Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chocolate Chip Avocado Flourless Eggless Muffin

Hi folks!

I tried experimenting with eggless baking as one of my angel is allergic to eggs. I found this eggless muffin recipe that used avocado instead. And running out of flour, I found one that uses oats instead. The results was palatable but not Sweet enough, shall try another time and share the recipe when it is foolproof!

Cheers to more baking adventures!

Running shoes hunting

Hi folks!

And as I wore my running shoes after lying there lonely at the shoe cabinet and only see sunshine once in awhile, the base of the shoes gave way and I have to start my shoe hunting expedition.
And wow, never do I learnt so much about running shoes hunting.
Below are some of the tips I've got.
1. Check the expiry date from the

From the label, you can see the manufacturing date of the shoes, in this pic it is Feb 2016. So this can be a guide if you do wish to get those shoes during sales. So check the manufacturing date if you don't wish to end up with old shoes that is not wearable few weeks down the road!

2. Base of the shoes

There are so many different technology used in each brands of good running shoes, we have gel type, cushioning, etc. If you are going to run 10km versus 42km, versus treadmill runs, all these requires different type of designs. For me as I will be starting with a 10km run on the road, I need to get something with 3-layer base with good grip for support and steady grip.

3. Where to get great deals?

My brother who is a serious runner shared with me a place called Mitsui Outlet near KLIA where we can usually get a good deal for many brands. However it might not be the latest model and might not have the size you want but definitely the price will be lesser than other places.
I do surf online to compare prices but I am someone who needs to wear the physical shoes before I feel confident buying it. So I went to SportsDirect Outlet and tested all sorts of brands and finally shortlisted 3. From the three models, I checked the price online and finally made my purchase at SportsDirect during their store wide 20% sales! Their salesperson is very helpful, patience and knowledgeable where I got many tips and advice as a newbie. I would definitely be back there with my kids to choose their sports gear!

So that's it folks! I've got my shoes and all ready to hit on the road! Are you ready?

Cheers to a healthy and fruitful holiday ahead!

I have another bucket list to check off this year that is to regain my energy and one of it is to by getting back on my running regime. As the sayings go, "Use it or Lose it!". If we stop pushing our body and making it work, it will then start to work less and there goes our energy level plummeted drastically.

1. Read the labels

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Company Team's Day-Master Chef Challenge

Hi folks!

During the Team Day, my company engaged this company called MadLabtraining, MADLAB means Making a Decision Like A Boss- sounds cool ya.

And during the TeamDay, they have engage a culinary event organiser to organise our Company MasterChef Challenge.

Check out my entry with my team of four which comprised of two ladies and two gentlemen:

Molly's V Restaurant
- Deluxe Nasi Lemak

- Molly's V Signature Curry

- Assorted Fusion Tempura set

Cheers! app and Veggie World Cafe

Hi folks!

When DH and I were in our dating days, he used to drive me everywhere to hunt for lovely vegetarian meals and eateries (both of us are vegetarian since in our early teens).

After we got married with young children, we are limited with fewer and nearer baby-friendly places. Now that the kids are older, we are back to supporting and also having fun trying out lovely vegetarian meals around us.

And with the app, it make it more economical to try out the plant-based meals for our family of five.

Our recent try out is at Veggie World cafe located at Bandar Kinrara(near Giant Kinrara) and the food are not bad at all! And the best thing is they have plenty of parking and it's not as crowded as the one we used to patron near our house.

Safer alternatives for my ballerina

Hi folks!

What makes me switch into safer alternatives in terms of medical, household products and next to children..they are my biggest love and drive.

When my ballerina daughter started trying out nail polish(oh grow up fast!) and checking my stash of make-ups, skincare and things like make-up remover and lipsticks after their performance...I started getting jittery of the chemical-laden lipsticks and all...

Thus, I started checking out safer alternatives for them. Yesterday she had a photo shoot for her ballet studio and came home with lovely yet hard to clean eye-liner etc..and I used the following to clean for her..voila! It cleans off easily and no harsh chemical 👍💕

Good to start them young on safer alternatives so they make a better choice and are less exposed to those chemicals..

Are you interested to find out more how about Chemical-free lifestyle for children and on Young Living? Just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

Cheers to a lovely weekend folks!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

En-route to check my bucket list

Hi folks!

Do you have a bucket list? I roughly had one in my mind and I have managed to check one of it when I had a couple trip with my DH after more than 3 years not doing so..

Next is to restart my exercise regime as I have sign up for a 10km run part of my bucket list..and to regain my energy level. Use it or lose it so they what's your bucket list?

Hope you all get to make a tick and move towards a happy, healthy fulfilling life.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Inspirations from Skytrex Challenge

Hi folks,

After a trip to skytrex extreme challenge at Shah Alam, I learnt some lessons while I was surrounded by all the greenery and i would love to record it down here for my own reflection and also sharing with all of you.

