Saturday, December 12, 2009

Study Group for KY

KY loving every minute of her study group(warming up to prep her to start nursery soon).

But she cannot sit still..after awhile..will disappear

note: This took place last Sat. Not sure if this is where and how she caught the HFM as
someone told me that one of the kid is suffering from mouth ulcers. Anyway i feel best to
keep sick child @home to prevent spreading d germs cos it is really painful both for the HFM
kids & parents too! So i got my dad over to mind the kids for another week to avoid spreading
HFM to other kids@ d bbsitter's place.

Ways to get them to drink water

Here's a picture taken y'day! In our effort to get the two HFM-striken
kids to drink more water, DH bought more than five varieties of
beverages ranging from Yakult, Purple Carrot Blackcurrant juice to
even those Yeo's pkt drink that we only buy once a year, i.e. During
Chinese New Year!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 1 & 2 with Hand Foot Mouth(HFM)

Early morning, Shone woke up @ 6am. After carrying n following him for an hr, I felt hungry n made my all-time favourite miso noodle soup, hoping that he and KY would have better appetite to eat as well.

Shone had started drinking miso soup yesterday(2nd day for him after taking antibiotics for his throat ulcer), I was so relieved as he was practically not eating at all on the 1st day and only drank two bottles of milk for the entire day.

As for KY, it was worst, she went without food & milk on the first day and insist to hibernate(sleep) for the entire day except being woke up by me to feed her medicine and lotsa water to avoid dehydration.

I supposed it's their body natural instinct to fight off the virus?

Then on 2nd day morning, Shone managed to stir his sister(KY) up from her hibernation and they both start taking some miso soup and soya noodles. Am I so Glad!!!

However, for KY who finally started talking again( apart from hibernation on the first day, she's been keeping mum for the entire day!!!), she went back to silent mode again after her nap at 10am, after feeding herself(yup, my brave girl!) her medication(which consist of one which Dr. Koe said should make them feel less pain and thus able to drink milk....& i have been diligently giving both of them this medication before offering milk).

Then in the evening, KY is screaming in pain once more and refused to take her dinner or any milk. After force fed her some barley water after her medication of course hoping to sooth her pain... she requested to go back to sleep once more. I started to get bit worried.... And i can see that she's been scratching more and more on her red spots on her arms and leg.

If she does not get any better tomorrow, i told DH that we should Dr.Koe again and see if we need to send her to the hospital.

Just now after pumping milk at 2 am, DH asked if i have any extra breastmilk which I could feed KY. Not that I have any extras with so little time for goos rest and pumpong session when I need to care of two sick kids, but I think Shone won't mind if mommy let gis sister to take one of his feeding?

Hope so, this little guy been wanting nothing but breastmilk these past few days(no Isomil, as I am mixed BF him since after 6 mths due to lack of supply after returning back to work and not pumping as frequent as I should).And Thank God, he seems noticebly recovers faster than KY. Guess that id why DH suggested giving KY the EBM.

Now, I just drank some nutritious drink after pumping milk, made another cup of milk maid tea and now going to bed rite away ...all these to get the milk supply going and increasing(hopefully...praying hard)

Pray for us too ya.. Need to get some rest now to b ready as a nurse cum cook tomorrow.. Adious!

Giant Warehouse Sale, 4-13 Dec 2009

Hope I am not too late on posting this..and since today is

Selangor Public Holiday! Check it out if you have the time to! ;)

Happy Shopping! Cheers!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

At home with Two Kids down with HFM

Not sure where n how they caught the HFM disease as they both sent to bbsitter and not to any nursery or daycare centre yet.

Am now @ home doing my best( pumping milk @ wee hrs as Shone had severe ulcers on tongue and throat and refused to be nursed) and looking up on HFM online. Apparently no medication suggested but some home remedies like ice popsicle. Will make a batch after this. Bought some big China Barley at a suggestion from a fren in S'pore who said HFM is common at daycare.

Have to keep my energy and immune at best level too as seems dat adults can catch it too.

So wat u see from now on might be some pre-schedule post from me. Will try n update KY n Shone condition now n then to update concerned aunties n uncles out there!

Pls. do share any remedies which might helps!

