed decision! Feel free to contact me if you like to learn more about essential oils which brings so much benefits to my family and friends.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Scripture Reciting

Hi folks!

Since young I learnt that letting children go recite scripture and classical poems and stories inculcate the inner appreciation, ability to sit still and focus better in children.

I love reading poems since young I felt they were so beautifully done even though I do not entirely understand the message behind it.

We also let our children to attend scripture reciting classes from the Four Classics (from Confucius) and other classics passed down by the wise ones in the past. They learn to recite passages from The Great Learning, Analects, Di Zi Gui, and many more.

During their annual assessment, they are encouraged to bring a handmade gift to exchange with other students from class reciting classes all over the places in Malaysia.

We even have our Malay and Indian friends sending their children for such classes and there is a mini Tang Yuan competition whereby we even have Curry Tang Yuan invented by our dear Indian friends..

Sunday, December 17, 2017

School holiday activity ideas

Hi folks!

Are you checking out where to bring the kids this school holiday?

Check this event at IPC if you are keen to participate with your children.

Have fun!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Self-check and Pre-Goal Settings for 2018

Hi folks!

It's coming to year's time to reflect and contemplate:
1. What are the awesome things we have managed to accomplished(give ourselves a pat and celebrate the victories ๐Ÿท )

2. What are the challenges we managed to triumphed (yey ๐Ÿ™Œ a confidence booster and reinforcement when we have doubts on ourselves in the future that yes, we have done it and we can definitely do it again this time! ๐Ÿ’ช)?

3. What are the areas of improvement we wish to do for the coming year ๐Ÿ™❤ ?

It has been my annual ritual to do this reflection and aspirations settings, how many of you do the same too? ๐Ÿ™‹

I find that getting to know ourselves better is one great way to learn what are the areas of improvement we could to make in our matter in what career or role we are playing in life ... whether is building your business or climbing corporate ladder or being a full-time mom/dad.

And when I learnt about the book on Full Spectrum Success and how learning about our Color Personality type and also on the people around us makes communicating with others so much more effective...besides getting to know our pitfalls and strength being a Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

So give Color Personality test 2.0(yes this is a newer version that the one I shared earlier!) a try. You will be surprised to find out some unknown traits about yourself which is awesome for self-improvement and goal setting for the coming year ๐Ÿ‘

For our annual assessment and checkup ๐Ÿ˜‰, be honest and give this a try and share with us if you like to under the comments box.

Cheers to a good ending for 2017 and welcome the awesome 2018!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Exclusive 12.12 Sale from Young Living Malaysia

Hi folks!

Are you a big fan or simply interested to try out chemical free alternatives from Young Living? Good news..they are having a one-day only sale on selected items on 12 Dec, 2017.

Let me if you like to get any of these items on their 12.12 sale!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Are you ready for YL 12.12 sale?

Hi folks!

As you know I love using chemical free products for my family especially from Young Living ..and they are having a special one-day only sale in Malaysia.

So, do drop me a comments if you like to be included in the broadcast list of this or figure promo, I would be happy to share with you any first hand info on the promo that I received ๐Ÿ‘

Heard there are times on 20% off! Will watch for the promo listed tonight ❤️

Stay tuned!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Big Bad Wolf Book Hunting Round 1

Hi folks!

Shopping ๐Ÿ›’ for books is one of my most preferred retail therapy much to the dismay of DH as we often ran out of place to store them thus he suggested ebooks..but there's nothing like holding and flipping through a book and doing a bedtime routine with "real books"..

Look at the packaging or cover of the books these days..I saw one pizza-making book with pizza ๐Ÿ• box wrapping and a ๐Ÿ•-like creative!

And check out this ๐Ÿ‘œ handbag..nope...wait it's a book! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Yummy and Nourishing Drink made of Frankincense

Hi folks!

Yesterday I met up with my old friend cum nursing sifu who shared with me a nourishing drink made of dried longan, wolfberries and Frankincense!!! Yes the Frankincense I have been using whenever my son have phlegmy cough and on my face to combat my pigmentation.