1. When we face with challenges, just take deep breathe, continue the steady steps and just Go for it! Knowing in our heart there are people who have done it, if they can do it, so can you. Just follow closely behind. And even if there is no one started on the journey, pioneering is always tough, but worth all the efforts! Don't give up halfway as you are leaving behind footprints for others who are watching with hope.

2. In life, there's a lot of circumstances where there's no turning back. You can only march forward bravely knowing that you are watched and guarded by someone from above(just like how we are somehow protected by all the harness that was fixed on us right at the beginning).

3. At each difficulty/challenges, we can choose to give up(without trying) or we can just give one more try with ALL our might. It's our choice. At the extreme challenge there are 3 "chicken exit" for those who wished to chicken out and take the easy way out to end the challenge. In life, there are also people who might take the shortcut and end their life when faced with challenges. But ultimately what would left is regrets..most or if I may say.. ALL the time. So never give up without trying.

4. There will be people cheering for you from time to time. There will be times you are the only one left facing the challenge. At that time, you need to cheer for yourself. You need to be your best cheerleader during the "alone" moments in life.

5. Don't forget to admire and soak in the whole nature during the entire process. Soon, before you realise, the challenges have come to an end. Do not forget to enjoy the entire process of the challenge/ journey in life.

I am thankful for my teammate who has been encouraging me to go on this trip and thankful that I followed my heart to join the trip at very last minute(like 15mins before I have to start my journey driving to the destination in time). In life, when you wanted to do something, you will find every ways to achieve it. No matter how difficult, you will find ways to make it happen. But if you are not willing do it, you can find thousands of excuses for it. Like what a old Malay saying, "Nak seribu Daya, tak Nak seribu Dalih." Literally means, if you want, you will have one thousand might, if you don't want, you will have one thousand excuses :)

Have a fulfilling and fruitful weekend folks!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Safer way to manage head lice

Hello folks!

Head lice is one issue which got me started using essential oil for my family. Blessing in disguise so to speak.

I first came across the usage of essential oil in this book called Growing Up Green! Baby and Childcare by Deirdre Imus. Thanks to my friend, Ai Lian, who hosted a giveaway at her online bookstore and I actually have the luck of winning this book. It opens up a new horizon for me as a new mommy then. Having grown up using all the more commonly-found over-the-counter solution, learning about how these simple, natural yet effective ways to manage the childhood issues like head lice is a great change for me.

When my daughter started learning ballet at age 5, and needed to keep her hair long, she had a head lice attack. Like how my mom would do when I was young, I went to pharmacy to get the "kutu"/head lice comb and the stinky head lice medicine that smells like herbicide. It was really smelly and poor gal I have to wrap her head with that stinky and toxic stuff for 30minutes before I can wash it off. And the smell stays on her for quite awhile.

The next head lice attack, I remembered having read in this book that I could use essential oils like rosemary, tea tree oil mixed with Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) and wrap it for 30 minutes. This book also advice using rosemary shampoo to prevent getting head lice again. So I went to a nearby organic shop cum cafe to get all these items. Back then(6 years ago) I haven't heard of Young Living and there isn't much choice available for pure essential oil and those essential oil based shampoo. The bottle of tea tree oil I bought cost me MYR80 for a small bottle and it only contains very small percentage of tea tree oil and large percentage of alcohol and sugar cane(not sure why this ingredient was needed preservative?). But that was the start of my quest to dabble in natural and safer remedies for my kids and never look back ever since then.

So dear folks, if any of your family members or their children have issues with head lice etc, so try to a healthier, safer, natural alternatives(not to mention smells awesome too! Absolutely no resistance from my gal ❤️). And after that treatment, coupled with using rosemary shampoo and other essential oil-based shampoo, we never have any reoccurrence of head lice issue at home ✌️

Essential oils worked amazingly and prevention is better than cure! I am glad I found Young Living essential oil which is pure enough that I can even use it for my cooking!

Are you interested to find out more how about Young Living Essential Oils? Just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:


Monday, April 17, 2017

What "essentials" would you packed while travelling?

Hi folks!

For me, my essentials would be my oils!! I would not go without my essential oils during my travel.

So if you have the following questions:
1. Can I bring my essential oils when I am travelling?
2. What is the must-have oils while travelling?
3. How many oils I could bring along on my hand-carry? Will they be confiscated if I bring too many?

I would like to share my experience on my recent long haul flight whereby I bring along my essential must-have oils and no medicine at all(as I didn't have time prior to the trip to get any seasick or other medication and don't have any in my shelf either).

The following is what I managed to grab and go at my first thought(was packing them 30minutes before leaving for my trip 😅) and I used them all!! Very helpful aid. So if you do use any oils regularly, you would want to bring those you often use along.

If you have joined their free membership and got the free basic starter kit(out of your 100PV purchase), you will have these 10 packets of handy sample sachet (0.25ml each), yes check them in that lovely box! Bring along these sachet if weight is a concern for you while travelling.

