Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Happy Birthday...this time SHONE!

Happy 1 year old Birthday to Shone.

May you keep growing strong, happy and healthy.

Love you...mmuahh..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Are you a Book Lover?

Yes, I am!!

I think my love for reading was planted deeply the moment my English teacher, I think her name is Mrs. Thiang passed me three free copies of Reader's Digest. I was hooked instantaneously from then on. I would be reading Reader's Digest even right before taking the 1119 Exam :P

And when I started working(still single), the moment I get my paycheck, I would go to Popular, MPH or Kinokuniya for my book shopping. As I always end up with more books than I can finished in a month, I would have to fix my each purchase to three per trip. However once, I ended up buying 16 books(totalled close to MYR300) at MPH warehouse sales. Woot...that was the extreme(for me at least!!)

And naturally I am not missing out in buying books for my kids, from cloth book, to those tiny hard cover ones which we can bring along when travellling. Below is the picture of KY(I think when she is about 5-6mths old). But back then she prefered to chew on the book :P. Somehow I glad that my love of reading does rub a bit on her..she would now grab a book whereever she goes..even when I bring her to visit my friends.

And, yep one good news I would to share that Kitty Cat is having a giveaway at her blog ( is giving away 2 (TWO) hardcover copies of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", each worth RM109.90). So if you are Harry Potter fans, do check out the giveaway here.

Happy Reading!


Donate to charity with a click

I think everyone is a giving person in some sense, but in current economy situation or even more for parents with's not easy to find some extras $$ to donate.

Now, if you know there is a way to donate without any penny from your piggy bank, would you do it? Digi is having a campaign  to try and raise RM150,000 in 30 days. And all we have to do is to help with a single click. And it does NOT matter whether you are a Digi user just as long we are among those who LovetoSave.

Just click once on the charity you’d like to support, and DiGi will donate RM5 to it. Check out the site now if you like to click now at


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rock up with Rock sugar egg noodle

Tah dah…my rock sugar noodle for my birthday…to ROCK me up. If you read my post about what special dish you normally eat during your birthday here, I was being introduced to this special Teochew dish by a non-Teochew friend, JS, who having the same birthday as me(minus the year..he’s more senior..hehe…).


And for the noodle, I specially added some kelps following the Korean style…I remembered one Korean drama they mentioned about taking kelps soup on their birthday…so I added plenty into mine for that extra iron and calcium.


Actually I made this on my “sickish” day..was down with fever(yea..on my birthday if you read my post here) and trying to make some soup and brunch then suddenly remembered this dish to try out…


And how was it? The verdict is….it TASTE yummy..and Jo(if you are reading this…) the sugary egg taste ok…BUT I must admit I prefer my egg salty for soupy noodle..haha…but at the end I don’t have the strength and patience to wait till the sugary water turn dry(if you see how to cook here), I just scoop the egg up when it is ready cooked..but at the end I drank the sugar water…it taste just like “tong sui” or those sweet desserts/soup we take.


So..are you Teochew and do you need some food to ROCK you up?


Try this dish if you dare..haha..



Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi Bag Lovers...if you love bags like I do...check out this giveaway contest organised by malaysian online baby shops (mobs).

The lovely prize would be from

My favourite bag from them is Thavasa White Patent Satchel actually but being a mommy who is proned to getting stains and etc..I would opt for a red(my lucky color) one of the same design(see picture below)

So everyone, if you are bag lovers too..check out this giveaway! The contest ends on 23 June 2009!

Have fun..Cheers!

Join This Giveaway

IN conjunction of Shone's 1 year old birthday, I saw this blogger mommy(Hanz) whose son, Hambali turning 1 as well and she had organized a fun contest to search for a perfect gift for her child, Hambali. How creative!
Check out her site on the giveaway if you are interested to join in the fun! There are some lovely prizes to be won while joining the fun ;) and this mommy is really into books and reading for her son as what would I to get for Shone...haha..I been buying things now and then for coming to his to buy for him..maybe I should turn to this mommy blogger, Hanz for more creative ideas...

Two smiley Vege kids

KY and Isher

I attended my old classmate's wedding last Sat at Prince and Residence Hotel and she is so kind to arrange a Vegetarian table for us and a few other couples.

And I took the chance to snap this picture of the couple's son, Isher, who is a vegetarian from birth(in her mommy womb), same as KY. I am trying to get tips from her how to raise a healthy, strong and happy vege kid like she had..charming little 11 year "young" boy.. haha..he was ?? when I said how "old are you? which then I changed to how "young" are you..haha..

Hope to hear more good news from all my old buddies and from myself too...

Weddings..o..gatherings..have another one this coming Sat...Shone little birthday celeb with mil's side.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Low batt..dr. Ask to rest..

Recuperating...will b back.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to......

15th June....half day, half year as I used to replied when people
asked about my "first cry" a.k.a birthday.

Actually I shared the same birthday with many people who were born on
15th June. One of them is my colleague cum sifu , JS (whose daughter's
birthday exactly same day ddmmyyy as KY..yep they were born on the
same day! What coincidence!), my Accounting Teacher(in Form 4 &
5)..opps...I forgot her surname..gosh..memory lapsed...comrades from guys can recall? Was it Ms. Lee or what's her surname
already...cham...really getting old liao man...and I think my buddy
from my Convent school, Niu's father also falls on this day...and many
more I am

Let's celebrate and sing along....

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to
everyone...Happy Birthday to ALL!

Why Happy Birthday to ALL? Because..the fact that we are
ALIVE...("sheng" in chinese) today is our sheng ri (alive day) so Have
a Happy Birthday Everyone!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Helper in action

Here is little KY helping me to hang laundry during one of our weekend together...thanks dearie...

Cheers! Have a good weekend folks!