She shared how she discovered this ingredient(Malay called it luban) from her friend who used it for their cooking and at home during prayers and how this Frankincense is being mentioned in the bible..a precious commodity back then for the awesome properties for health and Beauty.

My friend said it helped her to stay grounded and not so agitated ๐Ÿ˜  especially great for her emotions management.

Are you keen to know more about Frankincense? Just drop me a comment and we can chat more. 

Can't wait to get hold of one to reap the benefits yourself? Then just go to to get yourself one at wholesale price!

Don't say I didn't share with you...have a lovely and pretty festive seasons of thanks and giving folks!

Cheers ๐Ÿฅ‚ 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

English Books Clearance at The Summit USJ

Hi folks!

While scouting for some holiday reading for kids, I saw this ad. Anyone been to any nice books sale around Klang Valley?

What other nice activities you and your kids are doing?

Love to hear some ideas from everyone!

Friday, December 1, 2017

New Toy- Desert Mist Diffuser

Hi folks!

I am simply smitten ๐Ÿ˜with this Desert Mist Diffuser! They are currently selling only 2000 units of this in Malaysia. If you like to get it let me know fast as I am going to place my order Soon before it goes out of stock.

Check out this lovely diffuser:

Also their X'Mas promotion catalogue for YL MY:

Enjoy and feel free to drop me a message if you like to get any of these promo items ๐Ÿ‘

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

School holiday ideas- Jumpstreet(promo till 3 Dec)

Hi folks!

Thanks to some blogger events invitation, I was able to check out this place- Jumpstreet!

Though it was a short session, kids were thrilled and can't wait to go back there to have some fun jumping time.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What to do with itchy throat and cough?

Hi folks!

Last weekend I was volunteering at my children's kids camp and many children were down with cough. Some were coughing badly at my face(yeah as I carried them)...I pity on them and asked their mom's permission to apply some oils (Frankinsence for phelmgy cough and Digize for their disturbed tummy; as it all comes together..always remember gut health whenever one is down with some bugs as gut is the key to our immune system).

Next morning, when I am out of the camp, I had itchy throat and cough. Thus, I quickly take out my Manuka honey and add a drop each of peppermint, lemon and thieves essential oils(I only take Young Living essential oils for their Seed to Seal purity promise and guarantee)...and off I took a day off to rest it out. I also made myself a warm peppermint mint noodle soup ๐Ÿœ for breakfast before heading to bed.

Thanks to this quick action and amazing eo, I was able to be back at work and the itchy throat and cough were gone.

Being mom of 3, the last thing I wanna do is to be sick ๐Ÿค’ and passed on the bugs to the family members.

Having and knowing how these natural therapy works really helps! Do you wish to learn more about how to use these eo for your family members?

Drop me a message and we can learn more together.

Or you can also get the Young Living oils at wholesale price from here:

I have benefitted so much from Young Living oils and I hope many of you will find wellness and abundance of health through it too.

Cheers and have a lovely day folks!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Travel tips to Langkawi

Hi folks!

Howdy and hello everyone! How are you all doing? I just came back from a refreshing trip to Langkawi. Ever since we have the cheapest flights, thanks to the very affordable Air AsiaTicket Price, everyone can fly now.

This is my second trip to Langkawi and both time we managed to get very good Air Asia Ticket Price. I am quite blown away to see that Air Asia Flight has quite a number of flight to Langkawi per day (almost every 30 minutes apart!). And comparatively, Air Asia Flight also has the cheapest flights amongst all other airlines.
This time round, I went with my colleagues and we stayed in a nice resort near the jungle. It was nice for a change as the first time I went to Langkawi, we stayed nearer to the town area where all the duty-free shops and local eateries are located. 

Welcome to my home for 3 days.

We stayed in a chalet surrounded by forest at the resort which also have a private beach for its guest. The resort is located near the Langkawi GeoPark Oriental Village where it is very near to the tourist destination like Sky Cab, Sky Bridge, Sky Dome and etc. So it is very convenient for us to walk or take a car ride to visit the nearby tourist attraction.