The following are what I brought along and I don't faced any issues at the strict US and London airport:
1. Deep Relief- useful aid for any sprains, headache, tummy discomfort as it contains peppermint, helichrysum and wintergreen oils blend. It helped my aching back from the heavy carrying of backpack and also from the exercise I did while travelling 👍

2. Lavender- a must-have first aid kit for good sleep, cuts, burns, etc. I used it on my husband who had a bad sunburn during our travelling trip. It helped to calm the burning sensation and have a good sleep during the travels.

3. Ginger - this really serves well if you are going for a cruise trip and afraid might have seasick issues and also if you are having some gassy stomach due to eating some unfamiliar food or too much good food 😂

4. Citronella- my natural insect repellent

5. StressAway roll-on- This comes free in our free membership and basic starter kit and has a roll-on cap that make it easier to apply before you board the plane and have a better rest and thus avoid being attacked by jetlag. It works really well for me! I am back to normal upon reaching my destination after 24hr flight.

6. AromaEase- a very good oil to combat jetlag. I applied behind my ears before each connecting flight. Bravo 👏 the best oil to have on a flight!

7. Lemon - after eating too much pizza and heaty chips, my throat felt dry and coarse. I quickly open my sample sachet and share it(yes cos one sachet contains about 8-10drops or 0.25ml) with my friend who requested it too as she was having flu and afraid fever will attack soon before boarding. I asked for a cup of warm water at the cafe near the airport and simply add it to my drink. I felt so much better after that. And my friend too. Very handy oil to have. One mommy uses it to remove the crayon stains on his son who scribbled with the crayons as part of his on-board entertainment 😁

8. Peace and Calming- I did not use this myself but managed to share them with a mommy on-board(thus you don't see them in picture as they were given away; I took this picture after returning from my trip) whose baby was in crying fits. It managed to calm the baby and the mom have two thumbs-up 🙌. So I offered her my remaining packet so that this European lady can make use of it during her connecting flight. Am very glad the oil helped the baby, the mommy and all of us who were trying to have a good sleep on the 13hr++ flight.

So these are my 8 handy oils(8 寶) while travelling. And as these bottles are well below the 100ml limit, and as long as we put them together in a clear ziplock bag(at London airport they provide these bags for free which was very thoughtful and nice 👍) and we make sure all caps are closed tightly, i have no issues having them in my carry-on 💕 and very glad to have brought them along rather than checking them in!

What oils will you bring along while travelling? Do you hand-carry them and do you face any issues hand-carrying them and which country and places have you visited with the oils? Which has helped you during your trip?

Would love to hear from everyone!

Cheers and have a lovely day!
Are you interested to find out more how about Young Living Essential Oils? Just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.
Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lovely thing that soothe a crying baby on board

Hi folks!

During my last flight back from London(> 13-hour flight), there was this cool mommy whose baby was crying non-stop for quite sometime while many of us are trying to catch our forty winks. 

Somehow it works like yawning, another baby started crying too and it's not helping that the plane which was delayed and we were kept in the plane for more than 2 hours due to some medical emergency(one of the passenger was fainted) without proper meals and feeling really tired.

Suddenly my friend nudge me and ask, "Do you have anything for the passenger?". I suddenly recalled how I usually calm my baby in the middle of the night when he has crying fits, Peace and Calming Young Living essential blend. And I recalled I had brought along two sachet for this trip as I was on a cruise and thought it would be helpful to have it on board.

Long story cut short, I turned to the passenger next to me to asked to be excused(I am sitting right in the middle in a row of 3-seats) so that I could walk over to the mommy to offer the Peace and Calming essential oil blend. I offered to her and telling her how to use it and went back to my seat. Now, not knowing if she would even try it, I just prayed inside my heart and if she did give it a try, hopefully it would help to calm her baby. Then minutes later, the baby did stopped crying. I didn't know until the passenger next to me asked me,"What have you offered to the mom? She gave a two-thumbs-up!"

Feeling all relieved and grateful, I then shared with the passenger sitting next to me from Denmark about the essential oil and how much it has helped my family. She in turned told me that she's using essential oil too to help her to sleep better. So I searched in my bag and found a sachet of lavender essential oil and gave it to her and at the end of the flight she thanked me for a good nap with the Young Living lavender essential oil.

Very glad to the oils, I made some new friends and also grateful we got a restful nap throughout the flight!

Are you interested to find out more how about Young Living Essential Oils? Just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

Monday, April 10, 2017

What to do during long haul flight?

Hi folks!

What do you do during your long haul flights besides sleeping/taking long naps? For me, I made full use of the on-board entertainment by watching movies as well as chat with the passenger that was sitting beside me!

I rarely have chance to sit down for hours watching movies or television 📺. However, during this trip (more than 9 hrs each flight), I managed to watched a couple of movies. One of them is this movie called Dolphin Tale.

It's really a very nice movie. Suitable for kids and parents alike! I learnt how as a parent we should listen, observe and learn to be out-of-the-norm parents who only cares about homework, exams, etc for our kids. We should also see what catches their interest and what makes them ticked!