So far y'day whole day KY refused to drnk any milk at all. Really worried.. Already brought her to see the Ped, Dr. Koe. I need to force-feed her liquids from now on.

Keep us in your prayers folks!

Note: On a positive note, once they able to recover from this, I would have one less worry about HFM outbreak(if any, touch wood..hopefully NO MORE) when they start nursery...trying to stay positive and cheer myself up!!


Curious kids need to be tough inside

Ever since I am pregnant with my first child, KY, I have read a lot about babies and how to build up a strong immune system.

Then I decided to breastfeed my child to give them the GREAT START!!

Even though, being attacked by minor sickness like flu, cough etc is part and parcel of growing up, but at least we can make their defence stronger so that they can at least recover faster or get sick less frequently or less serious!

I think that's the Best GIFT we can give to our children.

Kids are naturally full of
curiosity and zest for life! In order to enable them to have a joyful and unrestricted discovery of this world, one of the thing we can do is to make them tough inside, that is emotionally and physically healthy so that they could explore their world with no worries or limit!

Breastmilk is the first step. The next thing we can do is to provide them a good nutrition from young.

The following are some steps I took to ensure I play my part in giving them a good immune system:
1. Breastfeed my kids(at least for first six months), KY was breastfed till 1 year old and Shone(at 18months) is still being breastfed

2. Adopt the 4 days rule when introducing solid food to detect any allergies in food intake. (For KY, she is fine with most food, whereas Shone seems to have tendency of gassy stomach after taking sweet potatoes)

3. Keep abreast with all the latest articles regarding immune system. I subscribed to numerous newsletter from everywhere to keep myself updated.

4. Ask around, share and scout for healthy and easy to make recipes.Keep experimenting and introducing varieties of good and wholesome food.

5. Allow the kids to run around in nature.

6. Give a well-balanced diet. I adhere the 5 colors rule, that is mixed and matched food in 5 colors combination, a simple way to ensure they receive varieties of nutrients.

7. Ensure they get enough rest and playtime.( I try not to arrange too much activities during the weekends especially during their nap times and no more parties till late nights too!)

There are more steps we can take I believe!

What are the steps you take to increase your child’s immune system?

I love to hear it especially now that my kids are fighting the HFM disease![I hope they will be as strong as the picture fighting the coxsackie virus with all their MIGHT..mommy will be hear cheering and supporting for you kids!!!! Aunties and Uncles out there, please keep them in your prayers!!]Mommy is doing ALL my BEST pumping my breastmilk(since Shone is having ulcers now and not able to suck/nurse), making ice popsicles and ensure they don't get dehydrated!

Pray that All kids grow strong and mighty!


Fallen Little Hero

Skinny and Sick Shone(DH took this pic on the first night he is down with throat ulcer) pains me to see him in this state! When I stroke his back, can feel his just one single day which he refused milk or water....due to throat ulcer.

Before this he had cough at night. How did it became throat ulcer? Haih..this mommy has not been paying extra attention!

Anyone has any good remedies to build up better immune system? I read somewhere that Echinacea helps...gonna try asking the Pharmacist!

Pray that Shone will get well and bubbly soon!

Gambatei Shone! Miss ur cheeky smiles! Muahh...

Not just Throat Ulcer but HFM.. Any home remedies?

Both Shone & KY having Hand Foot Mouth now...

PrAy that they recover fast!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Visit to Dr. Koe clinic

This is our second time visiting Dr. Koe. The first time was when both Shone and I had thrush (remember the post here about the daktarin gel). This time, Shone had a crying fit whole night. He would wake up every 1 1/2 hr and cry non-stop. He had fever last weekend but after giving him fever medication, it subsided. Then it came back again. He had flu and cough too. When I check the net, I suspected it might be ear infection? Then I thought since he refused to be nursed(first time in the history), he might be having throat infection like KY?(KY is very proned to getting throat infection due to the fact that she loves to eat biscuit and don't like to drink water.). Alas Dr. Koe diagnosed it as throat ulcers and Shone having two ulcers!( wonder he cried so hard and refused to even drink his nen nen or plain water..poor guy...he only had two bottles of yakult for the entire morning.