There is also a duty-free shop at this Oriental Village. For those of you who wonder whether it is cheaper to buy chocolate at other places, for example at the more well-known places like Teow Soon Huat mall, Cenang mall, etc), actually I found out that the price and varieties of the chocolates available at the duty-free shop at Langkawi GeoPark is actually the same compared with other outlets. We have actually loaded one basket full of chocolates before heading to the more popular ones nearer to Kuah town just for comparison sake and the fact that we have other friends to share the car ride. So I would say if you have no plans to travel to town, you can just get your chocolates at this place as it would not save you much by spending time and money to the town area unless you are going there for food and other activities.

Now coming back to accommodation…after getting the cheapest flights with a very affordable Air Asia Ticket Price, we have enough budget to spend for a nice resort to stay during this trip.
Being a vegetarian, seeing this sign at the resort brings much cheers to me.


Here are my meals taken at the resort. Pretty decent meal I would say, not to mention the nice and natural environment make it even more appetizing!

Vegetarian fried rice with bean curd slices and stir-fry vegetables; accompanied with some lovely desserts for dinner by the beach.

My yummy colorful breakfast taken from buffet spread.

I love that they serve porridge which you can add your own garnishing/toppings.

View taken from Sky Bridge

After the long queue for the Sky Glide, finally reach the Sky Bridge. The view worth all the long wait under the scorching heat.

If you love to take creative photograph, you should also check out their 3D art museum.

Do I look convincing as a surfer in this picture? Hahaha…

Another nice activity to do as a family or couple is to have a stroll at the beach, picking up seashells and watching the sunrise and sunset; and taking pictures of these wonders of nature.

On the last day of our trip, we rented a car and drove to some places which are not the most popular places to visit, yet it is as though we discovered some hidden treasures of Langkawi.

First, we found a nice waterfall called Air Terjun Temurun where they have a very nice path laid out which brings us to the waterfall. They also have signage that describes about the structure of the waterfall. Pretty educative I would say. Being so close to the waterfall is like having a face mist..really refreshing and rejuvenating!


We also discovered another nice public beach called Pantai Tasik Tengkorak (I hope I get the name correctly) where we could bring our family members to have a nice picnic. It is a pretty small area where we could comfortably laze around without having to watch out or chase after our children who might have wondered too far at some of other long beaches. I would say this is a pretty nice area to go and have a picnic for family with young children.

During this trip without my children, I am actively doing my survey as I have promised the kids to bring them here for our next family trip. Hope to get the cheapest flights with Air Asia Ticket Price so that I could use the budget for a nice place to stay.
Till my next travel story.

School holiday is coming soon…have you got your free seats or  cheapest flights from the recent Air Asia flights promo?

May you have a nice and relaxing trip with your loved ones!


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Making water kefir drink

Hi folks!

I have been trying to include healthy drinks for my family..making juice with slow juicer, making ๐Ÿ‹ lemonade etc..and I discovered a yummy and full of probiotic goodness drink called water kefir when I was attending an intensive course organised by Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education. My health-conscious classmates offered me this water kefir drink that she made herself and wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ it really taste great ๐Ÿ‘ fizzy like soda water + enzyme ..

And she's so kind to offer me the recipe and her kefir grains so that got me started to make my healthy water kefir for my family..

I have tried making blueberries water kefir, passion fruit, ginger and lemongrass..and so far the family favourites is passion fruit ..and guess what I heard during one of the beauty talk? Passion fruit is great for whitening ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Double goodness of probiotic and skincare ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am praying, talking and cheering my kefir grains so that it could multiply faster and I get to share my extra kefir grains with others who like to improve their gut health with this yummy probiotics drink ๐Ÿท 

If your family members loved drinking soft drinks and soda water..this is a yummy and healthier alternatives for them in replace with their sugary drink. Try it and you won't regret it.

There are many water or milk kefir support group in FB where you can find many generous donors of kefir grains. 