In this story, the little boy was well into a life changing experience of his life only when his mom supported him rather than stopping him! And such supportive mom she is!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Travelling trip for newbies Part I- Luggage

Hi folks!

I have heard and read a great deal (only after my trip!) and I wished to put it down here as my own reminder as well as to share with all my readers/ friends.

After our flight from London-Kuala Lumpur was delayed by 3 hrs due to some medical emergencies (our first time being in such long haul flight- more than 24hours from US-London-Kuala Lumpur) on board due to a rather elderly passenger who said to have fainted on board. (Note: More tips about this later on what to do if stucked on a delayed or in-between connecting flight.), upset upon reaching home after about 2+9+16hours(instead of 13hr) flight, we spent another 1 1/2hour trying to wait and locate our luggage.

To our dismay, our luggage has decided to extend its holiday@London. So off we go to report for our delayed(praying that it's only delayed and not Lost!) luggage with Malaysian Airlines and was told that the luggage will be delivered to us the next day(without mentioning when).

After checking online about delayed and lost luggage (this topic seems to be tied together), we found out the following tips which is helpful for people travelling especially with few connecting flight!
1. Always keep the receipt of the luggage you have bought and brought along to the trip in your handbag or with your important documents
Otherwise if your luggage is damaged, they will only pay you half of less if the price you've paid for you luggage!

2. Always keep receipts of the items/contents (souvenirs, clothes,etc) in your luggage. They need these items when you need to claim for lost luggage(pray not!) along with your important documents like boarding pass and passport. I have placed mine in the souvenir bags in the luggage *facepalm*

3. Keep your boarding passes and stick the luggage sticker on your boarding passes as these are needed when you are making report for lost/delayed luggage to the airline and to your travel insurance

4. Know your travel insurance and also your rights as a passenger to the airline you've bought your flight ticket.
I found out that for delayed luggage that hasn't arrived more than 24 hours after we reached our destination, the airline needs to compensate a certain amount based on your ticket type (namely: economy, business or first class; refer example in the picture enclosed)

5. Snap a picture of the contents of your luggage before you begin your flight/locked your luggage. This serves as proof and reminders of what consist in your luggage.

Now, seasoned you anything to add-on/share? Would love to hear from you!


What? Jetlag? No way!

Hi folks!

Remember I mentioned about my quest to try out natural way to combat jetlag -

I just came back to my long haul flight(altogether 16hr+ 9hr+ 2hr= 27hrs excluding the waiting time in between the transit waiting for our connection flight!), and guess feeling of jetlag at all(I've applied AromaEase essential oil on the back of my ears before my flight!)..after reaching home at around 12.30pm, it's back to my usual mommy duty of bringing my dad cum temporary babysitter during my trip away with my DH(this is our third couple trip together after more than 3 years!) and kids for lunch, sending my dad home to his home-sweet-home after minding my kids for the past few days at my house, running over to pickup my precious Eucalyptus Radiata and Valor II (it's been out of stock for the longest time and just got restocked on Mon and I managed to place an order online while I was in US using the occasionally working well wifi connection@the cruise 🚢) and reached home around 4.30pm; slept for an hour and a half before resuming to prepare dinner for the kids, hearing their updates for the past few days during our absence and clearing the laundry and dirty dishes, attending a meeting before finally getting my zzz at 11.55pm, back to work the next day, followed with preparing for KY ballet exam ..all is well and mom of 3 has no time for jetlag!

Just give me a buzz if you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil. I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

They do have very nice promotion and freebies for new member signup and you can actually get a free dewdrop diffuser set for free when you buy a certain number of essential oils. That's how I started and it's an awesome way to start dabbling into the essential wellness and enjoying a lovely journey I wouldn't trade for anything!


Saturday, April 8, 2017

My garden growing well

Hi folks!

Before I went for my trip, I have merely added some homemade fertiliser from the fruit skins leftover from my slow juicing..was amazed after I came back from my 10-day trip, my peppermint blossoms and grown so much without much water and care..such amazing survival power!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Working out and eating well While Travelling

Hi folks!

When we get to travel, it's awesome to be able to incorporate some exercise and eat well during the trip.

During my YL trip, we got to workout with a team of like-minded people under two awesome instructors.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Vegetarian Flying with MAS and American Airlines

Hi folks!

I must say this is a rather back-dated post.

Just would like to share with you all as well as record down my personal experience(as a vegetarian) flying with the Malaysia Airlines versus American Airlines.y

Prior to booking and again confirming my flight tickets purchased with American Airlines, I have specifically mentioned about my special meal request for my guest and I.
About 10 days before the trip, I called up again to make sure our special meal requested(vegetarian with no onion, garlic, leek and yes no FISH too if you are wondering why this has to be specially-mentioned as in western countries especially, some people still thought eating fish is considered as in "vegetarian" diet). The American Airlines staff has confirmed and I had even printed out the updated itinerary with the word-"special meal is requested for this itinerary".

However, when we check in, we were told that only one of us has requested the special meal for our more than 22hours flight and they cannot do anything now to change our meal request. So can you imagine how disappointed I am? I try to keep calm and ask them what I could do to ensure my return trip would have this meal request updated in their system?