As usual, it is very crowded and we waited quite long. As Dr. Koe is really patient and details in her checking and answering the questions raised by her patient.

We reach there around 9.15am and when it is our turn, we saw that the clock is almost 11am. Should have arrived at 9am sharp!

Anyway, am truly grateful that we managed to find a "nearby" parking space as normally it's kinda hard to get a parking space here.

Anyone who interested to check out this Ped who is also a lactation consultant can refer to her details here:
(Call before you go, they opens at 9am but I think they rest on Thurs..if I am not mistaken)
Dr Koe Swee Lee

Consultant Pediatrician & Lactation Consultant
Koe Child Clinic
Jalan Mega Mendung, Old Klang Road,
Tel: 03-79830539

Hopefully Shone recovers ached my heart seeing him cry like that...poor little baby.

Can all aunties/uncles out there pray together for the FAST recovery of Shone?

Thanks in advance!


Note: By the way, for the winners of my first blog giveaway, please accept my apology for late delivery of your prizes as I am running here and there zombie-like with two kids(and now DH's turn after I recovered slightly) down with fever, cough and flu one after another.

Pelikan Warehouse Sale, 11 to 13 December 2009

Wow, folks...good time! Stationery sales...

Yeah, I wanna buy some stuff for my kids :P

Happy Shopping!

Pelikan Warehouse Sale

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[ Check out the previous warehouse sale in ShoppingnSales here->March 2009]

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Monday, December 7, 2009 Grand Sale, 27 Nov - 3 Jan 2010

Hi folks,

No doubt MyBbStore has been one of the online baby stores I frequented. I bought quite a lot of items from here. One example is their Nuby Non-spill free Bottle for both KY and Shone and for my friends and sisters(includes sister-in-law) ...altogether I think I purchase more than 6 bottles there? haha...

I also ordered my hard-to-find Bfree bottle teat from them as well as MAM bottles teat.

So check out their sales if you are searching to find any baby stuff!

By the way, I noticed that they also sell my kids' favourite Hi 5 VCD when I browse their store last itchy and thought of getting one for them when I saw them happily hopping and dancing to the tunes on every Sunday morning whereby Hi5 is shown on NTV7.

Shopping time folks!




Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Cloth Pad fan

Now folks, if you remember my post on my purchase of mamapatch modern cloth pad(liners) here, I have used it and I am now a new fan of Cloth Pad!

And I am seriously eager to try out their cloth pad meant for menstrual as the one I bought previously was the cloth pad liner.

Here's my conversation with the lady boss, Chinnee, who is also a new-found friend, who has sons(she has twins boy) same age as Shone(same month even!).

Still remember the post I mentioned Chinnee baked some cookies and so nice of her to pass few to her DH to pass it to me(his DH office being near to mine!).

Here's my brief conversation with Chinnee one day(barely edited..for the originality..Chinnee, if you are reading this...hope you don't mind me posting our conversation chat here!)

Me: Hey, love ur mamapatch cloth pad and planning to get a few more. let me noe if got any sales
Chinnee says: u used d?
Me says: wanna try those meant for period.
Chinnee says: review?
Me says: i did. i bought the pantyliner type. planning to blog it.
Chinnee says: how does it feel?
Me says: good
Chinneesays: okok....let me know. i mean compare to disposable.
Me says: not smelly...
Chinnee says: haha....!!! great!!
Me says: i mean weird.. disposable...after like 2 hrs u can smell something really bad if u got some discharge
Chinnee says: see how actually nice smell we are!
Me says: but not with the pad
Chinnee says: those are chemical mah..
Me says: then i turned it over and reuse the other side when I am rushing n forgot to change another one( as i read it somewhere that it can be done this way for pantyliner i think...). obviously not for period type haha... can rite?
Chinnee says: for period nope coz another side is water barrier
Me says: o...actually got front n back for pantyliner type?
Chinnee says: mamapatch panty liner can use on both side. no front and back.

So folks, from here you can tell I am a newly-converted Cloth Pad fan now besides my new craze over Cloth Diaper which you can read it here, here and here.

Wait till I get my new stock of cloth pad meant for monthly menses...I shall update my experience here!

Cheers to Green-hood and Green life!