Do you know how much does a glass of water drink cost when you order at some health food cafe? The price starts at MYR9.90 per cup ๐Ÿ™‚ mine cost lesser ..I just bought a week worth of passion fruit at MYR10 that will last me a week for my family members ๐Ÿ˜‰...a drink they now called it "Yummy/Fizzy drink"

Monday, November 13, 2017

Yummy Organic Meal Takeaway From Reborn Cafรฉ Bangsar South

Hi folks!

I heard about this organic cafe opening at Bangsar South and finally ordered a dinner set during a late-night work.

Yummy passion fruit drinks and tofu burger with salad with vinegar. Very nice and appetising combo set ๐Ÿ‘

Glad to find healthier choices around instead of opting for fast/instant food etc ..

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Quick relief for eye pain due to sinus congestion

Hi folks!

For the past few days, my daughter who was having exam; has been complaining that her eyes are pain each time she woke up. Although applying Frankincense mist helps her, the pain just reoccur the next morning.

Then, I tried to find the root cause of her eye pain and voila! Besides having eye pain, she also said that her nose was blocked and she was having sniffles..

And I found out that sinuses congestion ๐Ÿคงcan also cause puffy, swollen eyes as well as eye pain. I found a quick recipe for her to try before sending her to school:

❄️Cold Compress❄️
☝️What you need
* 2 drops eucalyptus or peppermint
* 2 drops lavender
* Soft microfiber cloth
* Bowl filled with ½ cup of ice cold water

1. Fill a bowl with ½ cup of ice cold water. You can even add ice cubes.
2. Now add the essential oils and stir well with the washcloth.
3. After the cloth is saturated, wring it out and fold it into a rectangle.
4. Hold it to your head for some time.
5. Keep repeating the steps until relief is felt.

Indeed, after following the above steps, swollen eyes no more and eye pain is gone too!

Awesome! Learnt another good use of essential oil and can't wait to share with all of you.

If you or your family and friends experience eye pain as well, try check out the root cause and see which safe and natural recipes using essential oils can help to ease the condition.
Credit the recipe to this website

Grateful for all the kind soul who shared generously on these recipes ๐Ÿ™

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My Early X’Mas gift of Ladies Wellness

Hi folks!

X’Mas comes early for me this year when I set my eyes on this X’Mas promo set from Young Living Malaysia! It comes with a free Rose Gold 8-oils eo pouch!

I have been using geranium almost daily for my sagging/ reducing in size and much overworked precious assets (ask any mommy who breastfeed their babies; many would have this “after effects” after they weaned their child) as well as for hormone balancing (apply at my underarm) as I hope to age gracefully...never too early to start my self-care PMS routine as I have seen how badly some women felt as they hit their mid-forties to fifties...

I have also been using Endoflex for my adrenal fatigue symptoms, this is one of the oil that came up to me when I had my emotional release class.

And..I have also heard a lot about Lady Sclareol, very very nice smell which I wanna put it in my diffuser necklace ️ ..come near me if you like to check out the scent of course it’s not just nice-smelling oils..these therapeutic grade essential oils have wholesome of benefits:

Some info on the oils in the X’Mas promo set:

Lady Sclareol EO Blend
This EO blend is typically known for its phytoestrogen content, but it also contains EOs that are calming, grounding and balancing. It helps to set good emotions and mood, very suited as daily perfume for women. This blend contains Coriander, Geranium, Vetiver, Orange, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Spanish Sage, Jasmine and Idaho Tansy.

This single oil helps to release negative emotions and sets positivity, which explains why it is well suited as daily feminine perfume.

This blend helps to balance the hormones and thyroid and flush the kidneys

Each of us have different hormone levels..
Therapeutic-grade essential oils work to bring the body to balance. If our body needs what is in a particular oil or blend, then it will take what it needs and eliminate the remainder through the urine, feces, saliva, and sweat. This means that we can layer a number of essential oils and/or blends without concern about any “negative impact”. In fact, by using several oils and/or blends, we are giving the body more opportunities to find the exact combination of molecules that it needs.

Here's an easy way to use them
Endoflex: Use 2 drops on thyroid area and another 2 drops on lower abdomen (helps to balance the thyroid and flush the kidneys and liver)- daytime
(credit to Anita and Michelle)

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