Then the kind MAS staff which works in collaboration with American Airlines said I could check with the ticketing counter but only for flight "operated by MAS", which means those flight under American Airlines, I can only talk to them when I reached my destination or I could call them(which I told them I already did and don't think it worked!). So I have no choice but made my friends wait alongside me when I queue up to enquire about my meal request. Yet, after I have done so, to my dismay..only to be told they only cater two meals on the 13hr++ flight and cannot guarantee I would be getting my vegetarian option(so you know which airlines to choose now should you need to request special meal). Also, I learnt something new, as different airlines use different terms for their vegetarian meals, you can check the drop-down list, it has many different types of vegetarian; e.g., lacto-ovo vegetarian(that eats eggs and dairy), vegan(no dairy, eggs, honey or any other animal by-products), and for my case where I can't take onion, garlic and leek- it's called Vegetarian Jain(a type of vegetarian that does not included root vegetables), so this would be my safest bet although this would mean I won't even be served potatoes which I am fine as long as they got my meal right!

We will definitely reconsider about booking our flight with American Airlines. Compared to MAS, even though only one vegetarian meal is recorded in their system, the stewardess go the extra mile to ensure I have something to eat. They made me some salad with mash potatoes as well gave me additional bread and fruits to chew on which I am truly grateful of. But not American Airlines, all they can do is sorry it's not recorded in our system and we can't do anything on that!

Long story cut short, here's a lessons learnt from me to select your airlines carefully before booking your ticket. American Airlines even have the new rule implemented whereby economy ticket passenger have no access to their overhead cabin and we can only place our things below the chair. This is truly another surprise to me as even if I fly in our budget airline- AirAsia, I don't have such restriction. Sigh..big bummer!

Now let me share with you some of my meals firstly, a hot lemon and vegetarian pizza ordered at Terminal 3, KLIA. Yes, have a good meal before i fly since I might go hunger for the next 13 hours!! Next is this lovely pasta given to me by MAS when they managed to found someone who has let go their vegetarian meal package. So, one advice here is to alert the stewardess of your special meal request the moment you are on-board so that in any case this request has been overlooked at least they still have time to keep a lookout or find something for you. Next, once landed before transit to another 9hr++ flight, I bought some avocado sandwich at lovely London airport which has the most amazing variety of yummy sandwiches as well as affordable organic coffee only at £2.15. Next, thanks to my new-found vegan friend who shared a tip with me to bring our trusty cup-a-noodle, we managed to have a hot supper right after my long hungry flight with American Airlines. That's all my sharing for now..I am not trying to speak ill of any company but am just trying to share my experience being a vegetarian and travelling on different airlines. And I am truly proud of MAS crew. Kudos to the check-in counter staff and stewardess on duty that day! Cheers!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Getting an insight to through travelling

Hi folks!

En-route to my journey to my destination of travel..we passed by this seemingly mysterious place to me, a place I have never heard or read of call Ankara.

This is the First pic taken near Ankara- what a spectacular view!

There are so many places on earth I have yet to visit or read or heard about..grateful and in awe with the amazing creation of God.

I hope I will be able to make more such learning trips with my family ❤️

More updates soon of my discoveries..stay tuned folks!

Till then have a Lovely weekend!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Have you started stocking up?

Hi folks!

Look at these ..this was just one day pickup from my friend who is doing her rounds of stocks pickup for her would want to stock up too these lovely oils before the price goes up next month folks!

Just give me a buzz if you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil. I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

They do have very nice promotion and freebies for new member signup and you can actually get a free dewdrop diffuser set for free when you buy a certain number of essential oils. That's how I started and it's an awesome way to start dabbling into the essential wellness.

Okay folks..I need to go grab my oils ...


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Small Adventures during school holiday

Hi folks!

Even though I couldn't take leave during the kids' school holiday, due to the fact that the daycare is closed I had to send the kids to their grandparents' place ..via LRT.

So the kids are super excited! We took the LRT from Bandar Puteri station and interchange at Putra Heights and changed to Putra line to get to KL area.

It's a long 1 1/2 hour ride but the kids are super excited and barely take any nap during the journey which started at 6.40am as mommy needs to rush off to work by LRT thereafter.

Oh yes, we just got to know if you take the LRT between 6-7am, you get 50% discount from your fare! Awesome!

What's your adventure during school holiday? Do share..

Love you all folks!

Cheers and have a lovely time with your children!

Packing snacks for school

Hi folks!

Kids have a long day and very short break at school. What do you usually pack for them at school during their recess time/break time?

Some parents opt to cater from school canteen. Some kids bring biscuits or bread to school.

After the TCM advise us not to let my children take too many store-bought biscuits as it contains a lot of ingredients and trans-fat which are not good for them in the long run.

At times I will make sandwiches for them. And sometimes I will pack these Ningxia Red sachet and slique bar for them which they loved.

I find this is not easy to prepare ahead of time, guarantee-finished in no time(you won't be needing to clear their unfinished or spoilt food packed to school) and it won't be spoilt even if they don't have time to eat it(yes, KY often said to me that she often does not have time to eat when she happened to be on duty during certain days in a week).

This is the way I send my love to my kids at school. Hoping by discovering their favourite snacks and drinks during their break time brightens up their long day at school and daycare when mommy is away from them.

Would you like to get these nutritious and lovely drinks and snacks for your kids as well?

Do drop me a comments if you are interested to get these healthy snacks for your children from Young Living.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

They have free membership when you have reach a certain amount of order(100PV). That's how I started and received their free membership and free basic starter kit that contains the free slique bar. It has been a hit for KY ever since then. She loves to have it in between her ballet classes too.

Do it now before they start adjusting their product pricing to match our weakened ringgit next month!

Cheers to an awesome and healthy day  folks!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The easiest plant to grow and great to sooth cough

Hi folks!

I have been trying to grow some edible plants in my balcony and so far I found peppermint is the easiest one to grow and it grows fairly quickly too.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Interesting read- Heal Your Body

Hi folks!

I am very glad to be introduced with this book during my CARE intensive last year.

I have always known and heard about how our emotions can affect our physical well-being. Thus, we can also heal our body if we start from our emotional well-being.

The first thing I tried searching in the books is why my son tend to have reoccurrence of sinus and cough despite all the good measures I am taking...nutrition, outdoor exercise etc. Then I found the cause lying underneath in his emotion. Being a second child, he must have felt kind of neglected. Thus often felt the need to be heard. Thus he has such reoccurrence for his needs to voice out his feelings are not met.

This is truly an eye-opener for me. Understanding this have helped me to be more conscious to create opportunities to have more chatting sessions with him like when I drive him to tuition centre I would not ON the radio but prompt him with some questions or just simply hear his stories. I would also greet and wish him have a nice day and start giving him more hugs and even put my hand on his shoulder(despite him being a boy) to show my love and care,

I find it helped my son this way...he's more open to voice out his concern, his fear and suggestions. And more caring towards his brother too. Before that he kind of treated his brother like a kind of threat as in feeling he needs to give in to his younger brother all the time unwillingly..which is not the case.

Essentials for Travelling

Hi folks!

I love to try all the different natural remedies and natural ways in my daily encounter and adventures.

That's how I discover essential oils. I have used it for many "adventures" at home like when KY had nose bleeding in the middle of the night, came back with bruises on her back from falling from staircase at school, to replacing ZS's laundry with non-chemical one like Thieves Household Cleaner.

And now for travelling I have heard a lot about how AromaEase is good for jetlag. Now another experimenting time for me as I embark on my first long-haul flight soon. I have never have any issue flying within 6-7hours but this time round it would be more than 20 hours, so let's see if this amazing oil could be my saviour...and let me have a lovely and smooth trip. 

Stay tune for my updates when I am back from my trip! ❤️

Just give me a buzz if you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil. I am happy to share more with you.

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They do have very nice promotion and freebies for new member signup and you can actually get a free dewdrop diffuser set for free when you buy a certain number of essential oils. That's how I started and it's an awesome way to start dabbling into the essential wellness.

Do it now before they start adjusting their product pricing to match our weakened ringgit next month!

Cheers to a fruitful weekend folks!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wanna win a bottle of Young Living 5ml Lavender Essential Oil? *UPDATED with WINNERS list*

Hi folks!

Would you like to win a bottle of Young Living 5ml Lavender Essential Oil?

If you are an existing member, you can do so by taking part of this short survey:

You will need to key in your Young Living member ID at the last entry.

If you are not yet a member, do PM me, I am more than glad to run you through the process!

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member online yourself and enjoy the oils at member price and participate in their lovely sharing, training and contest. 

Good Luck and have a blessed and Abundance Year!


Hello's the winners list..are you one of them...congrats in advance!!! I am glad two of my friends are in the winner list...yey...happy for them (and you all other winners)!! Yoohoo..enjoy your lovely lavender oil from Young Living Malaysia!

Monday, February 6, 2017

My Self-Aspirations in year 2017

Hi folks!

There are things we have to have perseverance and consistent effort to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Here are the little steps I aspire to do this year:
1. Always have bed-time story or one-to-one heart-to-heart(applicable for DH) talk with my kids(and DH) no matter how tired I am. [it's the most cherish moment of their day and mine too!]

2. Always greet people I meet (hugs and bow) as appropriate according to person, culture and relationship(strangers, loved ones, colleagues, etc). [it's a way to show my respect and acknowledge their presence and our affinity of meeting each other]

3. Always talk, react and act with love and care. [no matter how annoyed, impatient or tired/disappointed you are, cos you cared thus you are feeling all these negatives feelings inside you; and you have the chance to choose to react with love and care no matter what happened. Everyone is facing enough "bad" days and stress. Choose to act with love and care even to your own self. Do it!]

4. Be fit. Make time to exercise, to be with nature, to communicate with Universe, to lead a healthy lifestyle(physically and mentally, detox daily( do not have any leftover unhappiness /grudges for the day; let go) to face and enjoy the assignment/journey/adventures bestowed for the day.

5. Take deep breathe, calm down, listen and smile. Give your best shot and create memories, inspirations and battery to spur you along

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rescue aid for tummy discomfort

Hi folks!

Once again the oils saved my day(or shall I said night ...) and this time around during our festive season...we had it once during the first day of CNY where ZS suffered from wheezing cough two years ago and the essential oil I carried with me saved us from rushing to the hospital.

This time round, on third night of CNY, after we came home from my in-law place, KY was complaining that she couldn't walk and having terrible tummy ache. DH had to carry her back home from our car park. 

After giving her some warm water to sip and applying peppermint on her tummy, she is fine for awhile but later on complained of extreme pain again at 1.50a.m.

I almost wanted to send her to the hospital seeing her in such a great pain that she couldn't lift up her leg(at first I thought it was appendicitis but from the location she pointed to me, it doesn't look like appendicitis to me..but I do not want to take the risk thus I suggested to KY that I shall send her to the hospital since there's no clinic open at this hour and during public holidays too!)

But KY having witness the episodes of hospitalization of ZS at wee hours during the holidays, the agony of waiting and sitting in pain on hospital chairs, not to mentioned the needles poking etc, said no I don't wish to go hospital.

So, I quickly took my Essential Oil reference guide to check on the protocol for stomach pain and cramps and found oils like ginger(thank God I stocked up a 5ml of this oil!) and Digize could help. So I add diluted(50:50) 5-6drops of ginger on her tummy and continue with hot compress. Also, I applied diluted Digize on the stomach vitaflex on her foot as advised in the guide. Soon, she fell into deep sleep..I think too tired from the pain she endured the entire night. I also diffuse peppermint essential oil to ease her pain and to help her to breathe better.

She slept till noon the next day and ate two big bowl of porridge. Thank God and thanks to the essential oils and the knowledge on the oils I have obtained throughout the years of application, reading and sharing from others.

Today she's back at school after the CNY break.

Thankful for to the power of plant and nature!

Now I learnt to always bring my essential oils along with me on my trips. And Digize and ginger are definitely a must and great helper for tummy discomfort during our travels and during the festive feasting!

Just give me a buzz if you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil. I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:


Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017 -New Year New Goals

Hi folks!

This is the second day of Chinese New Year and here I am having my "alone" time in the waking up "automatically" by my biological clock near 6 a.m. Ever since KY starting morning school session, my body has been tuned to wake up at this hour every morning (yes, even during weekends!) and it has done some good to me as well. Since i need to wake up early, i always tend to sleep earlier too along with my children, starting with bedtime story and I treasure this moment each time of the night, so do my children!

There are a lot of things i wished to do this year, and here i would like to record it down for my own checking:

  1. Reconnecting and making the effort to meet the people i cared about and also cared for me and my family a lot!
    Yes, i did that before CNY(by meeting up with a lovely auntie as well as a new-found friend, Yean, they are all such lovely and caring mommies,!), and of course during CNY too! Have met up with my dear Buddy Charl on first day itself, and looking forward to visit KY's Godmom(haven't seen her for the longest time!), to meet up with my aunties who are back from Down Under, my friends who'll be back from US today!! Am determinted to make full use of my CNY break to reconnect with all these lovely and important people in my life!
  2. Prioritise- there's often a lot of things on my plate, but i would want to keep my focus clear and prioritise on what's really important and not just urgent.

  3. Wellness and Well-being
    As I meet up with people, been attending some talks lately and also do some read-up on wellness and well-being, i came to understand that our emotions and state of mind influence our physical health and also affects how we live our life.
    Thus, I strive to take good care of my wellness(spiritually and physically) as well as my family who cares a lot! I am also starting to say my blessings each time i leave my house; to pray for the well-being of my family members and to inject positive thoughts and energy to my home.
  4. Taking time to detox and rejuvenate
    After attending the talk on Emotional Detox as well as the Emotional Balance with Essential Oil last year and early this year, i learnt how each of our bodily ailment springs up from our emotional disability to handle certain situation or the habitual way of how we react and act.
    I will share more about this as I compile my notes and also gotten one of the reference book that I would love to explore further on Emotional Balancing.

    I also started using two essential oils daily now to reinstate my life daily- Joy on my wrist and Believe on the crown of my body. This is 'cos i tend to go low in energy and spirits easily as i zoomed through the daily hustle-bustle and my own belief system.

    During the Emotional Balancing class and self-survey i also came to understand that I often mis-treat myself by not allowing any(or much) form of "enjoyment" for myself and that I haven't been treated myself well enough to make me deserve the attention and time thus the havoc of my health too. I am a "yellow" person who often cares about others a lot yet often put myself at last spot or even don't feel i deserved to be "pampared" or "cared" for which is pretty imbalance and improper way of treating ourselves. So i am now using Abundance essential oil to put back the right perspective that I am born "Enough" and is "Good Enough" to receive the abundance of love, care, support, and health+wealth into my life now and I receive it with grace, gratitude and pleasure.
  5. Have courage, be accountable and enjoy the uncertainties and learning new things
    As we got older, we seems to lose that kind of "sparks" and excitement over festive seasons compared to when we were younger. Festive season now can seems to be like a heavy "chores" and line-up of busy schedule that makes us frown even before it approaches. This totally defeats the purpose of the joy of get-together and also time to reconnect and embrace+giving out our care and love to our beloved ones.

    So do our courage to face the uncertainties and new things coming on our plate. This year, i will be making a "couple trip" with DH to US and this comes with lotsa preparation, research as well as worries for our children during our "away" time. Also comes with lotsa excitement for the trip as well as thankfulness for the full support coming from my parents and siblings!
  6. First, be accountable for my life, next be the pillar for others

    Everyday, life is full of uncertainties, and having watched a movie before the year ends in 2016(i forgot the name of the movie in English) but that movie made me realised how we, the anchor of our family, community and the world need to have such healthy and fit body and mind in order to take on whatever that comes to us as well as to be able to act in the moment which might just the thing that will saved us/our family/our loves ones/this world. And without having the discipline to eat healthily, act healthily, live healthily we won't have much chance when such "changes" comes into our life

I pray for a better me in all aspects of my life for year 2017 and wishing all my friends the same too! May we be inspired and be the inspirations and good role model to our kids or the people around us. To be someone we love to be and be that person you would be proud of!

Cheers to a fruitful 2017 folks!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What shampoo do you use for your kids?

Hi folks!

I have been trying to move to healthier and less chemical option in terms of household and kids items.

KY who needs to maintain long hair and tie a bun everyday to school and ballet. And long hair tend to entangle easily and it can be quite a challenge for me to help to tie her hair without hearing the oooo- ouch from her.

But ever since I got her the Young Living Kidscent shampoo, her hair is just smooth and silky. Tieing hair for her is such a breeze now!

Before we use this brand of shampoo, she used to "steal" my adult shampoo and conditioner which is of course full of chemical-laden stuff...

So I am going to stock up these shampoo for her to make my day easier and hers healthier too!

If you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil. I am more than willing to share with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lovely gift from my 3-year old

Hi folks!

Today when he got home, he was "hiding" in the room with his sister..and out they came with some surprises for mommy they said.

ZS couldn't wait after dinner to present me the "surprises" he had for me and he just gotta show me prior to finishing his meal.

Such lovely craft made with love ❤️ from ZS, with the guide from his older sister.

I am so blessed to have his sister doing some art and craft with her.

As I spoke to a mommy today brings up some old memories of the time I used to make homemade play dough, make pizza and muffin with kids,etc, but I find that lately I haven't been spending much time doing some creative stuff with kids! Now what have I been busy with?

Very glad and thankful to have very passionate and enthusiastic mommies friends around me who often reminds and inspires me of these short and lovely moment which I should cherish with my children.

What are you busy with lately that steal the time away from your kids?
Gadgets? Work? Korean Drama? Let's all off the electronic gadgets and spend more time discovering the creativity and inner potential in our children and revive the inner child in us?

Cheers to a lovely and fruitful weekend folks!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

[self-care] Post Raindrop Technique

Hi folks!

Good morning 2017! I am so excited and so happy that I finally got to experience the raindrop technique(RDT) after hearing so much about it. You can read more about it here:

It is about aligning the body and mind. And here is my height taken before and after the raindrop technique. After the alignment of my body was done, I am actually almost 1cm taller(wow!!!). And my instructor who performed raindrop on her children since young, her youngest daughter(she has 5 children) is actually the tallest in her class!

This is an awesome plus point of having the raindrop technique besides the therapeutic benefits from the oils which are able to help us to detox and realign our emotions as well.

We are advised to stay away from toxins drinks like coffee, soda beverages and alcohol (glad that I don't touch all these three!) but not so for DH whom I did the RDT(drop me a message if you are keen to try the RDT too!), coffee is his daily routine! But luckily it's weekend and he's not he can still stay away for a few days hopefully giving his body time to detox and heal.

Another post-RDT I noticed in myself is I saw redness on the part which indicates my liver and gallbladder area needed some work. This comes no surprise to me as since my schooling days i have the habit of burning midnight oils that has really done some damage to my liver(all TCM practitioner I visited told me I have issues on my liver!).

So I am going to try this essential oil blend called Juvacleanse which has good reviews on its benefits for the liver.

This is part of my self-care regime which I hope to give more attention to my liver which has been working hard for the past 30+years(ahem revealing my age here aren't I?!). I will share more with you all after trying it out(was advised to use it for a month).

If you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil, feel free to drop me a message and I am happy to share with you these amazing oils and power of plants!

You can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price by clicking on the link below. It's very simple:

Cheers to a happier and healthier me in 2017!